Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Time to get off the fence Mr Luxon

Asked whether the calls for strike action on Budget Day as part of the nationwide activation were appropriate, Luxon said: “No, that would be illegal.

”I think that is wrong – I think that is entirely wrong. Feel free to protest, that’s what we have weekends for. Te Pāti Māori, they’re completely free to protest as long as it’s legal.

”It’s pretty clear what the rules are around strike action and I would suggest to you that’s not one of them.” 

"Illegal" you say?

Time is up, show the rabble who's in charge.  The rest of New Zealand watches with bated breath, knowing that you do not have the cojones to address this long festering issue.

Currently you are on a fast-track to being a one-term government.  National won't get a second chance, all are watching for definitive action.  Get off the fence. 

Saturday, May 25, 2024

Winston's taxi service in air yet again [update]

Trip #3 for Winnie's taxi to Noumea under way.  No sign of any dingoes so far.  Utterly amazing that our ancient Herc is still flying, guess the techs pulled another all nighter.

I see a Frog Airbus is almost 3 hours out of BNE heading to islands.  I guess that now Macron has gone back to his school mistress, the recently imported Gendarmerie and Foreign Legion types are surplus to requirements.  It will be Bon Voyage for Paris, France is going to let the place burn.

[update] The Frog Air Force Airbus passed overhead headed for the NE Pacific.  It passed directly over the Noumea International Airport at flight level 330.  Just to show who's really in charge in the colony.  The imported gendarmerie must still be ashore subduing errant islanders dreaming of independence.

Friday, May 24, 2024

Rescue flights on again

Now that the head cheese eating surrender monkey has been to Nouvelle Caledonie and I assume has buggered off, the rescue flights are today on again.  No doubt the frogs deployed a few capable Gendarmes and Foreign Legion types in recent days to quell internal rioting. 

Our ancient Herc has been in and is just airborne out of the sh*thole toward New Zealand.  I wonder where the 757 is?  Joined its sister as spares?

Meanwhile the Dingos have one C130J (a decent aircraft) about to land, the second has just departed Brisbane aimed for the sunny islands.  At least their aircraft are fit for purpose.

I remain amazed ours actually made it there and back without a breakdown.  We'll watch to see if they run again tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Over target!

Stroppy mayors have written to Mr Luxon etc about Maori wards.  The talking head on Pravada 1 remains convinced that race based wards are the way to go.

The first reading of the bill to remove race based wards is tomorrow.  Bound to be top entertainment.

Judging by the recent noise and flak on such matters I'd say the government is right on target as those sucking undemocratically on the ratepayer teat are heading towards a brutal exorcism.

Keep it up Winston and David, you're over the target!