Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Own goal!

Seems that a red-on-red own goal was scored on a Gazan hospital.  They hit their own ammo dump under the hospital with devastating but predictable results.

Was reading the only other day about their Qassam rocket range.  Design is basic as hell.  Made from dug up water pipes or similar, filled with fertiliser and a detonator, some more fert for fuel, capped (pointy at one end) and painted in Tehran green with appropriate slogans.  Then fired in bulk on rails pointed generally toward their perceived oppressors, the Jews.

Seems that the only flight controls consist of some stubby wings.  Interestingly, I noted that the missiles have zero on board guidance systems and also the the exhaust ports are small holes drilled in the base plate cap.  No effort is made to rotate the rocket for in-flight directional stability as would be normal via port canting.  So if a fuel blockage occurs in one of those drilled holes, the result is an errant rocket when ignited.  Same result if the control surface wing detaches post-launch in-flight.

It's a numbers game - fire enough in the general direction, you'll hit something.  Not this time though so they have tried to blame Israel who wasn't conducting ops in that sector.

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

97 days to go ...

Mr Insipid promised scorched earth as one of his bottom lines during his lacklustre campaign.   On offer was "In the first 100 days I'll do this and that, repeal this and that ...".

Well the nation spoke and has delivered Winston First almost in the mix.  So we wait to form a government nigh on 3 weeks to see the final results of specials.  And if that doesn't fall rightward, Labour-Lite will require another 3-4 weeks to see the outcome of the upcoming bye-election with its own waiting period for specials.  Meanwhile the long untrusted Winnie lurks sniping from the sidelines to see if the new rodeo ringmaster might cut an early deal.

So potentially we're well into December with Christmas holidays looming large.  Once they get around to actually forming a government, it could well be into February next year, a 5 month holiday fully on the taxpayer's dime.  All under the outgoing but 'caretaker' government.

Once sworn in, the new crew will require another month to settle in via a stint at some re-education gulag to be formally 'Maorified'.  Now into March and school hols / Easter.

There won't be any of the promised first 100 days post-election left.  

The promises of quick action was all lies.

Sunday, October 15, 2023

Greenie threatens violence over upcoming treaty discussions

ACT's bottom line for a long overdue conversation amongst adults.  One without the screaming skulls yelling "Racist" to those whom might dare to inquire / discuss regarding such constitutional matters.  (Are you listening, Mr newly minted leader? )

Matters which should have been openly and transparently discussed under the previous governments but were well hidden from view and implemented under the cover of urgency.  The 1975-ish rogue ToW that requires intense scrutiny along with the enablers. 

Seymour has campaigned on ending co-governance and a radical re-think of the Treaty of Waitangi, which he thinks should go to the country in a referendum. “It’s something that I think has to happen for New Zealand"

And right on cue, the Greens leader makes threats for unrest.

If that happens, you will see wide scale social disruption - it could lead to violence

As expected, a screaming skull threatens the bash if this third rail is touched.  "Once were warriors" - it is strong in their genes.

Te Pāti Māori president John Tamihere, also speaking on the Tova podcast, warned of civil disobedience which could shut down cities and major centres if a referendum on the Treaty went ahead.

“You don't unwind 30 years of hard won incremental treaty jurisprudence overnight with a tyranny of the majority,” he said.

“There will be significant civil unrest and we don't, nor should, any leader take us down that track.”

If Māori were backed into a corner on the issue they would have to resort to protest, he said.

“That protest will be significant, as it should be ... there will be days of national Māori action and they'll close down Whangarei, Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton, Wellington.”

Thought that would be the reaction.  Bring it on!

Saturday, October 07, 2023

Can't see Cuddles Coster doing this

Would we see any such real enforcement here in New Zealand?

No!  Instead we get our Prime Minister cowering under a floor mat intoning apologies for votes.  We get the Zaouis of the world, 'fakugees' via Manus Islands and the lockdown breaking likes of the MP for Tijuana.  And then we give them endless welfare whilst our economy spirals into the dunny.

I look forward to seeing a few 'Dawn Raid' type reports emanating from Pakistan in a month or so.

via Theo Spark

Friday, October 06, 2023

Luxon shifts onto another fence

National Party leader Christopher Luxon has promised to fast track investment in offshore wind farms during a visit to Taranaki 

Luxon confirms Labour-Lite's commitment to the climate change scam.

Currently locals will not entertain any seabed extractive processes such as mineral, oil and gas exploration/drilling in any shape or form in the area.  Also I would suspect that any adjacent feral mongrels of taniwha will be bribed with truckloads of taxpayer cash for that project to start interfering with the seabed.  And many more truckloads during the project, along mandatory opening fees etc. as well as copious ongoing payments post-completion.  All to assuage post-colonial guilt.

So much for getting Luxon off the fence.  He's jumped back onto another.  Will not be getting my vote.

Tuesday, October 03, 2023

Luxon removes fence post

Luxon described the referendum on the Treaty as "divisive" and said he would not support it

Finally, Luxon gets off the fence.  The 'Hold my beer ...' moment of this campaign. Watch the vote for Labour-Lite tank.

Luxon was more open to a referendum on whether to change the name of the country to Aotearoa New Zealand

Get the popcorn in as ACT becomes party number two in New Zealand and both will have to deal with the great charlatan at number four to change the government.

National in being not willing to fully excise race based legislation of unproven provenance offers nothing but Labour policies in a shade of teal.

Luxon proves my long-forseen vote of choice for this election is on track.