Wednesday, December 05, 2012

ECAN: We have a firm grip on your nether regions

Special computer software could soon track down the source of Timaru's mystery odour

It's called an EnviroSuite Odour Tracking System. It tracks the possible direction of the smell by mapping it to the weather patterns, the location of the complaint, and the description of the smell

The trial would take place during the next six months, and would cost about $9000

Utterly bloody unbelievable! And that's putting it nicely in print Dear Readers for some of you maybe are sensitive petals unaccustomed to the verbal outburst that flowed when I read this article.

$9000 of ratepayers monies??? And no doubt some flash new computer system to run such software along with some ECAN council time server on six figures to run the numbers, occupying their day.  Really???

What is wrong with the lard-arses that infest such councils getting off their butts and walking upwind, with a bit of triangulation, to the source?  After all Timaru is so small, you can walk from one town boundary to the other in your smoko and still have time for a cuppa.

It's patently obvious that ECAN has ratepayers by the short and curlies. No doubt fits into one of those soon to be ex-cultural principles!

Second thoughts, for $9K, I'll be there tomorrow on the first flight in.

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