Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Council box tickers at their best: "The planning team check .. Not our fault"

Therein lies the problem.

The planning team check any consent when it comes in ...

All plans these days will have gradients to 0.5m along with boundary and house positions accurately detailed to the nth degree on submitted plans.   As is required for any building consent these days.   Then, a simple exercise to calculate finished slope from garage door to boundary.

 I think it would be very difficult for the person that does that to check the gradient ... [but] when you're building, you've got to make sure people can drive onto it.

Council bureaucrats standing up for the paying customer, doing their overpriced jobs as bloody box tickers and dodging any responsibility.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Nats show some spine

Te News: "a blow for democracy"

Excellent news. At last a move in the right direction on stopping the welfare state.

The Government has vetoed a Labour Party bill which would have extended paid parental leave from 18 weeks to 26 weeks

Pity the Nats do not show spine on other matters like ditching Working for Welfare.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

You wonder how they stay in business...

On a new rural mail site:

it takes around two weeks for the address to be registered

Once it has been registered by our rural team it will show on the website in the next update

As we update our website once a month, it is most likely that your address will be update in the July update

The wait continues for full mail delivery from NZ Post.  And companies like Meridian will only send bills to the previous address till NZ Post gets off its arse and some lackey enters the data.

NZ Post, nice to know you're presenting stale data in your address finder.

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Experts: "a smoking ruin"

must be persuaded to stay at TV3 at any cost as a "smoking ruin" is rebuilt

I'll have half of whatever the luvvie is smoking.  Must be goooood sh*t!

That aside, a wise person told me a long time ago that "graveyards were full of indispensable people".

And secondly having burnt a few bridges as the door hit her arse on the way out a few days ago, the legend in her lunchtime celebrity TV3 newsreader would do well to remember that second time round grovelling never ends well.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Are you worried?

MediaWorks' loss of talent worrisome

Campbell?  Barry?  Zero talent there.

There was never any talent at TV3, just jumped up news readers and reality TV merchants hawking manufactured scandal as news and current affairs.

Another show pony is hit by the door as TV3 races to oblivion.  Seems to be a trait of lefties these days.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Company 1: All care, zero responsibility Company 2: Well done

Last Saturday we picked up the unaccompanied minors ex Jafaland from the airport at Palmerston North. 

As the babysitters of choice for these school holidays, we were pleasantly surprised to receive multiple texts during the day as the airline scanned and took charge of the grandkids at various stages of the journey. Unaccompanied minors are given a wristband like a fitbit band which holds their travel details to be scanned at certain points of the trip. 

The texts are a big improvement on the previous manual process, keeping both parents and grandparents fully informed from check in to eventual handover at the destination. 

Well done Air New Zealand!

Meanwhile we have Company 1 doing their level best to lose more customers as they go out of business.  No BZ for the Naked Bus.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Labour: "We have other principles" as they whore themselves for the native vote

The Labour Party has joined the Maori Party in reconsidering its support for a law change which will establish a massive marine sanctuary in the Kermadec Islands

Unprincipled whores chasing votes whilst heading for extinction.

Friday, April 08, 2016

Granny Editor asleep at the wheel

Zero editorial control these days.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Unionised do not learn from history

the harsh reality is this factory is no longer sustainable due to the lack of scale and cost-competitiveness  

The cost of being union scum.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

John Key's vanity project...

$26 million up the spout.

57% said hands off our flag.  Labour Lite's leader is told to piss off.

Now all who have the other rag can use it to wipe their backsides with it.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Racist and offensive? Really?

asks people to say whether they agree or disagree with the statement: "Maori should not receive any special treatment."

Would be offended lefties revert to to type and scream the "R" word.

Mr Davis said it was a leading question and would feed the attitude that there was special treatment for Maori. "It's out and out racist. Were there any other questions that were targeting any other ethnicity? No. Just the Maori one."

Damned right!  I feel offended that someone asks a question what most, including myself,  would feel the statement to be truthful and lefties ever looking political traction go for the default taking offence, screaming "Racist" and trying to have the survey changed, removing the supposedly "offensive" question.

It's a question that is long overdue for asking in this country. One that needs to be asked without fear or favour.

And the enablers in National who have whored themselves and their party for the Maori vote via the oft-repeated over the past century "full and final" settlements would do well to take note.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Lost in NZ #6723: The Herald

Again, Granny is lost.

A man who was found dead in his home on the Coromandel Peninsula may have died "unexpectedly" and "in his sleep", a relative says.

His body was found this morning by police at a Kennedy Bay house after they were alerted to his death by a family member.

The story is about a Kennedy Bay in the Coromandel Peninsula, but Granny in her haste uses a pic of  another bay, Putiki Bay on Waiheke.  And labels it Kennedy Bay, just because it is adjacent to Kennedy Point.

What's a mere 50km when your audience knows no geography other than Skytower.

The Herald, lost for the want of a decent editor.

Monday, February 29, 2016

It's never too early for a Tui

this isn't about a political issue

Yeah effing Right!

Zipper continues opening exposing city

The 4000Km long Kermadec-Tonga Trench zipper which terminates at Christchurch City continued opening this morning with another quake overnight.  The residents of the Village of the Damned have had another unsettling early morning wakeup.

Christchurch City continues to sink as the trench lengthens and Banks Peninsula moves eastward.  Maybe Captain Cook's original map of the area foretells the final outcome.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Lost in NZ: The Herald

The Herald turns New Zealand upside down with the location of Marsden Cove Marina adjacent to Marsden Point.

Friday, February 26, 2016

I'll believe it when I see it

Auckland Council is going back to the drawing board after a majority of councillors scuttled housing density proposals in the city's leafy suburbs

Think the urban planners will stop at this knock-back?   These bastards have built and staked their entire careers on this high density plan.  Mark my words, they'll now be retreating and resorting to underhanded corrupt methods of implementing the master plan as currently written.

I'll believe the high density master plan has been binned (not shelved) when I see other choices like real greenfield expansion.  And Phil, 8000 houses on a Remmers golf course satisfying your rich prick class warfare ideologies does not fill that vision.

Some good people were captured by the wrong lobbying. The loud voices of some suburbs who had been wound up to believe they had been "hugely up zoned" won the day and young people, community housing providers, urban designers, social workers, families, sustainability advocates and ordinary Aucklanders were drowned out of the debate

This one needs to be stopped in her tracks.  A long tenure acolyte of Mayor Bob whom ran his old fiefdom of Waitemata City with its residents paying handsomely for exorbitant ideas like film studios which no-one could afford, need or want.  Along with his own brand of eco-terrorism of restrictive subdivision rules in or near the Waitakeres, riding roughshod over the rights of property owners.  Let the community housing providers, urban designers, social workers, families, sustainability advocates do their thing on their dime, not mine.

The very reason Jafaland has issues is because he and his Labour ilk like Hulse still infest the council. They're still there neck deep in the trough pushing their soviet style high density urban planning.  And they're looking to install a Len MkII, namely Phil who currently is not willing to jump out of one trough for a chance at another.

Yes, I'll believe it when I see it.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

How to bugger the value of your business

If it's hard enough to get doctors to work alongside me, it's going to be a devil of a job to get doctors to replace me.

The indispensable doctor finds that no-one wants to work or buy his practice in the benefit ridden backwater of  unemployment that is Tokoroa.  He's also finding out that the local ferals on social media do not like his stated income.

Graveyards are full of the indispensable.  Shut up shop, forget selling your practice.  Your opposition knows how to milk the system and get others to pay.  If you haven't sorted your retirement at $400K pa you never will. 

As for any residual value in your practice as a saleable business, I'd say you've buggered that in the town going full disclosure about your income.  I see your customers deserting like lemmings.

No doubt when the opposition set up shop, all practices were offered a slice of the action. For whatever reason, probably valid at the time, your practice stayed away from their business model, with utterly predictable results. 

Now we get to read a sob story.

WindyTy: A decent weather site at last

Dunno where I saw the link a week or so ago, probably lurking on some site, but this weather site has decent real time and forecast weather with all the graphics you'd ever need.


And if you need to delve into the real black arts area of weather forecasting, you can see a week ahead.

Get over there and spend some time exploring the site.  There's reams of info.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Jafaland Councillors: "For votes, we have more principles"

allows Aucklanders to build more quality housing, up to three storeys in some areas close to town centres and along improving transport links

Whilst Len's Labourite 2IC is plugging via this puff piece for much increased housing density via the massive changes in the unitary plan for Jafaland, other councillors are having second thoughts.

Most Aucklanders would prefer if most of those on the council were not reelected after decades of hideous rates rises, Len's folly of a toy train set to nowhere and the like.  Some would say that a piece of hemp and a nearby lamp post would suffice to cure some of Jafaland's ills.

Chris Darby has become the latest councillor to have second thoughts about dramatic housing density plans in Auckland suburbs.

The North Shore councillor told the Herald he was "undecided" and that natural justice and opportunity for public participation by those affected were key issues for him.

Mr Darby and Whau councillor, Ross Clow, have indicated in the past 24 hours that they could vote with 11 councillors who want to dump a proposal to rezone thousands of homes for more intensive housing without consulting affected property owners.

Taking heed of the voters in his ward, these councillors are willing to change their stated principles for votes at next years local body elections.  

Why do people keep electing such unprincipled nominally leftie scum?

Monday, February 22, 2016

The desperation is strong

As the USA hurtles headlong toward electing the breath of fresh air that is The Donald, the pollies left in his wake are ever desperate to kneecap him.

Like any number of us raised in the late 20th century, I have spent my life perplexed about exactly how Hitler could have come to power in Germany. 

Watching Donald Trump's rise, I now understand.

Resorting to Godwin's Law, playing the Hitler card, the WAPO does its best to stop him being nominated.  I've also seen many other comparisons in recent days of him being fascist.

I look forward to him being Pres, he'll turn the establishment upside down buggering their candidate selection processes.

The desperation is ratcheting up.  Super Tuesday is just around the corner, as would be nominees drop off the polls having burnt all their funds solicited through normal channels to no avail. 

Meanwhile the self funded Trump is just what the electorate wants.  And needs.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Would be lawyers learn socialist redistribution first hand

We were invoiced for single rooms, that invoice was paid. Then I received an email saying there was a room change

Young ones in for a leftie brainwashing at VUW learn first hand about socialism and redistribution of their property as they have to bunk up in their oversubscribed previously single accomodation.

An experience early in life that hopefully will put this batch of would be lawyers off lefties and socialism forever.  And some will be talking to Daddy about contract law.

Union scum hold Jafaland residents to ransom

The unionised have got up themselves because their employer has seen fit to cut their grass and get a cheaper deal for taxpayers elsewhere.   Market forces working admirably as unions overprice themselves out of a job.

One of the unions' big concerns is that Auckland Transport has recently awarded new contracts for all of Auckland's southern routes and NZ Bus has lost all of their work. Mr Froggatt said this will result in the loss of 250 jobs and the three new companies taking over pay less than at NZ bus.

And they want a pay rise for less work.

To reduce the current working day from 13 hours to 12 hours
They want an additional 60 cents per hour or 2.95 per cent

Absolute scum.  Unions should be outlawed.

But any reduction of the overpaid underworked in privately owned unionised ratholes is good news in my book.  Pity the government does not excise the union infestations in the education sector.

Friday, January 08, 2016

"You can smell the crazy coming off them..."

The folks over at Declination have put together a primer for SJW speak.  Some examples are below, more at the link at the bottom.

You are a Racist!” You’re white. And probably male, cis-gendered, and straight. Remember, all white men are racists, and any accusation of racism is prima facie evidence of guilt. Progressive white men can be exempted by proclamation by the SocJus community. But this exemption can be revoked at any time, in which case you revert to being a racist.

“You’re a Misogynist!” You’re white. And probably male, cis-gendered, and straight. Remember, all white men are sexists, and any accusation of sexism is prima facie evidence of guilt. Progressive white men can be exempted by proclamation by the SocJus community. But this exemption can be revoked at any time, in which case you revert to being a sexist.

“You’re an Islamophobe!” You have common sense, which is, of course, a violation of accepted SocJus norms. The only sense you are allowed to have is fed to you by the media. When the media tells you Islam is good and Christianity is evil, you must accept this with no further discussion or demands for evidence.

“You’re a Homophobe.” This one has a bit of nuance to it. This is really code for  being a cis-gendered heterosexual who failed to praise homosexuality with every second breath. However, any homosexual (Milo, basically) who departs from the narrative can be safely attacked. Indeed, failing to insult a conservative homosexual is grounds for immediate expulsion from SocJus and is, paradoxically, proof of homophobia.

For the uninitiated, Social Justice Whiners are the perpetually offended and usually of the leftie persuasion.

As always, your friendly neighborhood Lord High Inquisitor of Capitalism (and literally-Hitler) is always searching for more translations.

Monday, January 04, 2016

Another repeater interviews her keyboard

At Oakleigh about 10.15am, a 16ft boat being towed flipped off the trailer, landing upside-down

When we passed heading southward said trailer was still very much attached to the boat whilst doing "dead ants" as a package.  As shown in the picture below. 

From the picture, more a mechanical failure of the outer stub axle with subsequent detachment of the trailer from the towing vehicle.

The repeater would do well to inspect the picture closely before interviewing her keyboard next time.

And later;

About 11.50am on Saturday a car flipped on its roof on State Highway 1 on the southern side of the Brynderwyn Hills. Three occupants climbed out of the car windows and one person had to be cut out. Mr Atiq said there were no injuries.

The Brynderwyns crash blocked the southbound lane of SH1 and caused a backlog of traffic with many holidaymakers on the road heading home.

Does she want a picture of through traffic clearance mismanagement at the above Brynderwyn SH1/SH12 incident?  3x major lines of holiday traffic being let through at barely 10 vehicles a time when the slightly damaged vehicle could have been towed/pushed off the wide shouldered road onto the verge and dealt with. Not left on the road whilst traffic was blocked 5 km plus in each direction. 

Management of accident sites in NZ is non-existent.  Probably waited an hour or so for the duty bone wearer to arrive and pronounce the road again fit for traffic.