Thursday, January 31, 2008

One down, how many to go?

After vilifying zero interest for student loans at the last election, National has swallowed one dead rat.

I suspect there are a few more, like endorsing Cullen's nightmare for business, KiwiSaver.

Maybe even leaving alone just for this election, with a strong proviso, the holy grail of supporters, getting rid of the divisive Maori seats. Hell, they might just need Tariana's mob to pip her indoors from cobbling together a coalition to get in like she did last time, but once there, mark my words, they will be ditched. It will happen, the sooner the better to stop all flag waving
separatism and put paid to the parallel grievance industry.

Hard to swallow, but sometimes these things have to be done.

God help them if they renege on repealing the EFA post haste or implementing the referendum if it meets its' target.

Repent, the dreaded 'R' word is upon us

That which cannot be named is gathering momentum what with the virtual collapse of the certain markets overseas. (Can't get a link up to the speech with the dreaded 'R' word over at Liabour's website - according to that her indoors hasn't made a speech since Nov 07 since she went walkabout in the shifting sands)

The banks are now getting in on the act. So what, BTDT in the 70's with 18% second mortgages and 26% personal loans from those thieves. Just didn't get the T-Shirt, couldn't afford it or qualify for a WINZ handout to pay for it. Maybe I was a rick prick in those days too, but Piggy just didn't tell me so.

Not much solace for these blue chip landlords though. They are only too well aware that the dreaded 'R' word has arrived.

Coming to a wallet near you soon. Repent, the 'R' word will indeed change the frivolous and wanton lifestyles of you, the rich pricks.

Liarbour wants to ban Christmas and January

Whilst still on her whirlwind tour of the nether regions of Orklund, the Minister of Plods has been breathing the smog deeply. So different from the absolutely positively rarefied hot air on the 9th floor of the 'hive in windy Wellytown. Not doing her any good though, the media are just not interested.

She wants to ban hot hot weather, Christmas and January. 'Nothing but a blip' it seems, what with these violent yoof lashing out all over with knives and the like.
the hot summer and full moon were to blame for the recent "unusual events" that had created mad January in South Auckland
Obviously has been looking too closely at the moon through that brown haze. Even tried to tar the Plod in the same outburst.

It's well documented within the police - and we've had a long hot summer - and the view is that we often get things happen in this month that we wouldn't have happening in winter

She has the solution though.

Family and economic stresses of the festive season added to the strain.

Over the holiday Christmas period we traditionally have an increase in family violence, people are at home, and there are the stresses and strains of having your relatives staying and financial pressures. They are not easy to address issues unless we ban Christmas and January

No doubt is a hot topic with which purchase your vote sheeple.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Opportunistic events in deepest South Auckland

After the horrors of the last week in deepest South Auckland, the Minister of Plods has been out and about, expanding her carbon footprint, trolling the electorate for votes.

Opportunistic events, very timely, I say, what with her indoors delivering her me-too meme to the eco-terrorists and other freeloaders having a brekkie (on the rate payers?) out west today.

After all, all the votes they can get from the area are needed after turfing out their allegedly corrupt employer of imported tilers, who was not only allegedly very good at under the table deals, but also was allegedly reasonably good at purchasing red votes.

Currently lost for inspiration, the Minister has recently taken a very strong interest in the area to show the sheeple that their vote can be indeed bought with comments like

We have taken the issues of this community seriously

What we can't address is a random event in the middle of the night. There is no way a police officer could have have been standing on that corner at that time."

Were opportunistic events

They happened here [this time] but sometimes they happen in Rotorua and sometimes they happen in Wellington

It's how you address them and the resilience of the community, working with the local authority and government that is important

Yes, voters, what she really means is that

  • We are only interested because we need all the votes we can get.
  • Dear Leader is currently running with this topic and it is a good photo-op.
  • Random events occur all the time, particularly in all the hotspots.
  • We could predict exactly where, Mr Plod already knows all the tinnie houses, but do absolutely nothing about it, except early in election years.
  • Keep a stiff upper lip, move along, nothing to see, like you won't see me, any action or Mr Plod for dust tomorrow
Yeah, right!

EFA Brick II

Her indoors electorate office seems to be attracting heaps of the wrong attention of late.
  • A message with a brick attached through the window for a New Year's resolution.
  • SHVC protestors all over the building
  • A second message, again with a brick attached through the window today to make sure the message has got through.

Somebody is real pissed with the EFA message, but is not holding back, taking every opportunity to pass on their message

the time has come for active civil disobedience and resistance to increasing state control

NRT is getting all upset over the brick accusing the right of [sic]
whiping up hate in its base and pandering to the worst elements of the sewer

How the hell does I/S work out it is the right?

He also asks the question
Shouldn't these dickheads be in court already?

Good call, we could ask the same question about this vicious union leftard thug.


SVHC are what they are - just how many of these
eco-terrorist nutters have held intimate conversations with snails, laid on working train tracks and are still on firearms charges?

Guts to say what most might be thinking

A Christchurch councillor is in the firing line for vocalising what I daresay crossed a few of our minds.
Everyone is feeling sorry for the kid and his family, but if the kid was not tagging, he would still be alive

Whilst I will not condone murder, the fact remains that the tagger victim was allegedly undertaking a criminal action, defacing somebody's hard won property and obviously had no respect for that. In the heat of the moment, the arrested man appears to have caught, fought and killed the tagger.

I say well said by the councillor, but now vociferous do-gooders will have their piece, pillorying him with equally inflammatory comments. His comment is not "silly and emotional", as I see current solutions are not working with these criminal property actions occurring everyday. Certainly endlessly wasting ratepayers taxes to "educate problem taggers about street art" is not a viable solution.

a person's life is not worth any amount of property.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

On target, game on

The first real shot in the 2008 Election was fired at Ellerslie today and as the commentariat suggests, it is right on target.

Especially to possibly instill a work ethic into bludgers who utter such gems as
“You can’t take away my dole, I don’t want to work and I don’t have to, its a Labour Government”

The speech is a welcoming, positive and refreshing sense of direction, that will unfortunately be attacked line by line by her indoors at tomorrow's round two over at the eco-dinosaur's palace in the west.

At least the opening salvo has been fired, I await the repartee from the attack mongrels Cullen and this years' new bully boy Carter. Both are ever ready to deliver Liarbours' well known brand of negativity and vitriol, whilst they engage in their core business of stealing yet another election.

Game on at last and no, my vote cannot be purchased.

Do NOT vote Labour

Update: The duty Liarbour attack cur is already into the fray. I thought we had laws against dangerous breeds?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Smoking gun?

The GoreBull Warmists and Tree Huggers Inc may be slightly pissed after the discovery of this gem.

I do not understand the exact math behind correlations, but correlations can apparently be scaled as below
  • 1.0 Perfect
  • 0.9 Good
  • 0.5 Fair
  • 0.25 Poor
  • 0 or negative - No match
On to the topic

Joe D’Aleo, an AMS Certified Consulting Meteorologist, one of the founders of The Weather Channel and who operates the website ICECAP took it upon himself to do an analysis of the newly released USHCN2 surface temperature data set and compare it against measured trends of CO2, Pacific Decadal Oscillation, and Solar Irradiance. to see which one matched better.

It’s a simple experiment; compare the trends by running an R2 correlation on the different data sets. The result is a coefficient of determination that tells you how well the trend curves match. When the correlation is 1.0, you have a perfect match between two curves. The lower the number, the lower the trend correlation.

Off Joe went finding these interesting results when looking at various data set trends against the rise in CO2 levels

  • Ice core sampled CO2 content back to 1880 gave an R2 correlation of 0.44 (less than Fair)
  • Solar irradiance gave an R2 correlation of 0.57 (better than Fair)
  • PDO (La Nina / El Nino) plus AMO (Atlantic cycle) gave gave an R2 correlation of 0.83(considered Good)
Because those with the faith continuously spout that 11 of the highest temperatures have been in the last 13 years, he looked at this period very closely and found a 'No match' correlation of 0.02. Now children. I think that is not a valid starting point when you you are high on a soapbox, spouting forth gospel.

Further intrigued, he looked at the correlation of the UK data set and the satellite data set. Not good with an R2 of 0.01 and 0.02 respectively. End result, the satellite data does not match the rising CO2 trend either.

And his conclusion:

Clearly the US annual temperatures over the last century have correlated far better with cycles in the sun and oceans than carbon dioxide. The correlation with carbon dioxide seems to have vanished or even reversed in the last decade.

Given the recent cooling of the Pacific and Atlantic and rapid decline in solar activity, we might anticipate given these correlations, temperatures to accelerate downwards shortly.

While this isn’t a “smoking gun” it is as close as anything I’ve seen. Time will give us the qualified answer as we have expectations of a lower Solar Cycle 24 and changes in the Pacific now happening. [emphasis mine]

Global Warming as the Noo Religion is plain crap, as I have long suspected.

Time to rug up people, looks like its getting colder.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Nice one, Helen

Joe Public will give you tons of points for your ankle biting yap dog Annette (or is it Tane?) feigning caring and compassionate interest on this matter with yet another report. Yeah, right!

As if you haven't been in the poor woman's face enough in the last year after your government aided and abetted the murder of her husband.

Do the right thing and make the bill go away. Today!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Doomsday clock ticking

156 days to go...

Ever since the launch of Microsoft's Vista, in its many confusing variants, the replacement for XP has struggled to find anyone to seriously endorse it or say anything good about it.

Vista's purported little brother was destined for the scrapheap last year, but XP continues to hold market share, so much that MS extended it's shelf life to June 30 this year.

As the woes continue, InfoWorld has launched a petition, with a ticking doomsday clock to keep the stable XP operating system, while MS looks very, very bad.

My view is that XP is what NT was like in the 90's. It was a radical departure, did the job, after a few iterations and is now very successful. Sure I went to a MS meme on Vista, had the freebie lunch but like many remain unconvinced enough to shell out any more dollars for MS product.

Why fix something with bloatware that really wasn't broken? The recommend from all is to stay with XP as long as possible if it is spinning your wheels.
How many ways can you write a letter anyway? The next step for me will be a fully capable Linux machine, ditching MS completely. Just waiting for something to die.

The real problem is that most current hardware that does run XP very well, just will not handle the frightening load increase required by Vista clogging it's arteries. So, not only a mortgage is needed to purchase the MS bloatware, a second mortgage is needed to buy new hardware to see the new desktop.

Meanwhile MS continues it's backslapping.

Full article here

They just don't learn...

Like the corrupt government, the Judiciary and others do not learn.
Justice Lang said today the affect of the shooting on the hostages, the police and others was significant, but gave Hall a discount on his prison term for his guilty pleas and the mental condition he suffered during the incident

Fancy giving this piece of filth a term discount for his mental state he suffered. What about the state the victims will be in for the rest of their lives?

And, whilst on the matter of not learning. Like in a recently blogged item, it is obvious the Herald Editor is not affected by what his scribes publish.

Vote buying

"National will not load ratepayers up with more red tape and higher stealth taxes. We will cut compliance costs, simplify home building processes and reform the RMA to ensure home affordability becomes a reality for ordinary Kiwis."

Pity such a statement is only vote-garnering rhetoric, which I know would never be fully implemented.

I fully agree with
  • No more red tape
  • No higher stealth taxes
  • Cut compliance costs
  • Simplify building processes
  • Reform the RMA
Notice that you have said anything about removing current stealth taxes or red tape.

We will hold you to those ideals, though. God help you if get the reins, but do not deliver.

The fallout continues

After overseeing the never-ending politicisation and cockups of the Pubic Service during his tenure, without taking any blame, Mark Prebble is to go two years early.

He cites minor health reasons for the early termination of his contract, more like has been pushed with golden handshake.

Certainly would never admit to falling on his sword.

You're joking?

They might be mongrels of the avian world, but this is sick.

A similar crucifixion would be too good for the perpetrators.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thieves (Oxygen) in Rotovegas

As if there are not enough laws to cover various crimes, some oxygen thieves in Rotovegas want another bylaw to possibly catch a gang of thieves targetting tourists.

Why is the crime of theft from a tourist any more of a crime than against a local? Oh, because it hurts our image and we must keep up appearances at all costs.

Without suggesting more stupid local versions of national laws, how about you actually get Mr Plod to do something about the issue? Oh no, problem gone, no income stream. While your at it, have a close look and cull other stupid bylaws that parallel national laws. As it often said, 'follow the money'.

The only sensible idea is to alter the national law to make ALL CRIMES carry a mandatory jail sentence, irrespective of the class of the victim.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Oh, for the want of an editor

A crash near Matamau in the Manawatu is causing lengthy delays to traffic on State Highway Two...

Over the weekend when I last drove through Matamau, it was relatively near the Manawatu River. It may well be in the Manawatu Policing area, but it is actually a village in the Tararua District. The Manawatu District this article apparently refers to is at least 50km away over a mountain range by Fielding.

Get it right, Tararua District is not in the Hawkes Bay, Wairarapa or even the Manawatu districts. Lazy reporting. Grab the email and release without checks or local knowledge?

Need a decent editor?


Another couple lost supposedly in the Wairarapa. Herbertville is on the east coast of Tararua, not Wairarapa.

Hoisted by their own petard?

The NZ political blogosphere playing field has been sharply levelled this afternoon as what appears to be Liabours' undeclared mouthpiece at the www.thestandard.org.nz has been taken offline.

The site has been a rank source of trolling, with running internal commentary on posts between their own people, long suspected to be Liarbour Staffers. Earlier this week they were outed as most likely being hosted on servers paid for by the taxpayer on close inspection of their IP addresses.

As they were peddling their rose-tinted ideology to the masses, under the EFA starters orders which came into force on New Years' day, they are required to reveal their identities and show the appropriate address.

Their shutdown in the last hour will level the field for right bloggers such as KB and Whaleoil, who have been sorely tried by their relentless drivel.

Well done WhaleOil and others. Could this lead to the first prosecution under the EFA?

Update: 1700
Appears to be back online - may have shifted server to server2.thestandard.org.nz at same IP address of

A cunning stunt

What with her indoors at Buck House over there in Londinistan being very much in our recent news for not attending the Sir Ed send off, her son has taken the message to heart.

He has been embracing technology, creating and saving a hologram of a speech he has made to Dot earth in Abu Dhabi. Seems he recorded the speech on the box a few weeeks ago, shipped the server out to the desert and spoke from it to the conference as a hologram, also saving many tons of carbon. Couldn't do it live, bandwidth not good enough for the vast amounts of data.

A really cunning stunt.

Another TinselTown related statistic

Heath Ledger, 28, is dead. Another shocking statistic that failed to get out of his twenties, leaving a young child.

Tuhoe Ambassador to the Monarchy?

If the pseudonym is to be believed, our very own Tuhoe Ambassador to the Monarchy has let rip over at The Guardian.


"I was rather surprised that Sir Edmund, after being honoured with a knighthood and various diplomatic posts, chose to be buried in New Zealand. I would have thought he would leave his remains here in England. It was rather a slap in the face for England that his last wish was to be buried there."

Dead right, readthepaper. Strip his honours posthumously, traitorous ungratful swine that he is! Strip EVERYONE with honours... everyone across Her great Commonwealth that dares to die and be buried... fffft!... in their HOMELAND!?? How quaint and distasteful.

Seriously though - the appalling weather, the pervading sense of "God, I'm trapped here" misery, the rubbish, the puke on every footpath (and, I bet, in the cemetries)... can you blame the old fella for wanting to spend his eternity somewhere else?

As has been pointed out, it's a snowstorm-in-a-teacup being whipped up by a small, irrelevant media about an ugly, out-of-touch and COMPLETELY irrelevant monarchy.

Imagine if they topped it, all at once. Now THERE'S a funeral I'd consider flying across the world to attend.

Does not seem overtly friendly to her indoors from Buck House. Could be a terrorist in in the making with such a nice turn of phrase.

HT to whoever said there was such a thread about the royal row over at The Guardian. Unfortunately, I opened the link in a new browser window and cannot remember how I got there by the time I saw the above gem.

Update - found source - KB


WTF is wrong with Howard's mob? Make the decision and charge the sod, FFS. It is not often that I get really annoyed, but this is one.

This lowlife, who I think is not fit to be called a father, should be given the total search bill and charged. Also was a permit or suchlike required for hunting in a state forest and did he hold such permit? Gun licence?

Get on with it Mr Plod, there is no acceptable alternative.

Islug to go

The main competition of the NZ Internet scene is about to bow out after 14 years. Islug, yes that is what I call it, for it notoriously unreliable - I do know so as I have had an address ending with ihug.co.nz for about 11 of those 14 years. Initially it was the only real competition.

Since Vodafone took over, the service has gone from half usable to non-existent. Dropouts a lot of the time, slow transfer rates and living as a valued customer in queue a mile or more long to talk to someone from the sub-continent is just not on. One of these days, they may actually wake up to personal service and the fact that when you are having Internet or wireless connection issues, that maybe you cannot surf their website trawling their FAQs.

The alternative of the main player is a path I will never take. Personal preferences can cost dearly and I have a long memory. Vodafone has also, of late, managed to procure itself a position down there with the main player.

Come April, I will be actively looking for a change in my email address and somewhere different to park my small phone bill. If ony I could ditch that piece of copper hired from the usurious main player. That piece of copper costs more than my phone bill.

Any recommendations for an inexpensive rural alternative, readers?

Late rally?

More like a bouncing dead cat, I would have thought.

BTW, just how much are your KiwiSaver funds worth at present?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hillary's Step

We lost our greatest hero,
simple as that

RIP, Sir Ed

cartoon by Tom Scott, www.stuff.co.nz

Friday, January 18, 2008

Unions playing the man

The opening tactics of the fight Liarbour hopes to bring us over the next few months as they degenerate into all out war to get re-elected by any foul means have been revealed. Similar processes have been none too covert on blogs that dare to criticise Dear Leader's policies and methodologies to buy yet another election.

The unions are going to carry the bully-boy fight to the unwashed by playing the man rather than the message.
This is where Trev and others got off last year by being physical in and around the chamber. The low bar has been set, unions will be the attack mongrels, keeping the likes of Trev out of the frame and hopefully out of negative media whilst he is garnering votes.

The survey by employers suggests that personal grievances have increased by more than a quarter, the unions cry poor survey techniques, not arguing why the issues have arisen or how they might be fixed. It seems that a fair few cases do not get to the ERA, only high profile ones, employers choosing to settle the weaker ones out of mediation. So the DOL figures of ERA cases, the unions use to show a very low / steady state problem, do not reflect the true status.

Employers know what they spend money on and
perception is everything. I suggest that the law is such a convoluted process, it is hard for employers to get it right and employees are more willing to try it on.

Trial of former PM begins

I suspect that a fair few of the electorate would love to see such a headine after the election in 9 months time.

Seems extortion was the choice of of this ex-PM, not outright slipperiness as our teflon coated incumbent exhibits.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mr Plod to admit defeat

It is reported that the senior plod is set to offer a reward today for the stolen gongs, effectively admitting defeat. The constabulary has been concentrating so hard turning out for parents disciplining their children that they appear unable to garner any inside info on the perpetrators of a real crime.

I hardly think a paltry public offering above the large privately offered sums will turn a crims head.

We have seen the last of these medals.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Zealanders need something to remember Sir Ed by

As the political beast awakes from its post Christmas/New Year holiday season slumber, some are want to cash in on any matter that might give them or their party traction in an election year. Politicians will plumb any depth, paraphrasing Mr Ryan over at Macquarie Dictionary (Oct 2006), always stroking their
large dysfunctional egos, in search of a media identity

We have already seen her indoors morbid style again by turning up with a media circus in tow. Jim 'Me too' Anderton feels left out and is raising his profile, maybe speaking sense on these matters. Tree Huggers Inc, ever looking out for a partner to put over a coalition barrel later in the year, is trying to get their party immortalised in the electorate's mind by being associated with the call for an aptly named landform or public holiday. Winston First has been strangely quiet - is the Himalayan Trust about to get a $158K donation?

Even the clergy is getting in on the act with various padres making platitudes about how nice it is to be handpicked for such an occasion. Get on with your job of god bothering and arranging the send off, you are not trying to buy re-election.

It is absolutely sickening to watch this parade of sychophants looking for the spotlight. It will interesting to see how many true family/friends vs politicos needing to be in the media turn up as invited guests at the church. There is one constant in all of this, I know politicians do nothing without considering the potential for
political capital gain.

This funeral is about Sir Edmund Hillary and family, not any other person, politician or party looking for a media identity.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Sir Edmund Hillary 1919-2008

'I continued cutting a line of steps upwards'

'We knocked the bastard off'

'In some ways I believe I epitomise the average New Zealander. I have modest abilities, I combine these with a good deal of determination and I rather like to succeed'

Fitting memories of the ever humble beekeeper from Tuakau, but great man who never stopped moving upward throughout his life, always determined to get to the goal in sight.

A truly remarkable New Zealander, you will always remain a strong inspiration.

Forever the legend Sir Edmund Hillary.

RIP, my sincerest condolences to your family.

Tainted money

Granny has done a ring round seeing if any charities would like $158K. Many suggest it would be most welcome, but baulk at the idea of it being Winston First's tainted money, citing it would have to be ratified by their board.

I say to any charity who touches this tainted money, just watch the public pressure that will be applied and watch all your alternative public funding sources dry up. Hope you have a good budget without funding.

Also, now we are in 'election year' under the EFA, does any political statement 'donation' of this magnitude come off Winnie's total? If so, well done Winnie, nice of you to buy a charity while trying to get re-elected. Pay the money back to Parliamentary Services where you stole it from.

Also, has Mr Fence Sitter paid the amount he stole back yet?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

A responsible parent

There were two rules when mum paid for son's car at Thanksgiving - No booze and keep it locked.

Subsequent to recently finding booze, mum has placed an ad.
OLDS 1999 Intrigue. Totally uncool parents who obviously don't love teenage son, selling his car. Only driven for three weeks before snoopy mom who needs to get a life found booze under front seat. $3,700/offer. Call meanest mom on the planet.

The only negative comment about the meanest mum has been from her son
"very, very unhappy" with the ad and claims the alcohol was left by a passenger

Good on ya 'meanest mum'!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Rates to drop 17.5%

Auckland Robbery Company wastes $200,000,000.00 of our money annually on useless things like bureaucracy and morning teas.

They work in a cost plus mode, ie should costs rise, they will stiff you in subsequent tax rounds for that amount, plus large contingencies and as always, add GST as a double taxation.

Seems their financial witches peering into the crystal ball overshot the mark last year for they they banked $34M too much of our dosh. First time in history.

Give us a 17.5% discount this year you cry. Not bloody likely, Mr Banks says, now you can stump up $20M to that private monument to Trev in Helen's backyard.

Like hell, I say.
You can stick your proposed 5% rise, I look forward to my wallet being raped less this year. (Maybe even being stuffed to the brim in an effort to purchase my vote) Look, a flock of pigs...

Immigrants want State to provide ID

A recent immigrant, imported for his stash of wedge, failed a company director's credit rating check, due to having a name and a DOB the same as another already flagged as being a financial risk. As an aside, how come this check was not done at the outset by immigration?

The ANZ turned the credit check down and all hell broke loose. Problem has now been sorted, but the would be director is making loud noises about having unique id's for each and every one, in line with common practice by Euro states.

We already have that - only the IRD Constabulary would dearly love to be able to tattoo the number on your forehead the day you are born. I feel sure that the Nanny Stasi has this well advanced, able to employ more bureaucrats to manage a national database, citing post 9/11 security needs. It's for your own good you know. They need to be able to identify you anywhere and anytime.

Yeah right, get back under your rock.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Time for a name change?

The name of our fair country has evolved in the 366 years since Abel Tasman clapped his eyes on it. Firstly, Staten Landt, Nieuw Zeeland and finally New Zealand.

The isles upon which we reside in early days were never apparently known as one country, but as individually named parts.

Somewhere in between we were told by romanticists that the official pre-colonisation name was supposedly the Land of the long white cloud, or more commonly, Aotearoa. This, as discussed here, is a mere fiction, long overdue for removal from our lexicon.

Now that could upset some, romanticists and radicals have long used the name to define a point of difference. True romanticists are few and far between these days, so every time I see the word used, I know what is coming next - some supposedly hard done by needing a larger cut of my tax dollar has his hand out.

Like my passport says, this country has a name, it is New Zealand, nothing else.
How's this for giving Gorebull Warmists a fright? Just how much CO2 was produced? I'd ssuggest, definitely evironmentally unfriendly.

About as much as this emission of hot air. WTF is she doing in London anyway? Continuing to enlarge her carbon footprint hiding from the real world on her summer hols in the wintry depths of a Nordic country as usual. A fine example of sustainability, nice to see she supports Kiwi made, spending our taxpayer dollars on holidays in countries other than NZ.

Like the machinery, she is fast approaching the end of runway...

Saturday, January 05, 2008

About to start the next Microsoft?

Think you've got the best idea since sliced bread and have what it takes to be the next Billy Gates?

Just to be sure, you could do well to run your yardstick over some fundamentals from someone who has reportedly done it a few times before.


This man has a big fan in DPF, who actually has shares in his recently started company, but in the world of real business, name dropping gets you nowhere.

Researchers find Q gene

Seems if males get regular doses of turps, they undergo a 'behavioural sensitisation' which makes them get amorous with other males.

Funny that, every time I have ever got the beer goggles on, all 20 pinter females looked good on a scale of 1 to 10. Never once, that I can remember, did any males look any better, just pissed.

Must mean that I do not have that dreaded Q gene. It may be legal, but at least it isn't compulsory. Yet!

In the top 100!

Tumeke has plenty of time on his hands and has done a rating for NZ Blogs over the 2 months Nov/Dec, placing this blog at #86.

Whoopee - will have to try harder. Nice effort Tim.

HT WhaleOil

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Welcome to the Year of the Rat

Happy New Year to all.

Seen this very day in a field of cows near me. Inspired by this.

Unlike fellow travellers in the blogosphere, I will not be making statements re the validity / purpose of this blog. I do however recommend that you do NOT vote for those who supported the EFA, namely Liarbour, Winston First, The Tree Huggers and the Fence Sitter.

Like the turd and the brick, the EFA cannot be polished.

The game is now on.