Thursday, January 29, 2009

Suck it in and get on with it

The unwarranted OCR bailout today tipped the scales on a couple of my 5 year fixed rate mortgages into negative terrority. Not worth breaking the contracted mortgages as that was the risk I took and I have enjoyed the previous three years in my favour.

I just cannot believe that Goff would suggest mandatory breaking of fixed mortgage contracts as a nice way of helping his Liarbour voters. That is absolutely ridiculous and has the potential to backfire downtrack as the economy recovers. The banks would be equally in their rights to cancel such contracts on an upward swing in their favour.

Just suck it in and get on with it. Like me, you took the risk on your contract.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Do you still believe in Rock and Roll?

Ele over at HP has some appropriate words and video on events half a century ago.

As if...

Fiji will be suspended from the Pacific Islands Forum if it does not set a firm election date for this year and present a clear and detailed timetable for doing so before May 1.

As if the Commodore will take any notice.

... it sent a "strong message" to Fiji

These diplomatic tossers have just licensed Frankie 'I am in charge here' for another six months. And he will not stop there.

Bananarama declares war.

Dangerous driving?

Should be charged with murder.

Parting shots by Madame Sanlu

The chairwoman of the Chinese dairy company that sold fatally contaminated infant milk formula says she acted on information supplied by Fonterra.
As Madame Sanlu contemplates life on the inside, she is trying to take down others associated with her. When the contamination was discovered, Fonterra says 'absolutely not' to any melamine contamination, but she made the decision to continue below EU guidelines. Her problem.

I daresay the Asian Tiger will not be losing face to an external country with an FTA over this matter. But I do wonder what value will NZ farmers will lose as this saga continues. Fonterra, like Sanlu, is unfortunately fast becoming a brand countries will not want any part of. That has the potential to be really bad news for NZ.

If there had been documentation to repudiate such verbal claims as in the article, why hasn't Fonterra publicly advertised such? Possibly the claims are true and they are more than likely well implicated. Very damaging the view from here.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Warts and all to see

The next 3D movie I might pay good money to see.

Purely for technological interest only.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lurching at sea

The review also raises concerns about the transfer-at-sea capability, which involves lowering the rear ramp to load landing craft which are lowered by crane from the top deck.

The system had "yet to be demonstrated to be safe" and queries include the loadings that could be experienced on the rear door.

"Operational procedure should be critically re-examined as the consequences of inadvertently flooding the cargo deck are potentially disastrous."

Good to see we have value for money in the replacement HMNZS Lemon II.

Our overall view is that the functionality required will be achieved and that following remedial work the Canterbury will be able to discharge all her operational roles.

The ship will exhibit poor seakeeping qualities for ocean patrolling in higher sea states but over time the Navy should be able to develop practices and procedures to accommodate the seakeeping performance.

Some of the deliverables required under the contract may never be delivered.

A lurching ro-ro wreck replaces HMNZS Lemon. Or as was referred to as more commonly round the dockyard as HMNZS Chuck Upham. Looks like cast iron stomachs will too be required on this ship. Another poor seakeeping vessel unfit for duties in the South Pacific and surrounds.

Another contract 'managed' on the stingiest of Liarbour funding, with not all deliverables provided and the Forces having yet again to make do.

Defence Force members often rightly remember, "the weapons systems and platforms were provided by the lowest bidder".

Lurching wrecks and bawling

This week I have been mostly crying ...

...lurching from drama to crisis...

...I'm easily beguiled by ideas...

A media vixen contemplates her week as she bawls at the big O coming.

a nice way to start the year

Herald readers continue to perceive the lurching Liarbour wreck through rose tints.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Corrections: Doin' da business

... six escapes in seven days

... a "technical shortcoming" at Hamilton Central police station

Nice to see nothing has changed for Corrections and Mr Plod with a change of government.

Business as usual. Not unsurprised though, I expected nothing less.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Belt tightening here

In a show of "commitment" Prime Minister John Key will take almost half his caucus with him.

About 20 Labour MPs will also make the trip.

One conference trip that should be cancelled to save money stopping the annual pissing in pockets.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Where it all started

The budget should be balanced,
the Treasury should be refilled,
debt should be reduced,
the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered
and controlled,
and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed

lest Rome become bankrupt.

People must again learn to work,
instead of
living on public assistance.

A wisdom that transcends the years.

Attributed to Cicero, over 2000 years ago during the world's first ever credit crunch as Rome went deep into the red.

HT The Hound, Rural News Jan 20 2009

Parallel commentary here and here.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One New Zealand, one flag, one people

Initially intended as a reply to SMTTC on the previous post, now a post by itself.

I definitely was not born in the fantasy land of the long white cloud where an awful lot of PC brainwashed Kiwis seem to reside of late. But then when they vote for Helen as the greatest living NZer, I expect nothing less. Last time I looked, my passport said New Zealand.

Actually, I was born in a area of the mainland where I guess could be called a one-eyed Cantabrian. My perogative if I have an slightly jaundiced view of matters.

I do not trust any person that uses race flavoured politics to wrangle shady political arrangements. When separatists stop trying to divide this country, they might earn some respect.

This country was colonised 160 or more years ago. Get over it and get out of grievance mode. Pandering to this cultural crap forever is not doing this country any good long term. Another annual posturing flagwaving talkfest of handwringing is almost upon us. No doubt more concessions for some of the deemed deserving populace will be wrought.

As for National, Don had it right with Orewa I and II. The Nats sold out their voters by doing anything to get onto the benches. The undercurrents remain and will not ever be satisfied whilst we salve our conscience with treaty payouts and handouts. Those receiving are onto a good thing, who can blame them? The madness has to stop now. And Liarbour, as you say, did exactly the same to attempt to retain control.

I believe current arrangements of pissing in the pockets of the Maori Party for supply and confidence will end in tears. I think the F&S law should stand reinforcing absolutely and unequivocally that nobody but the Crown has the vested title to anything below the HW line.

The culturally correct claptrap idea that some citizens based on race can rape the seafood resource at anytime and anyplace whilst closing it to non-natives really stinks. Similarly those who post rahui notices on our shores need to be put in their place real sharpish.

One New Zealand, one flag, one people.

Monday, January 19, 2009

East Cape to secede from New Zealand

Border control at Whakatane heading east and at Wairoa heading north is about to implemented as East Cape secedes. Liarbour's parting gift to divide our nation. Some reckon not so.
And in terms of our negotiations with the Crown and our own people, we have made it specifically clear that access to the beach will not be closed and that people can still come

What absolute bollocks. Just wait to see the real endgame when this shady deal is signed off in a week or so. Rodders of Epsom MP has been very vocal over the weekend on the matter, but is strangely silent today. A refreshed and holidayed-out John Boy got his bits in a vice?

The East Cape is soon to be formally established in law as a permanent backwater for all time and non-native New Zealanders can standby to need visas to enter the area. Probably will suit the recently publicised terrorist training schools in the area to not have too many nosy non-natives about. Also the NZ Green farmers in the area will no doubt look to bumper crops and income.
If people continue to flout what has been agreed to by us and the council then, like any other law, people will have to face the consequences of their actions

There is ample legal room for their own police state, with the right to fine people. I can just imagine Mr Laws patched mates from Wangavegas contracting out to provide the requisite heavy security.
Part of our korero [discussion] is that once we get the act through we will signage those places that are wahi tapu [sacred areas], so people know they are wahi tapu and respect them.

Sacred areas yet to be defined - highly likely to be the total coastline if you are not of the clan. Fisheries opened for rape and pillage for the chosen few in their Shrangila.

Even the Mare of Gisborne sides with the secession - apparently 90% of his voting fans are of the right clan, therefore this handover is OK by him. Another apologist lame duck bureaucrat tending his patch with affirmative actions. (reference to Mare's comment not found today - saw in online article over weekend)

New Zealand continues on its headlong path toward separatism.

Awash with undemocratic bureaucracies

We are effectively ruled not by our democratically elected representatives, but by a bloated bureaucracy of unelected and completely unaccountable functionaries, with a culture of arrogant disregard for the will of the people.

A Jafaland resident aptly sums up the state of play in local gummint.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mare of Little Britain up for grabs

A century or more overdue, the policy wonks from Jafaland are about to embark on a Greater Orklund Council abolishing all the little fiefdoms that operate around the region.

The word is that they will need a super mayor, but he is not to be called the Lord Mare. Too much like shades of a Little Britannia.


Orklund Robbery Company boss Mike Lee: A deputy possibility, young enough, but saddled with being associated with a much reviled and useless regional council whose only reason for existence is to rape ratepayers.

Westie Eco-dinosaur Bob Harvey: A coffin-tapper whose record of shafting ratepayers with excessive rate rises for nefarious eco causes over two decades out speaks for itself. Declared and often utilised association with Liarbour will kill this one. Any other contenders from out West are totally infested with a Liarbour mentality.

Cock of the North Andrew Williams: Credibility shot to pieces as he continues ranting and being abusive to all and sundry. Likely to pull up moat bridge and have to be forcibly removed from current job as he will not go quietly.

South Auckland's Len Brown: A heart beat away from a bye-election. Favoured if there is anti Orklund City backlash, but openly supports Liarbour social engineering which should not be a local government concern at all.

Orklund City Council's John Banks: The only real contender. Has softened his previously abrasive attitude, possibly looking for this job long term. Has business and management skills and has been a politician at central government level on the right side.

Others? The die is cast for rural Rodney to be subsumed into Greater Orklund. May not go quietly. Brynderwyns to the Bombays is Greater Orklund and always has been.

Let the in-fighting begin in earnest.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Open Season confirmed

There was no requirement for those views to be well-informed, balanced or considered.

Short of maybe outright defamation any argument is now confirmed as valid.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


From what I saw on the TV the other night, the 'alleged' perp certainly wasn't doing the dusting.

Bloody PC reports.

Superwoman gives master-class

female maternity leave is an expensive inconvenience, a PC luxury, even a piss-take

'Mummy Judas' confirms a long-held belief.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

WMD's in action

No, it's not the latest from Gaza, just the Grail of Chivalry at Harcourt Park today near Upper Hutt NZ.

22AD Artillery team of Siege Engineers and others in action over two days.

Where did that go? Onager (kicking mule) being prepared for firing.

Travelling MC in fine fettle keeping the masses entertained.

WMD Sir Isaac being primed for release. Brand spanking new, first public outing.

A lady awaits the spoils of the joust.

The Blue Knight gets final instruction from a fair handmaiden.

Ready for battle.

En garde!

Keen participants.

Ballista Scipio being readied to fire.

A minstrel ever ready to entertain.

The best in home furnishings.

The finest in period housing with an ever attentive audience.

A great day. No time to stop in Carterton to see Oswald camping in the rain on our 350Km round trip.

More on Sir Isaac here.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Time to pay the piper?

The agenda is being shifted as we approach our supposed National day. Always a day of hand-wringing and mea-culpas for our long over and should be forgotten colonising past. But we watch and pander to the would be separatists.

Now they want their political rag on the iconic coat hanger.
I want the flag up there," Dr Sharples said. "I think it's a symbol of the new direction this Government is taking by inviting the Maori Party to be part of it.

Even have the gall to suggest that would be the only occasion.
That's all it's about. They can take it down after Waitangi Day.

I suggest not. Give in once to this riff-raff, next thing I will be compelled to run their rag up a flagpole and salute it daily. Over my dead body.

I am already well aware that their agenda is subtle, but long term. Well maybe not so subtle of late with the alleged terrorists.

Maori say flying the Tino Rangatiratanga flag would raise awareness of the part Maori play in the country

More like the true cost of getting into bed with the separatist racially based Maori Party being exposed.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Global economy light and variable

So says Greg Elliot, a Kiwi boat designer long regarded as being ahead of his time. He should know what he is on about. His long standing class of 6 metre boats has been resoundingly selected for the next Olympics.

On the economy...

It's in trouble, he says. Simple as that.

That talk leads to boat building in Asian countries, particularly China, in the pursuit of lower overheads.

And this gem - what we here in NZ have long known...

The last nine years of socialist policies that have been running this country have destroyed manufacturing-based incomes: the cost of compliance. We we manufacturing here for many years and it's just cost-prohibitive to manufacture here, regardless of exchange rates.

Yes, we have a lot to thank Liarbour for.

Extracted from Rebecca Hayter article in Jan 2009 Boating NZ magazine.

Thursday, January 01, 2009


A move that will curry future favour.

3649 days to go

Feeling second hand are we? Or is it too early yet? A beautiful morning, nary a whiff of the New Year Eve demon drink passed my lips.

Anyway, to add to your woes, just thought I'd remind you.

Welcome to
Liarbour's Decade of Deficits!

Only 3649 days to go.

It feels good to not be hungover but well rested. Have a nice one.

Must off to await the arrival of the son and tribe for a few days. Reverse psychology does work - just keep asking the almost 5 year old grandson when is he 'coming to help with Granddad's cows'. Saves on an almost 1200 Km round trip to Jafaland. Their turn this time and it gets them out of the smog to see the real NZ.