Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A few questions

The youth who sexually assaulted a young girl at a Turangi campground has been sentenced to 10 years' jail.

Is it a non-parole 10 year stretch?

Why not 20 years, the maximum? Or life? A lawyer argued mitigation for this POS? I would hope not.

If only for a couple of metres of hemp but the death penalty would be too good for him.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The costs of studying turd polishing

cost was $120,000

I wonder what bit of No 8 wire thinking was applied to this solution to tap this funding source. A solution for the farmer on the taxpayer dime that was more than likely not viable as a standalone business project.

If only such academics who spend all day dreaming of such nirvana could be coralled into a container. Their prodigious output of verbal diarrhoea and hot air would long power this country.

Burning bio-gas has been available in the sub-continent for centuries, but this expensive solution has those magic words green and carbon to release NZ taxpayer funds.

You can indeed polish turds.

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Ginga? KRudd?

Easy choice. One is not female.

But, in the real world for the day's topic, None of the above.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Where's a brick to throw at the telly?

On Te News tonight:

I doubt if there's a criminal bone in their bodies...

Triple trougher Jim supporting his criminal mates found guilty of making untrue statements to Lombard ex-investors. Nothing like a troughing ex-pollie to come out of the woodwork when his mates are yet are again outed as criminals.

Looking for a brick to throw at the telly. Pricks like that make me really angry.

A question for Mr Plod

Lucy Lawless says she has accepted the prospect of criminal charges ... after illegally boarding a ship to protest

Since a crime has been in progress for the past 30 hours in New Plymouth, why hasn't Mr Plod had her cell phone cut to cease giving the eco-nutter airtime oxygen?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Need some exercise?

Get on down there and exercise your middle digit as you pass another bloody picket of the damned. Or digits if you please.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Loss of pink dollar scares twats

New Zealand ... they have probably the worst [sic]. Broadband I've ever encountered [sic]. Turns itself off slows to a crawl. Pathetic...

The power of the pink dollar scares the twats at Telecom, so they send a freebie so the head sherang can carry on twattering to his thousands of minions.

Mere plebs meanwhile just have to endure throttled Internet and Telecom's rapacious charges for data.

Rent-a-mob finishes up with threat

The Maori Party has threatened to walk away from its government coalition deal with National over the inclusion of Section 9

Fresh from the hastily put together discussions over the partial sale of taxpayer assets, rent-a-mob has issued a threat. Wonder how much that exercise pandering to racists cost me?

Now that some have had free and frank discussions at taxpayer expense, one wonders whether the other 90% of the populace are to get a chance to have their say.

Stop wondering, the answer is never.

Key has said he doesn't believe the clause can be carried over, but said it could be modified

Key is over a barrel for their vote to retain power for three years, the racist separatists know it and can afford to be stroppy. "Could be modified"? Delete it and call their bluff. They'll stay in the trough.

Unfortunately Key will accede to their demands, that is a given. After all he has spent the last three years pissing in their pockets. The first you and me will know about it is when your next power bill comes with a Taniwha Tax (tm) with matching logo at great expense.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Shooting the messenger

ghastly, smug, politically neurotic, uneducated, violent child-bashing, greedy fat over-eating weirdos filled with hate

ungrateful, depraved, polluted, immoral, degraded, vain, arrogant and cowardly uncivilised savages lacking moral courage

Even the greatest living New Zealander described them as 'haters and wreckers'.

The 'Noble savages' have their pistols drawn.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Extreme force??? I'll give you extreme!

upset at the "apparent extreme use of force" by Nelson police to apprehend the pair.

apparent extreme use of force on these young people – especially the use of guns held to their heads while they were on the ground and handcuffed

Let's look at the litany of offences.

  • pair were arrested at Hira after a five-day crime spree beginning in Christchurch.
  • driving a stolen Jaguar
  • had a loaded airgun on the back seat
  • had "no intention of stopping"
  • the pair had been tracked by police through Kaikoura, Seddon, Blenheim, Havelock and Rai Valley
  • taking cars
  • stealing property
  • were confronted with officers armed with rifles, pistols and Tasers
  • their car was stopped by road spikes

And some prick of a desk-jockey has had the temerity to complain they had rights?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Howse dat working 4U?

Liarbour introduced the much argued concept in the Local Government ACT 2002. Now the results are in.

  • Inflation since 2002 was about 3%
  • Rates rises since 2002 a proven 7%
As most ratepayers have been saying for yonks.

The thieves that infest our councils have been making the most of our money implementing unrelenting pinko "we know what's good for you (and for our pockets)" socialist programmes.

For many years, ratepayers have expressed concern about rate increases that have well outstripped inflation. The previous Government responded to those concerns by setting up a ministerial inquiry, the Local Government Rates Inquiry, and then ignoring its recommendations.

Rodney Hide amended it in 2010 with little effect to my rates. Tararua District Council recently put my annual rates up by a shocking 40%. After writing to him, the Mayor as good as said it was justified to charge the crap out of lifestyle blocks.

a failure by councils to control their spending

Now the Nats say they are looking closely at the negative changes the 2002 law made. Not before time.

How's the concept 'power of general competence' working 4U? To me, it smacks of nothing but rank incompetence.

source: on telly tonight - not online yet.

Her priority is to go whoring?

A solo mum who wants to study so she can get off welfare says she has had to turn to prostitution to pay for childcare and transport to the course
Eh? Seems to have a fair suck of the sav at present and wants more?

  • Gets about $40K on a benefit and other supplements
  • Wants to become a full time student. Lives in Pukekohe, course in Mt Albert, tens of miles away from home, totally dependent on Len's unreliable trainset.
  • Stiffs the taxpayer for daily transport
  • Stiffs the taxpayer for a course
  • Stiffs the taxpayer for 50 hours childcare
  • Is hocking her parts off to the highest bidder in secondary employment.

Obviously needs to get her priorities straight. IMHO, being a mother to her spawn is her number one priority, not a full-time student. As for her secondary job to raise cash, it is an honourable profession according to our law. One I do not agree with. Anyway as a taxpayer, I'd hope any income from the street corner would reduce her taxpayer largesse.

It's just not fair

I wonder when she will be claiming for childcare during her secondary employment. Nothing but another of the entitled bludging underclass 'woe is me' whoring for media attention to get more than a fair share of taxpayer largesse.

Yes, life is not fair, but all of your own making. I should not be paying for yours.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Would be thieves buggered by system

tax policy was being held because the computer systems "can't actually support radical changes from Government"

I wonder what rapacious taxes are in store for the productive if it were not for the dated computer system. Should the pinko thieves from Liarbour and the Greens ever get near a revamped system, redistribution would be the order of the day.

The would be thieving bastards are currently stymied by the system, so be thankful there's no money in the kitty for such a revamp. However once a revamp does get some action, the corpse of INCIS serves as the benchmark.

More dawn raids? If only...

the council found that the number of people ... on the site exceeded the numbers permitted by the district plan.

Abatement notices were issued ordering them to comply with the plan.

'Tis a pity the same council doesn't enforce the district plan with similar gusto with regard to people living in overcrowded substandard and usually not permitted structures such as garages in South Auckland. Maybe some of those newly emergent third-world diseases could be eradicated with the application of the law.

More dawn raids likely? If only.

Will never happen, they voted for Lying Len.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Terrorists finally in dock

Tame Wairere Iti, Te Rangikaiwhira Kemara, Emily Felicity Bailey and Urs Signer are facing charges of participating in an organised criminal group, unlawful possession of firearms and possession of restricted weapons

Four of the wannabe terrorists are finally up before a beak. We await the completion of this farce.
Thirteen of the original defendants in the case had their charges dropped after the Supreme Court ruled that video footage taken by covert cameras was inadmissible

A farce that still has not got decent legislation implemented to nail the perpetrators. IMHO all 18 and their associates should have been locked away without bail from day one.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Integrity impugned???

was trying to "impugn my integrity and suggest I was a hypocrite"

Integrity impugned? Turia gives it back as good as she gets.

We are talking about a person who in his previous time in Parliament took $158,000 worth of taxpayers' money and never ever paid it back

Winston and integrity? You have to be bloody joking. From a politician who has long stretched the meaning of the word.
Integrity is a concept of consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes. In ethics, integrity is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one's actions. Integrity can be regarded as the opposite of hypocrisy, in that it regards internal consistency as a virtue, and suggests that parties holding apparently conflicting values should account for the discrepancy or alter their beliefs.


Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Inaccurate, dangerous stereotypes from guess who

There is no such thing as Maori child abuse; there is just child abuse. By putting the word Maori in front of it, a stereotype is created which is inaccurate and dangerous

New Zealand must continue efforts to address the "appalling" rate of Maori youth unemployment

race relations commissioner has criticised "lack of generosity" by some Pakeha towards deprived Maori

they're all issues which reflect Maori and Pacific disadvantage

Joris de Bres criticised those Pakeha who still resisted moves to give "special treatment" to disadvantaged Maori

Funny that, but as expected.

One rule for us and another rule for one whose continued employ depends on promoting racist stereotypes.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Not bad conditions for the wages

Fresh from their summer hols, in recent days pandering to the racists and separatists with outstretched hands that leech off the productive, our political masters return to the trough today.

Not one of them has done an ounce of work, apart from getting elected at great expense in the pursuit of the farce that is New Zealand democracy, since early November last year. Three bloody months doing sweet FA on the taxpayer dime.

Great employment conditions on 6-figures to slurp at the trough for another three years.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Call time

denying that the Treaty exists

the Maori Party will have to consider its position with the Government

Mr Key, time to call their bluff. A few bludging natives walking to Wellytown to protest will really display to hard working Kiwis where priorities lie. The sooner we get that piece of paper consigned to the dustbin of history, New Zealand can ditch the Stone Age shackles.

IMHO the mealy mouthed racists won't walk. They're enjoying wallowing in the trough.