Thursday, August 30, 2012

A bob each way on future voters fails

Parliament has voted to keep the drinking and purchase age of alcohol at 18-years-old.

In a rare showing of MPs acting like responsible adults the wowsers that infest our Parliament were firmly put in their place this afternoon after trying to have a bob each way on raising the drinking age.

Supporting an age of 18, he said they were entrusted with choosing Governments in the ballot box and defending New Zealand or other countries in the Army.

Tau says what needed saying. After all, whilst we can send our 18 year olds overseas to get slaughtered in our military because the RoE for other countries are hideously restrictive, the same young adults should be allowed a beer.

Spineless Nats spurn conservative values

Firstly congratulations to all those MP's who remained strong, staunchly voting to retain the current definition of marriage.

As for the rest, whilst I never expected the openly bent Nat minority to vote any other way, those that showed their deviousness by spurning their conservative roots to vote liberal progressive will rue this day. The electorate will have their say in 18 months.

What was proven last night is that the Nats are finished as conservatives in New Zealand politics. One might as well vote left and hasten the end of our society. A repeat screening of the fall of the Roman Empire is being played out right here in this country.

Bring on the Conservatives. Hopefully they might hold to their stated values.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Ticket clipped with your steak, Sir?

I have often blogged on the utter uselessness of adding another layer of bureaucracy to supposedly track our cattle between the farm gate and when it gets it head lopped complete with identifying tags at the works.

The NAIT bureaucracy was sold as 'self funding', ie NAIT would charge levies per beast at tag purchase and at slaughter to recover their costs. All very well till this week.

75c per beast - "a RFID administration fee"

The New Zealand Farmer's Weekly reports in this week's editorial (not online ?) that the thieves at Elders, PGG Wrightson and NZ Farmers Livestock to name but a few are also now clipping the ticket on your steak as the animals pass through their yards.

NAIT is apparently powerless to do anything about these rogues trying to "recover the cost". A very tidy clip if you ask me, considering the thousands of beasts that pass through their hands each week.

Now the money trail is exposed to sunlight, I'd expect the near useless Min Ag to take investigate and stop this ticket clipping. Unfortunately, from his past track record on stopping the NAIT rort, probably not. Probably got shares in said companies.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Domestic terrorists about to go on holiday

workers across KiwiRail will join strike action which could impact on rail and ferry services

Deluded unionists consider raising the ghosts of strikes past that used occur as regularly as school holidays. So regularly in fact, that one could guarantee that Cook Strait ferries would not be sailing when you wished to travel.

The public of New Zealand will not support such action by domestic terrorists in these dire economic times.

Monday, August 13, 2012

One new ministry coming right up...

the Government will be watching closely to make sure lessons are learned from the blunder

Let's get this in perspective. New Zealand punts up about 25 or so professionals amateurs for some overly expensive quadrennial games.

And our bloated sporty type bureaucracy in tow was proven to be seriously overworked, forgetting to get their charges onto the starting lists. No doubt too busy looking good at all the schmoozing pre-events, but at least they managed to get their own airline seats booked.

Heads should have rolled by now before any new ministry is mooted. In the corporate world those responsible would have long fallen on their sword, along with the bottom feeders further up the chain. We don't need any new ministry Murray.

"What will the public make of it?"

Voters today get their first look at how the MMP electoral system may change when the Electoral Commission issues its proposals

Only one choice is required for the proposed changes to our electoral system.

what will the politicians do?

... hope they will set aside protecting their own patch

Unfortunately ditching MMP is not one of the choices our political masters have deemed suitable for Joe Public whilst wallowing in the beltway trough.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dole bludger being precious

Why don't you work in McDonald's or as a labourer?
Indeed. Why not?

The choice was either stay on the dole or do a masters, so I came back... “But there was nothing out there” in his fields of human resources, adminstration, or policy analysis

IMHO, being a professional student is the same as being on the dole. Both are unemployed, living off someone else's hard earnt taxes.

I haven't spent five years studying to do work I could have done straight out of high school

Precious prick. He and his dole bludging ilk need to have access to the benefit river curtailed. Immediately.

ps He could volunteer to be a Fairfax subbie and show them how to correctly spell 'administration' with all his utterly worthless degrees in social engineering!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Swivel eyed loons lurking at our fence

became involved after receiving "a number of reports by third parties"

Reports by third parties? No doubt greenie nutters spinning their environmental woe and doom with half-arsed stories should these fantastic projects proceed.

Also, one wonders when did New Zealand give our sovereign rights to UNESCO?

Shades of the similarly motivated flouters of property rights doing Gaia's work for the environment that reside within our borders.

Like god-botherers about to foot your door, tell these lunatics to bugger off. Who knows, whilst the tunnels are being drilled we might find something worth mining and selling. Like uranium.

Monday, August 06, 2012

At their best under pressure of Olympic proportions...

With only four years to get their house in order, New Zealand bureaucrats deliver Olympic gold for Valerie Adams.

Get popcorn, watch the overfed rats scurry for cover as the axe falls.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Tea Partier takes Texas

He believed 100 percent in what he was doing.

And voters saw that.
Another man with spine gets the electors fired up. And wins with a clear margin.

Not the first Tea Partier, but one that will rock the Rep establishment to its core. The tide is turning.

A man with spine

We respect the right of our employees and all Americans to hold and express their personal opinions, however, we also expect our company officers to behave in a manner commensurate with their position and in a respectful fashion that conveys these values of civility with others

Politicians would do well to note the support that a man showing spine over his rock-solid beliefs, engenders when he puts his family oriented views forward.

Some may suggest those views are incorrect like the mayors wanting boycotts, others wrongly take it out on employees like in the video associated with the story.

Again pollies would do well to take heed of the domestic reaction. Families worldwide have had enough of the vile bigotry and hatred that is directed against those not believing in queer is best.

Are there any New Zealand corporates willing to take such a stand? I see Wendy's US stands with Chick-Fil.

HT Crusader Rabbit

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Key finally shows some gumption

we have today asked the Tribunal to provide its recommendations and reasoning by 24 August

Showing the natives blackmail does not work and who is actually in charge of this country. I await the racist separatists tossing their toys, threatening all manner of court action. Bring it on, this matter needs sorting ASAP.

Keep it up John Boy. One day someone might vote for you again after your four years of pandering.