Friday, December 31, 2010

Backscratching of the highest order

Sir Bob Charles?
Yes, one I do agree with. Well deserved. Always an understated ambassador for New Zealand.

Alison Holst and Michael Hill?
A well-earned result for their efforts.

As for the rest of the dross. One only has to look closely at this years list and see there has been a fair bit of backscratching going on.
for services to local body affairs
for services as a member of Parliament

for services as a judge
for services to business
for services to education
for services as chief executive

It reads like all the recently unelected Mayors have had their backs scratched (by Chief Executives looking for a nod next year?) . Along with Winnie Laban, deserting sinking ship MP, for doing her job. In fact all for doing their jobs. At least one can be thankfull this time it is not a list of the Liarbour damned.

What a mockery of the awards system. Should be only for actual services to New Zealand and community, not for timeservers doing their overpaid jobs. Or for party hacks.

And the one that takes the cake this year is...
for services as a funeral director

Exactly what does a stiff merchant do to get on the list?

Thursday, December 30, 2010

More time needed for ink to dry on birth certificate?

President Barack Obama is extending his vacation in Hawaii by a day

Extra time required to look for that birth certificate?
Obama will leave Hawaii, where he grew up, late on Monday evening

Even the media gets a dig in, failing to mention he was born there...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Science proves leftards are thick

The anterior cingulate is a part of the brain that is on the middle surface of the brain at the front and we found that the thickness of the grey matter, where the nerve cells of neurons are, was thicker the more people described themselves as liberal or left wing and thinner the more they described themselves as conservative or right wing
Who'd have thought?

Science proves what those on the right have always known.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fabled Atlantis found?

The network of criss-cross lines is 620 miles off the coast of north west Africa near the Canary Islands on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean.

The perfect rectangle – which is around the size of Wales – was noticed on the search giant's underwater exploration tool by an aeronautical engineer who claims it looks like an "aerial map" of a city.

The underwater image can be found at the co-ordinates 31 15'15.53N 24 15'30.53W.

from Daily Telegraph

More power than a Bugatti Veyron

Update: removed auto-playing embedded movie. Click on link below to watch.

1600 Hp of Bentley hard-on!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Declining polar bear population?

WEATHER is not climate. Grasp that crucial distinction and you have the essence of the situation, a gnostic insight that will enable you to, er, weather the current cold snap while clinging faithfully to the revealed truth of anthropogenic global warming (AGW).
The latest Orwellian newspeak to lull you into a false consciousness.
These are challenging times for climate jihadists. Last week the Met Office was forced to issue a press release stating it "categorically denies forecasting a 'mild winter' ".
How to weather the true lies of global warming newspeak? It's all here.

And the polar bears?

Of the fragile construct of global warming mythology there is hardly a domino left standing. Declining polar bear population? Since 1970 the world population of polar bears has 'declined' from 5,000 to 25,000.

"This is not what Vodafone customers signed up for"

Vodafone is facing a potential class action following complaints from thousands of ... customers angry about the telco giant's network performance

"Vodafone, however, has continued to charge customers on its mobile plans, without providing the service it promised."
Exactly! Pity the class action is Oz. The lack of service here in NZ is just as bad. VF NZ could do with a rocket.

Rang up the other day to ask why the network had taken a dump connecting to the Net since early morning, complete with many dropouts only to be told "Congestion, bad at this time of the year, try again later...".

chief executive... issued an apology on the company's website to customers over its "recent intermittent network issues".

"Having customers who are happy with their service and their network experience is central to us, but unfortunately in recent weeks, some customers have had a disappointing and frustrating experience which I am very sorry for"

Bollocks! It's like that all the time. Your network in NZ continually has serious bandwidth issues as more become connected.

Rabid greenie stiffs taxpayer

Now there is a really innovative offer from the landowners that could see the beach and its hinterland brought into public ownership and permanently protected

through an extraordinarily generous act of philanthropy by the owners

Innovative? Generous? With EDS input? Not to mention these loons have been lobbying the owners for months, if not years and the owners are now unable to sell their property on the open market for a fair price. Indeed, who would purchase such a tainted offering?

The price would be fair market value and that would be determined by taking advice from a competent, independent valuer.

Then the owners have agreed to donate half of the purchase price to the trust. The balance would come from the Government, and perhaps, local government.

Once again, the taxpayer being stiffed for some rabid greenie's wankfest over a piece of unwanted land at the back of beyond.
It has independent trustees and ... would enter into a conditional agreement to buy the property.

now have the tax system aligned to support such activity with no limit on the deductibility of gifting

The said greenie is all excited, hot under the collar, is in an incestuous relationship as a trustee and looking for the taxpayer not only to complete the purchase, but to maintain the property ad infinitum.
The new owner could also enter into a partnership with the local Whangapoua community. There could be an active programme of volunteer work, planting and tending the property. A New Chums Landcare Trust could be established to work alongside the new owners and organise the volunteer effort properly.

On and on it goes. It never ends. The bloody greenie thieves are now in my wallet.

You want it EDS, you buy it yourselves and gift it fully funded, including maintenance. Do not expect me to pay for your loonie greenie ideas!

Insidious renaming of New Zealand

Not content with renaming one and half century old Wanganui, online denizens are attempting to rename our fair country to some mythical place.

I see on Facebook (and a number of other sites of late), when looking for our country in combo box drop downs NZ now features as New Zealand(Aotearoa).

At what point was the official name of our country changed? Where is the official name formally registered?

I firmly believe that the responsible ministry should take the ill-informed to task over this insidious online renaming of our country.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Game changer

7 hours in, the game has changed. With the lead yachts at under 550 miles to run to the finish line, the high speed downhill slalom run is over. It is now hard work with winds on the nose as they enter Batemans Bay and the wind is forecast to build.

From the armchair, I'd say they are in for a rough night.

More here.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Under-appreciated hero?

Not a hero in my book.

Remind me what is the current penalty for treason?

A short length of the finest hemp would be too good imnsho.

Mr Plod looking for low flying pigs...

Police wanted to speak to the occupants of a blue vehicle with a "big boar exhaust"

Obviously the sub-editor was into the Xmas spirit last night.

and 23 unfriended Joseph...

from your Social Network...

The best 'How to ...' I've ever seen.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Xmas Obscenity

MPs have just got an early Christmas present - a pay rise in the latest review in MPs' salaries
Obscenity in the extreme.

Makes me think how the families of the miners will cope with the first Christmas without their loved ones. The first of many that will bring back raw memories. Along with their stretched finances.

All whilst these troughers award themselves yet another increase. With a backdoor extra to cover the loss of a perk that the public made it super-clear that this perk was to be terminated. Immediately.

Thieving obscene bastards.

New revenue stream of the day

there are now real statistics

It's definitely coming

What next? Revenue gathering teams equipped with sound meters as well as their speed guns? A whole bureaucracy ever ready to deploy calibrated db meters in the quest for milking an untapped revenue source.

At least boy racers with their lift off valves and and big bore exhausts will be safe. For now.

Yes, I can see it happening here in NZ.

Maybe the original Acts from the 1860s are still in force?

The gift of giving...

Tis the season for giving gifts.

It doesn't take much to remind all why politicians continue to be classed as worse than scum. And this gift just keeps on giving. Long may it continue.

But, knowing what rorts our elected representatives regularly tap into, I do wonder if Lockwood's office can truthfully say that NO other politician is doing the same on the taxpayer's dime.

Never a truer word said...

"Homosexuality, dope, immorality, are the enemies of strong societies.

That's why the Communists and left-wingers are clinging to one another.

They're trying to destroy us."

With the repeal of DADT in the news lately, this is worth repeating.

Who said this?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The farce continues...

the agreement also gave ... input into ... governance ... and relationship agreements ...

Not content with being handed the East Cape today, ready for secession when the Foreshore and Seabed Usurpers Act is passed, the entitled are pushing the boat out further.
Maori interests are being left out of decisions on development and use of New Zealand's petroleum resources, claims a landmark Waitangi Tribunal decision released today

The Tribunal finds the whole regime fall short of what the Treaty requires

The grievance industry continues unabated, driving the wedge of racist separatist politics further.
Maori lack the infrastructure and resources to participate effectively

also recommends a ministerial advisory committee be set up to provide Maori input to central government decisions ... and regional and district iwi committees be installed to do the same at the local government level

Really? You have to be bloody joking. Do not even contemplate going there NACTional.

Indeed, where will this farce of appeasement end?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"looking for efficiencies in the military museums"

I hope that he is actually talking of those museums with military memorabilia, not the actual bases.

An unfortunate but true comment as the Defence Minister looks at pay cuts.

ps Dr Razor might like to consider that the 30 percent difference in pay of the military over that of a public servant in civvy street is that the miltary person is on duty 24x7 and is ever ready to put his life on the line for Queen and Country. Even whilst on leave, is liable for recall day and night to serve the country, on any mission, usually not unlike the Police and the Fire Service, in the worst of weather, whilst the public servant is sound asleep in his bed at night knowing that such matters will be sorted ably, professionally and reliably by someone else.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cyclists really are fair game...

Run them off the road!

Good news!

NZ First continued to edge higher at 3.1 percent against 2.4 per cent in September and 1.3 per cent in May

Great stuff! The NACTional philandering with the racist separatists is being noticed by the electorate. And even better news for Christmas...
The only major change was in the Green's vote, down sharply from 8 per cent in September to 4.5 per cent.

The watermelon tree hugging communists are on the slippery slope.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

On rocky shores...

No, it is not more about Julia's un-Australian jihad enabling immigration laws dashing illegal immigrants against the rocky cliffs.

It is about one of our own clutching at straws as he drowns in the violent sea of politics. Apparently it really is all about the money, you see.

Friday, December 17, 2010

"Scrooge had it right, don’t bother"

grumpy old man says:

07:06am | 17/12/10

I have perfected the art of Christmas shopping. It has taken many years, but finally, I have it down to a fine art.

The critical elements are,

1) it should take no longer than 2 hours

2) don’t want to stand in a queue with prams and people shorter than my knees.

So, hit the Westfield’s at 0800 on Christmas eve, park as close as possible to an entrance, go straight to the top floor, credit card in hand.
Move systematically from one end to the other, then down a floor, repeat etc.

Whatever catches your attention is a good gift for someone, buy it.
when you get to the bottom floor with all your purchases, find someone doing wrapping and get the wrapping done, oh! and don’t forget a small stock of gift vouchers for those that you’ve forgotten. Any left over on boxing day you can put in your wallet for personal use.

Put everything in the car and go to the pub.

I love it. Bah humbug!

"Music to my ears"

How many more hoops do we have to do through? It's a hell of a lot of work. I would have liked them [Creative NZ] to have the courage to trust us.

Arty types playing the world's smallest violin.

must sing for its supper

More troughers rightly put on notice that the taxpayer tit will not be delivering.

Whilst music to my ears, it would be a heavenly choir if Creative was totally disbanded.

"It's an absolute disgrace"

If Silver Fern Farms don't understand that workers share a bond of solidarity and they are going to punish them for it, that reflects really poorly on Silver Fern Farms. It's an absolute disgrace.

The unionised bitching about the 98 cents they were docked for the Pike River 2 minute observance stoppage the other day. For stopping the chain and not processing any beasts for 2 minutes. In other words - unionised wanting to be paid whilst not doing any work.

To paraphrase, another view...
If Silver Fern Farms don't understand that workers share a bond of solidarity and they are going to want money for it, that reflects really poorly on the union. It's an absolute disgrace.

Yes, it is an absolute disgrace. How utterly typical of the unionised wanting to be paid for doing less.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Taxpayers cough up ransom demands

Primary school teachers and principals have reached an agreement on new pay settlements

Bloody thieving unionists.

"boat loads of illegal immigrants"

New British Destroyer

Press Release to coincide with the introduction of the new Type 45 Destroyers.

Details have been released regarding Britain's introduction of the next generation of fighting ships. The Royal Navy is proud of the cutting edge capability of the fleet of Type 45 destroyers. Costing £750 million, they have been designed to meet the needs of the 21st century; in addition to state of the art technology, weaponry, and guidance systems, the ships will comply with the very latest employment, equality, health & safety and human rights legislation.

They will be able to remain at sea for several months and positively bristle with facilities. For instance, the new user friendly crow's nest comes equipped with wheelchair access. Live ammunition has been replaced with paintballs to reduce the risk of anyone getting hurt and to cut down on the number of compensation claims. Stress councillors and lawyers will be on duty 24hrs a day, and each ship will have its own onboard industrial tribunal.

The crew will be 50/50 men and women, and balanced in accordance with the latest Home Office directives on race, gender, sexuality, and disability. Sailors will only have to work a maximum of 37hrs per week in line with Brussels Health & Safety rules even in wartime! All bunks will be double occupancy, and the destroyers will all come equipped with a maternity ward situated on the same deck as the Gay Disco. Tobacco will be banned throughout the ship, but cannabis will be allowed in the Officer's Wardroom. The Royal Navy is eager to shed its traditional reputation for "Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash". Out goes the occasional rum ration which is to be replaced by Perrier water, although sodomy remains, this has now been extended to include all ratings under 18. The lash will still be available but only by request.

Saluting officers has been abolished because it is elitist; it is to be replaced by the more informal "Hello Sailor". All notices on boards will be printed in 37 different languages and Braille. Crew members will no longer be required to ask permission to grow beards or moustaches, even the women. The MOD is working on a new "Non specific" flag based on the controversial British Airways "Ethnic" tailfin design, because the White Ensign is considered to be offensive to minorities. The ship is due to be launched soon in a ceremony conducted by Captain Hook from the Finsbury Park Mosque who will break a petrol bomb over the hull. The ship will gently slide into the water to the tune of "In the Navy" by the Village People played by the band of Her Majesty's Royal Marines.

Sea Trials are expected to take place, when the first of the new destroyers HMS Cautious, sets out on her maiden mission. It will be escorting boat loads of illegal immigrants across the channel to ports on the south coast. The Prime Minister said that "While the ships reflected the very latest of modern thinking they were also capable of being up-graded to comply with any new legislation". His final words were "Britain never, never waives the rules!"

Very topical. Might as well be the RNZN. Flogged in full, without apology, from here.

HT Theo Spark

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"imagine a world that appreciates Maori processes and values"

God help New Zealand. The latest vote buyer.

We are stuffed.

Slapping faces

told that we didn't compete for wages with the Chinese, it's just another slap in the face

a review found it could cost 70% more to get the job done locally than in China

Another unproductive union hotbed to be consigned to history. I love it. The ongoing price of that FTA.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"Thought provoking" recommendations?

parliamentary report into New Zealand's relationship with the Pacific Islands has called for a semi-amnesty on overstayers, saying Immigration should go easy on otherwise law-abiding overstayers

McCully said the Government would give consideration to the "thought provoking" recommendations before giving its formal response

You have to be bloody joking! Softcock government looking for more votes in an election year. One wonders why we bother with immigration laws when the government of the day utters such inanities.

The only recommendation should be dawn raids. Coupled by actively policing the borders in accordance with current laws. And after actively locating any that break those laws, immediately deport overstayers without fear or favour.

Unfortunately New Zealand governments are hellbent on maintaining this country as the refugee camp of choice in the South Pacific.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Economic data to be released tomorrow will show the Government's fiscal position is on the outer limit of what it regards as acceptable, Prime Minister John Key says

You know what is needed John Boy. Stop borrowing $250M a week. Stop the smile and wave and do something useful. Like taking the axe to welfare and the public service. Now. Not next year.

The limit of acceptability was the evident the day you took over two years ago. I might believe you when you actually do something about your thieving government's overspending.

Friday, December 10, 2010

"Piss off..."

He's said she's f***** up...

He told her if she didn't like it, she could piss off

The head native, the one with the biggest bone, gets his knickers in a wedgie when a female spectator asks him to stop swearing down at the local meeting house.

Reminds one of the "... white mofos ..." earlier incident.

Must be all that race based taxpayer funded affirmative action immersion education working. The warrior gene just keeps on surfacing.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Looking for Xmas stocking stuffers for the rugrats?

I once bought my kids a set of batteries for Christmas with a note on it saying, toys not included.

Bernard Manning

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

This is their sales pitch? [update]

Tom’s Cottage is an immaculately restored sheppard’s hut ideal for a couple seeking a relaxing break or a romantic honeymoon stay. Its cozy atmosphere will help you unwind while you read a book, nap on the couch or catch up on some movies. Watch the spectacular sunsets as you bathe under the southern sky in our "Alfresco bath".

The first paragraph of their sales pitch invites the reader to a hut. What is a sheppard's hut?
The UK newspaper's list was compiled following the announcement of Prince William's engagement to Kate Middleton last month

Fit for a future king? You have to be bloody joking!

With a spelling mistake like that, it is a wonder they have any customers.

[update] Website has been corrected quick smart, Toms place is now a shepherd's hut. I didn't tell them. Pity they didn't also remove the Yank spelling of cosy.

Reporting terrorists

Suspicious activity included:

* an unconvincing explanation - tick

* routine services are declined - tick

* payment by cash or with side offers - tick

* you cannot substantiate the nature of new agencies - tick

* excessive requirements for confidentiality - tick

* the customer or end-user is a foreign military or government body - tick

* the customer uses a generic email address - tick

* reluctance to offer information - tick

* reluctance to provide clear answers to questions - tick

* unusual requests - tick

* a site with strict security controls - tick

* requests for confidentiality - tick

* requests for additional equipment - tick

The SIS also urged researchers and tertiary institutions to dub in any suspicious activity from people or entities linked with countries likely to develop or acquire weapons of mass destruction - tick

Yep, judging by the ticks, that would make most of the self-serving pricks in the Wellytown bear-pit terrorists. Better report them to the spooks.

Wonder if those useless bastards have sorted the anti-terrorist legislation yet? What about our current terrorists, the Urerewa 17?

Be very worried

The size of Parliament, the length of government terms, Maori seats and the role of the Treaty of Waitangi will all come under the spotlight in a wide-ranging review of New Zealand's constitutional arrangements

With the racist separatists looking well pleased fresh from having recently done a backroom deal on the seabed with the head clown, the sudden need to change core constitutional matters, leaves me very worried.
Sharples said the review would be guided by public consultation and there would be information and education campaigns to advise of progress

Yes, you will be educated that racist seats are OK for separatists. Deeply worrying. Standby readers, the real indoctrination is about to begin.

  • Parliament - None at all preferably, but since we apparently need them, 100 MPs max, no overhangs. First past the post. 3 year terms. Total transparency, run like a business.
  • Maori seats - End this racist sham immediately.
  • Treaty - Consign to dustbin of history. Cease pandering to gravy train, victimhood and separatism. Forcefully remind all are British subjects, subject to rule of law without special privilege based on skin colour or ancestry. And remind citizenry that Aotearoa is a fiction.
  • Constitution: A written document, similar to that of the US. The number one document of the country, upholding sovereignty of the Realm of New Zealand. Judicial activism to be stopped.
  • Republic / Monarchy: Not worried either way.

Finally, a nomination worthy of the title

Instead of the usual mutual admiration awards for "I am so good for you, pick me's", dime-a-dozen sporting dross along with other nobodies like politicians and feral unionists ever looking for the limelight, this is one New Zealander we would do well to emulate.

I readily admit know I could never do what she did in the face of tragic adversity. I would be looking for my pound of flesh and more. I really admire her for her inner strength.

Nominated for New Zealander of the Year, Emma Woods. Well done.

There'll be a handout soon for that then?

ethnic disparities in cancer and survival rates among Maori and non-Maori

I can see it all. Another handout under the treaty to be added to the "burden" of the white colonialist oppressor. A public entity using race statistics as a wedge to garner more monies. If they did not collect such stats, there would be zero problem.
Tariana Turia said she was "very concerned" about the disparities. She said there was "institutionalised racism" in the health system, and differences in the quality of care

The usual response from the racist apologists that lead them. Nothing about the diet and lifestyle. And the failure to uptake provided solutions.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Where there's smoke...

The Native King in a show of "I'm in charge here and I don't like the message" sacks the messenger who dared to air the dirty laundry.

I'd say the laundry was well alight.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Back from Jafaland

Never saw so many roadworks in my life. About every 100m another set of 100-50/30-100kph complete with stop-go signs all the way from Napier to Orklund. And back. Stop start, never ending. Every road work gang in NZ must be hard at work on North Island roads.

Enough of that. Took the grand-kids out on Sunday to a venue of their choice.

The whole earth is the sepulchre of famous men

They are commemorated not only by columns and inscriptions in their own country but in foreign lands also by memorials graven not on stone but on the hearts of men

Where did we go?

Friday, December 03, 2010

Off to Orklund

Off to Lyen Len's Super Shitty today. 550Km one way for a birthday. Back late Monday, so will be a quiet weekend for posting.

Driving from Dannevegas to West Orklund.

It's precipitating here at 40S. What's the Wx like going north via Napier-Taupo?

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Subbie at Stuff lost

One person is dead following an tractor accident on a northern Wairarapa farm

Emergency services were called to the farm at Pongaroa

Last time I visited, Pongaroa was in Tararua.

A Stuff armchair subbie ventures north past the Wairarapa vineyards and gets lost.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Users to pay for rugrat babysitting service

The parents of tens of thousands of preschoolers can expect to start paying more for early childhood care next year - in some cases up to $80 a week for each child

The long announced government users pays policy for the currently free and over-qualified babysitting service is about to kick in. All the usual suspects are screaming 'woe is me, what about the children?'

I say well overdue and long may similar actions continue. It was a rort from day one.
The inequalities created amongst parents who could afford to pay and those who couldn't was another major concern

If you want to breed and subsequently are required to work to continue your lifestyle, be prepared to pay. If you need to work and also look after your brats, do not expect me, a long suffering taxpayer, to fund your babysitting arrangements. You might call it childcare, I call it a babysitter.

A step in the right direction. Next hit, Working for Welfare.