Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blustery conditions

From NZPA, says it all about the last few days.

Sour grapes from eco-dinosaur

Pissed that he will not be a Lord Mayor in his lifetime and the face of local government is likely to change so much that his over-rated (and I mean that literally in more than one sense) Waitakere will likely cease to exist under Greater Jafaland, the eco-dinosaur was two-faced about the new boy elected to the number one job in local government.

Yesterday, Mr Harvey wished Mr Yule well - but then launched a fresh attack, saying urban centres were the powerhouse of the economy but would continue to be denied a voice in local government.

"The country survives on the strength of the cities and what we bring to the economy. Local government believes it is based around a bunch of cow cockies," he said.

"I'd rather have cities than cows. It's always anti-Auckland, it pulls down the competitiveness of New Zealand. It holds New Zealand back. It's a bizarre sort of thinking that the cities need to be punished. "The rural sector has always dominated local government. This is the sector with their roads that no one drives on, and places no one goes to.

"They think a farmer from Hawke's Bay can spend that amount of time profiling local government. That's what they voted for."

Local Government New Zealand is an umbrella organisation for 71 city, district and regional councils, and works as their advocate with central government.

Mr Harvey said he also thought it bizarre that local government now had a president who was "suing the New Zealand Government over its health board. I wouldn't think it's a great start".

Needs to get over himself. Life in a rural setting is as equal as life in suburbia as far as councils are concerned. As if somehow those who live on the land are behind the times has long been an anachronism. I would hate to be a rural ratepayer in his fiefdom, patently obvious he doesn't care for them. It is bad enough that I still pay rates on my urban rentals there.

He would do well to get out of his plush new office fleeced from ratepayers and go for 'a drive on those roads where no-one goes' to see the real NZ, where the backbone of the economy works and plays.

I know where I would rather live as I now have the best of both worlds not having to see dinosaurs such as him. And it will be really good when the underlying corruption from this government is fully exposed. The DHB saga is just the tip of the iceberg.

Well done Mr Yule. Now you will just have to educate your new deputy about rural ways.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Her indoors cornered and trying to get SFO out of picture

is one of a range of avenues available to deal with questions swirling around NZ First funding.

Ever the helpful one as the walls close in, her indoors is suggesting for the first time that there are alternatives to the Hide initiated SFO inquiry. Only taken months to take any action - forced into a corner by Rodders.

Such as
the Auditor General, the Pecuniary Interests Registrar and Speaker were all avenues in which concerns could be pursued.

I wonder why? All alternatives that can be directly controlled from the ninth floor?

Could it be that matters of the type that may not be spoken of in the Parliament might enmesh Dear Leader hastening her downfall.

Hopefully a SFO driven inquiry might have teeth, if it gets off the ground and be free from being coated with whitewash. Haven't seen any of that lately. What sweet revenge if both will have to front.

Perception is everything and what I see from here also stinks.

The buck stops at last

At last a politician has had the guts to put a stake in the ground and stop the corrupt farce.

It should have come from her indoors, but as expected, nothing would come from her because he is propping up her corrupt government.

Well done Rodney.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Storm? What storm?

Was up in the big smoke, although I for once didn't see any smog, the last few days attending to familial matters.

Saw some clips on the the telly bishun of the supposed storm and all the devastation that was being wreaked along Tamaki Drive in an easterly. Yes, salt water was shown getting onto the roads, not good for Beemers and Porsches heading for those exclusive eastern suburbs. And there were a few minor slips and broken trees.

Those that build on flood plains further north deserve everything they get when it rains and the tide comes into their lounge. The councils involved need to be sued for allowing these houses, but that is another story.

Where we were was bunkered down in a hollow in west suburbia and it wasn't that windy. In fact, quite sheltered, but as usual in Jafaland, sodding wet. The clag over the Manukau down to sea level, flat calm.

What passed was what I call 'active' weather for other parts south of the Bombay Line. You quickly learn that it can and does blow a bit. If it is not tied down, it will not be there tomorrow.

Get over yourselves, your sparkling waters are vulnerable in an easterly.

The rest of the country had a nice few days with some rain.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Helen, this is how it is done.

Slightest whiff of impropriety or corruption (or whatever weasel words MPs use to cover their own corrupt tracks), you call in independent big guns.

Not some self-indulgent interpretation of a lamely written guideline that masquerades as The Manual.

Fruity Sex

There, that got your attention.

The Family Court head honcho stopped one of his overpaid employees midstream mouthing off yesterday as he dug himself a hole.
It makes a fool of the child and sets her up with a social disability and handicap,

Why any parent might name the offspring 'Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii' is beyond me, but hey, each to their own. The 9-year old had already been saddled with name for a few years, so why a beak needs to spout forth on such matters is also beyond me.

Seems some parents have taken to naming their rugrats with outlandish names like the following.

Fish and Chips (twins)
Masport and Mower (twins)

Yeah Detroit
Spiral Cicada

Cinderella Beauty Blossom
Twisty Poi

Sex unknown:
Keenan Got Lucky

What do the kids think of it?

Ask Sex Fruit.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Question

Fresh in from an email:

This test only has one question, but it's a very important one. By giving an honest answer, you will discover where you stand morally.
The test features an unlikely, completely fictional situation in which you will have to make a decision.
Remember that your answer needs to be honest, yet spontaneous.
Please scroll down slowly and give due consideration to each line.

You are in New Zealand , Auckland to be specific.
There is chaos all around you caused by a cyclone with severe flooding.
This is a flood of biblical proportions.
You are a photo-journalist working for a major newspaper, and you're caught in the middle of this epic disaster.
The situation is nearly hopeless.
You're trying to shoot career-making photos.
There are houses and people swirling around you, some disappearing into the water.
Nature is unleashing all of its destructive fury.

Suddenly, you see a woman in the water.
She is fighting for her life, trying not to be taken down with the debris.
You move closer... Somehow, the woman looks familiar...
You suddenly realize who it is... It's Helen Clark! You notice that the raging waters are about to take her under forever.

You have two options:

You can save the life of Helen Clark or you can shoot a dramatic Pulitzer Prize winning photo, documenting the death of the country's most powerful woman!

Here's the question, and please give an honest answer.

Would you select high contrast colour film, or would you go with the classic simplicity of black and white?

Her indoors distancing herself

I'm in a position that Mr Peters is an honourable member...

Honourable? He's a politician.

Yes, no amount of distance will separate you from him. You made your bed with the honourable member a few short years ago in a desperate grasp for the reins. Now you are about to reap the effects of that alliance.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Crime OG does pay

> //open source rocks. no warranty. void where prohibited.

> var depositaccount=$0; //type currency

> .. depositaccount = depositaccount + 100K
> .. TRANSFERBALANCE(anyAccount)


> IF answer = yes
> .. IF Country='NZ' THEN
> .. . CALL PM('not my problem')
> .. . CALL SPEAKER('no laws broken, nothing to see here, move along')
> .. . FREE WinstonFirst()
> .. ELSE //any other country in the world
> .. . suspect:=defendant
> .. . status:=guilty
> .. . punishment:=max(long_jail_term('corruption'))
> .. . TOAST(suspect, status, punishment)
> .. ENDIF

> IF suspect == 'Liarbour Foreign Minister' and country='NZ' THEN
> .. CALL INSTRUCT_LAWYER('deny all knowledge')
> .. CALL MOUTH_OFF('abuse media')
> .. CALL MOUTH_OFF('threaten to sue)
> .. DONATE(startover)
> .. REPENT()


Flogged from ZenTiger at NZ Conservative and modified without permission...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Media firestorm to start?

Tomorrow and the next week will be interesting as her indoors takes the full brunt of media on her Foreign Minister's lying, while Winston First is winging his way out of Baublegate.

After all the discussion, a comment I made over at Keeping Stock earlier still sums up what I suspect will happen.
The unfortunate thing being so close to the finish line, her indoors will not deviate and will elect to go all the way, bugger the consequences.

Winston may have technically not personally received the donation, but as legal views expressed over at KB show, he is caught in the headlights, as he has the personal liability, with all that entails.

Any suggestion that Liarbour is implicated will be brushed aside as is normal practice.

At what point does the GG step in?

Yes, will the GG step up to the plate and sort this matter? I fear not.

And they wonder why?

It is no accident that as television exposure of politicians increases, active participation of political parties and movements has lessened. In just about every Western country, mass parties have disappeared, party activists no longer exist and the people who even bother to enrol, let alone vote, have dived.

And the self-serving corrupt mob inside the bear-pit wonders why?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Feeling squeezed?

People will pay their fair share but you can’t push that,”

“My judgment at the moment is that there are a lot of people in this country who feel they work hard, they make their contribution and they’re feeling squeezed.

Does the above sound like you and your finances? Well, there is a white knight.
I’ve been very clear with my colleagues that there is no point them writing in saying, ‘Can we have some more money?’ because the reply is already on its way and it’s a very short reply

I suspect the reply is like Winnies two fingered lettered replies of late.

But seriously, the Chancellor of the Exchequer suggests we are in for rough ride.
Taxpayers are at the limit of what they are willing to pay to fund public services,

In his gloomiest assessment yet of the state of the British economy, Alistair Darling gave warning that the downturn was far more profound than he had thought and could last for years rather than months.

He revealed that he told Cabinet ministers this week that there would be no more money for schools, hospitals, defence, transport or policing.

I could never see the thieves running the show in NZ ever admitting that the taxpayer had reached their limit.

Why isn't Mr Plod dealing with this?

At what point did school trustees become the arbiters of when a crime has been committed?

Isn't smoking dope still a crime in this country? And what about tampering with evidence?

Double standards in play as usual.

Timimg is everything in this despicable game

For those who move in political circles, timing is everything.

While the passing of Winston's dear old mum makes for a sad time and he should rightly be given time to grieve, one of his own team has used that very day to soften the effect of an admission which should have wide political ramifications.

I think that action in itself speaks volumes of the depths to where those in politics will sink to save their own skin. Absolutely gross and despicable, yesterday should have been purely about his mother.

And I say should, because I can expect her indoors will not fire Winston for stretching the truth and Condi will still come to say 'Bon Voyage'. The opposition will play more me-too for the greater good and the media will be hamstrung because Winston will be off chasing a bit skirt in Samoa for another few weeks.

RIP Joan Peters.

Friday, July 18, 2008

A dose of disappointment yet to come

As the recession bites, the BNZ is predicting interest rates will not stay the same as most hope, but actually need to rise to stave off recessionary forces.
The fact of the matter is, global money has become as expensive for NZ banks as it's been in many a year,"

"...While all and sundry are looking forward to falling interest rates, we are worried that term retail rates might have to go up - and stay there for a good while to come."

As households look for relief, businesses face increases in rates and they matter a whole heap more. Businesses is where the the rampant bureaucratic growth is yet to be felt. And felt it will be as more hit the wall as we drastically belt-tighten.
It might take a resolution of the global credit crunch, rather than an aggressive campaign of OCR reductions by the RBNZ to materially reduce the cost of raising money on these shores.

"...So as everyone is wondering whether or not the RBNZ will cut 25 basis points or not at next week's OCR review, we note that even a stream of rate cuts could well be just 'whistling in the wind' in relation to having any material effect on retail interest rates - which are, let's face it, what matter the most," Ebert said.

Are you ready for more disappointment in this winter of discontent?

Right of reply on 'challenge'

After the lynch posse saddled up and rode out the other night, the Head Madam from the Prostitutes Collective has her right of reply.
Most prostitutes choose to enter the sex industry of their own free will, and reports of surges in crime around brothels are an urban myth

A few other observations from her reply.
Speakers said the brothel would bring crime and drama, was sanctioning a slave-trade in women, and could increase incidences of paedophilia in the town.

Ms Healy disputed these claims, saying the majority of people who use and work in brothels are not nasty or perverted criminals.

"People are always afraid of what they don't know, and the sex industry keeps itself, for the large part, behind closed doors."

The idea that prostitution is a "slave trade" is ludicrous, she said.

"In New Zealand, the incidence of people being coerced or forced into sex work is very low. For people to say it's about sex slavery and so on, it's wildly, wildly inflammatory."

Though there is an argument women should not sell their bodies for sex, prostitutes argue they should be able to use them how they like, Ms Healy said.

"I realise that women have had to fight for all sorts of rights for the last few centuries. But sex workers say that they want rights too, the right to carry out their work."

No evidence has been found to suggest more crime around brothels, and to suggest a link between a brothel catering for gay men and paedophilia is incredible, she said.

"That's amazing, that they would be drawing those conclusions in this century.

But the establishment is up to the challenge.

"I think it's going to be challenging opening in a town where there are attitudes like that. But in many, many situations they are coexisting in neighbourhoods without friction."

From the Actual Madam of the soon-to-open premises.

Brothel owner Teresa McGregor said she was aware of the meeting, and the town's reaction was unsurprising.

"It's to be expected, I suppose."

I am sure the final resource consent meeting next week will be very lively.

What's good for the goose...

Someone on top of their game takes a pot shot at the goose. Well done, Libz.

HT No Minister.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

There's going to be a lynchin'

Fresh from the lynching at TVNZ, the posse still kitted out is looking for another lynching by media.

They may have well found a cause celebre in Dannevegas.

A 'incensed group' had their say at a highly charged meeting last night and voiced their opposition to the new Bro Tel in the High Street.

Tempers flared, moral outrage abounded, suspicion over attracting crime and trouble. God forbid, it was even noted that the establishment would offer a gay service, supposedly attracting every paedophile in the lower North Island.

Some offered a 'name and shame' service, with one offering to sit outside all day doing her knitting collecting names to give to partners of those attending. What about the night trade dear? It gets damned draughty and chilly in the High Street of an an evening.

A committee has been formed, to organise and present objections to the council.

The council CEO was put on the spot, but had a stock answer - their concern was for the environmental, not moral matters. Also, (in the hard copy paper)
The council is bound by the laws of the land and prostitution is legal.
And no doubt a few of the would be lynch mob need reminding that this is what happens when you vote for Liarbour.

As usual, another union unhappy

There are signs New Zealand banking customers are rebelling against ANZ National's proposal to shift hundreds of jobs to India, banking workers' union Finsec says.

As the market contracts and KiwiBank takes ever more of the customers that the gang of four used to rort daily, even the union is feeling the pinch.

There was "a sense of parochialism" among New Zealand banking customers, and anecdotal evidence suggested people were already switching to other banks in protest at ANZ National's move, he said.

"We've had a positive response from customers against this. Customers don't like it. And people will reconsider their banking."

Using customers as their strawman the union says outsourcing will be the death knell of the bank. More like there are no outsourced jobs, either here or overseas, for the unionised overpaid. The luxurious meal-ticket of striking for pay rises has ended, forced upon them by capitalist market forces. Alas, the unionised will actually have to work for a living and increase productivity to get pay rises like the rest of us.
"There is a lot of worry. They like working at the bank. And these are good jobs. They're well paid jobs. Unfortunately, similar jobs outside of the banking sector, in terms of skills they have, probably don't pay as well.

That can only be good as the staff totally focus on customers and not their next payrise campaign.

The Herald yesterday asked ASB, BNZ and Westpac if they had similar outsourcing proposals in the pipeline.

The others in the cartel say they are not doing suchlike etc. For now anyway.

What they really mean is that we will see how it flies with ANZ and then if we can reduce operational costs and break unions we will be in like robber's dogs.

Excellent times to be a customer.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Flying Kangaroo doles out cancer sticks again

The national airline reintroduced tobacco sales on board this month, almost 10 years after they were stopped.

Legislation prohibits the packs from being advertised in the shopping catalogue but it is legal to stack them on the duty-free trolley and wheel them through the cabin.

A letter recently sent to Qantas staff by management states: "It's vital that duty free carts are taken out into the economy cabin, with the cigarettes displayed prominently on top."

Soon will be able to light up again in cattle class? No risk, when was the last time a plane fell out of the sky due to a smoker lighting up in cattle class?

Of course the anti-lobby wowsers are out in full force.
Perhaps the flying kangaroo should be renamed the cancer kangaroo, such is their insistence on the inflight sale and display of a product that will ultimately kill more than half of long-term users.
And they are not the only one at it.
Full service inflight shopping was also offered by Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic
Makes you almost want to start smoking again.

I might as well vote Liarbour

Yet again Liarbour Lite fails to grasp the nettle.

I want vision and the billion dollars associated with donkeys braying in outhouses would have been the perfect place to start gathering funds for a tax cut. What a fantastic place to start pruning the layers off the bureaucratic arts onion that infests our local government.

Spending on the Arts in times of belt-tightening for normal households is at the whim of purely discretionary leisure funds - when is government going to apply the same ethic?

But no, another opportunity lost on 'me too' policies. At least with Don he had the necessary point of difference with Orewa I.

John Key, it is time to stand up and be counted. What is your point of difference???

Seriously considering might as well vote for her indoors.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Symbolic promotion of union politics

The modus operandii of unions in simple terms for their members.
1. The enemy is qualitatively different than us.

2. The enemy represents some great evil. They are demonic, fascist, fundamentalist, etc. The evilness of the enemy is eternal. They have always been evil and they will always be evil.

3. The enemy has harmed us in the past with impunity.

4. The enemy has plans to harm us again in the future.

5. Unlike the enemy, we are noble and deserving of the good lives that the enemy would deny to us.

6. The enemy is united so we must also be. Those of us who undermine our unity are traitors or agents of the enemy.

7. This is the final battle. If we win we will move on to a bright future free from the threat that the enemy poses.

Change the words to suit your current hate campaign.

HT No Minister, taken from Belman's 7 key messages of hate propaganda (in the thesis on her indoors (and the feminazi lesbian cabal?))

Monday, July 14, 2008

Dannevegas to get Viking

All the council boxes have been ticked, now only to find $280K for a fibreglass 10 metre high Viking to go onto the High Street prominently as the town's icon. Wellington sculptor Denis Hall is to build the statue, assisted by staff from WETA Workshop.

All funds are to be raised without incurring any cost to the ratepayer. Great stuff - will draw a few more to the town. Eketahuna has its Kiwi, Ohakune has its carrot and Paeroa has a soft drink bottle, why not a Viking?

And while on the subject of rape and pillage, I also see in the same local rag (today's Bush Telegraph) that the local Liarbour candidate, one Denise MacKenzie is calling for letters from citizenry supposedly aggrieved by the establishment of the Bro Tel also placed very prominently in the High Street. In the same paper is another half page article on that very business with a picture of the establishment. Nothing like free publicity.

Remind me. Wasn't it her Labour cohorts who passed the law recently for knock shops to be legal? I do not share her supposed concern - get over it. Hopefully as a good politician she, along with the Mayoress, will attend the opening of both tourist drawcards.

After all, with the recent local closures and layoffs, the home of the Viking needs all the help it can get.

Lurching ever onward to the next crisis

While those in charge have got away with it for now, I suppose we can all rest easy in the knowledge that it is barely 10 months till the same crisis repeats.

Happens all the time with monotonous regularity - should be able to manage that.

Oh, we do - it's called a Liarbour government.

Brilliant put down...

From the Mistress of Blogs about the previous post at 0209 we have

Here's someone whose never read my blog before....

Quote of the day:

However if there was the slightest whiff of overdue library books on the part of John Key’s wife’s neighbours tennis partner then she’s be on the warpath, the Slanderard would be wound up to its foaming best.

from getstaffed over @KB

'Deeply concerned'

will have to tell ... exactly what they knew and when they learned it

who knew what, and when, and who did they tell

moral crisis in the heart of the organisation

Where the public perception of moral crisis is, is when clearly ... is thought to be okay at high levels of the organisation

Silly me, I thought for a minute her indoors was talking about Liarbour. And Winnie and Cunners.

Too early for Tui.

Malicious Lies

malicious lies

then called back to warn against suggesting in today's article that he had refused to answer questions

he would not offer an explanation till the newspaper explained its motivation in running those stories

You're not going to be pulling these narrow focused conspiracies against us. It's not going to be happening ... Why is your paper engaged in lying?

It is a downright lie to claim by innuendo that any money came to NZ First from Owen Glenn

Gone feral, just short of the 'Bon Voyage' visit by his only friend Condi (or maybe soon not to be) in this cruel world, Winston First is fighting like a cornered mangy cur.

While the rest of Parliament is enjoying time out with their families, the ninth floor machine, some would say those without children in their immediate lives, never stops continuing to churn. Of late, looks like the bovver boy Ducky Mallard has been duty Minister. Must be Annette's turn this week as matters political go feral.

These are serious allegations and they need to be resolved. The New Zealand public is entitled to answers to the questions

Yes, John Boy is on the case, the voice of sanity, but remains ever mindful of not frightening the horses and he might just have to horse-trade with Winnie. He does need to really put pressure on her indoors though.

This, with other distractions, such as 'it was only bruising' Tony and the yet to be fully exposed, but swiftly spiralling demise of Cunners and King's adventure over in the Bay will more than make up for the lack of the sanitised but direct televised tomfoolery from the bearpit that is Parliament.

That's all for now, must off to some gainful employment.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Delusional Heathcliff seen wandering the moors

an opportunity to scotch rumours that the number of hours' sleep ... is declining in proportion to ... opinion-poll ratings.

When you've got difficult decisions to make, you've got to be calm and considered. I don't generally lose my temper." ... also insisted ... would not be driven out ... before the next general election. "I'm here to do a job and I'll leave when I finish. I'm not here for the sake of [it].

Describing being Prime Minister as "the best job in the world, ... You can't be deterred by people criticising you ... If you believe in something strongly enough, you get on with it."

The voice of reason from the deluded. One wonders when the fuse blows, will her indoors, like Heathcliff, let us see the true nature of the deluded.

Cock crows

Has taken a week, now his mates are publicly ditching him.
It's despicable. I've never been one to condone violence, especially violence against women. In my book it is a no no.

I think the alleged cover-up didn't do him any favours

People deserve a second chance. I've seen Tony, he's absolutely remorseful, he went to counselling to get help.

Given the nature of the claims that have been made, we feel we need more information than may be currently available to us

Three times the cock crowed, didn't it?

Fired from jobs. I wonder he will do the gentlemanly thing and donate his golden handshake to the aggrieved party?

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Veitch broke her back

Not man enough to admit it, he has gone to ground. This will not go away, you will have to face the music.

I wonder how much his two other dickhead mates on GOTH know and have kept quiet. How long before we see a public disclaimer from those two when their income stream abruptly ceases?

Criminally tragic.


He has admitted the assault years after the event.

Damage minimisation by any other name. Too late to be called anything else.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

'Factual misunderstanding' correction

The trough feeder that is Sparc has 'corrected' the purported facts as publicly displayed.
It is not correct that $35 million 'never makes it outside the Wellington office

So they do not spend $35 million on admin in Wgtn. Still manage to spend $13m there apparently. $4m on wages for 38 staff over $100K. $160K on a website. Where has the other $9m gone in Wellington?
The speech was sourced and checked. A lot of the information was sourced from official Government documents, [such as] Sparc's website and their own documents.
The only thing Mr Key missed is why does such an organisation exist at all? How does such a bureaucracy contribute to the economy? Sport is an activity which should be funded from our discretionary entertainment/leisure dollars, not the consolidated fund.

The $106m it consumed in the name of sport last year could be one tenth of a billion dollar tax cut. Easy.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Liarbour MPs gather to strategise

to figure out what they can do to turn the polls around
Round about the cauldron go;
In the poison'd entrails throw.
Toad, that under cold stone
Days and nights has thirty-one
Swelter'd venom sleeping got,
Boil thou first i' the charmed pot.

Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

from Act IV Scene 1 Macbeth

The fun continues

Following on from the last post, Winston First has stepped into Rodney's firing line.

"Amongst all his demands for transparency and accountability, it never applies to him.

"He can't answer the most basic questions to do with public money and his own behaviour."

This will be fun to follow.

Her indoors thinks the campaign has not started.
"That's a question I'm not even prepared to contemplate," she said when she was asked about the leadership

Reminds me of Custer's last stand. Methinks it will be over before she realises. The campaign started on Jan 1 with the EFA. I notice that bully boy Trev is becoming more vocal. More feral perhaps, nothing to lose?

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Herding cats

Week 2 of the dirty fight starts in a mere few hours.

Wouldn't the main players just love to be able to organise mere plebs within a few short days like seen during the last week.

  • A few thousand truckies organised at short notice with Joe Public mostly onside.
  • March in Hastings of a couple of thousand people on anti-crime. Organised over a week or so.
  • March in Botany - 15 thousand on anti-crime crusade. Organised by specific community with barely a hint in MSM.
If only the policies on offer could similarly engage the masses rather than engaging in herding cats. Unfortunately what we see is bitter sniping and playing the man.

The electorate is not happy, any who step in to the firing line are fair game.

Bring it on.

Police dogs to wear PC bootees

After having to apologise over the recent anti-crime poster where Lassie had been calling Allah, Mr Plod in the UK now has to fit Lassie with special PC bootees prior to searching certain premises.

I kid you not.

Some comments.
Of all the religions, only one causes problems, day in, day out.
If Islam is so great and superior, why did so many muslims move from the Islamic world to countries run by 'Infidels'?

These medieval religious mantras imposed by Islam are becoming increasingly ridiculous.

One does wonder why the kuffa West attracts them so?

All I can say is, you poor fools.This is indeed Labour madness. It has not quite reached New Zealand yet, but we are doing our best.

Yes, indeed.

Pistols at dawn

The opening week of the dirty fight that is to be Election 2008 has been entertaining to say the least. Or should that be Erection 2008 where the pissing contest is about to begin?

Her indoors had her parade rained on both literally with the crap weather and figuratively with truckies being the news rather than the unwarranted and expensive re-purchase of NZ FailRail. She is concentrating on the man, now that the seconds have moved aside.
Three years ago we were behind and we just had to put on our hard hats and work in a very determined way which is what we are doing now. There is a winter to get through. The country is being buffeted by a lot of offshore wind but we have to provide leadership to get through it
Time will tell.

A country cousin from down in that town (sorry IV2) where open gang warfare abounds in the suburbs and taggers have a personal vendetta with all art forms has the temerity to call the leader of the largest city in our fair country a 'wet'. Must have been really pissed that his weekly trip to see the future Lord Mayor took somewhat longer from the airport to Ponsonby because of some trucks.

He is right on one matter though.
suggesting that one arm of the public sector knows what the other is doing is to stretch credulity past breaking point.

And while thousands of voters did what they could to keep warm and dry in their leaky homes during this cruel winter blast, her indoors was 'heartless' and did not offer any warmth.
Clark yesterday confirmed the Government's long-held position it bears no liability for the leaky homes debacle and would not contribute to the cost.

At least the Nats have offered an olive branch. This comment sums up how the electorate feels on the matter.
Gratuitous comments on the eve of the Labour Party funeral are not useful

The time for seconds arranging the main event is over. Opening shots were fired this week, but missed their targets. Unfortunately, we know it will go on for months.

If only someone would put us out of our misery and get this farce over. Just when is the funeral to be?

Saturday, July 05, 2008

15% anyone?

Having just watched Te News and seen fifteen thousand unhappy voters out on a raw wintry day telling Liarbour that they have not got the right answers to crime.

Punters want action, not words. Various pundits suggest a 20% rout is on the plate. I would say 15% or better. Better being less. Everyone is so over Liarbour.

What are your guesses?

Got that wrong!

I thought yesterday arvo that the high sliding off Oz into the ditch had taken control, as winds eased and turned into nice summery day here.

For a short while anyway till the next squally front came through just before dark.

Alas, not to be. Snow on front
lawn this morning, windy and the odd raindrop sneaking over the Ruahines. Snow visible this morning through a very bare wisteria from kitchen window with good snow to 500m.

Snow on lawn melted quickly. Now at 1100 it has started snowing in earnest at 1000' ASL (300m) - light fluffy stuff, but not settling. Have had it 8" deep before here.

Cool! (really it is 3 degrees outside and the cows are happy knee deep on the long acre)

Another pic for you of a sunrise a couple of days ago.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Truckies: Thank You

To all truckies and their supporters who got up so early this morning, a massive heartfelt thank you.

Anything to tell this corrupt government where to stick their unwanted policies.

Again, thank you.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

A glass a day?

Seems I might be doing something right.

Red meat and a glass of shiraz is recommended.

Just an observation though. Noboby specified the glass size and shiraz does come in glass.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Rice and Rudd comin' over

To wish our Winnie and Her Indoors 'Bon Voyage' no doubt.

Pillars of the community

Supposed good examples and community pillars are being regularly fronted for following in the footsteps of MPs past and present.

A councillor gets punchy like Ducky 'Biffo' Mallard in a domestic.

A rugby player takes the lead from Dover 'Disorderly in an establishment' Samuels after having been on the turps.

A Colonel has been fiddling the forms like Awatere ''I only did it for the kids" Huata rorting duty-frees for his mates.

All fine examples to us mere plebs from Liarbour MP's.

New blog

Scarlett is 'a lapsed leftie' new kid on the block, permanently gone Right and has been looking at how Teflon can gather rust.

Been here for a short time and can be found at the Ministry of Truth.

Hers indoors going for greater clarity

Electronic monitoring on bail has been going for some time with reasonable success, but we're going to put it on a statutory footing to give it greater clarity

Greater clarity? Reasonable success - on what measure?

What part of 'criminals should be locked up' do you not understand?

Take off the rose coloured spectacles and you might see what Joe Public is seeing.