Thursday, February 28, 2013

Labour still bitching about minimum wage

Since lifting the minimum wage in Labour’s view is the way to go, why not go to a decent number? Stop mucking around, we know you’ll regularly be back for more. So why not $25/hr or $50 or even $100?
All perceived social ills should be well fixed with numbers like that. No need to annoy the taxpaying productive for more each year.
And if these numbers are not suitable, please explain why.

Labour still trying to put Kiwis out of business and out of a job.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Why would you vote Labour?

The decision gives the Government the green light to proceed with its flagship "mixed ownership model" policy

Another one of their sacred cows shot dead on arrival.

Indeed, why would one even think of voting Labour?

[UPDATE] Apartheid Aotearoa or not? 3pm all will be revealed.

The Supreme Court will today deliver its decision on the Maori Council's bid to block the sale of Mighty River Power at 3pm.

In less than a couple of hours we will know if this country is going to the wall when five supposedly learned judges deliver their verdict on who owns water.

I fully expect the activists amongst them will have swayed the outcome toward separatist Apartheid Aotearoa.

God defend New Zealand!

[UPDATE]   Breaking News! - The native reign of terror is over - SC dismisses appeal

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Level crossing dangers

Always remember, if a certain Mr Cullen had not wasted all that taxpayer wedge on a toy train set, there would not be any level crossing problems today.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Entitled teachers: "I also had to spend $400 of my own money"

was forced to take six weeks off after losing her voice

ACC wouldn't pay out because I couldn't prove my condition was work related

Poor wee thing.  She had to cough to continue employment in her chosen profession.  But really wanted the taxpayer to pay.

People like singers and auctioneers are tuned into the fact that they have to take care of their voices

Meanwhile in the outside real world of self employment and business, if you were practising your profession and fell ill, standby for your income to cease.  Maybe in the real world, the employee would have self-funded insurance cover for loss of income.

Hoarseness: The 21st century excuse for a sickie from the entitled.  In days gone by, kids would have heeded the teacher's dulcet tones without the need to raise their voices.  One wonders if such problems are not self induced via current teaching methodologies.

Mind you, the real cause of hoarseness is probably from all that misguided unionist screaming on  picket lines at the Minister of Education, Hekia Perata.  I'd wager she doesn't mention that to the quack.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Greens are "part of the problem"

It is community team work and means the Greens have to decide if they are going to be part of the solution or part of the problem

While I would never support the feral bureaucracy that is Horizons One Plan to tax and regulate farming out of existence in my area, it is good to see others are getting stuck into greenies with their ban everything mentality.

Monday, February 18, 2013

[updated] Union busting continues apace



"teachers are marching on the local Ministry of Education office"

Min Ed obviously correct in that there are too many teachers and no kids to teach in the VoD.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Anti-National Standards lefties are narrow minded

Chippie has the cheek to suggest over at Red Lerts that those looking to continue with National Standards are being 'narrow minded'.

I say quite the opposite, with my comment below.

“Instead of taking such a narrow-minded approach, we need to…”

One of these days one would hope that those being utterly narrow minded by remaining ideologically opposed to performance measurement or any sort will be reined in or shown the door.

A child’s educational achievement and performance should be measured against known standards, not some subjective assessment by an often unionised drone looking to preserve their tenure.
National Standards may not be the perfect vehicle at present during early implementations, but as part of the above ‘… we need to …’ one would hope that the narrow minded are doing every thing to improve those standards rather than continually being totally negative.

For our education systems to be ‘world class’ the ideologically opposed are missing one key element in the quality control cycle of continuous improvements. That of being measured to a known standard.

As this definitely includes measurement of teacher performance, I say get on with National Standards as the measurement tool and make it work!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Tracking bureaucrats using horseflesh

 New Zealand beef traceable under the National Animal Identification and Tracing (NAIT) scheme, Federated Farmers believes the current horsemeat scandal in Europe provides an opportunity for NAIT to deliver on its value-add promise for our farmers

Bollocks.  Another talking head justifying their existence.

Under NAIT my cattle are no more traceable than the horseflesh in Europe once the NAIT tags are removed and the beast’s head lopped off.

Just another bloody bureaucracy with nothing better to do than annoy me ringing up to correct their erroneous database entries. The process at the abattoirs is exactly the same as under the old AHB tags.

Consumer confidence might only come when instant DNA traceability is available at the meat fridge in the supermarket. Till then it is only a bureaucracy keeping Speaker David Carter’s mates well paid making RF ID tags at great expense and annoying farmers.

cross commented at HP

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Would be terrorist to be freed on parole

was satisfied Iti no longer posed a risk to the community

Nine months served of a 30 month sentence.  As to being a community risk, I daresay he won't be able to stop himself stirring the pot.  Past actions have shown he likes the limelight.

What an effin' joke is our justice system.  However I do notice his master-at-arms remains incarcerated.

"Boat people from Wogistan on the port bow, Sir"

“The idea that people could be seeking asylum by the boatload was beyond imagination”
Damned right! But the criminals in Indonesia and others en-route there have seen an opportunity to make bucket loads up front.

Load the pre-paid hordes onto a leaky boat, barely clear the 12 mile limit and knock a hole in the bilge. Scream Mayday, the good old RAN cavalry has to respond in a timely fashion (it’s a global maritime thing) and thus will rescue them at zero cost.

Anyway, the skippers will get a slap with a wet bus ticket, shipped home at zero cost, having being well paid to scuttle their rickety boats.

Meanwhile the illegal hordes now do their bit, screaming asylum and Oz ships them off to NZ. Now via the hellhole of Nauru instead of the mainland camps. Also, the tossers like Key are talking of escorting illegals across the ditch. You’ve gotta be joking!

And unfortunately, we await them them with open arms because of our soft-cock immigration policies. The illegals should be taken from the RAN ship straight to an airport with a one-way ticket home, never to return.

Mr Key better have that return to sender policy in place and well proven when the first boatload of 500 plus illegals turns up screaming Mayday off our West Coast as the bilge plug is pulled. The results might not be pretty if they try it in a south westerly, but it will be sure to get greenies and other hand wringers fired up.

A comment I've just made over at the money printers blog.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Remember this?

Was looking round the Net for more on the frequently used term Wogistan.  Been used for years.  Remember this photo of a Legionnaire in Mali repelling the invading hordes from Outer Wogistan?

Apparently the good Legionnaire got himself a Blue Flight home quick smart for that gesture.  His career is stuffed.

He's now back with the cheese eating surrender monkeys doing 40 days in the slammer.  Gone are the days when liberators of countries can take a leak in the Rhine or chalk 'To Baghdad with much love' on ordnance with the world's media in attendance.  Now it is PC messaging all the way.

No wonder today's western military are next to useless in the heat of battle.

Wogistan exists

Before you all take that soft-headed approach, there is an element of truth to what he is saying... this has been happening over and over again... the part that there are far too many radical Muslim extremists... what's wrong about that is you cannot go and generalise in the erroneous way he did

Any publicity is all good for Lazarus.  But whilst Peters is trying to have his cake and eat it without choking on his words, I've found that Wogistan actually does exist. 

See all the detail here.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Give them an inch...

wants to see it fluttering above all public schools

That's what comes of pandering to separatists.  Nek Minnit, they'll want their own courts, police and electoral system.  Oh wait...

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

DADT + Women in Combat

Stolen from Theo

Another holiday...

Another Waitangi national holiday dawns clear after yet another day of native infighting over turf.  Some cartoons to help with getting into that celebratory feeling.


The word holiday derived from the notion of "Holy Day"
The word originally referred only to special religious days

Our 'national' day is certainly not a holy day.  It is a day to lift the scabs of colonial history where we are annually assaulted with displays of thuggery and baying native mobs looking for ever more entitlements.  The other side never makes the news, although there is much pomp and ceremony.

The thugs again were once out in force with some muck throwers, aged crones jostling for position alongside the leader of the race pandering Nats and with all the political hangers on looking to state their case whilst buying votes on the taxpayer dime.

For me, definitely not a holiday to celebrate.  Just another day at the office.  Some light reading for those with a bent to know more about why I feel this way about our 'national' day.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Tying loose ends? If only...

There's never been overwhelming enthusiasm for the Crown and Maori relationship

Damned right about that!

not surprised by the poor public perception of the Treaty relationship

about stale, historical claims

The money grubbing native elite only have themselves to thank for that after reopening the long festering can of worms that is the treaty in the mid 70's as they chased more 'full and final' settlements from the eternal money tree.  And governments of all hues have been particularly keen to assuage 'colonial guilt' buying votes with truckloads of taxpayer monies.  None more so than the current Nats who have abandoned their long cherished principles for the racist native vote.

The process began in the 1980s - and for a whole generation of New Zealanders who have lived through it, it's drawing to a close. 

Bit by bit the loose ends are being tied.

Lived through it? More like endured the process as history has been rewritten to suit the new narrative, watched a Supreme Court infested with activist judiciary along with every modern business move blocked by central and local government processes kowtowing to 'treaty principles'.  Principles which can be changed with generous lashings of taxpayer wedge. 

Loose ends being tied?  The native noose continues to tighten on the taxpayer.  If only the noose was being tightened elsewhere.

Monday, February 04, 2013

It is not the Ides of March, but close enough

I'm confident I don't have any problems, I'm not losing any sleep

Will 'Marcus Brutus' Cunliffe make his move?

We can only wait to see that 'Ceasar' Shearer did manage a good sleep and does not have to utter the words 'Et tu Brute?'.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Key: Treaty settlements are to buy votes

John Key’s government has signed up and mostly transferred a total amount $1.07-billion since 2008

Key unwittingly clarified his view of his historical redress haste -- treaty settlements are to buy votes

Nothing new there - we've known that the Waitangi Tribunal was setup to favour those that are more equal than other New Zealanders.

Buying the favour of chiefs is nothing new. Historians know that 19th century New Zealand governments routinely paid off chiefs to get them on side. It appears buying favour continues. 

Don't we know it.

The fix is in

The sale of power company shares would "inevitably" create barriers to the Government's ability to provide redress for Maori rights, Chief Justice Dame Sian Elias

I expected nothing less.  The Supreme Court is infested with activist judges  ever ready interpret the that treaty in favour of the native elite.  Damn the rest of the plebs.

Yes the fix is in and we are about to get more native rights and entitlements rammed down our throats.

Socialist stopped from getting OPM

Philanthropist Sir Owen Glenn has been forced to freeze grants to projects aimed at ending family violence, apparently because of a dispute in his own family trust over how his fortune should be spent

Well, maybe not OPM, but it was too good a post name to resist.

it was no longer appropriate to distribute philanthropy in NZ

Ah, the tax advantages for philanthropy must be better elsewhere in the world.   And that is the reason such distributions are made.

We have been reassured that they are totally dedicated to the Otara project, and that there may be some delays

What I did wonder was if the Otara Health centre is accepting funds from this socialist with philanthropic intent, what happens when his funds dry up?  It all goes belly up and no doubt the pieces have to be picked up by the taxpayer.  Or is this crowd having more than a suck of the sav from both ends?