Monday, August 31, 2009

Union Busters: A work in progress on the lines

Today Telecom announced the arrangement would be brought forward three weeks and Visionstream would take over Chorus work in North Shore and Waitakere ahead of schedule.

Telecom said owner-operators were lined up and eager to start installing and repairing customer phone and broadband services.

Nice to see independent contractors are out there keen to actually work for a living, not attending work for a handout on a picket.
Telecom was continuing to needlessly put the network at risk when there was an alternative model that would suit both union members and Telecom

Bollocks! Union woolly speak for we want more of the status quo and the cake. Nice work Telecom. Go Hard!

No networks were risked in making this union busting exercise...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Quote of the day, maybe

For those over at No Minister who will not report on such matters.

... Mr Key is polling very well however.

Yeah but I've seen five Prime Ministers in my career.

From the horses mouth on Q&A. Who will be the sixth?

Brown supports reserved seats

took a swipe at the government while launching his campaign today, promising Maori he would be inclusive

The one who, if elected as Lord Mare or whatever they decide to call the head honcho, would only be a heart beat away from a bye-election, wants reserved seats in Auckland's Super City. Seats reserved by skin colour. There is a name for that.

Guaranteed support from some in the south and west, meanwhile others in more democratic parts of Auckland might not agree.
He backed the original Royal Commission solution which saw well resourced mini-councils looking after local governance

In a time where local government should be scaled back, all Brown wants is business as usual at the parish pumps with more of my money and is promoting the local parochial councils with a undemocratic flavour.

I thoroughly disagree. The whole Super City is one central council for all. No reserved seats.

The Resurrection: O Joy!

A tale truly fit for the Sunday Lesson.

Lazarus (HT The Inquiring Mind) has arisen. Winston preaches to the faithful in the Waikato heartland.
How deliciously ironic.
what he sees as the push to establish a "separate system for Maori"

the dangerous drift towards racial separatism in New Zealand

he took aim at the Key government over its handling of the economic crisis, unemployment, the Auckland super city and privatisation

Key would rue the day he entered into a pact with the Maori Party which was "made up of professional Maoris, not Maori professionals"

every concession won at whatever cost to other New Zealanders, including most Maori is a platform to demand more

appeasement seldom pays because every concession emboldens those who are pressing their demands

It is dangerous for the future of this nation to create another flag

The idea of this `official Maori flag' is taking us further down the road to two nations. New Zealand First strenuously opposes this insidious creeping, crawling, dissolving of the bonds the symbols that unite us as a nation

The only area where these separatists are prepared to tolerate a `One Country' concept is their fervent embrace of other taxpayers' dollars. They don't discriminate where the money comes from.

we are not going to quietly fade away into the background while most New Zealanders are sold down the river.

We are gathering and reorganising our army, ready for the big battle of 2011.

"Over the next two years our task is to mobilise a political force to take back our country. And this time there will be no mistakes, missed targets, or casualties from friendly fire. We will head for the high ground and we will take it.

[The Maori Party] ignore rapidly rising Maori unemployment for boutique issues that will not economically help one Maori

And is pressing all the right buttons that National had, but seem to have lost. Orewa III anyone? Where is Don?

For those like myself that have recently gone right off National pissing in everyone's pockets, the choices have just got easier. Whilst I would never vote for Liarbour, the Greens or even fringe nutters like the Libz, it will make the decisions between Act and NZ First harder.

Only a couple of buttons have not been pressed. Winston is still leader. I do wonder if Paul Henry will ask the right questions today on Q&A at 0900 over the $158K he still owes to me and you, the taxpayer.

Like anyone in the legal fraternity and even worse in politics, never, ever trust Winston.

Twice or more bitten over the newly risen, if Rodney sticks to his principles, ACT will be the winner at the next polls, but it will be a very pissed off electorate.
Soon, many of their constituents will be choking on their hangi in disgust.

As is usual on matters politik with Winston, he pushes another button whilst having the final word. Aimed at the separatist party, I humbly suggest it equally applies to National.

Friday, August 28, 2009

What Me Worry?

In true Mad Magazine fashion the Times has searched their online database for certain keywords and found we worry too much.

So much we do worry tha
t they graphed the inconvenient truth.

And, yes the glacial spike on the right coincides with that finest piece of GoreBull, An Inconvenient Truth.

So many things to worry about, it almost makes you want to find a glacial ice cliff to jump off and end it all. Oops, there isn't any of those left according to some reports...

Changing faces at Micro$oft

You couldn't make this up.

Irish betting agency Paddy Power has a tote running on how diverse will the upcoming MS Office 2010 will be in the selection of featured people.
Race of those who appear in MS Office 2010 global print advertising launch campaign.
White, Afro-American and Asian 11/10
White and Afro-American 9/4
White only
Afro-American only
Asian only
Afro-American & Asian 10/1
White and Asian 12/1

Crap odds. No prizes for guessing what races might figure in future releases.

HT Times

Advice from beating cops

The crime prevention booklet clearly lists in a section on memory enhancement what is required, including noting details such as ethnicity, hair colour and peculiarity.

Mr Plod has produced a booklet in various languages with cops on the beat giving tips how to catch 'yer crim. Quick summary below.
* Don't stereotype - anyone can steal; trust your instincts.

* Your life and safety are worth more than money.

* Note the offender's description, but don't stare.

* Details to note include: mouth-lip shape, facial hair, chin and actual words used.

No stereotyping here mate, but as a part of the minority known as middle aged white males, I do know what instincts I will be entrusting when a drugged up odd looking chinless slouching good-for-nothing hoodie wearing yoof layabout with rough facial hair appears on my horizon casing my goods and wallet.

"Mr Plod, he looked just like those other thieves I see daily on the telly. You know, those MPs."

Thursday, August 27, 2009

John Boy Key to appear on the Late Show

Apparently to be on Letterman next month.

His excuse for being in NY is some gab fest at that house of corruption that is the UN.
Mr Key is understood to be lined up for a guest spot on the long running show for the popular tongue in cheek "top 10" slot.

I suspect otherwise. More like getting carpeted by the childless one over the close run kiddie beating referendum and generally piss-weak left leaning National government. Training to be Liarbour-Lite, he is there for a 'here's how you do it' from her indoors herself.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Making history today

On this day our Prime Minister Johnny Boy will deliver 'comfort to the masses' by telling Mr Plod and CYFS not to prosecute over smacking as parental correction when the law is very clear.

Well meaning bystanders may get confused, but smacking for parental correction will still be a criminal act.

Change the law!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Smacking the boy

Danyl over at The Dim-Post has a ticksheet for you to check off as you feel like whacking someone tomorrow when Johnny Boy offers 'comfort to the masses'.

Simply brilliant!

And believe me, I feel sure you will want to whack something or someone tomorrow when he delivers a pep talk full of comforting words.

I wonder how will her indoors react when she gets an invoice for NZD $9,000,000.00 payable in full by the 20th September? Mail delivery can't be too far away.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Aaah, the distinctive squeal of fresh baby wabbit!

What happens when the cook has a little sleep in and doesn't fill my bowl quick smart.

Friday, August 21, 2009

87.6% say NO

Your move, Johnny Boy.

The money shots just keep coming

Who gives a damn what Labour's position is on anything - at least say until 2079?

Anon 4.46pm 21 Aug

Time to govern, not watch thugs

The honeymoon has ended.

This week we have witnessed thugs in training copping various suspensions for their actions. And some professional thugs complain that the sentences are too hard. I say the sentences should have been harder, but the selectors will have noted the 'hard men' for future reps.

In that other place of professional thuggery we are daily entertained by, the saga continues.

Whilst John Boy is away watching our Rugby thugs (yes, they are no more than that) playing away in Oz, a member of his team has been doing some stirring by 'leaking' an email.

Of course the recipient of the leak, being a rabid anti-Nat part of the MSM, is giving the ball legs.

One might argue that the lobbed ball is to test where the game is at. It is a very high stakes game.

One side is for fair play, the other is for playing the man rather than the ball. Was the ball to see where the best defence lies?

Fair play says that players should not benefit by race or grouping, but by democracy. The other side wants their unelected thugs inserted to sway proceedings. At least one player is willing to walk on such matters.

On the sidelines we have the rabid feral supporters. A strong showing of those rooting for the red team has taken to screaming abuse and attacking players from the fair play team. Just like the physical game of thuggery, those on the sidelines might bay for blood without declaring their hand, but a sensible decision is required.

As Captain, John Boy it is time to govern, not sit on the benches. The honeymoon is over.

Johnny Boy
I do not know whether the other 1,330,899 voted Yes or No, but I suspect you might called to govern on that matter too.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Quote of the Day

I hope National grows some balls and tells the racists there will be no representation on the super council based on the colour of your skin.

from KB

It's all about being Green

Hot off the press:

Why Obama has been printing greenbacks like there is no tomorrow.

Seems those that partake of the odd snort or two have contaminated over 95% of the notes in Washington. Apparently it is all about the product binding with the green ink. Must be good for the environment.

A word of caution:
if you ever encounter any drug-sniffing dogs, it's probably best not to offer the canines a monetary tip

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Horse trading at the Super City Corral

ACT leader Rodney Hide has set himself firmly against having any Maori seats on the new Auckland 'super city' council but denies he is holding the Government to ransom over the controversial issue.

The Super City horse trading continues. It appears that at least one party actually has a principled bottom line.
What we have done is state our position very clearly and we are opposed to any reservation of seats for a particular group

That of ACT and its vehement oppositon to seats being allocated by race on which I totally agree. Congratulations on your stand ACT.
The Maori Party has been lobbying to overturn the Government's decision and both sides have been looking for a compromise

Opposition is obviously being brought to bear by would be troughers being cut out of the action. I suspect the horse trading is moving to a new level. That of high noon at the Super City Corral as talking ceases and dirty tricks take over.

I remain astounded that the infighting between the parochialists remains so quiet of late and remain extremely suspicious of what has been horse traded with my rate taxes and council assets. Guess I'll find out in a couple of weeks.
A special select committee which has been holding hearings in Auckland is due to report to the Government in about two weeks.

It has dealt with the issue of Maori seats and is expected to make a recommendation one way or the other.
I await that report and would expect that if the government should entertain the undemocratically elected in any shape or form, the worst backlash a New Zealand government has ever experienced will be unleashed on National.

$53bn trade on line

The Oz relationship with China continues to sour and has the potential to stop $53bn of two way trade.
Australia very much regrets that China has decided to effect that response

Australia -China relations have gone downhill in a major way

All over China trying to dictate free speech to a democratic country.
It's these seminal cases where you set some ground rules, and if Australia does not protest, it will be done like a dinner. Precedent with China is everything

In NZ, I guess if the same program puts the China FTA on the block, Johnny Boy will cave in and sell out to the communists. NZ already has the precedent with her indoors blocking the sight of anti-Chinese protestors with buses.

God help us. NZ Inc will truly then be up for the highest bidder.

'...I am concerned that your conduct may be inconsistent with the Code of Conduct'

Bugger the Code of Conduct.
  • a three-year employment dispute
  • concealment of workplace bullying and incompetent management
  • just a way to make a gesture

I'd say your staff member parking in your foyer has just highlighted a definite failing with your workplace management.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

'Can't get no satisfaction...'

The five major banks dropped 0.5 percentage points

These customers make up 20 per cent of the market

Must be hard to increase your satisfaction averages when your customer pool keeps shrinking.

TSB Bank continues to record the highest level of bank satisfaction

Confirmation. Just what I suspected. The customers that really matter are elsewhere.

WCC thief surprised at massive savings

The head honcho over at that den of socialist thieves formally known as Waitakere City Council shows mock surprise at Super City $250M plus possible savings.
Waitakere Mayor Bob Harvey said it was an astonishing amount of cost savings to be found across the Auckland region

Really? Doesn't surprise me as a multiple ratepayer one little bit about possible savings in that viper's nest of parochial local socialist councils. Remind me just what WCC does do for the ratepayer? He goes on.
The ratepayers of Auckland will be delighted or devastated whichever way they try and cut that money

Damned right! Ratepayers will be ecstatic about reductions in criminal local taxes, whilst the non-ratepaying bludging troughers will scream vociferously for some time about perceived losses of rights and entitlements.

Good stuff. Bring it on Rodney, cannot happen quickly enough.

Head witch doctor says manslaughter OK

I'm all in favour of putting people in prison ... but that's if they're a danger to society

No sentence for manslaughter? Been hooking into the Tuis, Johnny Witch-Doctor?
I think in this case the judge got it wrong

But there's just not an acceptance either from the vast majority of Maori or Pakeha people that you can effectively torture someone for well over a day ... causing death, and there not be a jail sentence.

At least Trev has the balls to do the right thing.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Flags and road blocks

If this lot get their slice of the action and secede from New Zealand after a few more road blocks, I wonder if Johnny LiarbourLite will have enough room on the harbour bridge to run up all the requisite national flags?
Te Umutaoroa is exactly that, a group of people who did not make the grade ... they were not selected as Negotiators because look how they behave.

Negotiations are stalled whilst a breakaway group (The Long Baking Oven?) has been tying up Mr Plod's resources with road blocks over their half-baked counter-claims after seriously getting their noses out of joint for being left out of negotiations.
financial benefit in my belief is the core ... for some of the others who are a part of your group or whom are fuelling this from behind the scenes

Long may divide and rule continue.

And Johnny Boy, there is only room for one flag in this New Zealand nation.

Friday, August 14, 2009

New Bike Riding Rulz

No lights.
No helmets
Dressed like terrorists.
And probably using a cellphone.

Soon to be an absolute no-no in Nanny New Zealand.

And here we have an A10 showing how to enforce the road rulz in Afghani territory. Massive!

Knights and Dames

Dame Jenny Shipley.

The first female Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Definitely a nice ring to that description.

Summary of proceedings in da Exchange

The everyday Kiwi views the sharemarket as an institution set up to fleece them of everything they have.

Another well said. Quote of the day.
what new companies could I have put my money into in the last two years to help them grow on the NZ sharemarket ?

I had money in Fletcher Energy-delisted
I had money in Montana -delisted
Lion Nathan-delisted
Ports of Auckland-delisted
Goodman fielder-de-listed
Carter Holt de-listed

All I have left is tel,skc,skt,ogc,npx,fph,ppl everything else is overseas where they actually value capitalism and dont want to tax it to death if its going well.

I agree entirely with the most NZers think the sharemarket still has shades of 87 so avoid it.

Further down.

Summary of proceedings in da House

In an age where most New Zealanders are having to make do and more often than not go without, Doug's clear conscience is nothing short of obscene

What some think of our MPs.
What's coming to light in all of this is the fact that very few of our parliamentarians are dedicated to the service of their country and working for the people of this nation. Instead, they are revealing themselves as a bunch of cheap, nasty fraudsters and charlatans, entering politics to satisfy themselves and take out what they can, at the expense of society.

Well said. Couldn't put it any better myself.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Victorian Craftsmanship and Artistry

There were all sorts of reasons not to go to the doctor back in the old days, back when their bags were full of mercury vials and hacksaws.

a time of great Victorian craftsmanship and artistry

A number of 'medical tools' can be found here.

Ladies, I bet you'd be hard pressed to guess what #7 pictured above might be used for.

Some more tools of the quackery trade are available here.

There is even a device at #6 to cure Barnsley Bills' issues and there are silver bullets for 'other' medication...

The science is settled: CO2 is NOT the main driver

The technical abstract from Oregon State University; (main doc behind paywall)
We used 5704 14C, 10Be, and 3He ages that span the interval from 10,000 to 50,000 years ago (10 to 50 ka) to constrain the timing of the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) in terms of global ice-sheet and mountain-glacier extent. Growth of the ice sheets to their maximum positions occurred between 33.0 and 26.5 ka in response to climate forcing from decreases in northern summer insolation, tropical Pacific sea surface temperatures, and atmospheric CO2. Nearly all ice sheets were at their LGM positions from 26.5 ka to 19 to 20 ka, corresponding to minima in these forcings. The onset of Northern Hemisphere deglaciation 19 to 20 ka was induced by an increase in northern summer insolation, providing the source for an abrupt rise in sea level. The onset of deglaciation of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet occurred between 14 and 15 ka, consistent with evidence that this was the primary source for an abrupt rise in sea level ~14.5 ka.

The plain text for you and me;

Long debate ended over cause, demise of ice ages – may also help predict future

CORVALLIS, Ore. – A team of researchers says it has largely put to rest a long debate on the underlying mechanism that has caused periodic ice ages on Earth for the past 2.5 million years – they are ultimately linked to slight shifts in solar radiation caused by predictable changes in Earth’s rotation and axis.

In a publication to be released Friday in the journal Science, researchers from Oregon State University and other institutions conclude that the known wobbles in Earth’s rotation caused global ice levels to reach their peak about 26,000 years ago, stabilize for 7,000 years and then begin melting 19,000 years ago, eventually bringing to an end the last ice age.

The melting was first caused by more solar radiation, not changes in carbon dioxide levels or ocean temperatures, as some scientists have suggested in recent years.

“Solar radiation was the trigger that started the ice melting, that’s now pretty certain,” said Peter Clark, a professor of geosciences at OSU. “There were also changes in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels and ocean circulation, but those happened later and amplified a process that had already begun.”

The findings are important, the scientists said, because they will give researchers a more precise understanding of how ice sheets melt in response to radiative forcing mechanisms. And even though the changes that occurred 19,000 years ago were due to increased solar radiation, that amount of heating can be translated into what is expected from current increases in greenhouse gas levels, and help scientists more accurately project how Earth’s existing ice sheets will react in the future.

“We now know with much more certainty how ancient ice sheets responded to solar radiation, and that will be very useful in better understanding what the future holds,” Clark said. “It’s good to get this pinned down.”

The researchers used an analysis of 6,000 dates and locations of ice sheets to define, with a high level of accuracy, when they started to melt. In doing this, they confirmed a theory that was first developed more than 50 years ago that pointed to small but definable changes in Earth’s rotation as the trigger for ice ages.

“We can calculate changes in the Earth’s axis and rotation that go back 50 million years,” Clark said. “These are caused primarily by the gravitational influences of the larger planets, such as Jupiter and Saturn, which pull and tug on the Earth in slightly different ways over periods of thousands of years.”

That, in turn, can change the Earth’s axis – the way it tilts towards the sun – about two degrees over long periods of time, which changes the way sunlight strikes the planet. And those small shifts in solar radiation were all it took to cause multiple ice ages during about the past 2.5 million years on Earth, which reach their extremes every 100,000 years or so.

Sometime around now, scientists say, the Earth should be changing from a long interglacial period that has lasted the past 10,000 years and shifting back towards conditions that will ultimately lead to another ice age – unless some other forces stop or slow it. But these are processes that literally move with glacial slowness, and due to greenhouse gas emissions the Earth has already warmed as much in about the past 200 years as it ordinarily might in several thousand years, Clark said.

“One of the biggest concerns right now is how the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets will respond to global warming and contribute to sea level rise,” Clark said. “This study will help us better understand that process, and improve the validity of our models.”

The research was done in collaboration with scientists from the Geological Survey of Canada, University of Wisconsin, Stockholm University, Harvard University, the U.S. Geological Survey and University of Ulster. It was supported by the National Science Foundation and other agencies.

Hallelujah! The science is finally settled.
Noted fat buffoon Al Gore was unavailable for comment, as he was curled in a quivering fetal ball on the floor of his private jet, blowing snot bubbles from his nostrils, and pulling out hanks of his own hair.

The final word from Cold Fury.

I know who I might believe.

ECAN promoting apartheid

the specific mention of tangata whenua values in ECan's regional policy statement, as is required by law, was "discrimination"

The 'normalisation' in deference to Maori in New Zealand continues unabated. Apartheid by any other name suggests an ECAN councillor. Written in to law here, there and everywhere.
an "angry rant" made more from ignorance than a thoughtful critique

"It's the sort of statement made 50 years ago," he said. "It's not a rational comment on the way the law works."

MP Rahui Katene said she was not taking Harrow's comment seriously

comments were "unfortunate", but not representative of today's views

They're from another time and place," he said. "They don't deserve too much time and attention.

As is normal for this type of discussion, the man was played to the full.

The Treaty of Waitangi is New Zealand's colonising document which due to poor translation still causes angst as both sides argue meanings to the nth degree. At the 1840 signing, all inhabitants of New Zealand became subjects of HM The Queen, ie the Crown and forever forfeited their rights to independence by agreeing to live under the laws of mother Britain. It was '
a voluntary transfer of sovereignty from Maori to the British Crown', negating the 1835 Independence settlement previously signed.

For those having trouble understanding that here is the legal version of the TOW.
Article The First
  • The Chiefs of the Confederation of the United Tribes of New Zealand and the separate and independent Chiefs who have not become members of the Confederation cede to Her Majesty the Queen of England absolutely and without reservation all the rights and powers of Sovereignty which the said Confederation or Individual Chiefs respectively exercise or possess, or may be supposed to exercise or to possess over their respective Territories as the sole Sovereigns thereof.

Article The Second
  • Her Majesty the Queen of England confirms and guarantees to the Chiefs and Tribes of New Zealand and to the respective families and individuals thereof the full exclusive and undisturbed possession of their Lands and Estates Forests Fisheries and other properties which they may collectively or individually possess so long as it is their wish and desire to retain the same in their possession; but the Chiefs of the United Tribes and the individual Chiefs yield to Her Majesty the exclusive right of Preemption over such lands as the proprietors thereof may be disposed to alienate at such prices as may be agreed upon between the respective Proprietors and persons appointed by Her Majesty to treat with them in that behalf.

Article The Third

In consideration thereof Her Majesty the Queen of England extends to the Natives of New Zealand Her royal protection and imparts to them all the Rights and Privileges of British Subjects.

The TOW is absolutely clear in this First Article portion - '
cede to Her Majesty the Queen of England absolutely and without reservation all the rights and powers of Sovereignty'. End of argument.

I fully agree with the councillor - no special preference should be given in law to either race, we are all subjects of HM and any legislation or representation equally applies irrespective of race.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Walls being erected in Chinese doco saga

As previously blogged, the Chinese Embassy is not happy. Embassy staff had a chinwag with Maori TV today, but were told 'ta very much, but bugger off'.
Maori Television strongly believes in the fundamental right for all people to freedom of speech

Not that I watch native TV at all apart from momentary lapses in channel surfing, good on them for standing their ground.
The showing of the documentary in Melbourne was marked by pro-Chinese protests and a cyber-attack on the film festival's web site.

In Oz I note hackers went feral after the decision went against the party line. Wonder if the Dept of Internal Affairs will be monitoring for an upsurge in traffic to the NZ website?

Nice to see the Chinese are willing participants in
democracy supporting free speech in other countries.

Commerce Commission caves into Visa price fixing for 30 pieces of coin

Visa has settled out of court with the Commerce Commission over price fixing claims, but the result means merchants can now start imposing levies on shoppers using credit cards

A cheap out at $2.6M for Visa, no conviction on price fixing and once again, the customer is stiffed. The toothless Commerce Commission has utterly failed the customer.

God help any retailer that suggests to me there will be an extra charge for using my credit card. Just watch their checkout queue grow with irritated customers as they have to return the almost purchased goods to their shelves. I would take my custom directly to other retailers.

I doubt if retailers could afford the loss of any sale at present.

Perfect storm for cheap dairy farms in Canterbury and Southland

Farm asset values have dropped by 30 to 40 per cent and there are a lot of stressed farmers running significant cash deficits this year

Pssst! Wanna a cheap farm? Foreclosures coming to a place near you.
Five per cent to 10 per cent of farmers across the country had too much debt to be sustainable

feared an "avalanche" of dairy farm foreclosures next autumn if farmers did not sell assets and reduce costs, or if payouts did not improve

Some investments were totally loan-based

a white goldrush; unfortunately the late arrivals are particularly vulnerable

Not a good outlook for our biggest earner.
the enforcement of proposed international banking recommendations, requiring banks to impose rigorous capital and risk management policies, would create a "perfect storm" for financially stressed farmers

It will affect the whole country, but the primary sector in particular

Farmers turn after the closures in other sectors. The recession marches on.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

30 years ago today

The disastrous Fastnet yacht race started today 30 years ago.

25 of 306 yachts disabled.
69 yachts DNF.
180 people rescued.
4000 assisted.
15 fatalities.

Kremlin copies and implements the RMA

Corrupt workflow processes for building a 26 million Rouble Moscow warehouse.

Smacks of our RMA. I wouldn't wish that on any country!

HT The Devil's Kitchen.

No:ProcedureTime to complete:Cost to complete:
1Apply for an act of permission for use to the Department of City Planning Documentation Development at the Architecture and City Planning Committee of Moscow (MoskomArchitektura).1 dayno charge
2Request and obtain situation plan of district and conclusion for a District Land Commission from the Architecture Planning Department (APD)15 daysRUB 43,680
3Request and obtain a conclusion from Territorial Union of Land Use Regulation15 daysRUB 4,330
4Request and obtain a decision by the District Land Commission on land plot provision and city planning regulation30 daysno charge
5Request and obtain clearance of draft disposition of Prefect with the Architecture Planning Department (APD)7 daysno charge
6Request and obtain clearance of draft disposition of Prefect with the local government7 daysno charge
7Request and obtain clearance of draft disposition with the Territorial Union of Land Use Regulation7 daysno charge
8Request and obtain the disposition on preparation of an act of permission for use by the Prefect7 daysno charge
9Request and obtain a conclusion on compliance of the proposed building with specified city planning and territory use regulations152 daysRUB 4,500
10*Request and obtain technical conditions from water and sewage services45 daysRUB 17,673
11*Request and obtain technical conditions for an electricity connection with MosEnergo30 daysRUB 5,490,520
12*Request and obtain technical conditions to connect to telephone line30 daysRUB 3,000
13*Request and obtain approval from MoskomArchitektura on engineering of the facility14 daysRUB 4,500
14Request and obtain an act of permission for use from MoskomArchitectura30 daysRUB 6,700
15Request and obtain disposition of Prefect on the inception of construction design (decision on construction)60 daysno charge
16Request and obtain approval of design conditions by the Department of Well-Being of MoskomArchitektura7 daysRUB 53,300
17*Request and obtain approval of design conditions by the Department of Preparation of Project Approvals of MoskomArchitektura14 daysRUB 12,100
18*Request and obtain approval of design conditions by local government7 daysno charge
19*Request and obtain approval of design conditions by the Prefect's Office14 daysno charge
20*Request and obtain approval of design conditions by the Emergency Situation and Civil Defense Department14 daysRUB 14,728
21*Request and obtain approval of design conditions by Moscow State Expertise14 daysRUB 7,364
22*Request and obtain an act of the Moscow Geological-Geodesic Department15 daysRUB 36,700
23*Request and obtain approval of design conditions by the Sanitary Services (Rospotrebnadzor)30 daysRUB 13,800
24*Request and obtain approval of transport routes from the Moscow City Transport Agency30 daysRUB 8,837
25*Request and obtain approval from the State Inspectorate of Road Safety (GIBBD)30 daysRUB 8,837
26*Request and obtain approval from the Department of Comprehensive Well-Being of the city30 daysRUB 4,600
27*Request and obtain approval from the Department of Nature Use under State Ecological Expertise21 daysRUB 29,455
28Request and obtain Sketch No. 2 from the Moscow Geological Institute30 daysRUB 10,100
29Request and obtain approval of Sketch No. 2 from the Moscow Architecture Committee (MoskomArchitektura)30 daysRUB 4,000
30Request and obtain the construction passport from the Moscow Geological Institute30 daysRUB 8,837
31*Request and obtain approval of volumes of "outline of construction arrangement" and "GenPlan" from MoskomArchitektura30 daysRUB 6,500
32*Request and obtain approval of volumes of "outline of construction arrangement" and "GenPlan" from the Prefecture30 daysno charge
33*Request and obtain approval of volumes of "outline of construction arrangement" and "GenPlan" from the GenPlan Institute30 daysRUB 12,200
34Request and obtain Regulation No. 2 and certificate of approval of Architectural City Planning Decision30 daysRUB 3,600
35Request and obtain project approval by Moscow State Expertise60 daysRUB 58,000
36Request and obtain permission for construction (building permit)10 daysRUB 11,460
37Receive inspection by the State Inspectorate of Architecture and Construction Supervision during foundation construction1 dayno charge
38Receive inspection by the State Inspectorate of Architecture and Construction Supervision during structure construction1 dayno charge
39Receive inspection by the State Inspectorate of Architecture and Construction Supervision during engineering works1 dayno charge
40Receive inspection by the Union of Administrative Technical Inspection (UATI) – I1 dayno charge
41Receive inspection by the Union of Administrative Technical Inspection (UATI) – II1 dayno charge
42Receive inspection by Union of Administrative Technical Inspection (UATI) – III1 dayno charge
43Receive inspection by the Union of Administrative Technical Inspection (UATI) – IV1 dayno charge
44Receive inspection by the Union of Administrative Technical Inspection (UATI) – V1 dayno charge
45Receive inspection by the Union of Administrative Technical Inspection (UATI) – VI1 dayno charge
46Receive inspection by the Union of Administrative Technical Inspection (UATI) – VII1 dayno charge
47Connect to water services30 daysno charge
48*Request and receive inspection by the Energy Supervision Board1 dayno charge
49Connect to electricity and sign an agreement with Energosbyt14 daysno charge
50*Request and connect to telephone services5 daysno charge
51Request and convene the Approval Commission30 daysno charge
52Request and receive the disposition on operation of building (occupancy permit)10 daysno charge
53Request and receive plans from the Bureau of Technical Inventory (BTI)30 daysRUB 55,000
54Register the building after completion30 daysRUB 7,500

* Takes place simultaneously with another procedure.

Speeding in the country

at speeds up to 170kmh

This Helen is what happens in the real world when you are not able to shaft the driver whilst reading in the rear seat with diplomatic impunity.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Troughing MP makes accusations about motives

And tries to takes his mates down with him.
He said that as Education Minister he had been only the fourth-highest travelling minister last year - behind Foreign Minister Winston Peters, Prime Minister Helen Clark and Trade Minister Phil Goff.

Yes, the travel of those above are possibly within the gambit of their jobs, expected to travel widely.

Education Minister? Like bloody hell! Did we get value for our money in international students?

One might draw inspiration from today's Quote of the Day at the Inquiring Mind.
There are two reliable ways of telling if you have won an argument.

The first is if your disputants switch from discussion of the facts to accusations about motives;

the second, more obviously, is if they descend to mere abuse.

Indeed, this argument has been won. At least he is not taking up the second option. Yet.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

They can't help themselves, can they?

Paul Holmes, before he changed places as debater and debatee with the Speaker today on Q&A, wrote a piece for Granny Herald.

The starter was
They can't help themselves, can they?

How right. What Lockwood still fails to grasp is that Joe Public has had a gutsful of thieving MP's lining their pockets with taxes. It does not matter how the Speaker dresses expenses up, they are still a rort.

Further down, Holmes notes a quote by Richard Griffin.
"They're all special. Every one of them. They've all put their balls on the line, gone through the selection process and got themselves elected."

I have always remembered that.

Inevitably, some will be brighter than others, but line 20 brain surgeons up and one will be thick.

Definitely very special. Our rorting MP's would definitely favour the wrong side of that lineup, except when it comes to maximising their expenses.

Later Holmes tries to suggest that MPs' make sacrifices. What a load of tosh. Always in country unless on a junket overseas, no problems.
There is the time away from your spouse or partner and the kids.

You deal with family situations from afar and you cope, no doubt, with the hopelessness of trying to discipline teenagers over the phone.

Tried that lately?

Really? I daresay the members of our Armed Forces at sea and overseas could give the MPs some practical everyday lessons on real hardship re running families whilst deployed for months on end.

And they do not get paid anything like rorting MPs.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Ready, Aim, Fire with the newest WMD

Newest machine in the armoury. First public firing today. The kids can have a go at knocking the block wall down.

Others at Te Manawa on 22AD display of non-gunpowder artillery over the ages for the next two months. Detailed models up to half scale working machines and explanations of how the artillery worked.

Get involved, get on down there and have a squiz.

Hi Di Hi from NY

No regrets

the sustainability agenda is important on its own merits

Still trying to run New Zealand from the corrupt trough that is the UN. And Mr Key is giving them $190M?

From the pic anyone might think she is on a short holiday. The socialist never stops. Born to rule, nannying to the end. Why is she even getting airtime? Firstly Henry, now Watkins over there for an interview.

she rejects suggestions that Labour alienated voters by pushing through measures such as the child discipline bill

Don't we have laws against outside political influence during a voting period? Accuses the Nats of underhanded play.
acted out of sheer vindictiveness

Now that claim could be equally applied to Liarbour. Toy train set, for starters? And she herself has admitted to never forgetting a face. Take from that what you wish.

One day I suppose the actual truth will dawn on socialists that they have lost the keys to the throne in Godzone. I see this morning that that truth for Mr Carter
has come out as he is made the fall guy for Liarbours' documented rorts. His mates are following the normal path for partners in crime.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Especially for rorting MPs

A motivational message from our kitteh life coach...

Ne'er a truer word

Chris Trotter puts the Politics of Envy down to a right Thieves' Charter.

Those who ride on the backs of their fellow citizens, and over- eat, must anticipate the occasional crash-diet.

That is why you're in opposition at present Chris and your party has been disinherited by the voting public.
Envy, on the other hand, is all about drawing unfavourable comparisons between one's own condition and the condition of others.

A dark art that Liarbour spent the last decade practising. Alas, to no avail as the electorate saw through them. Now, once again, it is up to the Right to clean out the stables.

Spineless jellyfish washes up

he is prepared to have a chat to actor Keisha Castle-Hughes over her stance on climate change

Next thing he will be 'signed on' with a picture on their website joining the list of the damned.

Priceless! Grow a spine and do something real. Like getting rid of ALL perks for MP's.

Union busting

A strike by hundreds of telephone-line engineers will not sway Telecom's decision to change its network division Chorus to an owner-operator model

Great stuff.

400 less union members. As self employed contractors I guess the engineers will not be having a bar of union leeches affecting their productivity.

Anything that busts unions is good for the customer in my book. I feel sure the holdouts will soon see sense in these straitened times.

Keep the pressure on Telecom.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Bring Back Buck

Bring Back Back campaign finally works.

Former All Blacks captain Wayne Shelford has been named patron of New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) rugby.

23 years too late. I can remember him doing the 2 mile peg at around the 10 minute 30 mark on the Petty Officer's Command Course. Some talent and he was a big boy then.

Wanted time off without pay to play with AB's in Argentina. The pusser said no, it's off to sea with you on the Grey Funnel Line. He said stuff you, here's my notice.

Well he did go to Argentina. Next thing he was Captain of the AB's. And the rest is history and AB folklore.

Imagine the PR coup if the Navy had retained the Captain of the All Blacks. But the hierarchy knew better.

Such is hindsight. All the best Buck as patron, I am sure you'll do a great job.

Rorts galore continue...

Home Paddock looks at the rorts by Dunne and Anderton as one man vanities.

Kiwiblog looks at the rorts in accommodation.

Meanwhile the corrupt convicted criminal ex-MP looks set to retain his Super payout and no doubt, travel perks.

Assuming he will be in the pre-1992 Government Super Fund, it appears that there is no misconduct clause for honourable members. The Public Service and Armed Forces have a misconduct clause where their super is forfeited on conduct unbecoming ie, picking your nose the wrong way.

Nothing that I found under the super law for MPs being less than honourable though. I expect MPs protecting their patch will have written out such a clause a long time ago.

Rorting bastards.

Look, Mr Plod has got the message

A refreshing change of policy.
they will not have any protection from the police when it comes to their immigration status

Nice to see that Mr Plod may be less politicised under this government. One can only wonder at the hand-wringing excuses that would have been given by Mr Plod under the previous administration. I still reckon the usual suspects will be screaming on this matter along the lines of "Won't somebody think of...".

Overstayers? Round 'em up and ship them out. At their government's expense.

Once that's done, how about a few dawn raids to get the balance of the illegals in this country? WINZ will have the list. No papers, you go.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Kohi Yid is feeling very crook

A summary of the short political week. Exactly.

Reproduced in full ex The Kohi Yid, Barnsley Bill.

I have little, if any regard for people who go into public office, whether it be community board, local council, parliament or even school trustees.

To my cynical eye they fall into one of only two categories – the misguided do-gooder or those with an agenda they seek power to push through.

Because of this I’ve wasted little time using the privilege Barnsley Bill has given me of posting on his blog to talk about politics or politicians.

But I can/t let this week pass. I have to vent my spleen over the housing subsidies being claimed by these troughers we voted for.

They make me want to puke!

If you or I lived in Auckland, Kerikeri, Timaru or Ekatahuna and we applied for a job in Wellington – which is what these wallys do when they stand for Parliament – we’d be expected to pay our own costs to move their and live their. So why don’t they?

Why do they get any sort of housing allowance at all?

So they want to bring their family to Wellington with them – so what? Boo hoo. They can get their cheque book out like the rest of us and pay out of their $131,000+ salary. What makes them any different from us voters?

When MPs start thinking and acting like they’re different from the taxpayers, their employers, they stop representing us.

These fucking bent pricks who own property and rent it to each other to screw the system even further should be sacked and they should end up in court the same way Philip Field has.

And if I hear one more fucking wet blanket tell me we need to pay MPs and ministers more and let them have their perks because in the private sector they’d earn so much more, I’ll fucking puke … again.

There’s not one of these MPs that would even get a job in the real world at minimum wage, let alone for more than they trough now – if they could they wouldn’t be MPs.

They went to parliament because they couldn’t hack it as school teachers or union organisers.

Nothing to see here, move along

it would be "unjustified" for this case to be taken as a reflection of the whole Parliament

I think it's an isolated case

I think New Zealanders should see it on that basis

Nothing to see here.
No corruption here.

Nothing different. Business as usual, move along now.

Bollocks. Not good enough Mr Key. An anti-corruption commission is required.

Future MPs?

Ferals seen harrassing the government yesterday looking for a handout. I would suspect that they require a spooks file started right quick.

Next to be seen on a Green ticket around 2017? A replacement for Sue Bradford?

Obviously Wellytown High has truancy and curriculum issues that require resolution.

Heirs to a long tradition

Too many people are ever-ready to think the worst of politicians

And the Herald wonders why as the editorial goes into bat for MPs getting a bad rap.
The transition from ordinary MP to honourable minister turns out to be lucrative in more ways than a substantial salary jump.

Just remind me what was found guilty of corruption yesterday.

Was it a Joe Blow or a Cabinet Minister tapping into long tradition?

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Maintaining 'Fortress' Oz

I wonder how will the Aussies do that?

The moat drawbridge to the east is permanently down and open to the hordes using NZ as a staging post to gain entry.

"Only guilty of trying to help"

Insert Tui here.

Guilty on 11 out of 12 counts of bribery and corruption.
Guilty on 15 out of 23 counts of attempting to obstruct or pervert the course of justice.

Nice. A fine example for an ex Liarbour MP.

Next step: 'Take him down.'

'World media blasts abysmal All Blacks'

Think the press is OTT now Mr Henry?

Just wait till you lose the RWC.


Monday, August 03, 2009

Benign Nuclear Free NZ

The former Labour government largely adopted the thinking that lay behind Defence Beyond 2000, although it initially had a rather idealistic view of the world which can be summed up by the term "benign strategic environment"

Her indoors committed NZ to running down the Defence Force. Already well under the Lange illusion that being proclaimed nuke free would protect little old NZ.

A couple of weeks ago NZ moved closer to AU who have been eternally banging on deaf ears forever about the threat from the north. 300mm closer via a bloody big quake.

Well, this report shows that threat is now a whole lot closer and possibly very real. Suddenly the Aussies are proved right on the money and our immediate area now is not so benign.

At least we are nuke free. I feel a whole lot safer.

NZ Blog Stats


Scrubone has been busy. Well done!

10 Conditions of Love in China

the documentary China doesn't want the world to see

Beijing had demanded the documentary be withdrawn from the festival

Screening the documentary will just create more misunderstanding and ill feelings towards ethnic Chinese communities

China's New Zealand representatives may complain to the New Zealand Government about a planned screening of a documentary about a Uighur activist

Nice to see free trade democracy and free speech in action.

Feeling used?

There is no possibility of just cutting taxes, the Government is short of revenue
Feeling used? Yes, you voted for them, now you have been sold out and spat out.

And their priorities are still all wrong.
Over the next five years or so we will need to get in as much revenue as we can without actually raising the tax burden.

Yes-sirree, there's an election to be won at the end of this session. Just like the new found faith in the ABs. 2011 is everything to this bunch of thieves. Not that their MO is any different to the last mob.
As long as they win in 2011 at the Rugby World Cup that will probably work for me

Never any mention of drastically cutting gummint 'services' on offer as most families would do within their budgets in these recessionary times.

Updated: A flip-flop coming soon?

DPF at Kiwiblog reports:
70% of respondents said they intend to vote in the referendum,
and 83% say they will be voting no

It will be a strong politician who resists that voting bloc.

I sense a flip-flop about to occur. Watch for the softening tone.

Didn't take long.
I've always argued that if the law doesn't work we will change it. If an overwhelming bulk of New Zealanders vote no then what that should do, I think, is give Parliament the strength of courage to change the law if it starts not working

John Boy Canute watches the tide roll in.

You need to grow some John. The law is not working. Parents are being criminalised as they perform their normal parenting.

A work in progress...

The (Government) is bringing legislation to the House which will make it compulsory that people are either in work training or employment, as per our policy

I live in hope of a sea change in attitude to welfare by politicians. Not available for work or training, no dole. Real jobs, not make work schemes that just do not cut the mustard.

I might believe it when it is law.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Make Work Scheming in the community

So John Boy thinks his Community Max make work scheme will solve yoof unemployment issues.

And the usual handout takers are up for it. Here, here and here.

Known facts.
There are around 60,000 yoof in the target group.
Community Max aims at 3000 of them.
Split between 83 territorial authorities and others wishing to slurp at the community trough.

$40.3M of your hard earnt stolen wedge being splashed around to supposedly employ layabout yoof for 6 months. Then what? Back on the dole again.

$29.3M for the yoof. $7.3M for their supervisors (1 for every 4 workers). $3.7M for the training component per worker.

The unemployed yoof will currently be uplifting a handsome dole package and probably not even get out of bed to think about working for 30 hours on the minimum wage for $375. Before tax.

What 'community good' projects, that I am not currently being raped for via my rate taxes, will suddenly pop up to keep the 36 workers and 9 supervisors allocated to my area gainfully employed for 6 months? All the necessary projects will be already allocated and funded. Even those that are regularly entertained via HM on PD have trouble gainfully filling their day.

Yes John Boy, your communal make work scheming is another unnecessary load on my maxed out taxes. It might look good on paper and keep the trough slurpers quiet, but in the real world it is bollocks.