Thursday, September 17, 2020

Native put in place

A former trustee of Far North Māori fund who was jailed for a $1 million fraud he perpetrated with his sister has been denied a Supreme Court appeal over "cultural shame". 

Stephen Henare and Margaret Dixon virtually bled the Parengarenga 3G (P3G) Trust dry to pay for gambling and luxuries, such as a corporate box at rugby league games. 

At last, a New Zealand court willing to stand up to the minorities who are ever  willing to peddle their own brand of justice, looking for a sentence reduction.

Now, if only the same court would remind the natives that the document signed way back in 1840 made all of them British subjects at the stroke of a pen and similarly uphold the laws of New Zealand.

PS - In our current Native Week, no Te Lingo was used or harmed in the making of this post. (gist of which was flogged from a post noticed elsewhere)