Wednesday, January 25, 2023

The last day of a tyrant

In my views and others, a tyrant by any measure.  

Some use the word 'Tyrant' liberally along other perfectly valid descriptions for 'That Woman'.

Apparently not so for National.  MP Brownlee has profusely grovelled in apologetic manner.  Stick a fork in the Natz, they're done.

Anyway, today is the last day of our tyrant.  

She hands her cards of failure into the Governor General, His Majesty's representative in the sovereign colony of  New Zealand.

Some might be further tempted to say 'Ding Dong...'.

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Paying the ferryman

 The listed Norwegian shipping company Havila has banned electric, hybrid and hydrogen cars from its ferries. After a risk analysis, it was concluded that the risk to the safety of the shipping fleet was too great. If a car catches fire, the fire can no longer be extinguished. [That’s why firefighters are starting to refuse to go near accident sites where electric cars are involved, or try to find a towing service that will tow them to the scrap-yard afterwards, and that scrap-yard owner is most likely going to refuse to accept that car in any case. They are unstable bombs on wheels.

How do you make the most money? Well, from the stupidity of the others, of course!

Everyone who didn’t pay attention in physics or forgot that our battery technology is over a hundred years old, with only minimal improvements, will soon have a lot of “joy” with their electric cars. Such a battery does not last more than five to seven years if you’re lucky, and it hasn’t burned out already in the meantime. Total loss in both cases. No sympathy for those self-righteous imbeciles who let themselves be burned again because they buy into each and every mainstream narrative that is been placed before them.

and from a comment

I can see home-owners insurance having a rider voiding the policy if an electric vehicle is garaged at the house. Just like my home-owner’s policy is void in the event of a nuclear explosion, even if accidental.

eBikes, only have 10-20 pounds of this highly spontaneous ignition chemical compounds…

and they want cars with 1,000-2,000 pounds of batteries in our houses/ garages….

from here 

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Your move Chris ...

What a difference a day makes.  

Apparently the heir presumptive boy, one Chris H, looking to fondle the poisoned cup recently ditched by Winston's mare as being to hot to handle might move the party toward the centre.  Away from ultra-woke co-governance and the coven of racists desiring looking to inflict their misguided tribalist sovereignty on New Zealand.

Hopefully such a move will cause the other Chris, the NINO leader of LabourLite to rethink his non-strategy of garnering votes. Continued fence sitting chasing votes in the centre will not get you elected as Chippy reclaims that area.

Your move Chris.  For God's sake get some real policy.

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Another PM of NZ bites the dust.

The polls in the kitchen are obviously warm.

After having wrecked New Zealand's economy, given the country to the tribalists another Prime Minister of New Zealand has bit the dust and thankfully is resigning.

Unfortunately there is something wrong with New Zealand society when most potential replacements to take the helm till October will be selected from a coven of queers and racists.  Anyone up for Queen Mahuta of the Aotearoan Republic?  It is the final solution in the co-governance and sovereignty.

Mind you, the ones on offer as the opposition are fence sitters mostly of a similar ilk, ever ready to sell their soul and principles for your vote.

How timely both major parties are in Napier this weekend - they might as well be at a singular conference for The Unity Party.

Good riddance!

Monday, December 05, 2022

To be secular or not?

 The scab that is co-governance in its full glory is to be lifted this week.

the christianity that the mayor wants to stop is his business but he will never, ever stop karakia – never

Apparently some special people are miffed at the secular nature of modern proceedings.

Get the popcorn in.

Saturday, November 26, 2022

A delicate balancing act

It is my local community so I will be looking to be present there as soon as I’m able to

I do need to delicately balance being in the right place in the right time

Ardern defended her trip, her first visit to the Chathams, saying she had been in touch with some Mt Albert community leaders

Ah, yes, she will have likely consulted with H1 Foundation for orders and then proceeded on her day trip on Air Horse One to curry favour with the murderers of Moriori rather than the family of a murdered Indian in her own electorate.

Saturday, November 19, 2022

The feeling's mutual Winnie

Winston thinks he's in with a chance at the next main play, so he's laying some ground rules. 

We are not going to go with the Labour Party, this present Labour Party crowd, because they can’t be trusted.

You don’t get a second time to lie to me, or my party and they did.

Very likely that the electorate might suggest that the feeling's mutual in relation to trust.  

To me, WRP remains nothing but one who peddles electoral snake-oil.  One who is adept at dancing on the head of pin post-election on inferred pre-election policies.  And will be forever known as the enabler of that woman.

Most definitely, once bitten, twice shy

Friday, November 18, 2022

"It will feel good."

 Never truer words.

A short video advert from prior to his previous election as #45 explains Donald J. Trump's chances of re-election as #47.

sourced from here

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Labour-Lite tosser to visit the Tron

 The would-be leader of the opposition is trying outdo Labour's 'that woman' pre-announcing announcements.  One day National may actually get a leader that shows a difference between their party and the left.

Never fear, the corrupt bribe takers of the MSM will always be on hand to eviscerate you on your every word.

National leader Christopher Luxon is making a policy announcement in Hamilton this morning.

What a bloody tosser!

Thursday, November 03, 2022

Look! A weasel!


Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown is pulling back from election promises

Like all politicians - an effing weasel.  Jafalanders will be suffering from buyer's remorse.

It didn't take long for him to reverse course from his very publicly stated pre-election promises.  I daresay he's been threatened with the legals in the short few weeks since being elected.

In parallel, I wonder if that woman has offered an inducement re 3 waters to keep the Auckland council CCO's undisturbed.

Just cut their benefit!

Kiwis turning down jobs to remain on the benefit would be put on "income management"

They should already be on "income management" at the first strike of not accepting any offered job.

The dole is not a lifestyle choice for the would-be career bludging nephews who choose to remain on the couch.

Just cut their benefit already!  

ACT continues to show leadership in this area.

Monday, October 31, 2022

Mr Mayor, this is how you do layoffs

The unionised lurking in the ivory towers are to be slashed forthwith.  Predictably union scum are screaming blue murder. Probably will prune $15-25M off the payroll.  In my book, anything that excises tenured academics and associated shiny-bums can only be good for New Zealand.

Come on Mayor Brown,  AUT has shown you how to lance the unionised boil.   Now get on with it!  We are waiting for you get more than a head count of 1. 

Friday, October 28, 2022

Engineering ecosystems in NZ

 In the UK there's nothing but praise for these ecosystem engineers.

XXXXX serve as ecosystem engineers - a term used to describe species that can alter and maintain a habitat. The shaggy-haired animals, which have been described as "woolly bulldozers”, are seen by scientists as climate heroes.

"They are quite big and robust, so they can really shape and engineer the landscape around them," said Gibbs explaining that their fur debarks trees, they mow grass with their mouths, their large bodies create pathways throughout the dense forest and their nutrient-rich manure helps other species flourish. "Everything they do has this positive impact and shapes the world around them."

** Insert 'Bison' for the UK.  In NZ, insert 'Cows' - story from here

Meanwhile in NZ there is zero 'positive impact' as here anything that is remotely bovine is denigrated as evil incarnate with respect to engineering ecosystems.  Notwithstanding that the bush in New Zealand was tamed for farming through the use of cattle.

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Hold my beer ...

 What I’m hearing is it is going to happen and Wayne Brown – I don’t know if he realises this – he doesn’t have the power to stop it.

Newly elected council wallahs proudly tout their tribalist connections to the 14% whilst ignoring the 86%.

Meanwhile the similarly connected deputy thinks 3 Waters (and no doubt SNAs) are a done deal.  Must be some good Mahuta Corp Koolaid in those waters!

Hold my beer!  

An aside, Wayne's had a great first week in office, leading up to the change of government next year.

Saturday, October 15, 2022

Never in a million years

 "There's three in this marriage"

Didn't take long.  They're testing the water to drop the word "Consort".

should refer to the "Their Majesties King Charles III and Queen Camilla"

In my book a more fitting title will always be the "Whore of Windsor".