Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The real scum in ao-tea-rower

While most might agree that gangs in New Zealand are absolute scum peddling misery within the community, the scum that are our current crop of politicians take the cake.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern comes under fire for signing off millions of dollars to a Mongrel Mob rehab programme, she's pointing out that "very similar" schemes were approved by National

Arguing pedantically over 'who did what' during the supposed 'nine years of neglect' does not stop their vile influence.  The gangs have the politicians of ao-tea-rower in their pocket filling their weekend designer drug orders whilst typically providing requisite thuggery with complete abandon in the southern reaches of JaffaLand when pressured to preserve their business model.

As in Oz, gangs and any association should be totally outlawed.  And alongside that zero public monies be made to both them and their associated entities.  And associated entity should not be entitled to tax free or charitable status.

Entities like the prolific boxing rings for grooming up and coming recruits whilst providing free school lunches for rugrats courtesy of Mob affiliates.

One day we may see a modern politician willing to put these gang scum behind bars at every opportunity.  And hopefully include the enabling political scum.