Friday, April 29, 2011

Excitement building...

"Who are Posh and Becks, or did he just sneeze?"

Clarke is overwhemed by the excitement of the impending proceedings.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Well that's that then [updated]

Rodney gone by lunchtime. Who would have thought? Maybe a tick for ACT in November?

The Nats should now get the message loud and clear that not enough is done to put New Zealand back onto an even fiscal keel. Will they butter up Don, ever ready to stab him in the back later down the track, or continue their tango to apartheid with the racist elite?

Puts Winnie on the backburner. Unfortunate, I was looking forward to him livening up the bear pit.

As suspected, the knives are already out for Don...
an immediate response from one of National's allies - United Future leader Peter Dunne said most voters would be "horrified" at the thought of a Don Brash-led ACT forcing National to the Right.

"Today the reality of what will be at stake in the November 26 election has been spelt out clearly for all New Zealanders - and it should scare them," Dunne said.

"National will lead the next government. Labour is in meltdown and out of the game.

"[Prime Minister] John Key will be horrified at the prospect of being dragged to the right."

The Nats are three years overdue for being dragged hard right to do what is needed.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Lessening their pain

I'm not sure of the legalities around spamming but I'm sure...

Fresh on the heels of Phil Gaffe's 'I do not know who stuck the signs up, but no one will notice' illegal road signage, we have another group willing to break the law to get their message across. No doubt a recent product of insidious leftard indoctrination at school, being better than the law.
advocates spamming the group with texts and YouTube links to the Chinese National Anthem and songs such as I think I'm Turning Japanese

Yes, one day those today ardently concerned about about such pamphlets, willing to break the current law, might realise the actual horrors of war that the older generation endured so that they could enjoy their freedom today.
My grandfather died from war-related injuries when my dad was eight. It's sad to think that this intolerance still exists two generations on
There are those of that generation, along with their families, still alive today for whom rightly any form of fraternising with peoples from certain Asian or Germanic countries will be forever viewed with total disgust and never be condoned to their dying days. And that is why they will turn out in droves today, this day of remembrance.

War is an ugly business and it will take more than two generations to lessen their pain.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

More Easter fun

The Easter entertainment has arrived

The Queen could visit New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup if Prime Minister John Key can strike a deal with Labour

Your ball, Phil Gaffe.

Let the Easter entertainment begin.

ps Happy Easter to all

Thursday, April 21, 2011


"The Government's contribution allows us to be competitive on the world stage," Mr Dalton said.

Another socialist with both fists in my wallet.

At least we now know where Monday's share of the $300M borrowed this week went in these dire economic times. Priceless.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Some things are not to be outsourced

A war of words has erupted over moves by Christchurch RSA bosses to defy a national directive to buy Chinese-produced Anzac Day poppies from next year.

Good on ChCh RSA for taking the stand. One I fully support. As promised, this blogger has not undertaken renewal of his RSA membership this year over this matter. I wonder how many other members have taken similar action.

Some matters military are really above buying from the lowest bidder.

A milestone passed...

Sometime yesterday this site passed 100000 hits. Dear Readers, might have been slow compared to others at times, but obviously you keep returning for more.

All on the interweb, without any new-fangled things like twatter or faceplant feeds or guest posts. Who gives a toss about that crap, I haven't got the time to waste. And anyway, I have to find my glasses to read texts on the cellphone.

All done without a specific axe to grind, except for starters, fecking useless lying politicians, thieving local government bureaucrats, unions and natives with arms outstretched for my taxes.

Ta. Hopefully I can keep calling it as I see it...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bloody hypocrites!

Wanganui district councillors are split over whether or not God has any place around their council table

I'd be willing to be bet the same would-be-secular local government doff their caps, tug their forelocks and kowtow to the local heathens practicing and preaching their own 'cultured' brand of witchcraft.

Even encourages the culturing of the unwashed via heathen prayers at the start of council proceedings. You see, apparently that is not offensive, it is a treasure under clause 67854321 of that treaty. And you will pay for that culture indoctrination via your taxes.

Bloody hypocrites!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sleep-walking to an utter disaster

Fancy another three years of Pinko-Lite's Smile and Wave doing nothing?

More of being ever afraid of really taking the scythe to the bloated public service. Of breaking
public service and education unions along with their affiliations for legalised extortion with political parties Of reigning in the welfare bludgers creaming it on your tax dollar.

With numbers like the TV3 poll last night slaying the gaggle of gays and unionists, it is exactly
what New Zealand is sleepwalking to in November. Along with the unholy alliance with the racist separatists and their perverted sense of entitlement.

A truly right conservative offering is lacking, the electorate is paralysed and alseep. ACT is buggered, one-trick pony Rodders is about to be ousted. Thinking of the hippies over at the tree-huggers? Forget them, they are wolves in sheep's clothing, being out and out communists.

Unless you want a disaster New Zealand, complete with continuing to support the hundreds of thousands of welfare bludgers, just keep on keeping on. Vote in the nice Mr Key again, or even tick Caretaker Phil, just vote for more of the same. At least a vote for Winnie might rouse some from their sleep, though I suspect he too will change tack when the track gets hard.

An utter disaster is unfolding and we are in a trance.

BBQ anyone???

An icy blast sweeps the country. Liarbour country that is.

Definitely not the weather for a BBQ. Not even a late autumn one, which I fear no-one wants to attend, let alone provide the venue.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

An early Easter act

The Government is pouring billions of dollars of good money – taxpayers' money – into failing businesses like South Canterbury Finance and AMI Insurance. It should nationalise AMI and send the people who supposedly ran the company to a tent camp in a Canterbury pine plantation for the winter.

they are creaming it ... [while] taxpayer dollars get siphoned off in billions to save failing businesses

The days of pensioners eating pet food will be over the day we walk back through the doors of Parliament

Lazarus delivers a few home truths and is welcomed with open arms.
Welcome back, it has been a bloody long three years without you

The Easter Bunny rises early, to thunderous applause from his audience.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Nite Pussy

As always, the wireless connection for Friday Fun is down. But, hey, this corner of the laptop is hot. And I am seriously cute...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Is there any other way to describe work?

Work is a benefit, business is the benefactor and workers are merely the beneficiaries. Workers should be grateful for a job; a job is a privilege; employers should be lauded for the contribution they make to growing economic wealth.

anyone who joins or seeks to organise a union as disloyal, a wrecker or an ingrate, throwing charity back in the face of the giver ... paints the union as an outsider, an interferer in a relationship based on charity

Some would suggest otherwise. Something along the lines of 'an exchange of labour, with the ever present threat of union thuggery should you not agree, to be milked for all it is worth'.

As I said is there any other way to describe work?

A union spin weasel attempts to rewrite recent history at Scoop, via THM

Monday, April 11, 2011

QoTD: Trawling the dregs of the sewer

And just because a law is passed to “normalise” an immoral practice doesn’t make that practice any more moral.

All it does is show how societal standards have slipped further into the sewer.

Yes, legislation does not change morality.

Is that our Prime Minister? Really???

Environmental campaigners disrupting oil exploration off the East Cape are standing in the way of "better jobs and better incomes" for New Zealanders, says Prime Minister John Key.

A PM telling professional protesters and eco-loons to bog off. Should do it a whole lot more often, lock them up. Might actually earn my respect and vote.
"This is not a protest," iwi spokesman Rikirangi Gage said. "This is an act of defence of our ancestral lands and waters that have sustained us for generations."

But, like the suddenly disappearing taniwha under motorways and the like, no doubt any cultural problems will be assuaged with a massive greasing of extended palms with taxpayer beads and blankets.

Breaking: Big quake [update II]

Large quake 6+? experienced here in Dannevegas at 1235. Nothing seen on GeoNet yet.


Waipawa / Waipukurau from first drum graphs


Only a 5.1 about 30km away, 30km down, in Earthquake Alley. Good shake, reflected off Ruahines 1Km away. Nil damage, moggies scarpered.

Scolding "straight shooters" [update]

I wouldn't trust them. Between a gaggle of gays and some self-serving unionists, I'm not sure that a straight shooter such as myself would be given a fair deal.

A West Coast straight shooter raises the ire of Liarbour caretaker Philomena Gaffe.
he had "scolded" Mr O'Connor about the comments, which the MP had told him about, "although ... it will probably help him no end on the Coast. He's a pretty straight talker and he used West Coast language.

Mind you, Gaffe will have plenty of time to reminisce after November on why the electorate has grown tired of such depravities as faggots and union thugs.

the comments were inappropriate and ''redneck''

Operation 'Deny, denigrate, delay' is well underway - Liarbour's Prez probably getting its Rainbow faction to smear their MP who dared to speak the truth and be different. 75% of New Zealanders think he is right. Well according to Stuff anyway. But the smear is in, so typical of the left.

Why don't you lot on the left just bugger off? New Zealand has had a gutsful of thieving, lying, self serving thugs such as those that infest the left.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

2 way split...

Bugger, only $17.6 million.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

I couldn't do Budgeting for Bludgers...

A Glenfield solo mother has been refused a food grant to feed her children because of tight new rules for hardship payments.

she had unexpected costs when her stove broke down and she needed a new tyre to get a warrant and registration for her car

has not had a haircut for two years and can't afford a computer for her children

Eh? Priorities totally wrong! Since when did computers and cars become necessities for life?

Then we find further down...

Her stove broke down two weeks ago and the landlord has not replaced it

Yes the stove is the evil landlord's problem. But there is no self help.

had received four hardship grants since September but her debts appeared to be still growing.

"We have asked [her] more than once to meet with us to work on a budget and agree some reasonable steps towards managing her finances. We want to help [her] live within her means, to break out of the debt cycle," he said. "To date, [she] has refused to discuss her budget and costs with us."

But back to the gatekeepers doling out taxpayer wedge to these would be bludgers wanting handouts without the necessary changes in lifestyle.

Unfortunately I take a rather dim view of such blatant abuse of process. I could never keep a straight face doing that job. My line of questioning and subsequent advice at Budgeting for Bludgers would be the following...

Me. 'Do you own a vehicle? Did you drive it here?'

Would be bludger: 'Yes and Yes'

Me. 'Piss off! Next!'

Friday, April 01, 2011

Judge deports overstayer in hours

  • A Thai overstayer who has been living in New Zealand illegally for 10 years has been deported to Thailand
  • was on a flight back to Thailand this afternoon, about four hours after Judge Kit Toogood turned down his application for a review
  • been in New Zealand since 1996 when he arrived on a three-month visitor permit but stayed on when the permit expired

Excellent. How the judiciary should deal with all overstayers. Now for a few quick dawn raids in South Auckland to drum up more customers...

Turkey argues for early Christmas

  • A Treasury paper out today argues for lower tax and less government spending.
  • There appears to be scope to lower the tax take as a share of the economy or, alternatively, to better position the Crown to deal with long-term expenditure pressures without increasing the tax take
  • There is mixed evidence as to what types of expenditure really matter for growth.
  • However, the Treasury believes that New Zealand has a significant chunk of spending in areas that are unlikely to enhance economic growth
  • all spending programmes need to meet a high burden of proof that they really do boost New Zealander's living standards

I can well imagine those on the left side of the divide having an apoplectic fit over such heresy. Who'd have thought someday we might hear some reality from the gummint? The thought of a gummint department recommending reducing bureaucratic spend sends shivers.

Well, I never. After all, they're only here to help.

ps Can't be an April Fools joke - article was released at 1300.