Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Scungy prick desperate to throw mud [updated]

Mr Little today said he first heard about Mr Sabin's personal matters soon after he became Labour leader on November 18

His office had received two pieces of information, independently of each other, that a National MP was under investigation

No doubt idle gossip via the Labour smear machine desperate to get sh*t to stick to the evil Mr Key. 

Phone records obtained by Mr Little this afternoon show his chief of staff, Matt McCarten, rang Wayne Eagleson, John Key's chief of staff, on November 26.

So the respective Chiefs of Staff knew about it late November.

But did the mud get thrown that day or later?  Key says December, but muckraker Little remains desperate to get it to early in November.

I considered that the leader of that party should investigate and, if necessary take action

Muckraking scungy Labour pricks.  No wonder the voting public has had a gutsful of Labour.


Calls the evil Mr Key a liar!

"I don't accept what [Mr Key]'s saying, I don't believe he's telling the truth... [he is] a liar," Mr Little said

The desperation for Labour traction continues to plumb the sordid depths.

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