Monday, September 13, 2021

Te News: Placement is everything

 Seen earlier today at the Herald...

"F*** him up, dog, f***ing smash him."

Yes, placement is everything at Granny Herald as some mobsters take Maori language week seriously to enforce language lessons on whanau.

And for the third one...

Queenstown mayor Jim Boult said he wanted a judge to “throw the book” at the couple, and that he couldn’t believe people could be that stupid.

From what I've seen elsewhere today, a future prosecuting beak might find that throwing a book could seriously harm his bench career prospects.

Monday, August 23, 2021

Jacinda's about to make my day

 I feel tomorrow is Ardern's Afganistan. The bus is at the end of the cul de sac, and there is no way out. Deadly variant, 80% pricked still lockdowns, elimination policy, AK stuck in L4. Open wide Hipkins trying to find reverse, trouble at mill. People have had enough. Prove to us how deadly delta is. What is the health status of the 70 odd cases, have they all died? What do you mean the data is not available. If you are going to continue destroying peoples lives with lies and the misinformation you accuse others of this is the hill you will die on, bring it on make my day.

stolen from The BFD

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Todays Joke: CCP WuPox.var D fails to take hold

A very tricky, highly contagious pox
This variant Delta is all of the above and more we've been told.  So much so we needed to extend house arrest.

And yet today apparently Case A failed to infect the Coromandel.

Very tricky indeed!

One of these days we might find out how the WuPox escaped early August from MIQ at the Crowne Plaza.  Or why the experts are still looking at locations in July.  

The daily lies continue with fear porn.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Must be seen doing something [updated 2]

7 hours lumbering across the ditch at 275 kts in a C130.  Into Adelaide just after 1700 for fuel. 90 mins on the ground.  Now airborne again crossing the Oz Bight heading toward Perth.  In previous life I've done the Friday milk run on from Wigram to Whenuapai for 5 hours plus on one of those and can only think poor bastards.  And every time you land wondering if this sh*thole airport will be home for a week or so as the plane breaks down.

All because her indoors must be seen to be doing something on the international stage.  Especially after her earlier scolding of the Taliban.

ps. you too can track the RNZAF C130H with KIW631 / NZ7005 on Flightradar24.

[update 2021:08:19 2000] looks like they've gone dark on Flightradar.  Now not showing up in the search.

[update 2] Airborne again from Perth, currently due west of Geraldton heading toward the subcontinent.

Government continues to be economical with the truth

The cover up continues to expand.

Apparently we are to believe that there can be only one source of the D flavour Wuhan Pox here in New Zealand.  

Currently there are two.  One was from a few days ago, a 60 year old female Air NZ staffer coming in from Japan, with tons of mea culpa clickbait re her in the news today.  The other one, undetailed with a lightly hidden trail of infection, shows in the list of contacts today.  This one shows the Case A family chain appears to go (so far) back to August the 3rd.

Early August is more plausible and probably stems from the nurse daughter employed at Auckland Hospital infecting Dad who subsequently revealed as Case A a few days ago, sparking the lockdown.

Now, late July we imported 2x CCP Covid variant D cases from Fiji courtesy of a certain Ex-UN puppet controller who was very vocal at the time supporting her UN mates.  Both went to Auckland hospitals.  How ironic!

The facts are that we've have the CCP WuPox since early August and it is rampant in JafaLand.

The government continues to tell partial stories,  trying to cover up, deflecting from real facts.  Wonder what bull manure will St Jac and St Ash will give us today at 1300 from the Podium of Truth?

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

As expected, that didn't take long

 Hone's thugs are looking for action.

There’s no checkpoints on the borders of Auckland, no army presence, no police presence, it’s just us [Tai Tokerau Border Control]

For some New Zealand's borders stop at the Bombays or the Brynderwyns.   

It would seem that further afield is tribal land.  Apparently different laws apply.

The organisation got its authority from its passion to protect the community

Their last outing was proven illegal, but that doesn't stop these would be thugs.

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Orchestrated fear porn

 On Te News, her indoors mounted the Podium of Truth and has locked down New Zealand from midnight.  A mystery person supposedly infected with Variant D of the CCP Pox has been located in the community.  Resides in Devonport, is married and could have spread the Wu Pox all over the Coromandel over the weekend.

Fear porn of the highest order.  The whole episode smacks of political orchestration.  Funny that every Coromandel location was listed with timings, but no detail given for Auckland locations.  H1 will be pulling the strings.

I'd say that the internal polling has recently gone vertically downward for St. Jacinda of the Pestilence and this is the necessary distraction to regain control of the lemmings.  After all also happening today is too little, too late on the Afghan issues which has again shown us her total incompetence.

One of these days New Zealand has to rejoin the real world.  Let the pox run its course and get this over.  Lockdowns cannot continue ad infinitum.  Some will get sick, some may cark it.  

Bugger the naysayers, Let's do this! 

Going Arden and early!

The Captain has made her call.  The RNZAF is tasked to urgently bring some more terrorists into New Zealand.  

What a laugh.  Before the mission lifts off from Whenuapai, the window of recovery is shut tight.  The Yanks are out of the place, Afghanistan has fallen.  Even if any NZ Air Farce assets were to actually make it to a Kabul runway, would there be any people alive to uplift?

And for a sequel, I can see certain traitors penning their next piece of 'investigative journalism' as would be escapees of the 6th century dark ages are filmed for the world to see falling from a plane departing for Ao-tea-rower.

Arden going hard and early.  Too little, too late.

Tuesday, August 10, 2021


The Government has to be able to keep the lights on. This useless lot has failed to do that.

Gold! Or was it cold?  No doubt by lunchtime there will be a governmental working party setup to investigate (employ more leftards) and report (some time next winter likely without any result).  And we can be entertained by Labour-Lite failing to make any traction on such matters.

One wonders how increased loadings of overnight EV charging will fare?  Poorly, I'd say when the NIMBY greens block every possible power source option.  Anyway, at least the futures for Indonesian coal look bright.

You couldn't write better satire.

Sunday, August 08, 2021


National Party President Peter Goodfellow has survived a challenge to his leadership

Labour-Lite had one chance and failed miserably.  National will not get my vote.  

An aside, if Carter was the answer,  then the question was wrong, but at least he has done the honourable thing and resigned from the board.  Unfortunately he will probably be in the wings forever white-anting, joining Luxon as the other wannabe, both being ever ready to knife Judith.

There is no alternative. ACT is not an option. The scum of the left that forms our current government will continue past 2023.  

There is no party on the right that stands up for New Zealanders.  Both ACT and National are tarred with same brush by not competing with Labour as they plunge chasing votes into the abyss of socialism.

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The real scum in ao-tea-rower

While most might agree that gangs in New Zealand are absolute scum peddling misery within the community, the scum that are our current crop of politicians take the cake.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern comes under fire for signing off millions of dollars to a Mongrel Mob rehab programme, she's pointing out that "very similar" schemes were approved by National

Arguing pedantically over 'who did what' during the supposed 'nine years of neglect' does not stop their vile influence.  The gangs have the politicians of ao-tea-rower in their pocket filling their weekend designer drug orders whilst typically providing requisite thuggery with complete abandon in the southern reaches of JaffaLand when pressured to preserve their business model.

As in Oz, gangs and any association should be totally outlawed.  And alongside that zero public monies be made to both them and their associated entities.  And associated entity should not be entitled to tax free or charitable status.

Entities like the prolific boxing rings for grooming up and coming recruits whilst providing free school lunches for rugrats courtesy of Mob affiliates.

One day we may see a modern politician willing to put these gang scum behind bars at every opportunity.  And hopefully include the enabling political scum.

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Where's that wooden stake?

The Winston First corpse twitches...

“We're halfway through the vaccine year and we've done about a tenth of the job,” Peters said, a clear barb aimed at the woman who he sent to the ninth floor, and who has since washed her hands of him, enacting many policies he personally stopped: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

I thought we'd killed the 'handbrake'.  Only to get something even worse in the form of the lying, conniving 'open and transparent' government.

Where's that wooden stake?

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Are you awake National?

ACT Party justice spokeswoman Nicole McKee it should be gang members being put on notice about tomorrow's funeral procession, not Auckland residents.

"New Zealanders should be able to go about their daily lives without fear and intimidation from gang members.

"Why on earth are law abiding members of the public being told to steer clear? How about arresting the gang members as soon as they break the law.

"It's time to turn the tables. The gangs are the ones who should be on notice… not everyday Kiwis going about their daily lives."


A pollie worth voting for.  

One that is correctly reading the room, unfortunately the sentiment needs alteration.

arresting the gang members as soon as they break the law

There, I've fixed it for you.

Are you awake National?

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Something to 'warm your heart' on a cold winter's day

An obscene offering was offered by Facebook for a great song by the world's best known rock band to accompany an Insta ad. 
And the immediate response was

"It arrived this morning, with an offer for a huge, huge amount of money," Waters revealed.  "

And the answer is, 'F—k you. No f—in' way.'" 

"I only mention that because this is an insidious movement of them to take over absolutely everything. I will not be a party to this bull—t, [Mark] Zuckerberg." 

Well done that man!   Another brick in the wall.

If only we could despatch the open and transparent /sarc government of ayyohhtearower in a similar fashion.

Saturday, June 05, 2021

Fighting back




 Big Oil is not taking cancellation by those inflicted by 'crazy hypocrisy' easily.

North Face apparently shunned the oil and gas industry by reportedly refusing to fulfill the jacket order for Texas-based Innovex

via Fox News.