Monday, December 31, 2012

Paying the piper: Leaping off the cliff

Time to pay the piper for all of Kenyan Barry's election bribes.

The path to ruin is detailed below

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Vigilantes resort to stone age practice

somebody torched the bach in which the clandestine lab was found - and five other baches were also burned down the same week

Once again, vigilantes apply their own brand of justice using stone age practices, ignoring the property rights of others and the laws of the land.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Not this Kiwi

Most Kiwis support paying compensation to David Bain

Not this Kiwi.  I reckon his current status is the result of legal contortionists dancing on pins.  This case requires a proper retrial to establish the facts.
20 per cent said Mr Bain should not get a payment under any circumstances
I firmly fall into that category.
many New Zealanders will be upset at any taxpayer payment for the man once convicted of murdering his family
Damned right!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

No wonder our society is in decline

"Hope you enjoy your Xmas spoils"

"Xmas"???  I kid you not. 

The newest grinning queer to front the weather screen on TV One cannot even think for himself (or herself?) when reading the teleprompter to replace the on screen abbreviation with the real word.  CHRISTmas!!

No wonder our society is in serious decline.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Interpreting Scripture with a slightly different bent...

Leviticus 20:13 says:

"If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them."

Or more simply put:
"If a man lays with another man, he should be stoned."

Now, apparently Washington State has at a recent election legalised both marijuana and marriage of queers.

Damn those Yanks, we've just been interpreting those Scriptures all wrong...

fresh off the wire

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Farmers fence council thieves in

he dropped his lease on a strip amounting to about 5ha rather than pay for fencing, and he knows of other farmers who will do the same

That's the way to take the fight to the greenies that infest our councils.  You can stick your lease!

Cockies apparently have to meet an accord as a condition of supply, but dry stock farmers do not.

It would be disappointing if farmers refused to fence but if we don't get compliance we will withdraw those leases - it's as simple as that

The council as always thinks it has a legal out.  I can see that working when a farmer standing up for his current lease rights drags the council into court.

I would hope then, once the council has regained the lease at great expense to the ratepayers via the courts, ready for re-leasing to another farmer, that they will be providing a fully fenced block. 

Much like the rental WoF that the hypocritical greenies have been clamouring for against the filthy capitalist landlords like myself, eh?  

Who would have thought - council offering 'unfit for purpose' blocks of land for lease!   Isn't there a law against that?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Timely correspondence

stolen from theo

Council troughers to log hours for pay...

Regional council politicians may have to keep a logbook of their hours in order to justify new pay rates likely to be introduced next year ahead of local body elections.

The Remuneration Authority, which sets the level of pay for each council, is proposing a new model.

Currently, each council is allocated a pool of money and it is up to councils to decide how it is divided between their councillors.

I can see it all now.  Cooking time sheets on a grand scale, justifying their existence.

Councillor Hohepa 'Trougher' Bloggs timesheet for the week ending 21 Dec 2012
Assisting ratepayers - 1 hour
Fiddling the logbook - 39 hours
Total - 40 hours

Another stupid idea from those in charge of the asylum.


Sunday, December 16, 2012

"God Bless America - Again"

A two and a half minute video with the right message.  Cut the petty political point scoring and get on with teaching our kids some morals.

Bloody logins!

Can't remember my login to the KB sewer, but anyway DPF has a question up for you.  

Am heartily sick of sites like the Herald that need you login to comment.

Was going do a post myself on very same subject.  

And my answer?

A traitor that knew the rules and rightly should swing.


It will recognise the spirit and principles of the Treaty of Waitangi at all levels

One wonders how such pandering to emotive crap might attempt to fix domestic violence.  Everything can be fixed with some 'kum-ba-yah' in the socialists rosy world view.

Certainly such undefined sentimentalism played no part in the domestic violence I've witnessed first-hand on a regular basis in various neighbourhoods.  Yet somehow the 'principled' junk infests our legislation at every turn, doing nothing but providing a mechanism to extract taxpayer dollars, causing more domestic grief and misery.

But as long as it is not the taxpayer's, he is free to piss his money into the wind.  Whilst his ideals might be OK, just don't expect me to support his efforts when based on emotive claptrap.

For those of you wondering what to say...

Here are five things not to say to grieving family and friends:
1. "God just needed another angel."

Portraying God as someone who arbitrarily kills kids to fill celestial openings is neither faithful to God, nor helpful to grieving parents.

2. "Thank goodness you have other children," or, "You're young. You can have more kids."

Children are not interchangeable or replaceable. The loss of a child will always be a loss, no matter how many other children a parent has or will have.

3. He/she was just on loan to you from God.

The message is that God is so capricious that God will break parents' hearts at will just because God can. It also communicates to parents and loved ones that they are not really entitled to their grief.

4. God doesn't give you more than you can handle.

Actually, some people do get a lot more than any one person should ever have to handle. And it doesn't come from God. Don't trivialize someone's grief with a "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" mentality.

5. We may not understand it, but this was God's will.

Unless you are God, don't use this line.

And here are five things to say:

1. I don't believe God wanted this or willed it.

A grieving friend or family member is likely hearing that this is God's will from a number of other people. Affirm the idea that it may very well not be.

2. It's okay to be angry, and I'm a safe person for you express that anger to if you need it.

Anger is an essential part of the grieving process, but many don't know where to talk about it because they are often silenced by others when they express their feelings. (For instance, they may be told they have no right to be angry at God.) By saying you are a safe person to share all feelings, including anger, with, you help the grieving person know where they can turn.

3. It's not okay.
It seems so obvious, but sometimes this doesn't get said. Sometimes the pieces don't fit. Sometimes nothing works out right. And sometimes there is no way to fix it. Naming it can be helpful for some because it lets them know you won't sugarcoat their grief.

4. I don't know why this happened.

When trauma happens, the shock and emotion comes first. But not long after comes our human need to try to explain "why?" The reality is that often we cannot. The grieving person will likely have heard a lot of theories about why a trauma occurred. Sometimes it's best not to add to the chorus, but to just acknowledge what you do not know.

5. I can't imagine what you are going through, but I am here to support you in whatever way feels best.

Even if you have faced a similar loss, remember that each loss is different. Saying "I know how you're feeling" is often untrue. Instead, ask how the grieving person is feeling. And then ask what you can do to help. Then, do it and respect the boundaries around what they don't want help with at this point. You will be putting some control back into the hands of the grieving person, who often feels like they have lost so much of it.

Wise words from someone in the business.

24 Hours: History being re-written

a Glock and a Sig Sauer, both pistols. A .223-caliber rifle was found in his car in the school parking lot

The site was secured at entry and weapons located as would be normal for such an event.  Reported as 2 guns, legally registered to the killer's mother.

At least three guns were found. A Glock and a Sig Sauer, both pistols, were found inside the school, and a .223-calibre rifle in the back of a car, authorities said. 

A law enforcement official speaking on condition of anonymity said some of the guns used in the attack may have belonged to Lanza’s family. His mother had legally registered four weapons, his father two. 

Authorities also recovered three other guns - a Henry repeating rifle, an Enfield rifle and a shotgun.
It was not clear exactly where those weapons were found.

Today we now have 9 guns in play.  The anti-gun narrative is being rewritten to suit the leftie cause, ready for when the leftards have finished uttering their vile political statements making political capital out of this tragedy.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The tragic cost of political capital

Early today the world learned of yet another horrific shooting in an American school by a crazed gunman.  Almost immediately there were reports of those on the left politicising the tragedy.  In these days of global social media, every would be commenter has the means to stick their oar in, for better or worse.  

Including the head leftie, the Democrat President, who got a spot on the telly, showed some crocodile tears and said “we’re going to have to come together and take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this, regardless of the politics.”  Code for Democrats and some RINOs to show their anti-gun hands and gut the Second Amendment.

Already the despicable left leaning spin doctors and their leftie masters are crafting their measured statements 'of solemn regret and hardened resolve'  to exact political capital out of this tragedy.  While the sun has not set and bodies are still cooling.

I see the frightened parents, relatives and colleagues beginning to mourn their tragic losses and can only think of the horrors that will unfold as the story is told in all its gory detail whilst they face Christmas without their loved ones.

Meanwhile the vile politics of those that infest the left will continue.  Sage words from the previous tragedy earlier this year in Aurora:

No one wants to make a scene at a funeral.  There's something quite political about that, though. After all, the reason the campaigns are behaving this way is not just because of decorum, but because a breach of decorum would exact a political cost. Politics are an inevitable part of a collective national trauma, which, for better or for worse, is how America treats incidents like this one.
National tragedies are political. They're too important not to be. 

Some content stolen from here, including the picture.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Useless typical Labour voters awaiting the cavalry

In a past life I remember that stretch of road well.  A high crown, road falls to this low point from both directions and sections on one high side of road.  The other side falls sharply to creek about 200m away, parallel to the road.

Flooding?  Bollocks, the high side water crests the crown, crosses the road and flows down the right of way.  No problems.  Just a sensational pic taken by some prick too lazy to show some community spirit.

Plenty of time to get camera and send pic to Stuff, no doubt awaiting the ratepayer's cavalry in the form of  Len's council stiffs to arrive at great cost to clear the stormwater grates top of leaves and other detritus.  There's one double grate each side of the road about 9 inches/250mm under the water in each gutter.  Guaranteed to be blocked on top, happened multiple times a year for the last three decades.

I'd expect nothing less of the useless typical Labour voters in the area.  Rather than get a raincoat, step outside and clear the grating tops on both sides of the road, a 2 minute job often done on walk around the block by myself in the dry (thinking ahead), they'd sooner send the pic to a paper and complain.

ps Must check up on my mate in the West Auckland slums / Massey...

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

ECAN: We have a firm grip on your nether regions

Special computer software could soon track down the source of Timaru's mystery odour

It's called an EnviroSuite Odour Tracking System. It tracks the possible direction of the smell by mapping it to the weather patterns, the location of the complaint, and the description of the smell

The trial would take place during the next six months, and would cost about $9000

Utterly bloody unbelievable! And that's putting it nicely in print Dear Readers for some of you maybe are sensitive petals unaccustomed to the verbal outburst that flowed when I read this article.

$9000 of ratepayers monies??? And no doubt some flash new computer system to run such software along with some ECAN council time server on six figures to run the numbers, occupying their day.  Really???

What is wrong with the lard-arses that infest such councils getting off their butts and walking upwind, with a bit of triangulation, to the source?  After all Timaru is so small, you can walk from one town boundary to the other in your smoko and still have time for a cuppa.

It's patently obvious that ECAN has ratepayers by the short and curlies. No doubt fits into one of those soon to be ex-cultural principles!

Second thoughts, for $9K, I'll be there tomorrow on the first flight in.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

"Fullsome praise ... for filth"

Mean while in the real world, reality dawns

In his apology, Jones added fulsome praise for its producers.

Isn't amazing how the thought of losing your income stream can change your views.

Can only but hope

If Winston was to additionally propose resurrecting burning homosexuals at the stake and point out to Pacific Islanders that this was once a church practice, eventually destroyed by liberals, modernists and other disrespecters of both tradition and God, he could possibly capture every Islander vote and quite a few others as well.

Now that would be vote catching entertainment worth watching.  Bob Jones gets pedantic about marrying his kitchen table.  Or his horse.

Word associations...

If Mallard and Curran and others can be in the Labour caucus ... the current Labour Party is an exemplar of civilised and intelligent ability

Labour looking to stitch up the electorate

his definition of beating Mr Key was not getting more votes than National or being a more popular leader - it’s about stitching together a government with the Greens and whomever else

Dr Norman wants Finance, Metiria Turei could get Social Development, Kevin Hague may get Health, Kennedy Graham could go for Trade, Eugenie Sage for the Christchurch rebuild, Gareth Hughes with Energy and Catherine Delahunty with Education

As usual, Labour is looking to stitch up the electorate.  Fat chance of that happening, it has to firstly get the votes.

But when Key possibly has to horse trade post-election with rabid feral greenie nutters to cobble together a coalition of the damned to retain power, will the Nats be prepared to give up such positions? 

I think not and like many, will never again consider voting for National which has reneged on all of its stated principles these past two terms. Such is the price of getting into bed with the separatists.  The Nats will have a hard fight for votes next time, having squandered their chances.

Either way we get a socialist government full of communists.  At least the ferals do not deny being watermelons.  Damn the lot of them!

HT Homepaddock

Monday, December 03, 2012

Troughers start bleating as their credit line is severed

law change designed to restrict the role of councils is being denounced as a blow for democracy

the Local Government Amendment Act, which gets rid of the four wellbeings - social, economic, environmental and cultural

A long decade and well overdue.  The Nats must have the legislation spot-on if troughers are bleating this quick about the funding stream to their open cheque books for never ending social engineering.

Tararua Mayor Roly Ellis said there were very few examples of "social" spending in the council's plan

Obviously needs reminding about the non-core gold plated imported paving and balustrades costing ratepayers millions in borrowed monies just so the towns can keep street cleaners in a job.

Socialist NZ - how far we've come

New Zealand - just another socialist state complicit in throwing Israel to the wolves.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Friday, November 30, 2012

New Official NZ Language: US English

Can I view a New Zealand Defense Force Personnel file in the Reading Room?

Although many of the New Zealand Defense Force Personnel files held at Archives New Zealand are listed as ‘open access’ these records cannot be released to researchers in the Reading Room. This is because the records contain fragile pieces of microfilm.


And I thought that we were still part of the Commonwealth that speak the Queen's English.  Silly me.  

It's bad enough that everything New Zealand has the unofficial additional native tag of Aotearoa added to it, but you guys at Archives NZ really need to use a UK English spell checker.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Never ending parade of homosexuals [updated]

Another homosexual shows himself (or should that be herself?) to the media.   Is there any person in the media/arts that is not bent?
a matter of human rights at its most basic level

Bollocks.  A lot of things are touted as human rights, but in my opinion this is not one of them.  I will (and I suspect many others) never be convinced otherwise that this is nothing but a sordid perversion.

Like any parent ... the first thing he told me was how disappointed he was

The never ending parade of homosexuals outing themselves continues at pace.  With  examples of the sickness of modern PC society such as this 'disappointment', it is no wonder we have kids topping themselves like there's no tomorrow when they can't see proper examples of whether they should be Arthur or Martha.


Should include the 'h' word and words like that in a post title every day.  Best hit rate in 24 hours for weeks.  Yes, all lurkers have been over for squiz, but as usual, zero comment.  Such is the blogger's rewards of screaming into the Interweb void.

Now I  know why WOBH has posts on the topic almost daily.  Just to up the hit rate...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

385ppm in real proportions, not with super sized greenie hysteria

Natives being shown their place

take a deep breath and count to 10
decisions being challenged by the council are not reviewable by the court as they have been endorsed by Parliament
About bloody time the supposedly entitled are to be reminded that their toothless tribunal is not running NZ Inc.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Labour infested with homosexuality

the party has lost its way and been "contaminated" by liberal policy

they are controlled by homosexuals .. a smell that won't go away

Helen Clark ... had infested the party with homosexuality

Long known, but finally someone calls it as it is.  A party of the damned without morals.  Full of wannabee liberal minorities each looking to impart their various decadencies and immoral practices on the populace whilst open to offering bribes in return for your vote.  And trying to cut each other's grass in the process.

Excuse the pun, but that will have buggered the PI vote.  Pity it is the pot calling out the kettle

An aside, the other parties are not immune, for example the unprincipled Nats promoting apartheid would do well to take notice and rid themselves of liberals dragging them from their core principles.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Charity begins at home...

Eight Greenpeace protesters, headed by Lucy Lawless, are being asked to pay $700,000 after pleading guilty earlier this year to illegally boarding the drillship Noble Discoverer in February

About time rabid greenie eco-terrorists were held to account for their illegal actions.

Another example of why Greenpeace is unfit to be called a charity.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fetid Southland swamp is purged

fire swept through conservation estate but had not threatened homes or property

That will get the local greenie ferals exercised.  No doubt a looming disaster of epic proportion in the minds of some.

Soon we'll hear the sorry saga and requests for taxpayer largesse, especially from the Riverton chapter of the hippies.  And it will be all down to climate change.

Rare birds threatened

Just like the few oiled up birds that washed up oil-soaked in tidal scum courtesy of  RENA that were made out to be the end of the world.  Never a mention of the thousands that perish at the hands of each and every southerly storm.

The only loss was a long-drop toilet

Excellent news!  No real damage then. At least the local cockies should not be blamed for purging the fetid swamp.  Now those adjacent of the landed gentry could get in early and turn it into viable dairy runoff since it has been pre-cleared by natural means.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Shearer bottles it [update]

Failed to discipline the other David.  The bickering will go on till February when the real coup will occur.

And this gutless wonder wants to be the next Prime Minister?

Apparently the devil incarnate has been demoted.

Guess who will feature in the pics alongside Shearer every time he makes the news.  You couldn't buy publicity like that if you tried.

Losing the war

By sundown, if papers and the tone of blogs are to believed, today will go down in history as the day the Labour party wrote its own death warrant.

Today the caucus may well have its cake, winning today's battle on the technical exercise of a confidence vote on leadership, demoting the devil incarnate to the back benches.  I do wonder what he's done to soil his copybook.  Dared not to pray to Helen five times a day?

Unfortunately for the ABC clique, rightly or wrongly at the weekend's conference, the unwashed deemed that they also wanted to have an active part of the leadership selection process.  But the clique of old farts is having it's way under the old rules today. 

Meanwhile party membership will languish, maybe even face a revolt with en-masse membership resignations.  The tone suggests the membership is highly annoyed at today's unfolding events and are prepared to use the new rules to their advantage.

Come February, the unshaven one will have done his time on the back benches, rounded up his Satan's little helpers and muster a leadership challenge to rout the ABC clique as the long war is finally won.

An interested observer watching the implosion whilst the ABC clique stuff themselves full of cake.

Long may it continue!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Is that it?

A bribe of a new 'entry level' house for the unwashed dole bludger but potential lefty voter.  A side distraction, the unions and Camp David get manna from heaven via the 40% vote to be had in 79 days.  Or was it 79 hours?

Unbelievable.  Apart from the list of new taxes coming my way, was that it from Labour?  Really?

Looking at the housing bribe:

About 2/3rds in Jafaland = potentially about 70,000 new houses.

Average section say 400m2 = 25x houses per Ha @ say $200K land value each section.

70,000 / 25 = 2800 Ha required. 

Now that's almost 30Km of greenfields, 1Km wide that Loopy Len is going to have to release to evil developers and city sprawl.  Come Monday, when the toxic mist of whatever has been drunk/consumed at the conference, I think not will be the word from Lyin Lens's office.  All he's worried about is his toy train set.

And the cost?  Land for 100,000 houses would be $20 Billion before a single house is built.  Houses at bottom end of rung these days approach $1500/m2, so a 100m2 3-bedroom box is another $150K, so all up, about $35 Billion up the spout.  Be Labour wants to give them away for $30Bn.  Isn't there a law with the IRD for selling goods below market price attract penalty taxes?

But for now that is a mother of an election bribe.  To be paid no doubt, by soaking 'rich pricks' like me.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Will "The next Prime Minister of NZ" get to see Monday?

A standing ovation is usually automatic to welcome the leaders of political parties onto the stage at conferences - although there was applause, only about one third of the audience stood as Mr Shearer walked onstage after Labour MP and MC Jacinda Ardern introduced Mr Shearer as "the next Prime Minister of New Zealand

Very telling.  Obviously the back-biting factions within the party are strong.  Long may it continue.

'Tis the holiday season

Interislander Cook Strait ferry sailings from Saturday, December 1 to Saturday, December 7 are in doubt after the breakdown of pay talks.
Both the Aviation and Marine Engineers Association (AMEA) and the Merchant Services Guild (MSG) had issued strike notices yesterday

Shades of seasons past as the unionised prepare to once again shaft the travelling public.  No doubt the unions will suggest the threat of striking is in keeping with 'good faith' bargaining.

Friday, November 16, 2012

The modern officer: "zero combat experience generals"

Petraeus is a remarkable piece of fiction created and promoted by neocons in government, the media and academia. How does an officer with no personal experience of direct fire combat in Panama or Desert Storm become a division CDR in 2003, man who for 35 years shamelessly reinforced whatever dumb idea his superior advanced regardless of its impact on soldiers, let alone the nation, a man who served repeatedly as a sycophantic aide-de-camp, military assistant and executive officer to four stars get so far? How does the same man who balked at closing with and destroying the enemy in 2003 in front of Baghdad agree to sacrifice more than a thousand American lives and destroy thousands of others installing Iranian national power in Baghdad with a surge that many in and out of uniform warned against? Then, how does this same man repeat the self-defeating tactics one more time in Afghanistan? The answer is simple: Petraeus was always a useful fool in the Leninist sense for his political superiors - Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, and Gates.

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2012/11/petraeus_and_allen_non-combatant_general_disgraces.html#ixzz2CN80qlXi
Petraeus is a remarkable piece of fiction created and promoted by neocons in government, the media and academia. How does an officer with no personal experience of direct fire combat in Panama or Desert Storm become a division CDR in 2003, man who for 35 years shamelessly reinforced whatever dumb idea his superior advanced regardless of its impact on soldiers, let alone the nation, a man who served repeatedly as a sycophantic aide-de-camp, military assistant and executive officer to four stars get so far? How does the same man who balked at closing with and destroying the enemy in 2003 in front of Baghdad agree to sacrifice more than a thousand American lives and destroy thousands of others installing Iranian national power in Baghdad with a surge that many in and out of uniform warned against? Then, how does this same man repeat the self-defeating tactics one more time in Afghanistan? The answer is simple: Petraeus was always a useful fool in the Leninist sense for his political superiors - Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, and Gates.
Petraeus is a remarkable piece of fiction created and promoted by neocons in government, the media and academia. How does an officer with no personal experience of direct fire combat in Panama or Desert Storm become a division CDR in 2003, man who for 35 years shamelessly reinforced whatever dumb idea his superior advanced regardless of its impact on soldiers, let alone the nation, a man who served repeatedly as a sycophantic aide-de-camp, military assistant and executive officer to four stars get so far? How does the same man who balked at closing with and destroying the enemy in 2003 in front of Baghdad agree to sacrifice more than a thousand American lives and destroy thousands of others installing Iranian national power in Baghdad with a surge that many in and out of uniform warned against? Then, how does this same man repeat the self-defeating tactics one more time in Afghanistan? The answer is simple: Petraeus was always a useful fool in the Leninist sense for his political superiors - Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, and Gates.

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2012/11/petraeus_and_allen_non-combatant_general_disgraces.html#ixzz2CN80qlXiPetraeus is a remarkable piece of fiction created and promoted by neocons in government, the media and academia. How does an officer with no personal experience of direct fire combat in Panama or Desert Storm become a division CDR in 2003, man who for 35 years shamelessly reinforced whatever dumb idea his superior advanced regardless of its impact on soldiers, let alone the nation, a man who served repeatedly as a sycophantic aide-de-camp, military assistant and executive officer to four stars get so far? How does the same man who balked at closing with and destroying the enemy in 2003 in front of Baghdad agree to sacrifice more than a thousand American lives and destroy thousands of others installing Iranian national power in Baghdad with a surge that many in and out of uniform warned against? Then, how does this same man repeat the self-defeating tactics one more time in Afghanistan? The answer is simple: Petraeus was always a useful fool in the Leninist sense for his political superiors - Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, and Gates.

Petraeus is a remarkable piece of fiction created and promoted by neocons in government, the media and academia. How does an officer with no personal experience of direct fire combat in Panama or Desert Storm become a division CDR in 2003, man who for 35 years shamelessly reinforced whatever dumb idea his superior advanced regardless of its impact on soldiers, let alone the nation, a man who served repeatedly as a sycophantic aide-de-camp, military assistant and executive officer to four stars get so far? How does the same man who balked at closing with and destroying the enemy in 2003 in front of Baghdad agree to sacrifice more than a thousand American lives and destroy thousands of others installing Iranian national power in Baghdad with a surge that many in and out of uniform warned against? Then, how does this same man repeat the self-defeating tactics one more time in Afghanistan? The answer is simple: Petraeus was always a useful fool in the Leninist sense for his political superiors - Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, and Gates.

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2012/11/petraeus_and_allen_non-combatant_general_disgraces.html#ixzz2CN80qlXi
The modern military "useful tool" is fully exposed to bright sunlight.  Morally deficient, zero combat experience only intent on brown-nosing to their next promotion.  

Unfortunately the makeup of New Zealand military I fear are no different.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

"Economic sabotage" ends in Dunedin

KiwiRail has failed to find a buyer for all of its Hillside manufacturing plant in Dunedin, but has sold the foundry.
The 115 staff at the South Dunedin site were this morning given the grim news that most will be losing their jobs.

Good news as another uneconomic highly unionised workplace is given final notice.  

Companies like POAL are getting good experience at playing the long game with unions.   Who'd want to buy a workplace full of staunch economic saboteurs  unionised these days anyway?

No doubt the local opposition MP will entertain any who might listen with a few bleats and moans for while as her potential voters fade into oblivion.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mr Invisible: He's still alive!

It seems to me in my electorate banks are gouging, particularly on their overdraft rates, charging about two per cent more than they need to

Amazing!  I'd always thought my local MP was as good as dead.  The only time his name has surfaced in the past four years is on election papers.

Must be fiddling the expense sheet after his recent European junket working out that he's in overdraft on now unclaimable expenses to those rapacious banks.  Banks which are creaming it whilst supposedly covering their risk on over-indebted farmers.

Suppose the next time I'll hear from Mr Invisible will be late 2014 when he's up for renewal of his free pass to the beltway trough.

Hear, Hear!

National party supporters see Labour as the party of Satan out to ‘steal their money’ and ‘raise taxes’

An apt description of the Left.  Can't argue with that.  

Especially pertinent after perusing the remit list for Shearer's Farewell Roast upcoming this weekend.

Monday, November 12, 2012

One rule for them: "that's a little bit over the top"

I'm concerned we are pushing people through enforcement - that's a little bit over the top
Trougher who sits on the race based Maori statutory board of the unelected, consuming vast  and ever increasing amounts of ratepayer wedge and taxes, considers there should be leniency shown to his ilk.  Whilst other taxpayers (read 'white mofos' as one so indelicately put it in recent times ) can continue to fund his undemocratic lifestyle.

he was concerned about the owner of an unregistered and unwarranted car who received a ticket for $360 from a parking warden outside a hospital to which a sick child had been driven from a rural area
The fact that the current law was broken is of no concern.  Looking after 'our people' is the only concern for those in the Griever Maori industry.  Guaranteed that such leniency will soon be a treaty right in the new constitution, being written as you read this, lording it over the upcoming second class citizenry of fairer European extraction.  God help those without the appropriate genes.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

As expected

opposition to fracking in New Zealand is being based not on evidence, but on misinformation and emotion .... the technique has been used safely and successfully in New Zealand for more than 20 years

Essential reading for the misinformed and rabid anti-mining greenie nutters here.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The once greatest nation on earth votes for more of the same

About now I'd guess Adolf over at No Minister has cut himself a very large slice of pie.  Humble pie that is.

At least having another four years of the Kenyan illegal will drive home why the once greatest nation on earth needs to rein in its exorbitant spending.  And borrowing which is paying for the vote buying handouts and entitlements.

It is like watching a a slow motion train wreck.  I guess Mitt has just started running again to be the next Pres.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

And we pay for this?

When approaching police he had his hand in his pocket, concealing something the police officers thought was a weapon. While Judge Gibson acknowledged it was Taite's intention to give the officers the impression he had a gun, he was discharged on the two charges of presenting ... as if it were a firearm as he had not at any point actually deployed it.

Judge Gibson agreed there were threats made by Taite.

"Consequently the evidence satisfies me that the defendant did make threats to the officers in the way described, namely statements that he had a gun and threats to kill them."
Wanted thug for all intents presents a weapon at night whilst being warned Mr Plod is armed and continues to advance with menace, so Mr Plod drops him.  He complains about being shot and the beak lets him off.  

One really wonders why taxpayers continue to fund the true criminals that are resident in the fancy seat on the other side of the bench.

IMMEDIATE: Tin foil hats required!

Spotted this very morning, an utterance from a rabid feral on the InterWeb:

Irradiation is not safe.

Irradiated food has been nuked with evil ionising radiation!  The sky will apparently fall if we import some juicy tomatoes from tropical Queensland.

But there's some sense from the font of knowledge that is Wikipedia.

Food undergoing irradiation does not become any more radioactive than luggage passing through an airport X-ray scanner or teeth that have been X-rayed.

Some of the more fervid no doubt might posit there's a conspiracy afoot in the report Wikipedia references. 

I'd suggest that the Chicken Little in residence over at FrogBlog needs to dispense tinfoil hats post haste.  After all, the ionising radiation pouring from cosmic rays, x-rays, cellphones and the like must also be stopped.  Whilst on the subject, I do wonder how much cumulative radiation has amassed in the green MP 'Ronald' Hughes from rushing around the country's airport scanners.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Drill it, Mine it, Sell it - Shares for sale!

Danger Alert

The only danger is more of the same crap from the local anti-frackers in my letter box.  Must be a full moon at present.

But there's some good amongst the drivel emanating from the rabid...

Potential for thousands of wells in East Coast Basin

The only thing of use on today's missive is the link where to buy shares at www.tagoil.com/investors.  However, I do note that they've gone upmarket this time with a 2-colour A4.  Just hope they're not being funded through the council.

From the horses mouth,

Target tight oil source rock formations in the East Coast Basin and unlock a multi-billion barrel resource potential.

Drill it, Mine it, Sell it!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Actions speak louder than words

was never just for Maori people
Really?  LOL!

All-comers are welcome

Your record says otherwise.  Every second utterance is about "our people" and the ingrained anti-everything attitudes toward colonising "white mofos".  

All of which, like mythical swamp monsters, can be fixed with a large dose of palm greasing under the culture of entitlement and via never ending full and final settlements.

It's never too early for a Tui.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Wonder how long before this bit of sci-fi is copied and used on the West?

In the not so distant past military hardware was hardened against EMP threats.  Even to the point of testing whole planes.  Not now as the nuke threat has hit the back shelves with all the wowsers about too scared to hit the button.  Buying off the shelf has been the way to go in recent decades.

The endless savage cuts to military spending everywhere has left those that fight the good fight in times of dire need with non-hardened COTS equipments.  Which as proven this week, is rendered useless in the face of a short blast from such a device, long touted to be from the realms of sci-fi fantasies.  

No need for a dirty nuke anymore, just hitch the EMP device to a semitrailer and tow it through the main centres of a country.  Instant and total comms failure.  Dead as a doorknob, including the Internet.

Won't be long before it is copied and used against the West by some crank state hell bent on our destruction.  And there's plenty of them, even ones that have free trade agreements with us.

No physical damage, just the electronics utterly rooted, but easily replaced.  I can well imagine a Mr Huawei making a leisurely call post one of these being deployed through the streets of NYC or around 1600 Pennsylvania.  Who's knows, he just might be behind the deployment to tout for business.

The price of military electronics is about go sub-orbital. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Good and bad news

Really shows POAL what can be done without the deadweight millstone of a unionised workforce.

Port of Tauranga is signalling another record profit
And further down...

is frustrated at a new Maori court challenge to block plans to deepen its shipping channel

One wonders where the NZ economy might be four years down the track if we'd had a government that kept both those pesky natives and unions in their place.

I long for government that will stick to stated principles.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"a glimpse of what could be in store if National fails to come to its senses"

the Treaty of Waitangi as supreme law
schools to teach local iwi history; civic and heritage studies
all Māori to be automatically entered on to the Māori roll
Māori seats will stay until such time Māori freely choose, via a referendum

Welcome to Apartheid New Zealand.  Unfortunately, as enablers of this travesty in its quest to retain power at any cost, National has already failed miserably.

Abolishing the Waitangi Tribunal is a key demand of the Declaration of Equality campaign for equal rights. If you haven’t signed the Declaration we urge you to do so now HERE - and to encourage your family and friends to do the same. This battle for equal rights will not be won unless New Zealanders take a stand.  


Thursday, October 04, 2012

Reams of untruths in my letter box

Some crowd of rabid ferals from a group calling themselves FrackFree Tararua stuffed a double sided A4 sheet of untruths about the supposed dangers fracking in our letter box yesterday.  As if our great rural delivery postie hasn't got enough to do daily delivering windowed envelopes without also having to cart that claptrap to my letterbox.

I'll be using that sheet to consume more carbon the very next time I light my fire on the next chilly night.  Imagine how toasty my house might be if I could tap into one of those fracked bores.  Pity I couldn't stuff some of the frack-free fruitloops whipping up local anti-mining sentiments into the firebox as well.  Or maybe even better, a burning at the stake in the public square for out and out entertainment value.

Maybe 'reams of untruths' was stretching it, but I firmly believe in mine it, drill it, sell it!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Limited appeal

Project Act and Libertarian have been failures

The Libz are looking to reinvent themselves, falling over themselves to fill the ACT void.

legalisation of all drugs
kind of scary to a lot of people
Libertarianz party is ready to tone down its image

Whilst some of their ideas have merit,most are far too out there for the average voting punter looking for what's in it for me.  

1600 votes at the last election

Worldwide libertarian parties have similar pie in the sky theoretical ideals of an unfettered free market but always fail miserably at the ballot box.  I'd say "doesn't that tell you something about your policies? ".  

These guys never learn.

There is a need, no a mandatory requirement, for a principled party vehicle to encompass some right leaning ideas.  National was the only one on offer, but has proven to be so unprincipled with its continued trading with the natives, family destructive legislation and selling the country to the highest bidder for votes whilst in truth being a not so light pink shade of Labour.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Unintended consequences: Benefits to be slashed?

1400 New Zealanders this week attempted to live below the extreme-poverty line and make do with only $2.25 worth of food and drink for each of five days
The tossers over at Labour who joined up to this cause probably have shot themselves in foot after proving this week that bennies only need $15 or so a week for food to survive. And that's probably being generous.

Now if only they could outlaw breeding, vehicle ownership, purchasing of booze, fags, drugs, plasma flat screens and smartphones as being necessary human rights for said bludgers, I'd wager that the cost of welfare could be slashed forthwith.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sir Bob flushes king down the river

the comical Ngaruawahia ex-truck driver who can't speak Maori and struggles with English but calls himself King of Maoridom despite his realm ending at his letterbox has declared Maori own the rain. That's excellent news. I assume His Majesty will accept liability for inflicting millions of dollars of flood damage annually through Maori rain supply mismanagement. He can ponder that when sitting on the only throne he'll ever occupy, namely in his lavatory.

Couldn't have described these stone-age charlatans and hucksters better.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Time for a Tui: "It will be spectacular!"

Half pie watching, this gem from the beltway reporter nearly wetting herself with yet another breathless live cross topping Te News;

It will be spectacular!

Simultaneous fireworks in Auckland and Wellington...

To be sure, to be sure. The only thing spectacular will be the cost of such extravagances to poor put upon ratepayers and taxpayers. All for a bloody piece of metal. Get over it.

If the overpaid pricks in the Olympic Committee who couldn't organise the proverbial to get said athelete to the starting line were paying, now that would be spectacular.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Where can I send my invoice?

Maori had always owned the water

Something I heartily disagree with, but bear with me if you will.

If I generate power on my property, sending any excess back into the national grid, I might get a credit on my next power bill.

In a similar manner, since the all the rain that has fallen in the past month or so has run straight off my totally waterlogged and saturated ten acres, eventually into the proven sewer that is the Manawatu River. Might I suggest, complete with added value from the 'nutrients' my dozen or so cattle have deposited on said lifestyle block.

A side note, the local regional council allows me to do this under their super expensive 'One Plan' (coming soon to all other councils I might add) detailing all facets that makeup the new religion of eco-madness like climate change effects and sustainability. They charge the crap out of me and other farmers via rate taxes for such discharges into the upper reaches of their sewer of ill repute.

Now in a guesstimate, a metre or so of water over ten acres, complete with all added extras, even with hail and snow of the past few days, must have yards of value in this free market world. After all, the natives in residence seen extremely keen to tap this this mother-lode of potential revenue streams.

I must be due some credit for my water I've supplied to flush their sewer, so which one of these plonkers gets the invoice?

Two can play the game. Be careful what you wish for!

Sunday, September 09, 2012

New Labour ploy to buy votes

Labour would roll out free food to 650 of the lowest decile primary and intermediate schools in the country

Bit of a different ploy from the previous up front bulk purchases of KFC on election day in certain areas.

Essentially the same as KFC buzzard but in different clothes, only available in areas where the dole bludgers will thank Labour pollies with their vote.

And the unwashed masses will be ever so thankful for the pollies freeing more for booze, fags and dope.

If the taxpayer is to force feed your kids with $20 million of my money, I'd expect a massive reduction in your taxpayer funded wedge.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

[Updated] Unable to create new posts for your reading pleasure

Blogger has removed the ability to create new posts for you to peruse. The New Post button on the toolbar that used to inhabit the top of the blog disappeared without warning at least two weeks ago and no amount of foot stamping has resulted in a satisfactory answer to this issue.

Some nutters swimming in the ratepayer's trough from the deep south might say my being unable to post is good, but unfortunately for them,
I've arrived on a page via roundabout means where I might be able to create a post. This is that test.

Cheers to all for helpful hints. LM - have altered the raw html for the template and used an asterisk like your NZ Conservative.

It is an ongoing intermittent issue, differing browsers are affected at different times. Found some discussion here.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

A bob each way on future voters fails

Parliament has voted to keep the drinking and purchase age of alcohol at 18-years-old.

In a rare showing of MPs acting like responsible adults the wowsers that infest our Parliament were firmly put in their place this afternoon after trying to have a bob each way on raising the drinking age.

Supporting an age of 18, he said they were entrusted with choosing Governments in the ballot box and defending New Zealand or other countries in the Army.

Tau says what needed saying. After all, whilst we can send our 18 year olds overseas to get slaughtered in our military because the RoE for other countries are hideously restrictive, the same young adults should be allowed a beer.

Spineless Nats spurn conservative values

Firstly congratulations to all those MP's who remained strong, staunchly voting to retain the current definition of marriage.

As for the rest, whilst I never expected the openly bent Nat minority to vote any other way, those that showed their deviousness by spurning their conservative roots to vote liberal progressive will rue this day. The electorate will have their say in 18 months.

What was proven last night is that the Nats are finished as conservatives in New Zealand politics. One might as well vote left and hasten the end of our society. A repeat screening of the fall of the Roman Empire is being played out right here in this country.

Bring on the Conservatives. Hopefully they might hold to their stated values.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Ticket clipped with your steak, Sir?

I have often blogged on the utter uselessness of adding another layer of bureaucracy to supposedly track our cattle between the farm gate and when it gets it head lopped complete with identifying tags at the works.

The NAIT bureaucracy was sold as 'self funding', ie NAIT would charge levies per beast at tag purchase and at slaughter to recover their costs. All very well till this week.

75c per beast - "a RFID administration fee"

The New Zealand Farmer's Weekly reports in this week's editorial (not online ?) that the thieves at Elders, PGG Wrightson and NZ Farmers Livestock to name but a few are also now clipping the ticket on your steak as the animals pass through their yards.

NAIT is apparently powerless to do anything about these rogues trying to "recover the cost". A very tidy clip if you ask me, considering the thousands of beasts that pass through their hands each week.

Now the money trail is exposed to sunlight, I'd expect the near useless Min Ag to take investigate and stop this ticket clipping. Unfortunately, from his past track record on stopping the NAIT rort, probably not. Probably got shares in said companies.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Domestic terrorists about to go on holiday

workers across KiwiRail will join strike action which could impact on rail and ferry services

Deluded unionists consider raising the ghosts of strikes past that used occur as regularly as school holidays. So regularly in fact, that one could guarantee that Cook Strait ferries would not be sailing when you wished to travel.

The public of New Zealand will not support such action by domestic terrorists in these dire economic times.

Monday, August 13, 2012

One new ministry coming right up...

the Government will be watching closely to make sure lessons are learned from the blunder

Let's get this in perspective. New Zealand punts up about 25 or so professionals amateurs for some overly expensive quadrennial games.

And our bloated sporty type bureaucracy in tow was proven to be seriously overworked, forgetting to get their charges onto the starting lists. No doubt too busy looking good at all the schmoozing pre-events, but at least they managed to get their own airline seats booked.

Heads should have rolled by now before any new ministry is mooted. In the corporate world those responsible would have long fallen on their sword, along with the bottom feeders further up the chain. We don't need any new ministry Murray.

"What will the public make of it?"

Voters today get their first look at how the MMP electoral system may change when the Electoral Commission issues its proposals

Only one choice is required for the proposed changes to our electoral system.

what will the politicians do?

... hope they will set aside protecting their own patch

Unfortunately ditching MMP is not one of the choices our political masters have deemed suitable for Joe Public whilst wallowing in the beltway trough.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dole bludger being precious

Why don't you work in McDonald's or as a labourer?
Indeed. Why not?

The choice was either stay on the dole or do a masters, so I came back... “But there was nothing out there” in his fields of human resources, adminstration, or policy analysis

IMHO, being a professional student is the same as being on the dole. Both are unemployed, living off someone else's hard earnt taxes.

I haven't spent five years studying to do work I could have done straight out of high school

Precious prick. He and his dole bludging ilk need to have access to the benefit river curtailed. Immediately.

ps He could volunteer to be a Fairfax subbie and show them how to correctly spell 'administration' with all his utterly worthless degrees in social engineering!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Swivel eyed loons lurking at our fence

became involved after receiving "a number of reports by third parties"

Reports by third parties? No doubt greenie nutters spinning their environmental woe and doom with half-arsed stories should these fantastic projects proceed.

Also, one wonders when did New Zealand give our sovereign rights to UNESCO?

Shades of the similarly motivated flouters of property rights doing Gaia's work for the environment that reside within our borders.

Like god-botherers about to foot your door, tell these lunatics to bugger off. Who knows, whilst the tunnels are being drilled we might find something worth mining and selling. Like uranium.

Monday, August 06, 2012

At their best under pressure of Olympic proportions...

With only four years to get their house in order, New Zealand bureaucrats deliver Olympic gold for Valerie Adams.

Get popcorn, watch the overfed rats scurry for cover as the axe falls.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Tea Partier takes Texas

He believed 100 percent in what he was doing.

And voters saw that.
Another man with spine gets the electors fired up. And wins with a clear margin.

Not the first Tea Partier, but one that will rock the Rep establishment to its core. The tide is turning.

A man with spine

We respect the right of our employees and all Americans to hold and express their personal opinions, however, we also expect our company officers to behave in a manner commensurate with their position and in a respectful fashion that conveys these values of civility with others

Politicians would do well to note the support that a man showing spine over his rock-solid beliefs, engenders when he puts his family oriented views forward.

Some may suggest those views are incorrect like the mayors wanting boycotts, others wrongly take it out on employees like in the video associated with the story.

Again pollies would do well to take heed of the domestic reaction. Families worldwide have had enough of the vile bigotry and hatred that is directed against those not believing in queer is best.

Are there any New Zealand corporates willing to take such a stand? I see Wendy's US stands with Chick-Fil.

HT Crusader Rabbit

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Key finally shows some gumption

we have today asked the Tribunal to provide its recommendations and reasoning by 24 August

Showing the natives blackmail does not work and who is actually in charge of this country. I await the racist separatists tossing their toys, threatening all manner of court action. Bring it on, this matter needs sorting ASAP.

Keep it up John Boy. One day someone might vote for you again after your four years of pandering.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Winston guarantees himself another term

New Zealand First will not vote for the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill

That should get him more than 5%.

Monday, July 30, 2012

That should do it...

  • A green space around the Avon River
  • The square, with more green areas
  • A retail precinct
  • A convention centre that can hold 2,000 people at once
  • Health, justice and arts precincts
  • An earthquake memorial
  • A cultural centre
  • A metro sports facility
  • An enclosed sports stadium
  • A centralised bus interchange

Yep, that could do it. The government produces a list of rebuild distractions.

One could be excused for thinking that a rebuild of the devastated city might actually include something useful like businesses. Something that would generate income, not leeches that suck the the life blood out of the local economy like the government, artists and sporty types that abound in the above list.

No wonder my birthplace is referred to as the Village of the Damned.