Friday, November 24, 2023

No summer recess?

The coalition parties have agreed to extensive changes to the place of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, including removing references to its "principles" from legislation 

The promised 100 day counter is running from this morning.  The newly crowned have ditched the referendum with the above purposeful statement.

Yes, I and no doubt many others are watching. Not a good start, should start with referring to government departmental ministerial allocations using only English names.  A lot of work to do, with one chance.  Prime fence sitters in the Nats will have deep pockets and resist all attempts at change as sought via ACT and Winston First.  By their deeds we shall know them.

Now we await the feral left and associated enablers like gangs, those pushing co-governance attempt to complete the destruction of New Zealand as their troughs are drained and removed.

Sunday, November 19, 2023

Removing the 'I' from 'team'

Former senior minister Nanaia Mahuta said she carried her landmark Three Waters without the support of key senior ministers.

Speaking to TVNZ’s Q+A with Jack Tame, Mahuta said she could have had more support from senior ministers.

“Could I have got more support from a broader range of senior ministers during the time of promoting those reforms - absolutely,” Mahuta said.

Mahuta implied she carried the reforms alone.

There is no 'I' in 'team'.

Thank God the New Zealand voter saw fit to cauterise her brand of extremely divisive apartheid hidden from view as the 'new' democracy.  Some other enablers remain in office hanging by a thread but should be lanced and excised.

Unfortunately, much legislation re 3/10 Waters has been passed under urgency in the cover of darkness without consultation and thus has not been subject to full legal sunlight.  Should the left ever get the levers of power again, be assured this brand of ratchet socialism will be quickly resurrected and executed.  Along with capital and wealth taxes.

Sunday, November 12, 2023

Border security 101

Prime Minister Netanyahu on the day after:

"The Gaza Strip will be demilitarized, as long as necessary - the IDF will continue to control the security of the Gaza Strip in order to prevent terrorism from it.

The October 7th massacre proved once and for all that wherever there is no security control, terrorism comes back and hits us, and this was also proven in the United States, so I will not agree to give up security control under any circumstances."

The IDF north and south divisions are close to meeting along the coastal fringes of northern Gaza.  Bibi is about to ring-fence the Hamas terrorists.  Game over.

via Amir Tsarfati here

Sunday, November 05, 2023

It's dead. Move on!

A big fish has carked it on a beach near the village of the damned.  And we see all the usual suspects on site.   Bloody do-gooders by the dozen abound, all milling around on the taxpayer dime.

The locals are discussing how to move the now rotting carcass.   Apparently 30 tonnes is too much for a couple of decent sized diggers.  Really?  Put a chainsaw through the middle.  It's dead FFS.  Weight problem solved.  Same way an ex-zoo elephant or hippo might be handled.

Local savages will have sharpened and warmed up their chainsaws already for removing the lower jaw during the hours of darkness.  Apparently it's somewhere in that treaty for the harvest of such treasures.   Not a spectator sport for the faint hearted. I also note there are no issues mentioned of disturbing ancient bones or other soon to be extinct fauna and flora when digging such a large hole in the sandpit.  Obviously appropriate taxpayer coin has been remitted to quickly remedy such issues. 

Why move it at all?   Leave it on the beach to explode and rot away giving the seagulls from the local tip a change of diet.  Sandlice and blowies will cleanup what's left.  Can't have that!  Some sensibilities may be offended.  Might be a better smell than the stinking local council compost heap.

Friday, November 03, 2023

Luxon loses sure thing.

Welcome to your worst nightmare.  The official election results are in.

Luxon was on for a safe win as Kiwis wanted change.  By remaining firmly on the fence, he has allowed the party of outright racists gain control with six seats and he now needs to horse trade with the rodeo master.  Meanwhile the green loons picked up another seat.

Australia looks to be a better option.

God help New Zealand!  What is wrong with New Zealand voters?

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Own goal!

Seems that a red-on-red own goal was scored on a Gazan hospital.  They hit their own ammo dump under the hospital with devastating but predictable results.

Was reading the only other day about their Qassam rocket range.  Design is basic as hell.  Made from dug up water pipes or similar, filled with fertiliser and a detonator, some more fert for fuel, capped (pointy at one end) and painted in Tehran green with appropriate slogans.  Then fired in bulk on rails pointed generally toward their perceived oppressors, the Jews.

Seems that the only flight controls consist of some stubby wings.  Interestingly, I noted that the missiles have zero on board guidance systems and also the the exhaust ports are small holes drilled in the base plate cap.  No effort is made to rotate the rocket for in-flight directional stability as would be normal via port canting.  So if a fuel blockage occurs in one of those drilled holes, the result is an errant rocket when ignited.  Same result if the control surface wing detaches post-launch in-flight.

It's a numbers game - fire enough in the general direction, you'll hit something.  Not this time though so they have tried to blame Israel who wasn't conducting ops in that sector.

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

97 days to go ...

Mr Insipid promised scorched earth as one of his bottom lines during his lacklustre campaign.   On offer was "In the first 100 days I'll do this and that, repeal this and that ...".

Well the nation spoke and has delivered Winston First almost in the mix.  So we wait to form a government nigh on 3 weeks to see the final results of specials.  And if that doesn't fall rightward, Labour-Lite will require another 3-4 weeks to see the outcome of the upcoming bye-election with its own waiting period for specials.  Meanwhile the long untrusted Winnie lurks sniping from the sidelines to see if the new rodeo ringmaster might cut an early deal.

So potentially we're well into December with Christmas holidays looming large.  Once they get around to actually forming a government, it could well be into February next year, a 5 month holiday fully on the taxpayer's dime.  All under the outgoing but 'caretaker' government.

Once sworn in, the new crew will require another month to settle in via a stint at some re-education gulag to be formally 'Maorified'.  Now into March and school hols / Easter.

There won't be any of the promised first 100 days post-election left.  

The promises of quick action was all lies.

Sunday, October 15, 2023

Greenie threatens violence over upcoming treaty discussions

ACT's bottom line for a long overdue conversation amongst adults.  One without the screaming skulls yelling "Racist" to those whom might dare to inquire / discuss regarding such constitutional matters.  (Are you listening, Mr newly minted leader? )

Matters which should have been openly and transparently discussed under the previous governments but were well hidden from view and implemented under the cover of urgency.  The 1975-ish rogue ToW that requires intense scrutiny along with the enablers. 

Seymour has campaigned on ending co-governance and a radical re-think of the Treaty of Waitangi, which he thinks should go to the country in a referendum. “It’s something that I think has to happen for New Zealand"

And right on cue, the Greens leader makes threats for unrest.

If that happens, you will see wide scale social disruption - it could lead to violence

As expected, a screaming skull threatens the bash if this third rail is touched.  "Once were warriors" - it is strong in their genes.

Te Pāti Māori president John Tamihere, also speaking on the Tova podcast, warned of civil disobedience which could shut down cities and major centres if a referendum on the Treaty went ahead.

“You don't unwind 30 years of hard won incremental treaty jurisprudence overnight with a tyranny of the majority,” he said.

“There will be significant civil unrest and we don't, nor should, any leader take us down that track.”

If Māori were backed into a corner on the issue they would have to resort to protest, he said.

“That protest will be significant, as it should be ... there will be days of national Māori action and they'll close down Whangarei, Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton, Wellington.”

Thought that would be the reaction.  Bring it on!

Saturday, October 07, 2023

Can't see Cuddles Coster doing this

Would we see any such real enforcement here in New Zealand?

No!  Instead we get our Prime Minister cowering under a floor mat intoning apologies for votes.  We get the Zaouis of the world, 'fakugees' via Manus Islands and the lockdown breaking likes of the MP for Tijuana.  And then we give them endless welfare whilst our economy spirals into the dunny.

I look forward to seeing a few 'Dawn Raid' type reports emanating from Pakistan in a month or so.

via Theo Spark

Friday, October 06, 2023

Luxon shifts onto another fence

National Party leader Christopher Luxon has promised to fast track investment in offshore wind farms during a visit to Taranaki 

Luxon confirms Labour-Lite's commitment to the climate change scam.

Currently locals will not entertain any seabed extractive processes such as mineral, oil and gas exploration/drilling in any shape or form in the area.  Also I would suspect that any adjacent feral mongrels of taniwha will be bribed with truckloads of taxpayer cash for that project to start interfering with the seabed.  And many more truckloads during the project, along mandatory opening fees etc. as well as copious ongoing payments post-completion.  All to assuage post-colonial guilt.

So much for getting Luxon off the fence.  He's jumped back onto another.  Will not be getting my vote.

Tuesday, October 03, 2023

Luxon removes fence post

Luxon described the referendum on the Treaty as "divisive" and said he would not support it

Finally, Luxon gets off the fence.  The 'Hold my beer ...' moment of this campaign. Watch the vote for Labour-Lite tank.

Luxon was more open to a referendum on whether to change the name of the country to Aotearoa New Zealand

Get the popcorn in as ACT becomes party number two in New Zealand and both will have to deal with the great charlatan at number four to change the government.

National in being not willing to fully excise race based legislation of unproven provenance offers nothing but Labour policies in a shade of teal.

Luxon proves my long-forseen vote of choice for this election is on track.

Monday, September 25, 2023

Unimpressive offerings

Electoral punters continue to show their disgust at what's on offer.  Another poll today shows that the desire for change is falling.

Main player for a change of government, the ever insipid Luxon, is still not willing to move off the centre fence.  Seymour appears to be on target as he is attracting flak from rabid lefties who are trying to portray him as racist.  Unfortunately both are ever ready to flip-flop like will-of-the-wisps to suit the occasion.

The outcome shows in the polls, with the great charlatan now showing as being a third player.  Beware, as noted elsewhere his past deeds confirm that he is never to be trusted.

The dross of the small sub 5% parties remain a place to waste your vote.  Fortunately that at present includes the thoroughly racist offering.

And the MSM with 30 pieces of silver still warm in their purses suggest maybe better the devil you know as does the current poll.  They want a coalition of chaos of Greens and Labour to continue the economy wrecking trajectory.

God help New Zealand.

Sunday, September 24, 2023

NZ Loyal candidate trying for another trough

The NZ Loyal offering for Northland comes with a past history.

One Michael Feyen.   Managed to become the Mayor of Horowhenua a decade or so ago.  If I remember correctly it was a very contentious term.

Now tilting at another trough via Liz Gunn''s party.

Monday, September 18, 2023

The scab is lifted.

ACT finally lifted the scab yesterday exposing for all to see the festering sore of apartheid, racist ridden co-governance just below surface.

One that Mr Batchelor with which has been vilified for weeks.  The one that Luxon and co keep ignoring at their peril. 

ACT has just confirmed my vote for this election.

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Time, Birthing People!

Addressing historical pay inequities for our midwives is a key priority for this government, and I am extremely pleased this proposed settlement has been agreed with the unions

This is your Captain speaking.  "Final offers are on the table".

The birthing peoples get their Last Call before the next government is birthed.

Meanwhile the Association of Quacks and Witch-doctors remain ever hopeful this over-done government will spray the loot before passing.