Monday, May 29, 2023

And they wonder why they are hated?

Teachers give short notice for a union meeting Wednesday arvo in two days time leaving parents scrambling to re-organise childcare.

The government told them to wait last week, the offer must be real good.  Unionised no doubt further screwing the taxpayer for every last-ditch dollar in case the government changes.

The unionised are absolute scum further wrecking the country's already low productivity.

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Time to pay for living high on the hog

So you enjoyed the endless low interest rates, fuel tax refunds, rebates on super expensive EVs for the smug and Wuhan-pox bribes via government borrowings in recent years?  How that debt looking now?

Now it is time to pay the piper for living high on the hog.

Whilst y'all enjoyed the seemingly endless summer of handouts some of us foresaw that such largesse could not last forever declining such handouts and will weather the coming winter better than others.

In other news, today the Reserve Bank again hiked the OCR just for you, the inflationary spenders.

Monday, May 15, 2023

Dreamin' with Luxon

 Luxon said he was confident he could win Kiwis over prior to the election

The numbers have always said otherwise for Chris from Marketing.

Saturday, May 13, 2023

Exposing scams

For the climate cultists out there amongst us spinning the scam:

The present policies of just forcing wind and solar into the market and hoping for a miracle have been memorably and correctly likened to “jumping out of an aeroplane without a parachute and hoping that the parachute will be invented, delivered and strapped on in mid air in time to save you before you hit the ground."

from here

Saturday, May 06, 2023

Face of the day

 No need for a picture.

The whore of Windsor gets her long awaited prize.

Friday, May 05, 2023

Putting the colonised in their place

Phil Goff, Minister of Wine and Cheese, UK has held a soiree overnight at NZ House, making the following comment.

no one in the room had experienced a coronation before

This predictably has upset a few supporters of the Huntly truck driver who took it upon themselves to insert themselves quite vocally into proceedings.  And Pakeha Phil delivered the line with his back facing the self-styled king from Huntly.  On top of that the supporters were even more miffed that fearless Phil forgot to include the mandatory pre-proceeding wailing.

Such is the life of those colonised almost 200 years ago by the world's greatest empire in far-off lands.

Wednesday, May 03, 2023

Nothing wrong with that!

“A group of murderous thugs; two young creeps; a halfwit with a gun, a false beard and a turban; a mindless lowlife; two vicious morons; two armed and violent mongrels; three stooges; three desperate and wild-eyed gutless goons; three vicious apes; two fat women and a man with a gun; this little thug; this little germ; lunatic scumbag with a steak knife” 

Describes the usual crop of scum I'd say.  Certainly not a reason to cancel the well loved Police Ten 7 that adeptly showed the criminal classes interacting with our finest in blue.

And in a similar vein, without more than a few pre-dawn door knockings, just how is the Immigration Minister going to arrest the reported 14,000 odd illegal aliens resident prior to deporting them forthwith from our fine country?

Waka-jumping stars in dancing masterclass

 Today whilst inside awaiting the cessation of the current atmospheric river, I was sufficiently bored to watch our illustrious leaders online.  Live.

I was not disappointed.  

Somehow after all the to-ing and fro-ing, the waka-jumper has defected from the Labour party to being an independent MP, being now free to assign her now proxy vote to any party of her choice.  And not upset the Parliamentary proportionality of MMP or trigger any of the waka-jumping law.

Winnie himself would be impressed!

A masterclass of the self-serving bludgers that infest our upper echelons dancing on pin heads circumventing the the waka-jumping laws of our Parliament.

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Luxon confirms National's place on the fence [update]

Like Maureen Pugh a few weeks ago, another National MP has apparently swerved from the party lane.

And 'Te Reo' Luxon from Marketing, ever chasing non-votes from lefties, firmly places National back on the centre fence of the left lanes. 

One of these days I sincerely hope that someone in a right-leaning party, with principles not for sale, will uplift the baton and deal to the uppity rent-seeking race-baiting grifters that infest New Zealand chasing co-governance and apartheid via separatism.

On a side note, there must be an election soon as Winston was seen recently performing his triennial rendition of Lazarus.  How timely, being just post-Easter!  And his sidekick, 'Tugger' Jones has had a recent outing.

Another blog mirrors this post: Sonny's off to the gulag

Thursday, April 13, 2023

Co-governance via tribal control confirmed, it's business as usual

Chippy, our esteemed PM, has this morning renamed 3-waters to 10-waters or something similar.  

Supposedly to stop the vitriol re 3-waters stealing long paid for ratepayer assets and using them as centralised government  assets to borrow heavily against whilst contuing to stiff long suffering ratepayers for the repayments via increased taxes.

Meanwhile the most despised part of the exercise being co-governance arrangements by unelected tribal persons giving them 50% control and veto rights remains untouched.  At least the race-based partnership is now out in the open, showing that the Maori caucus pulls the strings.  Chippy has firmly staked Labour's re-election chances on that.  And we now see as confirmed that the imaginary ToW partnership with the unelected tribal cohort.

The Opposition's 'Te Reo' Luxon offers zero resistance to this tribal coup.  ACT is just as bad. 

Confirmed, business as usual in racially corrupt New Zealand.

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Fire out of control in Far North? - Update 2

 Things must be going pear shaped in the Far North fire near Cape Reinga.  You wouldn't know that via the MSM, a cursory report yesterday.

This morning 3x choppers are headed from Jafaland, one went overhead a few minutes ago directly northward at low altitude.  The other two are still mid-Northland.  Also the FENZ brass must be out for an early morning jolly to the Far North - a plane is landing as we speak at Kaitaia airport as I write.

And as is usual for Flightradar, once north of the Mangamukas, low altitude planes in the area cannot been seen due to radar blind spots from Auckland Airport.

Update: Plane has landed, more choppers now northward.

Update 2: Airspace in upper Northland is busy - another 2x are airborne northward from the cultural backwater just off SH1 with crime-ridden deserted streets that is Whangarei.  Normally there would be about half a dozen planes all day in these parts transiting through the area so any increased air traffic is noticeable.

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Luvvies art centre on life support via your rates

An art luvvies boondoggle that has cost umpteen millions sucks large in the trough on the ratepayers teat.

Barely open a year, it has had a ratepayers cash injection this week to stave off bankruptcy.  Bankruptcy this year, they'll be back next year for more.  How's your rates increases?

Culture in Whangarei, a backwater on SH1?  Piss off!

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Observation of the day: Far North - Kaikohe

Today I had to venture into Kaikohe for some business and in between, whilst killing time, managed a pleasant walk in the sun along the maindrag.  First time on foot in the town in a couple of years - Covid and all that - you'd catch something with all those gangs / ferals around doing Mr Plod's job in the early days with their illegal roadblocks.

The town is terminal.  Shuttered shops everywhere, businesses that are barely open look like they're one foot in the grave.  Most present poorly, at the minimum being in dire need of a coat of paint / waterblast / weeding.    Covid killed this town.  A couple of necessary gas stations, cafes and dairies seem to be doing OK and the resident council is still fleecing ratepayers with zero road maintenance in the area.

The growth business that is very noticeable are the multiple 'gyms' complete with their blacked out doors and windows with the odd noisy flash / showy motorcycle outside.  Complete with well kept suitably flash signage to maybe entice the local nephews off the couch.  However I'd suspect that little gym workout would actually occur except for 'training' in the errands of the day.

The other growth industry is in WINZ type of offshoots no doubt ever ready to dispense mine and your hard-earnt taxpayer dollar to the less well off.  Judging by the number of the hoardings on the main drag, ex NZ First MP "Tugger' Jones must have splashed a wad of the $3bn cash around these agencies a couple of years ago.  BTW, the Shane Jones Waipapa roundabout over Keri way works great, especially the western exit road.   Attempts at vote buying for his home turf failed for him, only to end up with a utterly useless and invisible Labour MP - the one independent Matt King is trying to displace this year - two shows.  

As I said, this town is terminal.  One day I might venture to the murder capital of the Far North on the northern slopes of the Mangamukas.  Haven't been there since a couple of weeks before the SH1 road closed over 18 months ago.  Like Kaikohe, I'd expect a similar outcome.  Their lifeline to the outside world is even worse, a tenuous link is still just open via SH10.  Dodged a bullet with rain from ex-tropical cyclone Gabrielle, but one decent rain event and everything will be permanently cutoff.

At least Kerikeri appears to be still open for business.

Friday, February 24, 2023

Poor? Work harder!


An MP tells the poor like it is. A work ethic that would gain my vote.

Meanwhile in our antipodean world, the noble savages in our realm have been wasting their time playing dressup with warpaint for entertainment through dance in the hallowed grounds of Helen's backyard.  I'd guess most are on the hard-earnt taxpayer dollar in some form or other.

A truancy officer could have rich pickings here.  And in the same vein as the UK MP, some of the 'working' poor at the same event upon investigation might need to work longer hours.