Saturday, February 28, 2015

Local government desperate to implement apartheid in NZ Aotearoa

FNDC is the latest bureaucracy to ask the nett taxpayers in their area what they think of creating local government wards based on race.  More and more councils  will be asking the same question of their electorates.

Far North residents have until March 17 to have their say on whether the council should bring in dedicated Maori wards.

Voting forms in the postal ballot have been sent to all Far North electors and arrived in most letterboxes this week.

Hopefully a big ask.  And if they don't get the answer they require?

the council decided to hold a binding poll about setting up dedicated Maori seats at the council table for the 2016 and 2019 local elections

Bollocks, nothing off their own bat here, the natives will be back again in six year's time asking the same question.  Apparently now it's the law.   Probably another unheralded Key initiated piece of racist legislation pandering to the Maori Party.

Meantime the local council will desperately look for other underhanded backdoor non-democratic means to achieve the same outcome.  The end game will be Apartheid Aotearoa.

Mr Carter said the option of dedicated seats had to be canvassed first, but if that was rejected the council would seek feedback from Maori about other options. They included setting up appointed advisory boards or representation on council standing committees.

The same old story, some of a certain lineage are more equal than others in racist New Zealand.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Circus "90% ready"

Indonesia's attorney-general says preparations for the execution of Bali nine drug smugglers Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran are "90 per cent ready", revealing that 10 felons will face a firing squad in the next round of killings

How much readying is needed to pull the trigger?

it is our sovereign right to exercise our law says the Indonesian Prez

Just do it and get the circus over

Smackheads worldwide might finally take note that Indons mean business.

Pity we do not still have capital punishment here in NZ.  I can think of more than a few domestic  handwringing liberals and wannabe homegrown terrorists that could be prime candidates.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

"Don't you know who I am?" dickhead on comeback trail

Unfortunately, there weren't enough people at the meeting to run against him

The Nats selection puddle is obviously about the same depth as the Labour ideas puddle in the carpark.

Should he make the benches in 2017, he will be in good company with all the other 119 dickheads that infest the Parliament troughs.

Although, having crapped in his own nest and used the PM to cover his sorry arse, Nats selection will never figure in his "lovely, full and successful life".

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Greenie hypocrites at it again

Typical 'effing greenie hypocrites.

An aside, I note, via the Bush Telegraph, that the tree hugger's co-leading clothes horse was again over-indulging.  In Dannevegas she was an invited guest at the recent native shindig at the Town Hall celebrating rorting the taxpayer in a "once in a lifetime event" over the upcoming handsome tens of millions payout for ill-perceived injustices of long ago.

She took part in a debate suggesting that the words on a certain piece of paper signed back in 1840 should be reworked for 2015.  As if it has not been misinterpreted enough to date.  Happily her motion for change was soundly rejected.  It appears the modern native is happy with his 2015 beads and blankets, always with the proviso that they can always go back for more full and final settlements.

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Horrid needs to learn to navigate

Traffic is starting to congest as Waitangi weekend holidaymakers return home

Southbound traffic on State Highway 1 from Wellsford to Warkworth has significant delays as traffic backs up, the New Zealand Transport Authority said

Traffic is starting to congest on State Highway 1. Photo / file / Sarah Ivey

Not unexpected, but the sub-editor needs to get his compass looked at. 

The pic is of traffic heading north up on to Windy Ridge.  Just past the Mahurangi turnoff.

You can always believe what you see in the Horrid!

Friday, February 06, 2015

Just put the bloody price up!

Ministry of Transport report estimates the cost of the subsidy needed at about $250,000 per annum

It calculates that the subsidy of $250,000 per year equated to just $3 per passenger per trip if spread over the 160 passengers who catch the train from north of Waikanae.

Lees-Galloway said this made subsidising the service a no-brainer

Hey Mr MP - here's something for you to consider.  If it's so cheap, instead your default of me being taxed more, adding it to my already extortionate rates, just charge the 160 users another $3 each per trip.   It's not much extra and you'll not have to tax your underworked brain about the subsidy in the future.

Full user pays saves you wasting my council's time and the non-subsidised users will know the real cost of living miles from their work.

I fail to see why I should be subsidising some Labour voting public servants who have obviously made doubtful life choices to travel 300Km or so a day on my dime to work in Wellytown and live in Palmy.

Moderating the spin

So I called up Don and asked if I could publish his speech

My reply to the post at WOBH. 

"Thanks to Cam for getting the speech and publishing it ... He has allowed us to see the full speech"

If one would care to look outside of this blog, one might see that the full Brash speech was published by Lindsay Mitchell early yesterday morning.

Unfortunately one is not able to link to the post as such a link supposedly breaks the moderation standards set on this website.

This reply is now moderated out of existence.   Talk about moderating the spin to make your blog look good.

ps On this blog I allow remote links, so here is the link to Lindsay's unmoderated post from yesterday.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Watering down the lies and spin at Waitangi

iwi - they want water and they want access to water because they need it

Whether or not it's about making a profit from it, some have that view clearly but others don't

He did not believe water was a resource which should be traded commercially

Yeah Right!  If it meant votes for Labour, Angry Andy would sell his water along with his soul.

Another deluded leftie politician hoping for votes out of the annual bitch and grab fest up North.

Argies upping the ante

Argentina has been searching for a country to meet their requirements for an offshore patrol vessel, including looking at designs from Brazil, Germany and Spain.

But China has now reportedly impressed Argentina with its China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation's (CSIC) P18 export corvette vessel.

The Chinese offer was said to have been accepted late last year and the vessel will be known as the Malvinas class

Now that is really stirring the pot.  Time for another Falklands Tour I feel.   After 33 years they seem to have forgotten who actually runs the islands.

China has regularly pledged support to Argentina over its claim to sovereignty of the Falkland Islands, with Argentina acknowledging China's sovereignty over the island of Taiwan in return

Those pesky Chinese are all over the Pacific doing the same.   World domination is their 100 year end game. 

Maybe Messrs Clarkson, May and Hammond could go for another Argie Top Gear Tour in the interim to keep the pot bubbling along.

A bad smell

A name associated with land development and housing popped up in the news yesterday.  Like a bad smell, a familiar ring about the featured spokesman.

A quick check on the Companies website suggests it is the same players, different company.  But a long history.

Deputy Prime Minister Bill English, who officially opened the first showhome yesterday

Even with the Deputy PM's midas endorsement, I wonder how long this venture might last?

It's that time of the year again

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Scungy prick desperate to throw mud [updated]

Mr Little today said he first heard about Mr Sabin's personal matters soon after he became Labour leader on November 18

His office had received two pieces of information, independently of each other, that a National MP was under investigation

No doubt idle gossip via the Labour smear machine desperate to get sh*t to stick to the evil Mr Key. 

Phone records obtained by Mr Little this afternoon show his chief of staff, Matt McCarten, rang Wayne Eagleson, John Key's chief of staff, on November 26.

So the respective Chiefs of Staff knew about it late November.

But did the mud get thrown that day or later?  Key says December, but muckraker Little remains desperate to get it to early in November.

I considered that the leader of that party should investigate and, if necessary take action

Muckraking scungy Labour pricks.  No wonder the voting public has had a gutsful of Labour.


Calls the evil Mr Key a liar!

"I don't accept what [Mr Key]'s saying, I don't believe he's telling the truth... [he is] a liar," Mr Little said

The desperation for Labour traction continues to plumb the sordid depths.

Whittakers: "Quality before quantity"

Having not learnt from their previous fail in marketing by widening the grooves Cadbury is looking again to stiff the customer with less product for the same dollar.

Cadbury yesterday announced their 220g family blocks will be dropping by around 10 per cent to 200g - the equivalent of a row of chocolate

And Whittakers will again be the winner.

Whittaker's marketing manager Holly Whittaker said they had no current plans to reduce the size of any of their products as a cost saving mechanism, but with increasing raw material prices, a price increase at some point this year was likely.

"Whittaker's strategy is to maintain premium quality and value to the consumer.

We have a policy of better before cheaper," she said.

"Our focus on improving product quality has proved successful with our increasing market share."

Quality will always beat quantity.  I still will not buy any Cadbury product after their palm oil debacle.

The bureaucracy under LGNZ continues apace...

Yep, I'm still alive.  Glad you asked.

I'm in the rare position of a council owing me money (having been over charged for a recent building consent) on a work in progress.

In the normal world of Joe Public actioning an online bank transfer between banks in NZ to pay your bills you only need to enter the amount, the account number and sometimes the name of the account.

But in the rarified world of local government, keeping the bureaucracy alive and kicking in the Revenue Department of the same council, "a deposit slip or a copy of a bank statement" is also required before they'll action any credit note.

My bank account (operated totally online for years) does not have pre-printed deposit slips with my account name and account number.   And like I'm going to send any council a copy of a bank statement with transactions and current balances?  Yep, I'm real confident of their commitment to security and privacy of personal info!

In any event, where are all those deposit slips and bank statements are going to be stored for the next seven years to keep the IRD and auditors happy?  More bureaucrats will no doubt be required to look after them in a big warehouse somewhere.  One wonders what technical requirement drives such a request for supporting paper work?

I guess they've not seen the missive from Paula.