Sunday, April 12, 2015

"possible uninformed public backlash"

Maori leaders have mounted a bid for effective ownership ... of the country's freshwater.

This would allow them ... to onsell it to those who need water for irrigation, hydropower and other commercial uses

a partner in Chen Palmer, warned of a possible uninformed public backlash in light of the controversy over the Foreshore and seabed issue

Damned right there'll be public backlash.  And it won't be uninformed as the natives try to claim freshwater in New Zealand for theirs to tax in perpetuity.

If only the Nats had put these "partnership" issues to bed when they had political capital to expend.

See where pandering to the racist apartheid Maori Party for votes gets you Mr Key?

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Vile Labour scum wants to risk NZ troops

Labour has attacked the degree of secrecy about the preparation of a New Zealand troop deployment to Iraq

Goff said the level of secrecy was unprecedented

He who will always be remembered with disgust that he and the she-beast spat on returning troops post Vietnam now has the gall to expose our current troops going to Iraq.  Absolutely vile scum!

We knew that when New Zealand soldiers went there they were not liable to be arrested by the local authorities and charged with things under local law but that they would be subject to New Zealand and military law

Bollocks! Nothing has changed, NZ military personnel have always known that they are liable under both local laws when overseas and also in parallel, NZ military law.  

 Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee said he had a "satisfactory agreement" with the Iraqi Government on legal protections for New Zealand troops on deployment, he said he would not be releasing it for security reasons.

At least the government has the correct response.