Friday, October 16, 2015

Vodafone taking the p*ss with spam messaging

Just got this spam SMS from VF

We're working hard to make our network work best for you. Next week we're upgrading the area near you, please bear with us as there may be a little disruption

Yeah right!   I see nothing planned for the Dannevegas area next week but note the fault which has been there most of the week remains unresolved. 

I'll believe such self promotional spam when your purported 3G doesn't drop out to GPRS speed during the working day.  And you do not take three weeks to respond to faults logged via email.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

EU agricultural sensitivities

talks will take in account "EU agricultural sensitivities."

"Agricultural  sensitivities"???

Would that be more tyre burning motorway blocking agriculturalists being slightly sensitive to being stripped of their rampant farming subsidies?

Or maybe increased sensitivity to the agricultural goat f**kers currently invading Europe?

One will know shortly.