Saturday, September 27, 2014

And, in the red corner...

ABC wins!

Goff, Shearer, now Cunliffe.  Another Labour loser joins the ranks of has been leftie wannabes.  The list grows, who will be the next to sup from the poisoned cup?  

But at least now we'll get to see the real blood sport entertainment as the queers take on the unions.  Handbags at 20 paces!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Labour Party policies left much to be desired


1. $60 a week baby bonus - where did this help families that are having a tough time now? It didn't, it's a stupid idea.
2. Raising minimum wage twice in the coming year - another stupid idea. Why on earth would you raise something that should be seen as entry level only?
3. Doubling paid parental leave - something that is not as popular as some would have us believe. The taxpayer should not be paying for this.
4. Handing more money to those on benefits - the benefit system is fairly generous and handing out even more money is not the way to stop people staying on benefits for life.
5. Capital gains tax - no problem with that if the family home is left out of the equation, but if someone inherits their family's primary residence, this should also be tax free. My children shouldn't have to be taxed on what I leave to them.
6. Raising superannuation age - why on earth pick on the elderly when so many youth are unemployed? Fix unemployment first.
7. Focussing too much on gender selection, gay rights etc - mainstream NZ are not interested.

Suggested fixes:

1. Leave David Cunliffe where he is - changing leaders all the time is not a good look.
2. Go back to core principles such as fairness in everything, not just wanting to tax the better off to give to those that choose their lifestyle of not working.
3. Tax free threshold of at least $10,000 instead of tax cuts.
Tax cuts only benefit the wealthy. A tax free threshold, which could steadily rise over time, benefits everyone the same - the poorer people will benefit and the wealthy will save it. It's a win win all round.
4. Do not raise minimum wage. Instead, reinstate service allowances like we used to have years ago, where the longer you stayed at a job the higher your wage was.
There is no point raising minimum wage for entry level jobs, it should not be a career choice. But if you keep putting it up you must also raise everybody else's salaries accordingly, to be fair.
5. I do agree with National's policies on beneficiaries and state housing. We shouldn't accept these people for life in a house or on a benefit.
6. Stop focussing on gender issues, mainstream New Zealand does not care about this.
I note Louise Wall moaning about losing votes because of her gay marriage bill and she is right on the money with that. New Zealanders wanted a referendum on that, nothing more, yet were denied and she has paid the price for arrogance.
7. Stop pandering to those in society who do not get out and vote. That was a big mistake this time. All those handouts you were offering were for those that are too lazy to go and vote, so what a waste of time that was.

8. Keep away from the Greens - sorry, but they will turn New Zealand back a century or two - they did not help you last time.

Damned right about the treehuggers!  They are the kiss of death for any party looking for a coalition partner.

The rest is common sense, which those that actually voted appear to have in spades rejecting Labour's bribes.  As at #7, stop trying to bribe the indolent bludgers, they will not get off their arses to vote.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A fog of arseholes

what the figures very definitely do not show is all the many tens of thousands of projects, plans or developments, that never even get off –or even on to -- the drawing board because everybody who would be involved knows the planners will never, ever allow them.  

These projects are simply stillborn, never to see either the light of day, nor the fog of a self-interested statistical analysis.

These would-be developments are simply unseen, unmeasured and unbuilt, unlike the few projects that do slip through the planners’ net, about which they crow as if they themselves were responsible.


The erudite Mr Cresswell sees through a fog of arseholes and notes the Town Planning Turkeys will not be voting for an early Christmas.


Basics of finance is beyond Gen Y

Generation Y have rapidly declining prospects of owning a home.

are borrowing up a storm on the likes of personal loans and credit cards

Blinged up to the eyeballs on maxed out credit cards whilst living in six-figure households and still complaining?  The entitled looking for more government support via my wallet?  Well, you can p*ss off!

Your supposed poverty of housing is self inflicted.  Somewhere along the line the stark choice is:  Bling or a house?

They want to try living on spaghetti and baked beans for a couple of years after buying their first house whilst servicing a 20% second mortgage as most of your property owning rich prick parents did a generation or more ago.  It's hard going, but it does work long term and you too will be one day a rich prick.

Albert Einstein: ''the most powerful force in the universe''... ''he who understands it, earns it ... he who doesn't ... pays it.''

And then we have this piece of financial wizardry seemingly unknown to today's generation.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

NZ made the right decision

David Cunliffe is now in an all-out war with with his caucus. At an extraordinary press conference at Parliament this morning, the Labour leader insisted he would not step aside as leader

reiterated his desire for a leadership primary - but refused to acknowledge that the only way such a primary could be triggered was for the caucus to deliver a vote of no confidence in him

a train wreck

Whilst these clowns knife each other to see if they've got the guts to roll him, New Zealand can rejoice that the Right decision was made last Saturday.

How to hand in your notice...

Since I'm now awake: Quake report [update]

5.5, 24KM down at Pongaroa, widely felt Auckland to Invercargill about 40 minutes ago.  [GNS has now removed the outlier reports]

A good solid hit, fairly good shake, no obvious damage.

As normal, all the reporters at Stuff and Te Herald asleep. [finally on the job nearly 4 hours later]

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Right is good news for the economy

The NZX50 index was up 1.27 per cent at 5247.09 just after 11am. 

Post election not even lunchtime, excellent news, mainly due to the envy taxes the thieving left wanted to impose on power generators not materialising.

And now this later today;

Aucklanders reportedly flocked to open homes on Sunday, surer of their spending power post-election.

Let the good news keep coming.

You've got to wonder how the rabid left ever gets a country to move forward when their punitive policies do nothing but put NZ Inc on the back foot from day one.

Unfortunately it is only 1000 days (give or take a few) till the left would offer more bribes using my hard earnt money for bludgers to do nothing but wreck the economy.

The blood sport starts today

Less than 24 hours after Labour's historic drubbing at the polls and the knives were already out, with the party's MPs scrambling yesterday to mount a challenge to oust embattled leader David Cunliffe.

Senior MPs are angry at Mr Cunliffe's apparent lack of repentance for Labour's dismal result in his concession speech when he appeared to avoid taking blame, and instead used it to launch his own re-election bid.

I look forward to a high body count.  Meanwhile over here,

Ill-discipline, mini-scandals and Kim Dotcom's silence during The Moment of Truth damaged Internet-Mana's vote and may yet see the end of the Internet Party, leader Laila Harre says.

The result puts the future of the Internet Party in doubt.

Ms Harre said it was "extremely difficult" to grow a party without MPs.

Asked if this was the end of the party, she said: "I don't know ... The electoral environment for new parties is extremely hostile and very favourable to the incumbents."

The floor will be awash with blood.  Wonder when her running mate is going to front and acknowledge his defeat?

Memo to oneself:
Get out the popcorn, pull up a comfy chair and prepare to be entertained.   The internecine fighting will be epic.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

An ABC win

The union factions and machinations that placed him as leader have reaped a political whirlwind of fire.  None of their people made it via the backdoor list vote.  Anything that reduces the union effect makes me happy.  I await the NZEI and PPTA statements post election re the sky is falling.

At 24% the ABC faction won on the day, having successfully kneecapped their beloved party. 

And wasn't it delicious to see the German's paid lapdog trying to get her party's message across when interviewed.  Not willing to speak ill of her employer, but wishing to fan the flames for a phoenix like result in three years time, she was real keen to change the on camera message.  At least her employer was gracious in defeat.

Speaking of being gracious, the other player in the iMP fiasco reacted otherwise when confronted with the finality of his total loss.  No doubt his ilk (and the likes of the Popata bros) will unleash in your face hikois from hell on the country for the next three years.  I'm sure that will further endear his team of modern day terrorist activists and henchmen to future voters.

At least we've still got GST on our fruit and vege, keeping a level tax base that works without exemption favours.  No reversals of employment laws, no envy taxes and best of all, no Cold Granny Tax.

And the tree-hugging swivel-eyed feral loons that make up the watermelons have been kept on their leash out of government yet again.  One day they'll note that New Zealand Inc does not want or need more socialism, envy taxes or blatant communism.  If only they'd stuck to their knitting.

The sun is trying to rise round these parts, well done the ABC team that has made these next three years a pleasure to look forward to. 

Now for the nice Mr Key to deal to the RMA and employment laws.  Quickly followed by cutting welfare to the bone.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Bugger the numbers, I'm so over electile dysfunction!

That's it!  Election 2014 is over and I'm suffering electile dysfunction. 

But hey, I'm still PM.

Now the horse trading begins.

Anyway, it's been a foul day here weather wise and likely to be that way till Tuesday looking at the forecast.

On Te One, just heard that the wife of the anointed one who lives in the leafy burbs of Herne Bay, is now to be known as "Car-Inn".  God help us.

Friday, September 19, 2014

May the best man win

Three possible contenders to form the next government.   One wears a blue tie, one a red scarf and one wears green.

I apologise for being a man

Well that's the red one off the podium.
Not a real man, but a watermelon dingo import, the green one is a rank outsider, highly dependent on how much support for the red one tanks.  It might be close, but on the day both red and green will be losers.

As I said, "May the best man win".

Still unsure where to place your two ticks?  Watch this series.

Dud judge fails to throw away key on career mobster

A gang member with an extensive history of violence has avoided a sentence of preventive detention for the second time.

Robert Winterburn, 47, has spent most of his adult life in jail, with convictions for manslaughter and attempted murder.

When he appeared before Justice Potter in 1997, she warned him that if he ever appeared in court again there would be no option but a sentence of preventive detention.

Warned in 1997, fast forward to 2014 where the Judiciary is awash with softcock judges.

Waipukurau Mongrel Mob member appeared for sentencing on his latest raft of offences before Justice Joe Williams in the High Court at Napier yesterday

offences included rape and threatening to kill

had "the history of a dangerous and violent gangster", but he was reluctant to sentence him to preventive detention

Really?  At 47, he's not going to change or reform.  You should have thrown the key away, instead of in 5 years he'll be back on the streets ready for more crime with nothing to lose.

Arise, Sir Winston

Emmerson nails it.  Again.

Sir Winston?  Come Sunday morning they'll be calling.

Ready to offer the Deputy PM slot along with a knighthood and no doubt in time, an ONZ gong for services to the country (and racing). 

Definitely has a nice ring about that, once again if Winnie has anything to do with it, the country will know it is about to be serviced.

PM calls PM: The air of desperation...

the economics of chaos

Desperation has obviously set in amongst those vying for my two ticks with one sleep to go.

Yours truly took a 30 second or so phone call mid evening from the nice Mr Key.  A party political broadcast none the less, but very nice of him to call personally after his whistle-stop through Dannevegas yesterday.   Or was it the day before?  /sarc

Not one pollie has thus far darkened my doorstep for my vote, long may it continue.  Rural voters in the regions may be sparse requiring some legwork on the part those needing my vote, but it would be nice to see them try occasionally.  Remind me, who was Mr John Hayes?

The gist of the message suggested that I should carefully consider my vote, it was heavily aligned to giving two ticks to those of a dark blue persuasion and not let in the left with their 'economics of chaos'.

A fitting thought indeed, one that cannot be argued otherwise, but unfortunately for Mr Key my two ticks might not be the shade of blue he desperately asks for.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Taking out the trash...

An angry mob in Kiev, Ukraine, frog-marched a member of parliament and literally dumped him in a rubbish bin. 

Now there's an idea I could vote for.

Definitely would give two ticks for each of the 120 thieving wasters that are our current NZ MPs.

  See the video here.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The MEGA reveal: Was that it?

Over hyped for months, the long promised bombshell was a huge MEGA yawn fest on the night.  Even with infamous traitors brought in from afar.

The only enjoyable part is knowing that the leftie conspiracy theorists, iMP racist nutters and watermelon greenie loons hanging on the very outcome will now know they've been had.  And they've done their chances for a game changer at the ballot box next Saturday.  Dot Crim was only looking after himself.

I for one am comfortable knowing that someone is looking out for New Zealand's interests when there are so many these days white-anting NZ Inc from within.


Was intrigued by this;

he further claimed the NSA operates a ''facility'' in Auckland and in the north of the country

I guess he's confirming traffic at Warkworth satellite station is subject to monitoring.  Not unexpected in this world of terrorists and leftie subversives. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

The sooner, the better

The Maori seats in Parliament are in danger of disappearing after the election, Maori Party co-leader Te Ururoa Flavell says

polls show a rise in support for both the Conservative Party and NZ First, which have both campaigned on abolishing the Maori seats

In my opinion, the sooner, the better this country can arrest the headlong rush to apartheid.  The party of racists is not doing well in the polls.

In other news,
On current polling, Labour  - which supports the Maori seats - would be unlikely to be able to form a government without New Zealand First

A diversion, knowing Labour would form a coalition with the Devil himself to gain control next Saturday.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Comments of the day on Labour's CGT...


Labour's dog. With the watermelon Greens.

If it looks like a dog, walks like a dog and barks like a dog, then it's a dog.

That dog looks like it just heard about 

Labour's CGT; the Cold Granny Tax

Comments and pic shamelessly hacked from NZ's #1 Media outlet, a Canon Award holder.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Some traction at last!

The Conservative Party is within a whisker of the 5 per cent threshold in the latest TV3 poll, sitting on 4.7 per cent

At last, starting to get some traction.  Winnie will be having conniptions over Mr 'Chem Trails' as the Conservatives look dead set to overtake. 

A pleasing alternative to the toxic mix of the communist left, the ACT theorists going down the gurgler and those that should be much further right but have a blue fence jammed up their backsides.

May it long continue, a clean result without cups of tea accommodations for votes.

Farmside got a pot of taxpayer gold?

Second time in a week or so, some Farmside junk mail advertising has arrived in my mailbox.

This time, it's an expensive looking A4 solid card thingy.  Same message again, touting their overpriced satellite and wireless products along with how I might win a iPad.

We've had the drab adverts in the junk mail for years.  Still not in the game with their stingy overpriced data caps.

Then this sudden change to flash Harry marketing materials   Gets me wondering about whether a pot of my taxpayer gold has been deposited in their Timaru head office. 

Or maybe they're looking for more market share before they finally go bust.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Removing the dead hand of big government

Mr Presland laments:

As to the companies’ performances:
  • Meridian’s net profit after tax was $229.8 million and a total dividend of 13.01c per share is to be paid.  This includes a special divided of 2c per share from the sale of surplus land. The Government has lost us $163.4 million in dividend payments alone.
  • Mighty River Power announced a net profit of $212 million up on the IPO forecast of $160 million. It paid a dividend of 13.5c per share.  Dividend loss to us, $91.2 million.
  • Genesis Energy announced a net profit after tax of $49.2 million and paid a dividend of 13c per share.  Dividend loss to us, $61.9 million.  There is something unusual about the accounts which I have not yet got my head around.
  • And Air New Zealand had a good year announcing a net profit after tax of $262 million and total dividends of 0.20c per share.  Dividend loss to us, $44.3 million.
So all up in lost dividend alone in the past 12 months we may have missed out on $360.7 million.

Labour's still banging on about partial asset sales, but cannot afford to buy them back having overspent on all the other election bribes.

With numbers like those above, the removal of the cold dead hand of big government is proving a worthwhile exercise.  The power companies now have to perform competitively which forces them all to lift their game and will in the long term lift returns for all shareholders, including the 51% holder NZ Inc.

Pity it was only 49% sales, the government handbrake is still there on a couple of notches.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Vote: 11 Days to go...

Passport please: Our artists' impression of a road border between England and Scotland post-independence

11 days to vote?  You cannot count!

No, not here in the soon to be Democratic Socialist Hellhole of the South Pacific, but in similar antipodean latitudes.

Apparently the rabid NO vote is now on the losing side and threatening border controls in 11 days time.

Spark on lack of porn

The internet mayhem is thought to have been linked to fake or leaked nude celebrity photos...

Spark said it was aware that when people clicked on some celebrity nude snaps, they inadvertently installed the kind of software that created distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks such as this weekend's

Real funny that only Telecom/Spark customers have DDoS issues.  Spark customers must be out and out porn addicts, but it's apparently now fixed.

 All while pure as the driven snow Slingshot, Vodafone and other ISP customers enjoyed their issue free access to porn-free broadband. 

Yeah Right!  Once again, I think the porn ridden Spark needs to fix their hardware.  After all it's been often proven to lack the necessary spark on many an occasion since the introduction of XT and Yahoo Mail.

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Winston has seen the writing on the wall...

was seen today telling the Gold Card holders to beware...

Typical Winnie innuendo, reckoning that the Gold Card cheap off-peak travel is under threat post-election.

His veiled message is loud and clear:
Vote for Winston First if you want to keep your Gold Card

The Winston First internal poll numbers must be really bad.

All those 'wasted votes' going to the new kid on the block.

Friday, September 05, 2014

Electoral bribes for the unhoused

Labour has promised 100,000 houses in the next decade...

Not to beaten Hone has promised tonight 10,000 new state houses a year for 'our people'

20,000 new houses a year, an electoral bribe of ginormous proprtions. 

That's 55 new houses a day for the next 10 years!  And it will cost (back of fag packet calcs) at $400K ea minimum x 200,000 about $80Bn.

Yeah right!

Minor party leaders: Fail, except one

Wasted the last hour watching the minor parties prostituting themselves for votes.

The message I got (except for one) was

We will tax the crap out of you

The only one that gave their party vision clearly was the Conservatives.  Colin was streets ahead of the other would be thieves.

The rest were "you will feed our rugrats, whilst we tax you heaps for the public good".   Guess what?  The bludgers that currently get every handout known to taxpaying man and still want more can get stuffed!   All of them looking to raise more taxes to pay their voters at my expense.

ACT wonders why they languish at 0.1%?  Give us your 30 second party summary - one sentence in, Jamie Whyte starts rubbishing other parties present.  Loser!

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Irony, much?

This is not a 'scandal'
It's a crime, and we should be discussing it as such

You get your knickers in a knot over hacked celeb photos but endorse destroying a government using hacked emails.

Much irony.