Monday, May 25, 2015

Lycra maggot runs red and gets creamed

National scum MP tries to jump ship

ACTs Brash:   whether National's Pakuranga MP Maurice Williamson could join the party

ACT rightly unanimously rejected him, not wanting a failed pollie willing to ditch principle for personal interests near their party.  The MP for vested interests in Pakuranga has already shown a penchant for supporting far left family wrecking causes, so jumping ship is not unexpected.

One might ask whether he should be an MP at all.   As an aside, with the Natz having moved so far left, all their MPs should be asked whether they uphold long held stated National principles.

But the nice Mr Key has it covered.  Head in the sand, he says:-

he is still a dedicated member of the caucus and there is no concern

Time will tell, especially when he will be loudly reminded of those words, should a bye-election occur in the near future.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Lying Nats splitting hairs on definition

Tax: to require someone to pay a tax on (something)

Levy: an amount of money that must be paid and that is collected by a government or other authority

At the previous election:

this is what you said – no new taxes

and this week:

we’ve got two taxes in a week

National politicians lying to the electorate.  Confirming a politicians place in the gutter.

Taking a leaf out of Tony's book

EU leaders look ready to take the fight to the smugglers of migrants from North Africa by deploying naval forces to destroy their boats and disrupt their criminal network

At last, some action in the Med to stop the influx of criminal people trafficking.  Tony Abbott has shown the way to deal with these criminals, other governments are following.

Another Chinese Icarus flies too close the sun

The company, which the previous day had been worth about $40 billion, had lost almost half its value before regulators stepped in and halted trading

How to crash and burn.  Another Chinese Icarus spooks investors with dodgy financials.

Wonder if Lying Len has seen the picture for Jafaland?

A geotag map of Sydney.  Shows the ferries in red and where people actually go.  Taken from ten years of geotagged picture data.

Wonder if Lying Len has seen the one for Jafaland?  Would bet that noone wishes to go to Britomart or South Auckland.  Probably North Shore and beyond as well as anywhere south of the Bombays.

Friday, May 22, 2015

I'll still never watch TV3

I still will never watch TV3 by choice.

Even with New Zealand's greatest Mazda salesman being pushed out of his timeslot with a long overdue DCM.

Not pushed he says? The real world which can pick leftist media scum from miles, knows his card has long been marked for termination.