Thursday, March 31, 2011


I ask you all the question I ask myself every damn day.

How much better would New Zealand be now if Clark and English hadn’t conspired to steal the 2005 election from Brash?

Not the Quote of The Day, but the Question of The Day that every taxpayer should daily ask of themselves.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

BREAKING: ComCom considering inquiry into why sun rises

Such inquiries are not undertaken "lightly"

IMNSHO, the prime candidate for the chop in this newly found 'decade of austerity'. Tossers.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Getting the message yet???

  • squeeze on public spending will mean service cuts
  • ''nice-to-have'' but not essential would be axed
  • Government intended to continue the tight grip on public finances
  • looked to repay mounting debt
  • public spending restraint is no temporary aberration. It is effectively permanent
  • cash will have to be found from cuts in other areas
  • Something has to give, and that has to be lower-value activities the Government is currently funding
  • This is not a time we can afford to indulge in a whole lot of nice-to-haves

Got the message?

Overdue by two years, but about bloody time. Welcome to the real world of living within your means.

For all those leftards who want to continue borrowing. Your illustrious leaders wrecked the economy over the past decade, now we all pay for your profligate decisions.

Life stages

fresh off the Interweb wire

Monday, March 28, 2011

The benefit of a 'social wage' and theft

There is no way to describe the redistribution of my taxes into ‘healthcare, superannuation, child care and family payments, including maternity allowance’ as anything other than a benefit. An unearnt benefit to the recipient.

Redistributive welfare payments dressed up as a ‘social wage’ may sound nice and touchy feely to the recipient, whereas to those that pay taxes funding such largesse, it is nothing but theft.

For light entertainment, I've been over to the Stranded and made a few comments about 'social wages' and theft by taxation about redistributive benefits like Working For Welfare.

Also, others on the thread are agitating for a bit of Wisconsin/UK type union driven argy-bargy to get a bigger share of those benefits. Coming here to NZ real soon, this election year.

Suddenly Monday arvo is not so boring.

Friday, March 25, 2011


This is so weak and has so many logic holes only Goff and Hughes could be so lame as to try it on. Darren did something wrong. He knows it. The victim knows it, and the cops know it. That’s why Hughes resigned.

Nothing wrong, so why has he resigned? RB sums the whole sordid saga. I await Goff and King being rolled to clear out some more of the detritus that is Liarbour.

Been a hell of a week for some, TGIF, time for a Tui.

Maori Party: "Job done", disbanding

co-leader of the Maori Party Pita Sharples is declaring ‘job done’ as Parliament finally passed the controversial Foreshore and Seabed Act, and fulfilled the purpose for which the party was created

Prime Minister John Key praised the decision in a public statement this evening, stating, ‘We really enjoyed working with the Maori Party on this important issue.

‘No, really. We are sad that they have decided not to continue in politics. Honestly.’

One can only hope New Zealand is rid quickly of these racist separatists. Along with the parliamentary seats for voters of a certain race.

Maori Party elected members are assured of public appointments around the world following their stint in power.

Hone Harawira has already been offered a mediation role with the United Nations in currently troubled areas of the Middle East, using his experience of bringing people together.

Sharples and co-leader Tariana Turia are rumoured to be forming a brand new political party, provisionally named ‘Why Can’t We All Just Get Along Together’, in a coalition with Col. Gaddafi, Pauline Hanson and Mel Gibson.

But no, we can only hope, it is only wishful thinking...

The necessary point of difference

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters is already pledging to repeal it if his party makes it back to Parliament in November

  • it was a betrayal of all New Zealanders and was a back-room deal between National and the Maori Party
  • will only benefit a few Treaty travellers and corporate Maori who stand to make a killing off a resource that rightfully belongs to everyone
  • Access to our coastal areas is our birthright and these areas must be held in trust by the Crown on behalf of all New Zealanders in perpetuity

Ticks all my boxes, the required point of difference.

A Rubicon no other party will be keen to cross. I await the horse traders riding into town on Nov 27th.

Goodbye NACtional!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

ChCh: This is how you do a rebuild! [update]

Japan: March 11th

Japan: 10 days later, with tens of thousands dead and missing, under threat of being radiated. Japan just got on and did the job, no moans, complaints or looting. Same goes for burying the dead.

But here in New Zealand, a different story. 5 weeks later Christchurch still is cordoned off, under the thrall of power crazed politicians and civil defence dictators, paralysed by local government petty bureaucracy, holding talkfest after talkfest, still wallowing in self-pity. A cock-up of the highest order from day one.

Stop the talking, stop scoring political points, stop fluffing around, get on and do something useful for the businesses and inhabitants.

Earlier I also noted about Japan day 2 or 3 I saw pix of temporary housing being laid out and built in the depths of winter. Here in NZ we have done nothing about temporary buildings 1 month later, weather has been summer perfect.

Granny picks up on the story a day later and is somewhat more mild mannered about paralysed Christchurch.

The feat of engineering and efficiency could be an inspiration for Cantabrians whose lives are still disrupted by their February 22 quake.

Large parts of the city centre are still cordoned off and residents and business-owners are forbidden to enter.

Also, they report it was only a week for the repair, not 10 days. Meanwhile...

Liarbour in interstellar overdrive

Desperate attempts by Liarbour to control the narrative. After two weeks to get the story straight about events on that 'fateful night', every man and his dog has been roped in to paint the ginga one in the best possible light. Even roped in a National MP to add weight to the spin on interstellar overdrive.

Doesn't matter what is done now, Phil the Caretaker has been covering up this story, along with other senior Liarbour MPs, hoping against hope it didn't break. Should have taken action immediately, on day one. Why a politician's gut instinct to deceive, delay and deny is beyond me. Must be part of being lowlife scum in the gutter cesspit.

Irrespective of the outcome, both MPs should not remain in our Parliament.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm famous!

Made it onto the front page of Straight Furrow this week, though you'll have to guess which one in the crowd is me last Thursday at CD Fielddays Manfield. (I'll neither deny or acknowledge)

Famous? Must be true, it's in colour!

Moral turpitude in the Liarbour camp?

police are investigating an incident involving a senior Labour MP

the complainant was an 18-year-old male who has had links to Labour

Reading between the lines:

"Who's he been shagging then? Hell hath no fury..."

Decadence is an important aspect of contemporary left communist theory

Homosexuality may be a 'cause celebre' in the Liarbour camp, but to me it is moral decadence coming home to roost.

Monday, March 21, 2011

$800M: cut: Is that all???

Government will cut $800 million in new spending

You have to be joking. How much did we borrow last week? And the 100 weeks before that?

$800M from new spending is still increased spending.

An $8 billion cut in current spend is required to make a difference.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Comment of the day

I wont vote for the prick again Fisiani. The shuffling through of the racist seabed deal by his little acolyte Finlayson has f**ked* him for me forever and I suspect I am not the only one.

We all know that Goofys mob will support it but I would rather see them in power with their natural supporters than watch the slimy little turd Key rubbing noses with Tarianas lot.

I sincerely hope that his beancounters have worked this out very carefully.

We won’t vote for you again Johnny Key so enjoy the limelight while you can.

Yep, sums it up well for me. And no, I would never vote for Goofy's lot either.

* modified by me - I do not believe there is any need to write the c or f words in full.

"Grab your wife and kids and go..."


Blue lines on roads in Island Bay mark the furthest point that a worst-case tsunami has been calculated to reach.

Since the lines were painted in February, after consultation with GNS Science, almost every coastal suburb has expressed an interest in having them.

"If there was a big earthquake in Wellington, and you live on the coast and have seen that line on the street, then hopefully you grab your wife and kids and go to behind where that line is," Wellington emergency management office senior adviser Dan Neely said.

Such are the warnings given by the local council wallah about imminent tsunami.

It shows which people are regarded as being the norm, the average, the ones from whom all others are different.

But Deb over at THM has her knickers severely twisted over the inference in the language used.

My reply:
You people really need to get over yourselves instead of looking for conspiracies in every utterance.

The writer is probably a happily married man whose 'norm' is caring for his wife and nuclear family. And his worldview should be the gold standard, apparently being married is better for your health.

Find something real to do rather than stirring the pot over abstractions.

Being married for almost three life sentences, personally I do not see any thing wrong with 'using language that reinforces notions of men as normative, and women as others who need to be cared for', for it is also my strongly held worldview.

What do you think of the matter?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Caught between a rock and a hard place"

The group in charge of internet addresses has opened the door for websites ending with ".xxx" but delayed deciding whether to open the floodgates for other suffixes.

Next step will be all porn to shift to the new .XXX domain.

From there it will be a short step for anti-porn crusading Stasi being installed at your local council to monitor your nefarious usage...

You will then be "caught between a rock and a hard place".

Enforcing property rights

In December, Mr Engel warned he would stop people using his land to get to the river if the Carterton District Council forced him to break up a 38m x 14m concrete silage pad he had built on a paper road.

In early January, Mr Engel had to break up the pad ... with the council saying the matter had been resolved.

that meant there was now "zero access" to the popular spot on the river, as the publicly-owned paper road ran along a steep cliff to the river and was covered with blackberry

Excellent outcome imho. If council bureaucrats want to enforce their property rights over questionable paper roads, that have probably been used and maintained by the adjacent farmer for generations, that current owner is well within his rights to stop the unwashed accessing the river via his land.

John Acland's usurping of property rights for public access via private lands is now coming home to roost.


via Theo

Friday, March 18, 2011

Right on the money

With a 30-minute blast from its main rocket engine, NASA's Messenger spacecraft slipped into orbit around the planet Mercury Thursday evening, becoming the first craft from Earth ever to circle the closest planet to the sun.

The spacecraft was launched on its $446 million mission in 2004. Since then it has flown by Earth and Venus (twice) on a circuitous 4.9 billion-mile journey. It made three high-speed flybys of Mercury in 2008 and 2009 and sent back a lode of scientific data and more than a few surprises for planetary scientists.

Amazing feat moves into another phase.

We hit the trajectory to within half a sigma, for my engineer friends in the crowd. It was right on the money.

The skill of man never ceases to astound.

Watching the pennies

The Government will borrow to cover the $10 billion the Christchurch earthquakes will cost it, Finance Minister Bill English says

The keen people that will be required to rebuild Christchurch are being demolished by petty bureaucrats along with their property and businesses.

Meanwhile the disaster tourist halts proceedings for a right royal showing of disaster porn.
It's a grandiose, empty gesture starring so-called VIPs – Prince William, Prime Minister John Key, Aussie PM Julia Gillard, [Australian Leader of the Opposition] Tony Abbott and presumably other assorted boring people in suits

I wonder how much has this photo op cost ratepayers and taxpayers? Yep, this government really has their priorities right. Must be seen to be doing something, anything, at any expense. Flashing the dollars, whilst we borrow $300M a week.

Keep going, Johnny Boy, November is only a few months away.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Japan: The latest tech reports [update]

From Japan Atomic Industrial Forum - 1900 Wed [update]

The power company - TEPCO Latest [update]

Good commentary at Stormbringer (ht mawm)

Japan: Reference discredited

This post originally appeared on Morgsatlarge. It has been migrated to this location which is hosted and maintained by the MIT Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering. Members of the NSE community have edited the original post and will be monitoring and posting comments, updates, and new information. Please visit to learn more.
***Note that the title of the original blog does not reflect the views of the authors of the site. The authors have been monitoring the situation, and are presenting facts on the situation as they develop. The original article was adopted as the authors believed it provided a good starting point to provide a summary background on the events at the Fukushima plant.***

The original post written by Dr Josef Oehmen “Why I am not worried about Japan’snuclear reactors.” are being reposted in different languages. They have not been checked / verified.

The story is being sanitised because the messenger is not one of them. Like Not PC, I too linked to the site. Typical lefty trick - shoot the messenger.

MSM are Merchants of Doom [update II]

Panic swept Tokyo early today after a rise in radiation levels

The MSM still reporting imminent Armageddon.

But the facts are:
All four units at the Fukushima Daini nuclear power plant have now achieved cold shutdown - where coolant water is at less than 100ÂșC - with full operation of cooling systems, Tepco reported. All the reactors shut down automatically during last week's earthquake and have remained safe. While unit 3's shutdown went as expected, damage to the emergency core cooling systems of units 1, 2 and 4 led to the announcement of emergency status. These three reactors were prepared for potential pressure release, but this was never required. Unit 1 announced cold shutdown at 1.24 am on 14 March and unit 2 followed at 3.52 am. Tepco has now announced that unit 4 achieved cold shutdown at 7.15 pm on 15 March. Water levels are now stable in all four reactors and offsite power is available, the company said.

Precautions were taken, stop panicking children.

Meanwhile the German greenies remain panicked and Obama is looking for ways to stop issuing new nuke permits.

Apparently less radiation than an annual single chest x-ray locally and barely detectable in Tokyo. Carry on reading your dead tree press children.

[Update for the still panicked]
Tokyo officials said they detected 0.809 of a micro-sievert between 10:00 am (0100 GMT) and 11:00 am in the capital, some 250 kilometres (155 miles) southwest of the troubled Fukushima plant on the Pacific coast.

The normal level is about 0.035-0.036 micro-sieverts. A chest X-ray typically involves a dose of 20 micro-sieverts.

"We monitored a higher than normal amount of radiation in the morning in Tokyo. But we don't consider it to be at a level where the human body is affected," said Sairi Koga, an official of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

The level fell to an average 0.075 micro-sieverts four hours later, he said.

[update II]
Daichi #1 plant remains problematic at 1900 yesterday
Daini #2 plant OK, spent fuel temps rising

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Granny's onto it...

A blogger on the Telegraph says he's surprised that there seems to have been little or no looting since the disaster.

A bored repeater breathlessly reports in purported updates what has been discussed for at least 4 days on various blogs. Useless.

Crushing the unions

NIWA to axe 34 jobs - union

Routing the unionised from the workplace continues apace. One hopes that a few climate data fiddlers are in that membership.

"You're not welcome in Wanganui"

I'm sure that under any law gangs will be able to find a 'right' to being welcomed in Wanganui. No doubt there will be one available to them in that treaty. Just like all the other 'rights' found there-in of late.

Tongue out of cheek now, what really worries is the usefulness of the legislation writers when laws barely signed off have to be scrapped and revisited. The only winner there is the legal fraternity.

Certainly does not give this voter any faith in our laws.

ht Keeping Stock

Monday, March 14, 2011

Knew it wouldn't take long...

Anyone else think this is all because God Hates Fags?

Im waiting for Westboro to show up on the shores of Japan and start preaching their message.. I actually am praying they do. Somehow, I dont see the Japanese having much of a sense of humor over these things right now.

Was actually looking for the effect of 4" of earth axis tilt. Essentially none in a 42,000 year cycle.

comment from here

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Did the earth move for you?

Friday’s quake was the most powerful to hit the island nation in recorded history, and the tsunami it unleashed traveled across the Pacific Ocean. Reports from the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in Italy estimated the 8.9-magnitude quake shifted the entire planet on its axis by nearly 4 inches (10 centimeters).

Mother Nature doing what it does.

Vile message from Greenpeace

“How many more warnings do we before we finally grasp that nuclear reactors are inherently hazardous? The nuclear industry always tells us that situation like this cannot happen with modern reactors, yet Japan is currently in the middle of a potentially devastating nuclear crisis. Once again, we are reminded of the inherent risks of nuclear power, which will always be vulnerable to the potentially deadly combination of human error, design failure and natural disaster.”

“Greenpeace is calling for the phase out of existing reactors, and no construction of new commercial nuclear reactors. Governments should invest in renewable energy resources that are not only environmentally sound but also affordable and reliable”

Absolutely despicable to use this hours old tragedy to spread their vile propaganda.

Utter destruction

A satellite before and after of Sendai via Twitter. Note the large white cloud has been moved inland so these were taken minutes apart. River mouth at pic top is at 38 03 00N 140 55 00 E by Google Earth.

ChCh pales into insignificance. Our thoughts are with you Japan.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

MSM stuffs up yet again

... Tristan da Cunha, on the rum line between Uruguay and South Africa, where there are 300 people living on top of a volcano ...

For the want of a half decent sub-editor. One that can spell.

Revenue cutters might have patrolled a three mile limit, but I'm sure as hell Tristan da Cunha is a lot further out to sea, on a different loxodrome.

Loxodrom'ic Line is a curve which cuts every member of a system of lines of curvature of a given surface at the same angle. A ship sailing towards the same point of the compass describes such a line which cuts all the meridians at the same angle. In Mercator's Projection (q.v.) the Loxodromic lines are evidently straight.

How's that for a word of the day HP?

Well that's that then

The chances of a broad-based Left-wing party rising from the ashes of Hone Harawira's meltdown with the Maori Party have been dashed after he made it clear that any group he led would have to be Maori-focused.

Mr Harawira indicated he wanted a "more Left-wing Maori Party"

Bye bye Mr John Hatfield. Bound to be a small distraction, nothing more, to the NACTional coalition that is ripping New Zealand asunder with its racist separatist alliance with the current Maori Party.

I suspect that come December Hone, you'll have tons of time to look after your dear old mum.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Breaking: Another biosecurity cock-up

A major investigation is underway after Velvetleaf, one of the USA's worst weeds, was found in a Waikato maize crop.

The Foundation for Arable Research (FAR) warned farmers this morning to keep their eyes open for the broadleaf weed which, if uncontrolled, can reduce maize yields by up to 34 per cent.

Spread of the weed could cost the agrictulral industry hundreds of millions of dollars.

The foundation did not say where, in the Waikato, the weed had been found but it was present in both a maize crop and silage feed-out lines.

MAF, Environment Waikato and FAR are investigating how far the weed might have spread.

"Our focus is on tracking machinery and silage movements from this crop and providing recommendations to prevent the spread of seed. Urgent measures include; disinfesting machinery moving from this crop and ensuring silage from this crop is completely wrapped for at least three months," FAR said.

Diana Mathers, FAR's Maize Research Coordinator, said FAR would compile a Velvetleaf database.

"In the first instance, we would ask all growers to keep their eyes open for this problem weed and if sighted, report it to myself (027 544 2236) or Mike Parker (021 960 079) at FAR or Dr Trevor James at AgResearch. (07 838 5275)."

Some might say, 'Just how is that MAF merger going?'.

Good pix here.

Wallowing in the culture trough

Things like the Auckland Festival are what's going to make us a liveable city

This year's proposal is for a $13,190,000 levy for the coming year (14 per cent up on this year) for the amenities, along with a 5 per cent increase for Auckland Museum and an 8 per cent boost for Motat.

Now employed by Mr Kulture, Lyen Len, the left wish to ramp up the rates take to fund what should be private undertakings without any council input. No amount of ratepayer funded parades or festivals will make Orklund any more liveable or reduce the rates for my tenants you thieving bastards.

All the usual suspects from the left snout deep in the culture trough attempting to ratchet my rates through the roof. There is some hope, 11 for, 7 against for not approving the hike, but the precedent has been set in the court. And likely to get real expensive for ratepayers yet again as the parties lawyer up.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

"He has never worked, never seems to have done anything to help anybody else"

‘He looks perfectly able-bodied to me,’ Judge Walford observed, asking his barrister: ‘This defendant is the embodiment of the welfare dependency culture, would you not agree?’

The judge continued: ‘Alcoholism is normally a euphemism for someone who doesn’t want to give up drink, but he actually has done so. It seems to me his incapacity benefit no longer should be available to him.

Finally, a non-activist Judge. The only other type of judge required is the hanging type.

A jobless former alcoholic was told to stop ‘sponging off others’ by an incredulous judge who heard he had been ruled too sick to complete his community service.

Stanley Clifton, who has never done a day’s paid work in his life, was branded ‘the embodiment of the welfare dependency culture’ by Judge John Walford.

Discovery: Mission Accomplished

Space shuttle Discovery returned to Earth on Wednesday from its final voyage.

Discovery ended its flying career with 148 million miles and 365 days spent in space during 39 missions.

Impressive stats. Well done, it has been a privilege to watch the space program unfolding in my lifetime.

Endeavour is due to lift off in 6 weeks, Atlantis sometime later. And for the future,

The goal is to send astronauts to an asteroid and then Mars in the decades ahead. There is not enough money for NASA to achieve that and maintain the shuttle program at the same time. As a result, the shuttles will stop flying this summer after 30 years.

American astronauts will keep hitching rides to the space station on Russian Soyuz capsules until private companies are able to provide taxi service to and from orbit. NASA expects to get another nine years out of the space station.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

ChCh Stadium wrecked?: "Information would not be released publicly"

The Government will not immediately release engineering reports on whether AMI Stadium in Christchurch can be used for Rugby World Cup games.

Why not? Aren't taxpayers the backstop in this unwanted, overhyped, unwarranted private venture? That's right, we'll be last to know that we are being stiffed yet again.

Just like we've bailed out another private company today, one will no doubt be told when to stump up more taxes to turn a profit for the IRB.

10,000 or thereabouts...

Whilst the topic du jeur is the left making political capital about whether JonKey's 10,000 homes, whole suburbs or just a few the next block over are uninhabitable and ripe for demolition, these are few thoughts of mine.

The question must be asked "Why has the council and CD been hiding the actual numbers of damage for two weeks?".

Surely on day one a number of buildings damaged and extent of damage has been available to those in charge. Such numbers should be public from the outset, easily revised daily, instead of being used for political capital.

The prime concern in any emergency operation is to quickly define the extent and limits of damage, so if such numbers were not available for immediate public consumption, one must ask what sort of operation are the council and CD running?

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

"What's his claim to fame?"

So says the cook of one Jerry Mateparae, GG nominate on Close Up.

"An Army Orificer, gets a gong to go with it", I say. Never done a decent day's work in their life. Say no more.

So what does a GG do for NZ? Other than live in a flash house in Wellytown and consume yards of taxpayer's hard earnt wedge?

Answers on a postage stamp please.

Guess we'll get to see a lot more hakas and the like wasting everyone's time.

This was never going to end well [update]

Like Ele at HP, a problem with field mice under the deck at the front door. Can't leave door open without the buggers getting inside. And upsetting the cook.

0807 Trap set.
0815-ish Posing for various pix.
0822 or so Trap closed on first mouse (pictured) by second mouse jumping on top of trap also looking for a peanut butter breakfast. With fatal outcome.

Score 2-Nil, going for 3-Nil.

Notes to self:

Must visit the SPCA soon and look for a replacement for the not-so-long-departed mog.

Do not smear peanut butter over all of the plate, just at the back edge by the hinge so the rascal has to put his front leg weight on the front edge of the plate to reach in to the rear.
Once tripped, mice will lick peanut butter from trip arm via now open slot at middle rear of trap and clean it out fairly quickly. So just smeared into raised area on plate and just behind that area appears to be optimum.

Also note that trap is wired down, stopping a partially trapped mouse buggering off with trap. Essential for the bigger rat trap version.

Dispose of any freshly caught mice into half filled bucket of water. (#1 mouse was allowed to cool off for 30 minutes, appeared very dead. Then I released him on to the deck and re-baited trap. Turned my back for 15 minutes - he was gone! Has changed the order, original #1 now back around trap as #3 looking fit and healthy chasing another soon to be fatal snack.)

Monday, March 07, 2011

A new blogger

Executive Summary : The Western World has quietly become a civilization that undervalues men and overvalues women, where the state forcibly transfers resources from men to women creating various perverse incentives for otherwise good women to conduct great evil against men and children, and where male nature is vilified but female nature is celebrated. This is unfair to both genders, and is a recipe for a rapid civilizational decline and displacement, the costs of which will ultimately be borne by a subsequent generation of innocent women, rather than men, as soon as 2020.

I welcome MM.

ChCh: Key does not have the balls to rebuild

Brownlee says he has no desire to "bring out the bulldozers and take Christchurch to the ground"

he believed heritage orders preventing their destruction had been "far too precious"

There were many heritage category buildings in Christchurch that were severely damaged and if I had my way they'd be down tomorrow.

But Key rolls over after a weekend of negative feedback and Gerry now takes a softer line, both caving into the socialists.

Meanwhile caretaker Phil continues for traction to try to look good.
decisions needed to be made thoughtfully

At anything. But back to the useless Key.
Bob Parker is actually right. It will be a partnership between the council and central government

It's very much going to be hand in glove with Christchurch city.

Obviously scared of losing votes.
we're not taking charge

Another gutless socialist. Too soft do what is required.

No wonder National will lose the next election.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

ChCh: The tone changes

  • Lieutenant Colonel Stefan Machie says ...
  • Police say they will not tolerate "disaster tourists" heading into the central city areas where parts of the cordon have been lifted for residents, business owners and property owners.
  • Superintendent Sam Hoyle tells Radio New Zealand that people with genuine reasons to enter the zones will have to be patient, with police and Defence Force personnel manning the cordon entry points.
  • Civil Defence says the central city has been organised into four Green Zones on the outer edges of the existing cordon and one Red Zone in the very centre.
  • Access to the Red Zone is restricted to emergency services and USAR teams only.

A refreshing change of tone and urgency as Gerry and the Army take control. Should have happened 11 days ago.

ChCh: "I'm over the council. They're incompetent."

Engineers and private sector construction managers have spoken critically of the approach adopted by Christchurch City Council, described as slow and bureaucratic. Labour MP Lianne Dalziel - whose electorate is among the hardest hit - was more blunt still. "I'm over the council. They're incompetent."

Well, I never. Who would have thought? And from a Liarbour MP daring to suggest that one of their core vipers nests of socialist do-gooder incompetents that infest our communities are not up to the mark when under pressure to perform. And just how's that leadership spot looking Phil?
We grossly under-appreciated the scale of the damage in suburban areas. The scale of the operation is so big it is a challenge to provide these services for so many people

At least the political points scorers, incompetents and disaster tourists will now be properly sidelined, with Civil Defence now getting stuck in outside of the city centre.
The business-as-usual approach is not going to work

Gerry's on to it. Maybe that National Emergency is real. Warm up the D9's.

I see right alongside Granny's article another on Bob the Mayor talking up their saccharine wholesome goodness. As he is sidelined by last night's 4.8 aftershock.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Reds and blacks under the northwest arch

A fitting display of fantastic reds and blacks in tonight's sunset.

So New Zealand, life continues under the northwest arch.

Our thoughts are for all those affected by the tragic events of the past week and a half.

Observed personality disorders

Narcissists have an inflated sense of self, lack empathy, are vain and materialistic and possess an overblown sense of entitlement

Inflated sense of self-worth. Check.
Lack empathy. Check.
Vain and materialistic. Check.

Overblown sense of entitlement you say?

is clearly a generational shift

problem is that narcissism doesn't help you compete. It blows up in your face eventually.

Yep, sounds just like those in our Parliament, particularly on the left, who see tax, tax and more tax as the solution.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Activist Judiciary overturns gang patches ban

The High Court has ruled Whanganui District Council's gang patch ban is unlawful.

Like looters of the past week, activist judiciary reside in a class of their own. Certainly not in the real world.

National: Swallow hard on this one

Just do it. Now.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Public Service Notice

The cook has just noticed her Coro St fix is on for the first time in a week. Rung everyone that needs to know.

Sssh, Quiet was the last directive.

Christchurch: Time capsules found

the mayor was so excited when it was handed to him it was "like he'd won the lottery"

Mayor wets himself over a piece of smelly paper. 1867 you say? A ray of hope in these tragic days.
Irishman John Robert Godley is known as the "Founder of Canterbury" even though he lived there for only two-and-a-half years. He travelled in Ireland and North America and developed ideas about how colonies should be established and governed.

Maybe there's an unadulterated copy, with explanations, of our founding document. You know, the 170 year old one that has been of late fashionably misinterpreted by ruling socialists from being about colonisation as British subjects to one of supposed partnership.

One can only hope, but like the Littlewood copy of that founding document, should the newly discovered items contain such words, I remain sure they would never be exposed to sunlight.

Parker said he hoped to "discover and understand the words and visions of our forebears" in the capsules.

The statue will be rebuilt, Parker said.

As always, the none-too-subtle message to the masses remains the same. You will be taxed to pay for a rebuild.

Christchurch: Cathedral to be bulldozed

Quite frankly people have died in this last earthquake trying to save old buildings. We're not going to do that any more.

My absolutely strong position is that the old dungas, no matter what their connection, are going under the hammer.

Excellent call Gerry. That should motivate all the rabid ferals looking to save those now proven dangerous buildings.

I look forward to a D9 doing its thing on the cathedral. Rather than ratepayer's or taxpayer's wedge being poured into its restoration.

However, like Ju-Liar and her carbon tax, I suspect your strong position may well be curbed.