Saturday, October 31, 2009

Yeah, liked that worked

In a few hours using cellphones will be banned on NZ roads. No doubt a taxpayer funded education campaign will be needed to change our wicked ways. Some will say money well spent.

Probably just about as useful as the long running drink-driving education campaigns some teenagers obviously paid a lot of attention to.
a classic example of how youth, alcohol and driving make a lethal combination

Nanny tries her best, but we do not listen.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Wanna see your life pass before your eyes?

Last Day Dream [HD] from Chris Milk on Vimeo.

Thought for the day

If we gave $10,000 to certain people and said 'we'll voluntarily sterilise you' then all of society would be better off. There'd be less dead children and less social problems

A bit OTT, but something like removing their welfare cheque would be a goer.

Can't wait for the talkback to ignite.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Memo: Need more tunnels to combat green fatigue

"Green" was a "damaged brand" and media saturation had led to "green fatigue"

Feeling rather fatigued by all that greenwash as the planet rushes headlong into the black hole?

Well, I have the solution for you.
Ms Delahunty's interview with NZPA was cut short when the connection was lost after the train she was travelling on entered a tunnel

We need more tunnels!


QOTD from the comments at 1443 on linked article
I have zoned out not from "fatigue" but from being sick of being lied to. Al Gore and his hockey-stick graph have been debunked and lost all credibility. So give it a rest, self-interested guilt-merchants in the media, and let the rest of us joyfully burn carbon.

One less greenie stirrer at the trough

It continues to sadden me that so many people, particularly in the world of blogs and talkback, so casually dismiss New Zealand MPs as corrupt, or lazy or incompetent, or all those things simultaneously.

Criticisms well proven. Commie Sue takes a swipe as she departs.

She will be remembered as a most divisive MP who criminalised parents over the correction of their children. One can only hope that mistake will be rectified soon.
Unless we are willing to challenge the status quo, to examine power relationships and inequality, and do something about addressing core issues, nothing will change for the better for those who have least, or for the natural world our species is so bent on destroying.

Yep, sounds just like the place and the people she is leaving.

Labour MP speaks some sense and then muffs it

Stop calling them our people; they are not our people

Our people don't go to jail for killing teenage boys, our people don't go to jail for raping, selling P and celebrating it as a mark of distinction and success

They're not our people. In fact they are not people ...

Who would have thought? The first sensible utterance I have heard from Liarbour in a decade. Shane Jones tackles the gang problem head on.
They are the slaves that would have been dispatched before Christianity without a sliver of doubt

In the next breath he muffs it as he makes an obtuse reference to the ever present warrior gene.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


You correctly answered 10 out of 10 questions.

You're clearly a political junkie.

Surprising, normally I muster much lower scores.

HT Homepaddock for the daily reminder.

Ms Turei uncovers racism

Ms Turei said there was an element of racism in the justice system

Always keen to play to your worst fears, the Greens go for the racist card. In her case, a prime target to be sampled forthwith, to see if there is any DNA present, I would have thought.

As an aside, Mr de Bres, just in case you missed this vile attack our our judiciciary, please may I have a certificate for bringing this to your attention?

Message getting through to the damned

An ultimatum given to management at the Auckland War Memorial Museum has passed without an offer - but unions have put off a threatened strike

At last, a union that realises Uncle Helen will not be running this country anytime soon in the second decade of the the 21st centrury.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Update: Caught red-handed, change subject and fling muck

Insurance companies which stood to gain from the privatisation of ACC could have made donations to National's election campaign and no one would ever know, Labour MP David Parker said in Parliament today.

Liarbour caught donkey deep with fraudulent polling over the weekend uses the oldest trick in the book to ease the pressure.
I can never prove that they were, but it is wrong for our democracy to be tainted by that accusation

Fling some muck straight back on a different topic. Liarbour politicians plumbing the depths yet again.

I do wonder how long the fraudulent polling has been going on. Probably years.

A promotion for a television show featuring Finance Minister Bill English could be mistaken for a party political broadcast

Liarbour continues flinging muck.
I am sure that if the Labour Party had had something important to say, it would have been equally welcome to participate

Mr English gives some back.

Underworked and overpaid

From KB where you have to be a minority Wordpress user to comment. Analysing the actual hours an MP does on the shop floor.
Overall it tends to mean less than 10 hours a week on average to actually pass laws

Sure to always be able to justify their existence, just remind me how much we pay these bastards.

Delicate negotiations

It's at a bit of a delicate stage

What's there to be delicate about thieving from taxpayers?

Either the unionised want to work in a recession or they don't.

Really, nothing delicate, a simple decision is required on their part.

Monday, October 26, 2009

ACC changes on song

the Pacific understanding of human psychology is being ignored and the changes favour a particular group of clinicians

Exactly on target for why ACC cuts are desperately needed. As another trough of colour is being closed off to the taxpayers purse, the squealing is deafening.

Brown Mafia Contractors Limited

Rorts at council troughs continue unabated.

  • In order to recognise and respect the Crown's responsibility to take appropriate account of the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi and to maintain and improve opportunities for Māori to contribute to local government decision-making processes, Parts 2 and 6 provide principles and requirements for local authorities that are intended to facilitate participation by Māori in local authority decision-making processes.

The above clause 4 from the Local Government Act contains fancy words about giving them a place at the council trough supposedly to assist in decision making, but nothing about awarding council contracts to the bros. Others interpret it differently, seeing a sound business case to be awarded council contracts if you are of the appropriate skin colour.
conduct its business in an open, transparent, and democratically accountable manner

undertake any commercial transactions in accordance with sound business practices

Councils are duty bound to conduct their business as stated above. Contracts awarded on "requires local authorities to consult with Maori and involve them in decision-making processes" would surely be open to legal challenge. How one gets from consult and involve in decision making to awarding contracts requires a seriously warped and stretched imagination.

But knowing the tendency of councils to oil squeaky wheels with my taxes, I suspect that the brown mafia pushing TOW principles and the like will be awarded the cream of the contracts. Sure all the fair and principled boxes will be ticked by the council to the detriment of the current contracting federation. Still I expect nothing less in this PC world of the councils endowed with the 'power of general competence'.

KG over at Crusader Rabbit has a similar post.

Social engineering business as usual in your wallet

no longer pursuing the removal of the social, environmental and cultural "wellbeings" in the act that ... had pushed councils into providing services beyond their core role

Councils are destined to continue delivering central government activities onto ratepayers.

Local Government Minister Rodney Hide has backed off from law changes to stop councils getting involved in social policies ... and force them to focus on core activities

What are you doing Rodney? I thought you had the wherewithal to deliver, but I see you are another boy doing a man's job.

Labour infested councils will be laughing in your face as they expand on delivering central government social engineering at ratepayer expense. Transparency and accountability?

Bollocks, why do you bother, the 'general competence' farce continues unabated!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

How to address the Y chromosome

  1. Males have tunnel vision and thus are not mind readers
  2. Men only want you to bother them if they can do something concrete about your situation
  3. Don't ask men unanswerable questions - your are just looking for a scrap
  4. Men can't follow multi-track conversations and they get bored easily
  5. Talking to a man while he's watching television is just you looking for trouble again
  6. A man only has a quota of about 3000 words a day and once they're said, that's it
Simple words for conversing with that extra chromosome from Peta Mathias

Excuses for a culture of failure

One answer is local kura kaupapa. Their rendering of New Zealand history is hopelessly skewed and often wrong. They teach grievance as a part of the curriculum. It explains their existence and excuses their inadequacy. They also build myths that Maori are a kind of chosen people, vested with privilege, and solely because they arrived here first. These myths include that Maori were instinctive environmentalists, living life in harmony with nature and themselves, until the advent of the white man.

Mr Laws says what needs saying.

One does wonder how he might have written this article after certain schools being left out of national standards this week. Or after the awarding of certificates.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thief in the night

The regional council had reported the incident to police last year but they had decided not to proceed.

Why bloody not? This thieving prick should be in jail and such fraud should carry mandatory prosecution.

John Boy has a firm grip

some tax relief could still form "part of the mix"

Take your hand off it John and
stop yanking my chain!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

R2D2 superceded


Unbelievable technology!

As wreck1080 suggests, where's the robotic maid?

More horse trading down at the corral

the Maori Party had offered to back the reforms

One does really wonder how much did that cost? The foreshore plus 100 metres? Or 100Km?

The only reason that the separatists cave in on such trading matters at the corral is that they have been offered a bigger slab of horse-flesh elsewhere. Mark my words.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Twisted message from academic

Dr Kathleen Quinlivan, senior lecturer at Canterbury University's College of Education, said the report sent "a clear message" that schools and communities needed to start involving gay youth to learn from them about addressing prejudice and discrimination.

A supposed expert with a twisted message for those contemplating a lifestyle different from the norm.
the "lifestyle" itself has mental and physical consequences and should not be promoted to our young people as being healthy

Fletch at NZ Conservative sees a very different, but equally clear message. One which I whole-heartedly agree with.

Update: MMP Gone by lunchtime?

Justice Minister Simon Power will make an announcement about a referendum on the MMP electoral system today

One can only hope!


Not quite by lunchtime, FPP for 2017.

Good news for once

Mr and Mrs Plover, of Western Springs onramp fame, are pleased to announce the safe arrival of four baby plover chicks. Mowers beware!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Your worst nightmare is about to be unleashed

Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia says a decision on Foreshore and Seabed legislation will be revealed in the next two weeks.

The Maori Party wants the legislation repealed and its party president Whatarangi Winiata yesterday said the government had agreed.

The ultimate cost of the unholy alliance with the separatists is about to become your worst nightmare as your beaches are converted to freehold title.

Where's Don Brash when you need him?

Community Alert: Jellyfish seen around 'no risk' fatal drain

One day on, we witness the ducking for cover as the legal niceties of negligence are possibly coming home to roost.
  • Housing NZ - teenage children who were not endangered
  • HNZ and the Waitakere City Council - both alerted about the cover which came off during poor weather
  • HNZ - had fulfilled its responsibilities by informing Waitakere City Council
  • HNZ - it would take time to fix the problem as negotiations around who would pay the repair bill needed to be carried out
  • Labour Department - has previously been reported as saying it was not carrying out any specific inquiry
  • Labour Department - might look at whether workers were put at risk by the unsecure manhole
  • Labour Department - tries to blame homeowner over a council drain - "homeowners should ensure they "take a safety-first approach" and address any issue which could lead to injury or death"

Unbelievable! An orchestrated litany of arse covering by spineless jellyfish. IMO multiple manslaughter charges would be a more appropriate course of action at this time.

Waitakere City Council spokesman Wally Thomas said a report into how the local authority handled complaints about the manhole was due before the end of the month.

It was being carried out by "council staff" but would be reviewed by an external company before release.

And that really takes the cake. An internal investigation, reviewed by council legals, before Joe Ratepayer gets to see a sanitised and disinfected report in sunlight. Leaky homes anyone?

Won't someone stand up? Where is Mayor Bob???

Thieving journalists

12 days after I wrote about this, a similar story makes it into the MSM, without a by-your-leave. Well OK, I did flog it from elsewhere.

Maybe thieving journalist should join the warmists on the rota to register thermometers.

How to upset the natives 101

AN URBAN design expert says Auckland is "architecturally banal" and needs a dramatic new structure such as a new bridge across the harbour – but the city doesn't have the talent to do it without help from overseas

Yep, that should do it. Wait for the natives to come out swinging.

But wait, there is more. This gem at the bottom.
About 350,000m2 of land valued at around $1b in St Mary's Bay and Northcote Pt could be sold off after closure of bridge

I suspect that monetary return from the sale will not be realised as other natives put their hands out for 'their' reclaimed, but now highly valued mudflats to be returned.

Harden Up!

Never much in the Sunday rags, usually just personalised opinionated spin on lukewarm regurgitated topics from earlier in the week, but one immediately caught my eye as I scanned the online offerings whilst kick starting the brain with a coffee hit this morning.

After the first good night's sleep in a week. Am on the lookout for the bastard who gave me the man flu, but the local apothecary did manage to find some very effective product with precursors in it. I digress, onto the subject of this post.
People often blame losing control on lack of money and stress. We say everyone can control themselves, it's a choice they make.

Granny notes there has been an noticeable increase in soft cock couples racing off to tell all to their counsellors about their money and stress woes.
there is an incentive to stay together - it's cheaper than setting up two new households

From one who is well into his third life sentence, I say harden up! And for the government, one could also suggest that there are huuuuge savings be had in this arena. Cut all the funding to agencies offering such counselling services. Let the would be ferals get on with life, FFS you do not need therapy with a counsellor!

ps 14 years is a life sentence in this country what with soft cock judiciary and early parole. The whole place has gone to the dogs.


CK sings from the same song sheet.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Public Thrust Building changes occupations

Dannevirke's historic Public Trust building, which gained notoriety during a spell as the brothel Promiscuous Girlz last year, has been sold to the Waikato ex-policeman who plans to turn it into an international police museum.

Oh well, the building never did get much trade after the local god botherering knitting circle took an intimate interest in proceedings.

Out of power for a generation

A new group of Labour politicians warned today that the party appeared “intellectually exhausted” and could be out of power for a generation unless it produces fresh ideas soon.

One lives in hope it will come to pass.
a "widespread perception that Labour... is intellectually exhausted

Filk Off, are you listening? Where Albion goes, so do we.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Flip-flopping Key changes mind again

Prime Minister John Key has intervened in the rugby television rights row, issuing a directive that Maori TV will be the lead bidder

I wonder what he has traded with the separatists for this change of direction? His leash is being tightened daily by minorities bleeding this country dry. What a bloody farce this counter bidding war has become as we open the coffers to the IRB.

The flip-flop colour is appropriate for Liarbour-Lite.

Update: Yes! Waitakere City may be liable

I refrained from posting this yesterday / the night before out of respect for the Symes family and their tragically confirmed loss of Aisling.

As events unfolded during the evening, I was really angry that Mayor Bob was in thick of things leaking snippets of information to the media prior to formal notifications by the Police. Some have (possibly rightly) suggested that it is typical of the frenetic that follow such events looking to portray themselves as stalwarts of the community.
As the family of Aisling Symes prepare for her funeral, Waitakere City Council could face prosecution over her death.

This morning the boot is on the other foot. The state of the drain had been known for years and obviously little done, with the latest complaint being days ago. As I feel and am sure many others will, Waitakere City Council is potentially liable for Aislings' tragic death. As a ratepayer, I was most shocked to see the Mayor usurping the Police operations trying to portray his council in a good light. Failed utterly in my view, still I expect nothing less from an ex spin merchant.
The performance on on state run television by Bob Harvey was positively embarrassing and nauseating. When it comes to private swimming pool fencing, Waitakere has possibly the most draconian and freedom restricting laws in the country. What a pity he does not apply those same standards to his own operation. Let it not be forgotten that boring stuff like drainage and roads are the core business of any local council. What an utter hypocrite and incompetent Harvey is.

Says it all on how angry I feel about Mayor Bob. One can only wonder why the Police have not already secured the multiple complaint records on a core business failure at the council offices. Surely the council legal department is already in damage limitation mode, without the
prime players in this tragedy refrain making such public statements trying to throw the blame directly onto his workers.


Have had closer look at article and one in the Herald.

A Labour Department spokesman said it had not been contacted about the case by police. "If they had any information that they want to pass on, we would be happy to consider it."

Labour Dept sitting on their arse waiting for something to happen.

One West Auckland drainlayer - who did not want to be named - told the Herald he immediately thought about the manhole cover after hearing Aisling's body had been recovered.

He said he had raised concerns about it with the Waitakere City Council a year ago, after making a closed-circuit TV inspection of the stormwater line.

"It's an old lid that should have been replaced ages ago. When we came across that we let the council know. They pop up in bad stormwater."

Contractor suggested a year ago that problem could have been fixed with new lid.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Grim news

Reports body found in search for toddler
My thoughts are with the family at this sad time.


My expectations of IBM were far higher than the amateur results that were delivered yesterday

IBM gets roasted by Air NZ for yesterdays' shocking performance.

Private transport beats unions

Travellers had coped by switching to trains, buses provided by other companies, car pooled or brought their own cars

Once again private transport wins on reliability.

Every day the strike of the unionised continues, the message on the inherent fallibility of public transport is reinforced as
commuters and parents make alternative arrangements, taking the message directly to the unionists that their style of advocacy and militancy will not be tolerated.
the alternative services offered a better ride on more comfortable buses, with music and a friendly atmosphere

Every customer lost will be extremely hard to win back, further reducing the mythical effectiveness of public transport.

Give it up unions, nobody is listening to your demands
in these recessionary times.

Should have happened years ago, long may it continue!

Water disincentives

Wellytown thieves that infest the council are discussing ways to further empty the ratepayers' wallet via increased water charges. Apparently with a 1% population growth, a new dam will be needed soon.
Water meters that charge households and businesses inflated prices for each drop they use could be introduced

Everyone gets a meter will cost $70M to install. Some suggest that cost not be recovered as the mere installation of a meter will reduce consumption by 15%. Guess who will pay for the exercise of installing the meters, but not using them for charging.
councils can't charge more than it is actually costing to provide the water so councils are not in a position [currently] to use charging as effectively as some would like, to drive behaviour

Another mooted option is increasing the current amount you pay for water. Currently the actual costs are divvied up between ratepayers. Some would like to add a (significant, no doubt) component over and above the current costs to steer usage into a saving mode. The above statement should scare ratepayers, for the council wallahs are obviously considering such moves. Nanny State to the fore.

Thieving bastards. Always looking for a way to increase your taxes.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gentlemen, Start your engines

A lap with Murph just to get you in the groove for Sunday.

Full on sport without the thuggery!

For effort

Nobel prizes available from here.

Oswald has a similar theme.

Friday, October 09, 2009

MPs' still snout deep in rort

We're disappointed that we made a mistake

The investment in houses had been to provide "ethical investment"

Ethics and politicians??? Get real! We've just seen this week where such motives get MPs with one of their own having the ignominy of being the first NZ MP to be proven corrupt. I can only hope that others who aided and abetted the criminal are also taken to task. Enough of that off-track line of thought.

Green MPs from outside Wellington will now have to rent commercially which could cost more money

Giving the taxpayer warning that now their thieving MPs' will be claiming market rates, whilst trying to salve their collective consciences. I do wonder how many times they did not get caught snout deep in the last twelve years. Just got caught this time? Time for a Tui.

Never any thought that a component of the excessive base pay of an MP might actually cover such expenses as out of town accommodation. Oh no, silly me, base pay is sacrosanct, the taxpayer can stump up on expenses and pay for all their accommodation. Remember these thieves write the rules to suit themselves.

What a bloody rort.

Prisoner rights reign supreme in this PC world

And there is no pork in Corrections?

Utterly unbelievable that 80 odd criminals should dictate menus.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Interesting stats

Cheers for the lurkers that got stuck into my blog over the past few days. Done wonders for my hit count.

Aug 1 to today shown.

Two posts stick out of th
e daily page loads. This one and this one. Not sure why the second one is still getting traffic from all over the world. And there are some real sickos regularly looking for animals and granny.

Most interesting is the lurkers resolving to government servers. And those are without doing any work on resolving IP addresses.
  • parliament.govt.nz
  • psvmas01.parliament.govt.nz
  • mail.horizons.govt.nz
  • Ministry Of Justice New Zealand
  • smtp.wbopdc.govt.nz
  • npm.avsec.govt.nz
  • owa.privacy.org.nz

One wonders if I might have pressed a few buttons too many mentioning helicopters of a certain type and questioning what now appears to be incompetent management of the operations.

Anyway cheers for the hits!

Tax, tax and again, yet more tax

As the hand wringers argue back and forth about a CGT and speak at great length about the pros and cons of raising Grab Snatch and Take, I do wonder if the priorities are totally wrong.
able to continue to deliver the revenue needed to fund what we have come to expect from the state.

Always about raising the take, never lowering it.

A brutal weaning from the state handout would be far better to all concerned.

State tenant 'owned two properties'


MP's are doing the same. No doubt more than a few on Welfare For Families are in the same game.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Put it on the tab

Veda reports high spending baby boomers are fast running out options.
The statistics show the lifestyles of the Baby Boomers are coming home to roost - they are defaulting on debts mounted up over the years which they can now no longer service - the recession has seen many Baby Boomers lose their jobs while others have had their wealth eroded

Similar story over at the budgeting shops as jobless punters bet their shirts on the recession ending some time real soon.
The recession is largely responsible for a 25 per cent increase in the amount of debt clients at the Federation of Family Budgeting Services owe

The recession message has obviously not properly hit home as yet.

Can you ditch your drip feed, loans and mortgage(s) retaining the roof over your head, while being comfortable about stopping work for at least a year or so? If not, I hope that 50" plasma tv with the flash car and all your must have gizmos will give you the comfort you desire over the next few months.

And we call this sport?

Sport? Really? What are we teaching our children?

And we are about to waste millions of taxpayers wedge in the name of the national game.

After seeing the nationally endorsed thuggery that takes place each weekend on our playing fields in the name of sport, I do wonder what our children are taking in.

  • Parents shouting the odds from the sideline
  • Smashed 'em bro a regular high ratings feature
  • Players regularly beating each other to a pulp and inflicting horrific injuries
  • War dances for everything and anything from funerals to sport

Need I go on? Hell, even that girly game netball is a contact sport these days.

Time to get real NZ.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Predicting climate change using facts

Good old matelot Jimmy Cook was a very good chronicler of the weather during his worldwide travels and these have been stored away in the National Archives at Kew in the UK.
Captain James Cook’s weather reports, which he logged meticulously at noon each day on his voyages to unknown lands, are helping scientists to predict changes in the climate.

The daily WX reports are to be uploaded online and made available as a base set on which climate change predictions may be based.

There are gems like this:

Captain George McDougal, HMS Resolute, Arctic voyage, Jan 23, 1853

“The Quarter Master went outside on the floe to register the thermometers. . . In the act of reading off, his attention was attracted by a slight noise and his surprise maybe imagined when on looking round he observed a bear within five yards of him. His situation, to say the least of it, was not an enviable one, for one spring of the brute would have put an end to his registering thermometers forever. Thankfully the bear disappeared and we have the registers intact”

Maybe some well known warmists should be sent outside to register thermometers on a more regular basis...

More tossers

Speaking of tossers, following in a vein similar to the previous post, here are a couple more.

The eco-dinosaur seriously gets his nose out of joint for not getting an invite to opening proceedings. Serves him right for wasting reams of ratepayer monies over the last decade wanting to socially engineer another slum out west.

And this tosser really takes the cake. Plays the race card, miffed at not getting a place at the Queen's Wharf design trough. Along with suggesting modern Orklund edifices must look like and operate within the Maori dynamic.

cultural and marae dynamics were needed for a welcoming zone like Queens Wharf

but as a principle there should be some Maori-Pacific input at judging whether it be Ngati Whatua or not

Prime stirrer of late, Ngarimu Blair puts his oar in attempting to justify why there should always be racially based judges at such events.


Monday, October 05, 2009

Young tossers flog stick movies

Mr Plod reports:
An Adult shop in Kaiapoi was burgled overnight

Most of the goods taken were erotic women's lingerie ... and a number of adult DVD's

Bored tossers on skool holidays.

Update X: Community Notice: Update on crazed gunman

As Granny Herald uses some gratuitous licence in repeating Police notices tarting the storyline up a little by saying that there is a crazed gunman on the loose in the 'lower half of the North Island', I thought an update would be appropriate.

Norsewood is a small village split by State Highway 2 about 20 minutes north of Dannevirke. The Police notice refers to a Butchers Creek supposedly about 4Km north of Norsewood. I suspect this unGoogled location where the crash occurred is on 65km/h corner just off the Manawatu River bridge just north of Norsewood heading north. Suspect has absconded up steep hill onto Vaughan road and then across SH2 down Whenahou Road.

It has rained steadily the last 30 hours here at 25km south of the area, so I suspect the area, being relatively flat dairy farms on a windswept treeless plateau above Norsewwod at 1100' (360m) is sodden. The wind has been a freezing
cold southerly since yesterday lunch, so the suspect will be cold and wet. There has been snow here to 500m yesterday afternoon, the Desert Road 75Km away was closed last night.

I think I heard the cavalry head north past here hugging the ground (it is clagged in to 500m here) toward the area about half an hour ago at 0700. An Iroquois chopper is so distinctive in its whack-whack-whack sound, even from 5Km away. Suspect a chopper from Ohakea, or maybe Linton, has come out at first light. Hopefully it has a FLIR.

A detour above Norsewood is still in place, it is narrow gravel road. I
say avoid the area.

Instead of reading the tarted up Police notices that the MSM parade as breaking news here are a couple of links.

0107 Police notice

0458 Police notice, with picture of suspect. I do note he has been a previous client of Mr Plods by the orange overalls. (Have found out later today maybe not a previous client, may be freezing works overalls)

ps Stuff has blown up the pic, cropped the wide roadblock pic for effect

end of Community Notice

Update 0930

Another Iroquois has gone northward to the area.

Update 1200
Dannevegas cop shop a hive of activity this morning. Must have turned out the Police College in Porirua. Rain recently stopped here, solid snow line at 600m. 6 deg outside currently.

Update 1430

Federated farmers has asked media to stop contacting local farmers as the welfare of their stock is of greater concern given the poor weather. Nothing seen of gunman since 1700 last night. I do wonder if he is actually still inside the cordon.

Update 1600
Cavalry changeout a short time ago - 2x south, 2x north? Only saw one going north well to west of SH2. WX still clagged in and raining. Stuff reports
single shot inside cordon around 1450. All over? Situation upgraded to homicide as car with body removed.

Update 1745
SH2 re-opened and 2nd single shot reported by Stuff after 1600. What's the betting some high ranking Plod makes Te News as a breaking story to make him look good. Can hear cavalry going southward to home. Must be all over.

Update 1915
As promised, a high ranking stiff was superimposed on a live backg
round of the road down to the Manawatu River, the now infamous Butchers Creek, during Closeup to give the impression of the dreaded live cross. Stiff as a board was the Super, cap askew, with a firm grip on his mike and the fringing due superimposition very evident. A shocking 'live' performance on his part on Closeup. (Caught the end of TV3 interview - on the spot interview - much better)

Temperature outside is under 4 degrees, raining heavily, southerly wind bitter and snow conditions likely for another 15 hours. Stuff reports Southern Star Abbey (yes, there is a local monastery) below Whenahou Rd / Manawatu River has just recently been searched so Plod obviously thinks he is still in the area inside the cordon, but a couple
of Km away from SH2, hence the cordon lift earlier. Plod found some of his clothing on riverbank. Could be moving further south toward Dannevegas, but unlikely to break the quickly placed cordon. Ground coming south is extremely steep, broken country with many rivers and small streams swollen by 40 hours of solid rain and snow.

Update 6 Oct 0830

0709 Police first update in 18 hours

Wx much better in area today - still low snow on hills, visibili
ty relatively good, dry.

Note: While commenter pdm correctly notes the Southern Star Abbey is on Kopua Rd, the area being cordoned appears to include Kopua Road northward, the Manawatua River bed and up to the south side of Whenahou Road being open relatively flat dairy country up there. IMHO the area of most interest is the river bed from SH2 to the Takapau-Ormondville Road, being rough and scrubby.

Update 1105 Breaking News

Stuff reports suspect found alive. Media Conference with the Super
in Dannevegas at 1200. (Plod has removed this notice, was up for less than 5 minutes) Was found very close to SH2 (inside cordon?) at Norsewood and Districts Golf Club on Kopua Rd. Very close to where he initially crashed the vehicle.

Update 1145

A general area map for your info

Well done to all the ground staff on the scene at the cordon. Must have been damned cold bitter nights, but again thanks for you excellent efforts. As for your superiors and the media, what else could I say as we await their feeding fest and backslapping at the Dannevegas Council Chambers in few minutes.

Well done ground crew!

Update 1155
Stuff has reported that the Golf Club was outside the cordon.
The building where Bourke was found this morning was about 500m away from the car crash scene, across the other side of the Manawatu River. It is understood the building was outside the cordon zone.

Wonder how the Super will explain that away at the press conference???

Sunday, October 04, 2009

My kind of social networking

via Boys Own


I was going to donate to the Samoan tsunami victims, but then I looked at my fortnightly payments going to Samoan criminals, Samoan cripples and Samoan dole bludgers already in New Zealand and decided against it

A nonsense from one upholding the rule of Laws.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

30 days on the Ring of Fire

A busy 30 days. Life goes on.

Quote of the day

Today, it seems, ordinary life has been made illegal.

Do you remember voting for that?

Ofsted basking in the halcyon days of employing "useful idiots".

Carnival time!

Rio gets the 2016 nod.

But I do wonder how much carbon was spewed into the atmosphere by the ObamaMessiah and family (2x separate trips to Copenhagen) supporting the windy city's bid?

Friday, October 02, 2009

The Whale takes Cactus for drinkies

Hilarious! Except for one pompous tree hugger.

National fostering separatism

More separatist pork from National via TPK.

I really do wonder just how an already heavily taxpayer subsidised TV station chasing a free-to-air sports event whilst outbidding the taxpayer and privately funded stations can be good for "Maori development".

Smacks of nothing but pork barrelling by National with the separatist Maori Party. TPK really does need taking apart.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Hitler finds out about iSnack 2.0

HT The Punch

FAIL: Horizons Regional Council

Estimated wave East Cape and Mt Maunganui 1m-0922.

Stay tuned to local media for more information.

Sent warning via text to those ratepayers who had signed on.

Text arrived at 1156. Apology sent 1230.

Tossers. I wonder whether I will get a reduction in my rates?

A tsunami of lessons to learn: Update

Early calculations suggest that the rupture was around 200-300km long and that the plates moved around 4-7m.

Scientists expect an event of this magnitude to occur around once or twice a year.

If you live adjacent to a 10,000m deep trench in an active earthquake zone and feel an earthquake, you do not wait to see if the tide is going out.

Taking steps, large steps, towards higher ground is the only option as waiting two minutes for the quake to finish has already probably used 20% of your available evacuation time.

Waiting for an 'official warning' is too long when you have less than ten minutes before the first tsunami wave strikes at 400mph or faster.

Still people never learn, even when they have plenty of warning.


Caritas said it was ironic that last week Caritas staff were in Samoa for an exercise involving a tsunami hitting the south coast.

Caritas New Zealand director Michael Smith said his Samoan colleagues had also run workshops on disaster risk reduction and emergency preparedness.

Obviously a worthwhile exercise.