Monday, September 29, 2008

Almost safe to go to Wangavegas

First reading 106 to 13.
we think for the safety and security of the residents of Wanganui these powers are desirable

Pity it won't stop the drive by's in the seaside burbs.

Amazing how MP's suddenly get law and and order spine when there's an election.

ps Couldn't resist IV2.

Wanna give your yoof the bash?

Get over to Granny's shop and vote in the scientific poll underway there.

90% of the large number so far voting suggest Sue 'It won't criminalise you' Bradford can smack it.

Absolutely Not!

"Absolutely not,"

The National leader said he could conceive of no possible circumstance in which he would go back on his promise not to work with New Zealand First after the election.

Too right. The last thing needed is to have to horse trade with Winston.

But Winston has not written himself off. And he has a message for the SFO.
No one is powerless in my business and I intend to take them on legally if I have to.

If his heavying via the media fails to give him clearance of matters criminal, prepare to engage legal eagles. I wonder which trust will pay his bills this time?
Given the way Mr Peters has been able to turn a damning privileges committee finding against him into a political weapon, he could make a serious impact in the polls with a finding of "cleared" during the election campaign.

He is not a happy chap. God help us if such an event occurred. None would be so righteous.


A "RED-LETTER" train ride in Auckland to celebrate this week's start of free off-peak public transport for senior citizens and war pensioners turned into a Labour Party political rally.
A red letter to the Electoral Commission to make sure Liarbour adds the cost of a train to their political campaign expenses would seem in order.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ostriches and absent liquidity

Is your plastic continuously maxxed out and you still have an absence of liquidity? Flying in the face of the failing world economies and recessionary onslaught, have you adopted an attitude to debt like an ostrich?

Then these Do's and Dont's are for you;


1 Approach your lender if you are having problems

Make contact as soon as possible, preferably before you default. Explain your situation and emphasise your willingness to pay whatever you can. You should be able to negotiate an achievable payment plan or a stop-gap payment holiday.

2 Prioritise your debts

First tackle those that threaten your home, energy supplies or liberty. These could be mortgage payments, utility bills and council rates arrears.

3 Budget

List your income and outgoings - using pen and paper or an online budget calculator - and review your spending. Use comparison websites to switch to cheaper deals on utilities. Then cut back wherever possible. Giving up smoking could save $2,000 or more a year. It may also be advisable to use any savings that you may have to pay off debts, which will be incurring more interest than you are earning.

4 Pay more than the minimum repayment on your credit cards

Research by uSwitch.com, the comparison website, indicates that paying 3 per cent, rather than 2 per cent, can more than halve the interest paid, and the repayment time.

5 Find the cheapest interest rates

Transfer outstanding balances on credit cards to one card with a 0 per cent rate on balance transfers. Then cut up your old cards to avoid the temptation of spending more.

6 Co-operate

Reply to all creditors' letters, obey any court summonses and abide by court judgments. Lenders and courts will be more sympathetic, and lenient, where your good intentions are clear.

7 Seek free independent advice

There are plenty of agencies like Citizen's Advice Bureaux doling out free budgetary advice. Unfortunately you have to get off your butt to avail yourself of these. I can assure you, the bailiffs will have no hesitation at visiting while you are still wiping sleep from your eyes.

8 Maximise your income

You may be able to supplement pay or pension with part-time work. Also, consider taking a boarder. Trading on TradeMe is a another popular way to boost funds. Some of that crap and clutter you hold dear may be worth something to someone else not so financially challenged.

9 Check your entitlements

Billions of dollars in tax credits go unclaimed. Research from Citizens Advice found that many of those entitled to the working for families tax credit and the child tax credit do not claim. See www.ird.co.nz.

10 Check your credit report

This record of your borrowing history is used by lenders to assess your creditworthiness and can be obtained, for a small fee, from credit reference agencies. Check for errors or fraudulent transactions.


1 Do not be intimidated or bullied by lenders

Nothing can be taken from you without the go-ahead of the courts, which should be reasonable. Keep a record of all correspondence and note down phone conversations for use in court should things so develop.

2 Do not borrow more money to pay off existing debts

Unless you are told otherwise by an independent adviser, this is likely to increase your burden in the long run.

3 Do not consolidate your debts

Consolidation loans are secured on your home - unlike many of the debts that they wrap up. In most cases, these loans are more expensive than negotiating with your creditors.

4 Do not approach a debt-management company

These charge for advice that is available free from charities. Most take a fee upfront, plus 10 per cent on payment plans - so $20 of a $200 monthly repayment goes to the middleman.

5 Do not give up trying to reach an agreement with your lender

Debt charities can negotiate on your behalf if you reach a standstill. And make small repayments even if your creditor does not “agree” to them in talks. The gesture will help if matters reach court.

6 Do not offer to pay back more than you can afford

Be realistic when negotiating a new payment plan, or your creditor may lose patience.

7 Do not keep your problems secret

Telling family and friends could unlock useful help and advice, and reduce the pressure to keep up appearances. For example, friends are less likely to suggest expensive nights out.

8 Do not resort to retail therapy

You'd be amazed how often people head for the High street. Instead, swap second-hand goods and make local friends. Or go for a walk, jog or bike ride for an instant mood-lift.

9 Do not rule out bankruptcy or an individual voluntary arrangement

There are times when debts run out of control and these options become the neatest solution. That's something a debt charity would advise on, just don't be sold an ‘easy way out' by a private company.

10 Do not panic

Jumping to release equity without independent financial advice, for example, could leave you worse off. And posting keys back to your mortgage lender will not clear your debt.

Generation X or Y or whatever version you are up to these days, your free ride has finished. you might do well to take note (and action) some of the above.

From the Times, modified.

Government agency knew of gas change at another coolstore

No wonder this has been kept quiet. In it up to their necks and told no-one.
The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (ECCA), which promotes sustainable energy, paid Icepak 85 per cent of a $60,800 grant to test propane at its Waharoa plant.

EECA has known about the change in the gas at another coolstore because they were conducting a funded trial on the new gas. But they told no-one like the Regional Council or the Fire Service. Unknown to them Icepak had been using the gas at the fatal Tamahere store since 2003.

Now watch as all the blame and liability is shifted. The government agencies involved will get slapped with wet bus tickets, impose more bureaucracy and Icepak will wear full liability.

Surely there have been the mandatory annual council / insurance fire-safety inspections since 2003? If not, what has the council been up to?

Cullen: Borrowing now OK

Dr Cullen said yesterday - after confirmation the country was in a technical recession - there is "quite significant deterioration" in the books compared with the Budget in May.

As the economy deteriorates and we are 'insulated' from the international sub-primes by his own word, Mickey now says that borrowing is OK to fund his tax cuts.

'Drivers' are
  • Higher uptake in KiwiSlaver - all chasing the government bribe
  • 20 hours of ECE costs are actually higher than budgeted - Free does cost more
  • Treaty gravy train handouts are larger than expected

I would say I'm beyond my comfort zone on Monday week. So it's going to be important over the next three years for government to very carefully manage its accounts and not add to those fiscal pressures.

Really? No mention that the purse has been plundered with false promises and bribes to retain control, now the true cost is being sheeted home. And nothing of the wasted government spending on an ever expanding bureaucracy.
Dr Cullen had revealed he would already be going over 20 per cent

Different story now that your worst scenario has eventuated and the economy bubble has burst as long predicted. All chickens are now in the roost, time for you and your corrupt government to go.

1990, here we come again. Mother of all budgets Mk II by Christmas?

Friday, September 26, 2008

Standard confused over WFF

WFF is not the same thing as a wage rise. The taxpayer should not have to subsidise low wages, and workers should not be reliant on the state for a decent living wage.

From Tane at the Standard.

So if it's not a wage rise or a subsidy, why do we have the welfare for families redistribution handout? Maybe they are not worth paying more? Or is it just an election bribe?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

One in a million

my responsibility as head of a law enforcement agency where I have information that is relevant to possible breach of the laws of New Zealand

The only bureaucrat in New Zealand with the guts to take a stand on corruption. Certainly not evident in other agencies like the Police or the Electoral Commission.

And definitely not in Liarbour First who have just been caught attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Liarbour First future

It started with a simple proposition - it wasn't enough for the party to understand that voters had lost faith in us.

We had to do something far harder.

We had to accept deep within us that this loss of faith was justified. “Recovery,” we argued, “cannot begin until we understand that a lot of things people said about us before the election were true.

That is why the perceptions have been hard to shift. We were out touch. We had stopped listening.

We were undisciplined and divided.

We didn't have any clear idea of the direction in which we wanted to take New Zealand.”

The context of politics had changed utterly, “but we carried on regardless”.

And voters would not turn to Labour again until they could see that at last we had got their message.

One can only hope.

Three root causes.
The first was that Labour was spending a great deal of money on public services without reforming them. At the time this was shrewd - the public didn't want market reforms and they did want more spent. There was, however, a small problem: spending more without proper reform would not work. The improvements would not live up to voters expectations. And they would become angry. They wouldn't blame themselves for this failure - remembering their resistance to reform - they would blame Labour. And there would be a change in mood. Fury at Labour, greater acceptance of reform and a change in attitude toward government spending.

The second failing was that Labour believed “there is a political solution to every problem”. They couldn't see a social issue without intervening. This made good headlines in the short term, but in the long term would stoke an anti-politician feeling. People would believe Labour had betrayed them and had turned out to be just another bunch of politicians.

And finally there was this: “When people begin to feel really let down by the Labour Government, it is likely that the one thing they will most loathe is the slick over-packaging.”

Slightly modified for NZ, a decade old analysis, from the Times.

Public transport NOT an option

At least my car does not go strike when I want to go somewhere else like gainful employment.

And it doesn't rape my wallet for 8% pay rises.

Public holiday Labour Weekend coming up soon. Must be time for the newly acquired gummint owned ferry unionised staff to walk off the job and cause maximum disruption trying to hold the country to ransom.

At least on Nov 8th their Liarbour masters will be gone. Shortly after that I can only wish that their unions are crushed forever.

Public transport is NOT a viable option. Bloody unions.

Randy sleepless frogs

There, that got your attention. Something totally non-Winston.

Like a 'Neighbours from Hell' episode, tree frogs in their pond are keeping a neighbour awake all night being while vocally wooing the local females. And they are at it year round. Randy little sods.

The game is escalating, unlike stereos, the council wallahs have no rules for noisy dating frogs. Could I suggest that the frogs are easily fixed - a midnight oiling of their pond would eliminate the problem at source.

I suspect this will not end happily, probably for the frogs.

Peters to get DCM

It is stating the obvious to say Winston Peters should have resigned as a minister some time ago. And that he should go now, after the censure delivered by Parliament's privileges committee.

The guts of the matter is
There is no compelling argument to deflect from the significance of the censuring of Mr Peters for filing a false return to Parliament, in which he did not declare a $100,000 donation

There were those who saw it differently and brought their bias to the Privileges Committee, although they would have us believe otherwise.
The Prime Minister sought to construct one by calling the committee "tainted" and suggesting most of its members were politically motivated. The criticism was tawdry.

Congratulations to the minor parties for standing tall and united in their convincing views aligned with the majority. Theirs was not an axe to grind but on the evidence presented a censure and contempt was warranted.
Yet the only consistent theme to the NZ First leader's version of events was bluster and inconsistency, none more so than his reaction to the committee's draft report.

The actions of Labour and NZ First post yesterday's vote is something else to see. Unbelievable hypocrisy. Along with Anderton's abstaining from the final vote in Parliament.
Mr Anderton, explaining his decision to abstain from yesterday's vote in Parliament, noted that NZ First had been accepting donations while attacking other parties for taking money from big business.

"For that, the party has some explaining to do to the voting public," he said. Mr Peters now has the time to do just that. He will not because he cannot. Nor will he sign a letter of resignation. Voters will have to do that for him.

Yes, although a gentleman would have resigned a long time ago, the senior politician that is WRP will never back down.

Voters will have to deliver the unrepentant Winston a DCM on Nov 8th. I can only hope the same applies to the Labour for their complicit biased involvement in these matters.

from the Herald Editorial

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Quote of the day

"It is terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hanged."—G K Chesterton, Cleveland Press, 3/1/21

from The Devil's Kitchen

The mind of WRP

"Not a place I would like to go..."

From the court of public opinion (a recently graduated trick cyclist) on Close Up.

Meanwhile the A-G continues his deluded obfuscation. The gentlemanly thing is to accept the majority and get on with it.

Simon Power for PM

Mr Power should be the next PM. He made a good showing presenting his Privileges Committee to Parliament. No mucking around, got on with the job.

Then we have the 2IC rambling on and looking for any excuse not to censure. Corrupt government clutching at straws.

Moonlighting teachers

How appropriate. As blogged previously.

And word has it the business in the 'Public Thrust Building' in Dannevegas is on the market. After all that free publicity, not enough passing trade to pay the moonlighters it seems.

Liarbour's eternal shame

Labour's reluctance to upset Peters with rigorous questioning during his appearances in front of the committee was understandable given Labour's dependence on him for the past three years and conceivably for the next three as well. But it is to Labour's eternal shame that it behaved thus.

In the end, the majority verdict is a victory for principle over expediency and for the integrity of the privileges committee.

If it was someone else, Peters would be calling for his or her resignation from Parliament. If he followed the founding principles of his party, he would be considering resigning from Parliament. Don't hold your breath.

Comments on the state of play from John Armstrong


And as you consider all this, consider what depths the ethical standards of the Clark Government have descended to. Clark condones a Minister who:

  1. breaks the rules of the Register of Pecuniary Interests
  2. breaks the rules of the Cabinet Manual
  3. fails to disclose a $100,000 gift
  4. tells multiple lies about it
  5. gives false evidence to the Privileges Committee
  6. benefits with $100,000 towards his legal fees from a billionaire whom he then lobbies to be made Consul to Monaco
  7. has a $40,000 debt paid off by a company/family that benefits greatly from policy decisions he makes as Minister of Racing
  8. has filed false donation returns to the Electoral Commission

Any one of these should be enough for dismissal arguably. But Clark is keeping him on despite all of the above. Could standards possibly get any lower?

from KiwiBlog

Clark expresses confidence in SFO

Well, partly.
The Prime Minister said the issue was that Mr Liddell had not sought Crown Law's advice "which would be the normal course".

I wonder why advice is required from that office. Another government department under direct 9th floor control? No doubt the office would have issued some weasel legalese opinion that could be used it as the excuse to ignore any eventual finding from the SFO.

It's the omissions in the confidence statement and the fact she took so long to express that confidence that is not good. And why does she have to speak for her 2IC? Has he suddenly lost his voice? After all he is the responsible Minister.

It's very, very big news

Just like the John Key's shares distraction? Maybe be big news in your mind.

How about you doing something bigger and more positive for NZ like lancing the corrosive cancerous corruption in your government.

We are not amused.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Wet bus ticket

We recommend by majority that the Rt Hon Winston Peters be censured by the House for
knowingly providing false or misleading information on a return of pecuniary interests

Interesting to note, though not unexpected, Winston First and Liarbour MP's did not support the majority decision. Loyal, but misguided.

What a waste of taxpayers money. Hopefully the SFO will make an 'untainted' finding with teeth (some time post election). If the A-G retains his confidence in them.

Piracy on the high seas

Ferry users from down on Waiheke island are angry that a transport operator seeks to recover costs in true user pays fashion to maintain a profitable business. A captive audience these yuppies from the island backwater that need to commute to service their large mortgages and lifestyles.

Commuters are now looking for other Jafaland ratepayers to stump up for their chosen isolationist lifestyle. They want a subsidy from the ARC - Orklund Robbery Co. To hell with that, I believe the only choice would be that all public transport, including that on the mainland, was fully funded by the user, not the ratepayer cash cow.

If you can't afford the cost of transport, do not live on an island. Commuters may liken the charges to piracy, but I say the true cost of your carbon footprint is rightly being sheeted home.

Harden up, u
ser pays is the only way to go.

The other side of religion

Borat's director is taking an irreverential squiz at religion.
America's corrosive culture wars, in which evangelical Christians are never far from the front line, are about to be reignited by a Borat-style take on organised religion.

In ultra-conservative US of A.
using the same hit-and-run techniques - will open in New York next month. Provocatively titled Religulous (think "religious" and "ridiculous"), it will mock the beliefs of the world's major religions, recruiting unwitting assistance from the ranks of the faithful.
Not to satirise religion, but to demolish religion. It's already in the can.
have made clear that, while they were looking for comic potential from their engagements with believers, their ultimate aim was not to poke fun but to demolish."I want to destroy more than debunk," said Charles. "Just destroy the whole system.

That will be worth paying good money to see.

Dilemmas with much hand wringing

Every man and his dog, after voting in the government that legalised the oldest profession along with men shagging men, is now having an attack of the morals accompanied by much hand wringing.

Between the devil and deep blue sea it would seem. Teachers cannot work such a combination of jobs, in charge of our kids one moment and then servicing community needs in the next. So the moral police are afoot and putting their oar in.

A new teacher has taken up the challenge of a second job for whatever reason. Now her employers at the 'primary' job are discussing whether the secondary job fits their suddenly re-found distorted morals. Next thing her name will be outed and then we will have the parental lynch mob afoot.

Excuse me, the job is legal and not affecting her said primary work. Like most legal secondary jobs.

I suppose the teacher who in future needs to take an after hours job at the local shark and 'taties greasy spoon will suffer at the hands of the same employers because such food is not in keeping with food police ethics?

I say bugger off and find something to real to discuss with teaching. Like not teaching war dances but actually teaching real world things like the 3R's on a practical level.


Herald is running a poll on subject (question reworded) Results are 50/50 at 1455 today.

Is it OK for a prostitute to moonlight as a primary school teacher?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Gambler

Queen Bee looks at a particular side trip to Vegas. In part,
And no one did any gambling we suppose?

Has anyone been gambling out there? It is interesting what happens. You pay your money and get given chips belonging to the casino. Then when you have finished gambling you get given real money back for the chips you return, but it is of course different money to that which you paid in.

And of course, while at the Casino you can win lots of money. And there are no receipts for the win. Politicians and business people in the states have been known to be really lucky. They have been known to go into a casino and come out with very large sums of money which they claim, if asked, they have won. And of course, because they have won it, they don't need to declare it as a donation. Fortunately, that is the States and this is New Zealand. We are sure nothing like that would happen to our political and business leaders.

Very interesting. I too wonder if was there a positive transfer of funds?

Starry, starry nights at the end of a wharf

Conundrums and riddles from fellow blogger WOBH and his sources in MFAT.

My memory does not serve me well on matters, but I distinctly remember at one of the Devonport Wine and Food Festivals some time ago a significant political person was found outstaying his welcome and being obnoxiously vocal in one of the hospitality tents long after the stars had come out.

Late 90's perhaps? What I do remember it being hushed up and sod all said about it. Must have seen it in the local rag (probably not online then). Was, as WhaleOil has been advised, said person yodelling like a lonely goatherd under the influence muttering dark secrets of matters political and murky finances?

The DWFF is held right at the end of the wharf, right across the carpark in a local reserve and always has been a place for hobnobblers and glitterati to annually get turpsed. Has been an event for around 20 years.

Maybe that incident of long ago has more legs? Can someone from the Shore remember more detail and a name?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Stunning poem

The man was a snarling cat
Venturing outside, only to fight
Greasy hair under his hat
Evil sneer on his lips
Boozing with fellow workers at night
The powers he had exploited tight in his grips

His promises were a phoenix bird
Beautiful, though impossible to achieve
He captivated the public with his solemn word
A radiant star, while he lied
But once he had clutched rule, his support could only leave
He took advantage of the people, so his popularity has died

He was a complacent pussy cat
Basking in the glory of his power
But now he is a despised rat
His support from the public is all gone
The life has faded from a wilted flower
The politician was deposed before long.

Guess who?

from Sarahjane, probably written around 1998.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sleep leaps in front of vehicle, unfortunately gets clear

Whale Oil's nemesis, the self styled Liarbour activist James Sleep, reports that a vehicle carrying National MPs nearly ran him over at some function in Oswald's shire.

Local activist James Sleep was today exercising his democratic right to protest when he was approached by an entourage of 4WDs carrying Wairapara MP John Hayes and John Key. Sleep attempted to get out of the way however he soon found himself being propelled backwards by the force of Hayes’ car. The car continued to accelerate for 20 metres until bystanders forced him to stop. Sleep described the incident as frightening and thought he was going to be run over. When the car stopped Sleep was aggressively tackled onto the ground by a male escorting Hayes.

Sleep has since laid complaints of assault and careless driving with the New Zealand Police.

More like he jumped in front of the vehicles to create an incident. Noticeable in the photograph was a sign he was holding, without typos or an authorisation statement. If he was about to disappear under the vehicle as he feared, the tackler deserves mentions in dispatches for putting his life and limbs at risk to save him.

That would be the same activist that spent yesterday spewing forth on local talkback?

Get a life Jimmy.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

AG has no confidence in SFO

As Mark Sainsbury suggests in his ads for Close Up, a moment's hesitation is worth a thousand words.

And the hesitation was patently obvious when the Attorney General was questioned over expressing confidence in the SFO on the shot in Te News tonight.

As IV2 points out
The Attorney-General has departmental responsibility for the Crown Law Office, the Parliamentary Counsel Office, and the Serious Fraud Office.

Expressing confidence in your department might be nice for your employees. Even if this investigation will be their ultimate performance.

The hesitation says it all that the heat in the kitchen is getting too much for the players in this corrupt government.

Winston about to call Audrey

After weeks of asking for their heads, slanging off the media etc, Winston is now grasping for anything to remain centre stage.

He had to front the Privileges Committee without the media pack in tow. No media, no Winston holding court.

He has labelled the SFO's submission as 'politically motivated' and 'done with malice'.

Next can we expect him to call Audrey for an interview to put his side of the case?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

WOBF shifted?

Nothing but trouble trying access WOBF site earlier today.

Now available at www.whaleoilblog.com


Red necks would gleam crimson with incandescent rage, blood pressure temperatures would contribute to spikes in global warming as Keywee Dads around the nations breakfast tables struggle for air as they combust with vehement fury over the Weet-Bix.

The mere notion that Black Power are even allowed to speak without getting arrested, let alone mention the C word and lodge a claim with the Waitangi Tribunal could be causing anger induced strokes as we speak.

Tumeke says it all. Vehement fury is a poor description.

Really big secret

A precis of proceedings from bustedblonde over at RoarPrawn:
Winston said he never solicited for donations - Winston lied

Brian Henry isn't going to perjure himself for his blood brother - instead he waved a legal wand and poured fairy dust on a story to pretty it up a bit - it didn't work because Winston lied.

A privileges committee that could show the country some moral leadership and say what the rest of the country is saying - Winston lied.

The longest three minutes ever recorded since Satan gave eve the apple. Winston Lied

"No one has made sacrifices like me" - he denigrates good New Zealanders who have made sacrifices - Winston Lied.

He thinks that big business is out to get him - wrong, its the little guys and the old fellas who are most outraged because the one thing New Zealanders value is a bugger who doesn't bullshit and
they can see Winston lied.

Some scampi rebels are watching and at least they can smile because even though no one could prove it outright, they always knew Winston lied

All the polls clearly say that they don't trust Winston anymore because people know Winston lied

Then she asks
So what the hell does Winston know about Labour that stops Helen Clark from taking this mad arse wipe out of the New Zealand political equation for ever...

What ever it is , it must be smellier than a deck full of rotting ling and stargazer on a big auckland scampi trawler

Yes indeed. The blood brother has something on the blood sister just for such occasion. That is the nub of this issue.

Labour admits to being confused

Liarbour is confused while it 'wrestles with the truth' over it's affiliations with unions and small parties.

So much so, the union has gone for legal advice on where the spending on union ads attacking National will fall post-election. They could all have a liability under the 'chilling' EFA which could upset some budgets.

Now, if you were not spending all your life being in Liarbour's back pocket and actually spent hard earnt subs money on helping members instead of running interference for your party bosses, you wouldn't have such problems.

Love the body language Helen. Says it all what I perceive about unions - confrontational, with attitude. How is megaphone Len these days? Soon to be charged?

All of this is their own making,being too clever by half. And perception is everything in this game of trust.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dole bludgers to be cattle prodded into work

So too as a nation, I believe that if you are in good health and are capable of working, then you should work

If you do not contribute to the nation, are 'determined not to work' and are on the dole, standby to be prodded into work.
They are simply getting a free ride on behalf of taxpayers of Australia and it is about time they received a touch on the backside with a cattle prodder to get them off their butts and actually do some work

NZ needs politicians with spine on such topics. Watch for the usual suspects to decry such ethics.

You want money from the trough, do the work. Good on him.

13 minutes of unrelated matters on 14th Dec 2005

Detail from Kiwiblog.
  1. Owen Glenn phoned Winston at 1.27 pm
  2. That call ended at 1.33 pm
  3. Winston phoned Brian Henry at 1.34 pm
  4. That call ended at 1.39 pm
  5. At 1.40 pm Brian Henry sent Owen Glenn the bank account details for the donation

1 & 2 Owen and Winnie shoot the breeze.
3 & 4 Winston calls his lawyer on unrelated matters.
5 Lawyer, after having his memory 'jogged', dispatches (pre-written?) email with bank account details for donation.

So Winston did not know of the donation till this year?

Pull the other one.

Jafaland cat threw up

The new logo for Jafaland has cost their ratepayers $175K.

Yes, it does absolutely positively look like something the cat disgorged.

Henry and Peters change story


Their lies have caught them out more like it.

Will this be the devastating option? Gone by lunchtime?

Lustreless Labor

Like their Kiwi counterparts, Oz voters have had a gutsful of Labor wall-to-wall in their faces.

The shine has gone and the carpet is being rolled up.
The people of NSW are just fed up with any government which seems to be more concerned about itself than it is about the future of the state

Same, same here too, although her indoors won't admit it. She still thinks the electorate doesn't hate her enough to warrant change. Through her eyes the world is so rosy and trusting. Must be all that soft lighting used to photograph her.

Woe betide any government that does not operate a clean patch. Voters have had enough of the personal mud slinging and it is only day four of an eight week campaign based on trust.

As for parties who act holier than thou, deeming themselves above any scandal, the punters will deliver the masterstroke in early November.

Yes, her lustre has long gone. No amount of makeup or KFC will save you this time.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Just what is required

Her indoors ever looking for a distraction from her corrupt government and the Winston First sideshow at her hip is now mouthing off about banning gangs.

Breaching the ban can lead to up to five years in prison.

A gang can be designated illegal on the advice of police;

Control orders can then be made against individual members making it illegal for them to associate with other members;

Are pernicious, they have nothing but bad things to offer our society.

Gangs are terrorist and criminal organisations.

There is no purpose to them but to commit crime and intimidate law abiding folk.

They are a scourge in every provincial city.

Good ideas, sounds like just what is needed to control the corrupt minority mob currently at the helm inside the beltway.

Just how do I go about getting them declared illegal so Mr Plod can lock them up?

Why now Phil?

Gangs have been a real problem for years and Phil you have had the reins for most of the last decade, but done nothing.

Now Winnie is in trouble, all those loafing Grey Power voters with no-where to go. Can't remember what they had for breakfast, but they know strong law and order is good. They remember the disciplined lives they led.

Even her indoors is pitching for your vote. Next she will be talking to real trust holders about trust at the Northern Club. In her dreams.

Must be an election somewhere soon. Nothing is sacred in this dirty Liarbour campaign. And Phil Goff, you missed the boat nine years ago on this one.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Recruit Stables: You are a loser!

Half-pie watching Shock Treatment on TV2. Just seen shock jock Stables quit in less than 24 hours at a Jamaican Defence Force boot camp on a TVNZ reality show. Wouldn't even get his hair cut. Prepared to let his fellow recruits suffer because of his lack of courage.

No personal fortitude or ability to withstand discipline. What a loser. He displays all that is wrong with the woofters we call men these days.

The sidekick Candy Lane seems to doing better. Stables, fancy letting a female beat you and take the easy way out by quitting.
What a sad example for a NZ male.

Yes, John Boy's boot camp is definitely required to put some spine and discipline to the NZ jellyfish. Maybe a legend in his own lunchtime, certainly not in my view.

Harden up.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Last call?

Breaking news:

The second female Prime Minister of New Zealand, who has overseen the most corrupt government in our short history, has called a snap Press Conference.

Presumably to announce an election date.

Hopefully the last time she will ever perform that job.

Dirty politicking starts

Shades of upcoming campaigns here? Watch out for the dogs being unleashed in the trenches.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mired in scandal

National is taking the fight away from daily scandals while her indoors dithers over the well overdue and required decision to scrap Winston.

The good news is the bad news when it comes to the interest rate cuts announced by the Reserve Bank Governor this morning.

“The interest rate reduction signals a deteriorating outlook for the economy through 2008-2009.

“The Reserve Bank says that over the next few years the economy will experience ‘tight monetary conditions, persistent underlying inflation with a series of cost shocks’.

... the outlook is concerning.

“In the face of the need for action, the Labour Government is mired in scandal and preoccupied with political survival.

“It is crucial that New Zealand now build a strong platform to achieve future growth and prosperity.

National’s five point plan will achieve that.”

• Ongoing programme of personal tax cuts.

• Bring discipline to government spending.

• Stop the massive rise in bureaucracy and red tape that Labour has encouraged.

• Have an unwavering focus on lifting education standards.

• Will invest in infrastructure to help this country grow.

Yes, while Liarbour is mired in scandal and corruption in the trenches looking for the next ally to send over over the wall to the dogs, National is showing where NZ needs to go.

Leadership, not control is required.

Smoking mirrors

From Bill Ralston this morning (in part)

The Privileges Committee does not have to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt Peters solicited and knew of the donation. It merely has to decide, on the balance of probability, he did know.

helen clarkLast night’s appearance before the committee confirmed Peters’ strategy will be to deny all, smear anyone who testifies against him, and attack his detractors for being part of a conspiracy by big business and the “media elite” to destroy him and so allow National to govern alone.

He will not go quietly into that good night and the Prime Minister is caught between a rock and hard place.

If she sacks Peters, NZ First will go feral and God knows what Peters may use to attack Labour.

If she does not sack him the government will continue to be tarnished by association with him.

Clark and her advisors will be closely monitoring Labour’s daily polling to assess the damage this affair is having.

My guess is within the next forty eight hours she will see it has had a bad impact in public confidence in Labour and, now that the ETS has gone through, she will take the chance of incurring the wrath of Winston and demand his resignation as a minister of the Crown. That move will be quickly followed by the announcement of an election date, probably November 8th.

The media, including me, will go into a frenzy for a few more days after that and then settle down to the more mundane coverage of a seven week election campaign.

Bring it on, I want to see Winnie go feral for the sheer entertainment value.

Headlines we need to see ASAP

What headline would you rather wake up to?

Two Policemen shot by crims in South Auckland, One dead


Two crims dead, one police wounded

It really is that simple.

No argument from me.

From a comment at No Minister

Bullshit on stilts

Her indoors awaits her ever faithful lackey and bully Mickey to report this morning. As if she wouldn't have watched the lame performance by her most honourable member last night.
"concrete with reinforced steel versus Winston's, which was bullshit on stilts"

Well put Rodney, excellent summary of that shameful episode. A noticeable lack of evidence from team NZ First.
Prime Minister Helen Clark will not sack her suspended Foreign Minister Winston Peters today, she has confirmed

Interesting she does not have the wherewithal to make the decision that we all await and avoid the 'instability' of a feral Winston. In donkey deep by association. Long may the cancerous and corrosive alliance continue. Both will suffer terminally at the hands of voters.

Timely and on target


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Our very own 9/11 in the making

Today is only Wednesday, already this week of politics in New Zealand has dragged on forever, as if in some drawn out horror flick.

Another chapter is playing out in the Parliament this very minute as the ETS is rushed for a final reading. Then a short break for dinner and onto the main entertainment in this episode, Winston's right of reply. Pity I am working this evening. Much entertainment for a mid-week evening.

When the nation wakes tomorrow on Thursday, the Fourth Liarbour government will have started to unravel. Winston will have been lanced, Irish Bill aka Mike 'The Bagman' Williams will be articulating for new employment and the ETS will be heading to the printers. And her indoors will be furiously trying to clean off large spatter marks from the tarred brush.

Delicious irony, on this day, so infamous for other nefarious deeds.

Our very own 9/11 orchestrated by our deeply corrupt government exposed for all the world to view. Never to be forgotten.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

"I have constantly had that assurance..."

As Mr Glenn fronts the Privileges Committee today 'to clear his name', her indoors repeats the mantra that she has used in all tricky situations where she could be tarred with the same brush.

One might ask why Mr Glenn might feel the need that his good name needs clearing. Some more cynical, like myself, could be forgiven if utu was a better defined motive.
Mr Williams, a friend of Mr Glenn, has also denied brokering the deal and Miss Clark reiterated that yesterday. "I have constantly had that assurance from Mr Williams."

She will need more than, as used previously in nuke visits, 'our policy is not to ask', when Mr Glenn tells a few home-truths, with evidence and the whole saga unravels at the seams.

Would that the be same assurances that Taito gave that he was only guilty of helping and that Winston has been constantly asked of about his knowledge of the Spencer Trust?

Yes, indeed. Assurances worth every penny.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Diversionary guesstimates

Inventory 2 over at Keeping Stock is looking for guesstimates as to what you think will be the Liarbour diversion de jour tomorrow as Herr Owen Glenn flies in to front the Privileges Committee.

Will Trevor release more of John's policy? Maybe her indoors will call an early election, instantly halting proceedings, while on Breakfast?

Here's my tuppence worth.
The diversion will be a statement along the lines of

"John Key is corrupt. Liarbour can prove it, but as we are broke, we are moving under urgency that taxpayer funding be immediately provided to further investigate. A report will be provided, post-election, after due process."

Get over to IV2's place and get your best guess in.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Defence state

As various people like MPs debate the Armed Forces report on the poor state of readiness and personnel, the head honcho Defence Minister shows the typical support those on the cocktail circuit in Wellington have always given to the cattle class front line personnel. You know, the personnel that actually do the work. As expected, the LtGen is also currently doing his level best to deny there is any problem.

Defence Minister argues there is nothing to see here, move along. Typical Liarbour response. All will be fixed with new machinery and new personnel. Trouble is there will be nobody trained for new ships and gear. Recruiting is not working because of pay and conditions always being behind civvy street.

As one that served my country with pride in the Navy for the best part of a quarter of a century, I have witnessed this ongoing saga of personnel issues.

Every few years, there is a personnel crisis, which initially gets covered up by pulling personnel from shore based training to cover sea going positions and keep ships at sea. Underlying trouble is that core pay does reflect true worth of being at sea at work 24x7 in a strict miltary environment. Eventually crisis gets so bad that training ships are pulled because all the personnel are on the operational ships. At this stage few with experience are ashore training new intakes and also there is massive problem with recruiting.

No-one wants to do a 24x7 job these days unless they are well paid for it. And the Forces pay, whilst rarely enjoying a slight margin over civilian rates, never really compensates for the long times at sea away from family.

Of the pay rises I enjoyed during my service, most were hard fought to get anything out of a cornered government of the day and only played a long overdue catchup. Never any mention of a COLA each year being guaranteed.

Five years later again after such a rise, exactly the same issues were on the table, personnel despondent, more time on sea rotations, voting with their feet leaving for higher civvy pay and more family time.
All without the never ending "Yessir, three bags full Sir!".

Left a few more years and reports such as those recently received make it to the cocktail circuit in Wellington.

So what needs to happen Phil and Jerry is that you need to pay your personnel decently and with a large margin above civvy street. Not just a get even exercise every 7-10 years. Secondly you need to guarantee ongoing rises linked to inflation from there on in.

And you need to publicly support the real Forces personnel like the do in Australia with free public transport while in uniform. And often.

Polls scaring this horse

Just what the hell is National doing?

Scaring the hell out of this horse.
This indicates a lack of trust within National's inner circle.

Leaks continue to well up in their boat, how do outsiders get near or hold of such info? Mind you, Maurice shooting his mouth off doesn't help. Parting shot from Brian O'C? Who needs enemies?

Every drop in the polls is what you have reaped. Time to stop being Liarbour-Lite and start making a difference.

Liarbour has not released one iota of policy, yet seems to be cruising to victory. Nats are certainly not going the right way about becoming the next government.

Starting points for difference are - work for the dole, end maorimander, ditch Maori seats, toll the roads, tax cuts, take a razor to the bureaucracy in both central and local government.

Put a stake in the ground and do it soon. The alternative is horrendous - massive government in your face on all levels, all sorts of bludgers with their hands out for a cut of the taxpaying cake which will diminish at an even higher rate as the taxpayers vacate Godzone for another country that actually seems to favour workers.

Monday, September 01, 2008

SFO: Put up or shut up

Obviously proud of being independent and untarnished by matters political, the SFO has quickly rebutted the accusation by her indoors that the matter was leaked to National prior to the event.

Nice to see at least one agency inside the beltway has not yet been tainted by Liarbour. Although it is like the mouse giving the bird to the eagle. For as soon as this is finished, they will be disbanded/integrated into the heavily politicised Mr Plod.

So Helen, take that and shove your lame accusations. An apology about now would be nice.

Back in 5...

Winston has been put in his place by the SFO and told it's investigation will take longer than the five minutes to exoneration he planned.

All rocks will be lifted and inspected, the paper trail examined minutely and parties spoken to rebuilding a complete reconstruction. According to the SFO, process may take weeks and possibly not be finished by the election.

Nice to see her indoors will have to front. That must be a first for a serving PM. At least she will be able to rightly claim the first elected female PM that had to front a corruption investigation. Just what is needed on her CV for the UN.

Good stuff, life without Winston First clamouring for attention will be a whole new order.

The silence since Friday is deafening.