Thursday, August 06, 2015

The deluded: 'not a Maori land rights issue'

A Manurewa property owner who has not paid her rates in five years faces losing her house in a court-ordered mortgagee sale for the sake of an $11,700 debt.

But the unrepentant owner is refusing to back down, saying she does not recognise Auckland Council's authority and her property is not for sale.
The house is not their house to take. I own the house which is fully paid for.

Never thought I'd say this about a council.  I heartily applaud the council for having the guts to make a few examples of these free loaders in forcing sales to pay outstanding rates.

she could afford to pay the outstanding rates, she refused to do so. The issue was not a Maori land rights issue "as such". "It's got everything to do with the rights of people all over."

Ms Marsh, who works for KiwiRail, told the Herald she had paid her rates to the rightful landowner - Arikinui o Tuhoe - and she refused to recognise the council's authority over the land.

Eh?  Who the f**k are these supposed rightful landowners?   To me it just looks like another of the deluded pushing the sovereignty barrow.   Sell the asbestos ridden 1950s fibre cement property to clear the freeloader's rates debt.

Now all that is needed now to make my day is for Mr Key to settle the false interpretations the deluded have over who holds sovereignty in New Zealand.  Unfortunately that will never happen whilst Tinkerbell is in his pay.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

At least someone's trying

King Willem-Alexander delivered a message to the Dutch people from the government in a nationally televised address: the welfare state of the 20th century is gone. In its place a “participation society” is emerging, in which people must take responsibility for their own future and create their own social and financial safety nets, with less help from the national government.

That's bound to upset a few of the entitled.  I wonder if the New Zealand government would have the balls.


Over the past couple of days, we've begun to hear in the courts how a Westie gang associate was slotted with a sickle or a billhook apparently dropping him instantly.  Some might say no great loss, only another gang on gang violent episode with an not unexpected outcome.

Recently we've also witnessed an in your face bike ride of gang members.   Supposedly in memory of the said member. Whichever way you look at it,  patched gang members are out and out criminals having gained their patch through vile and violent crime.

Then we have this.

a gang want to provide nourishment for kids in need across the country

they fill a social need that wasn't being catered for adequately- hungry kids in schools

Really?  Again, "Won't somebody think of the children?". 

Probably most of the kids are hungry because their parents are doped up buying drugs from the same gangs.  I fail to see why there are supposedly hungry kids in New Zealand when their parents get all manner of welfare to ensure the rugrats are adequately funded for food and school.

In my view, the community and government agencies should not be endorsing these criminal thugs through children in any way shape or form.

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Cecil had it coming

Offending the moral sensibilities of liberals.

HT Maggie's Farm 


Monday, August 03, 2015

The Fencing Act will require an upgrade...

every home will have a drone

You're going to use a drone to do rooftop inspections

I eagerly await the next tree hugging greenie looking for evidence of dirty dairying raping the environment or me buggering fetid swamps on my farm.  

No doubt the modern feral (or regional council inspector) will have a personal  drone for that over the farm fence leering and lurking.  And like any other noxious pest, a drone will be blasted out of the sky with 12g buckshot.

I see an opening for an entrepreneur,  a drone patrolling my perimeter fenceline using a GPS mapped run and capable of delivering the necessary fatal blow to other intruding drones 24x7.  The Fencing Act will require modernising.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Another uneconomic rail line up for closure

there are three potential paths for the company under consideration – some arrangement that would allow us to trade on, some kind of controlled sell-down, or liquidation

Solid Energy has been badly hit by falling international coal prices and has shed hundreds of jobs during the last two years

Solid Energy rails coal for export across the Southern Alps to the VoD port.

I'd suspect that export coal is the only thing keeping that line open, so if Solid Energy shuts up shop,  the trans-alpine rail route will also become uneconomic and close. 

Also anything that routs unionised viper nests in the many mines and associated industries, particularly on the union infested West Coast, has to be ultimately good for NZ Inc.