Thursday, May 31, 2012

The danger of greenie logic

Motorists face having to pay increased road tax as the Treasury considers plans to claw back hundreds of millions of pounds in revenue that will be lost as drivers opt for greener cars
Drivers of 'green' cars have long been enjoying tax breaks in road taxes not available to drivers of others gas guzzlers like Chelsea tractors.

Labour has accused the Coalition of planning a “stealth tax” on drivers, effectively punishing them for going green
Quite rightly so. Why should so-called green cars enjoy tax breaks for using the same roads?

necessary to ensure the “sustainability of the public finances”

Greenie logic? Now there's an oxymoron if ever there was one.

For some, hopefully this will not end well

the organisation would ask all member schools to stop working with Ministry of Education

Commissioners will sort those schools out. The writing is on the wall, breaking one of the last bastions of the unionised. Time to oust the deluded remnants of Labour voters and move to a workforce that has mandated productivity and performance targets, responsible to the taxpayer.

One can only hope that the Minister does not wither and for some this will not end well..

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Labour's Budget: Tax, Tax and more tax

CGT and others.
Shift the superannuation age

Ideologically blinded. Parker, their finance whizz, reckons that will stimulate growth. Silent T must be on the leash round the back of the Labour shop. Anything to wring more tax out of real New Zealanders for redistribution to their non-productive voters.

Greens are making the running...

Why is Labour relevant?

Meanwhile the Nats are chasing Asia-Pacific growth. Unfortunately, should the Greens get anywhere near the helm, the 'ban everything' mentality over mining, oil and gas that prevails within their realm as sanity, will cause the economy to totally crash as businesses and our brightest leg it overseas.

On the Nation this morning

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Teachers financially illiterate

Financial literacy is not a core subject and there are no plans to make it one

What else should we expect from teachers long indoctrinated with the socialist ethos where someone else will pay.

And one wonders why modern rugrats finish school looking for the nearest WINZ office?

Friday, May 25, 2012

Natives raging against the system

tangata whenua had forgiven the captain and first officer

we would rather direct our anger and rage at the system that allowed this to happen

We do not however forgive the system that may allow this to happen

Obviously the natives are trying to fry bigger fish raging against 'the system'.

No apology given to New Zealanders in mitigation, just some locals, who have had a talk with the crew in the name of 'restorative justice'. More commonly known as greasing palms, probably with taxpayer koha.

The locals care nothing about the crew in the dock having
failed to comply with "basic navigation practices". The stench of an upcoming handout is overbearing.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Budget 2012: Smokers unhappy, students unhappy

Unhappy? They'll get over themselves.

IMHO the budget hitting where required.

But not enough slash and burn. But it is good to see that Working For Welfare is on notice without inflation indexing.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bill "Antoinette" English: "They do not understand"

Commenting on the launch today of a "living wage campaign" by unions and social service groups, Mr English said he was not sure what was meant by a living wage but "of course we want to see higher incomes across the board."

"To achieve that we need a flexible, resilient and growing economy."

"You can't just invent higher wages. You can't just go and borrow them off someone or legislate them. You've got to earn them and I think most New Zealander understand that."

Concepts I heartily agree with. The unionised really need to bugger off and get a real job.

Those immortal words spring to mind - "Let them eat cake!"

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Who's being ridiculous?

I don't really know where these attitudes come from. It shocks and shames me that they still exist in New Zealand.

Another poster child for homosexuals gets airtime in the SST. At times I do wonder if anyone in modern media is not bent or a closet queer. Such views may shock in her closeted realm, but many New Zealanders feel the same about homosexuality. They just do not go public on such matters.

Why should anybody be uncomfortable about something that is normal?

Normal? IMHO there is nothing normal about homosexuality. A view I'll no doubt take to my grave, no matter how many laws, bent politicians, rainbow poster children or liberal bloggers suggest otherwise.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fed up with the Maorification of Everything?

stop special treatment for Maori who were "either in jail or on welfare"

The Maoris in jail are 51 per cent of the people in jail and yet they are only 13 or 14 per cent of the population. They're either in jail or on welfare.

I know white New Zealanders want the Maoris to be treated like ordinary New Zealanders

Well here's one that is not afraid to tell it like it is. And the reply?

Dr Sharples said Mr Crimp was "out on his own ... this guy - where does he get off?"

As is the norm, the head of "our people" leading a party based on race and hell bent on separatism suggests otherwise. The Doctor would do well to note that a great many New Zealanders feel the same way as the good Mr Crimp. And still find that the Orewa speeches are a source of inspiration and hope.

One day, I suspect those speeches will be held up for all to see where we went wrong as a country, continually favouring the path to apartheid. Much like the long reviled 'Rivers of Blood' speech in the UK so many years ago that has now proven to be correct in many instances.

SFNS: Think you've problems?

A married lady of Boston (Mrs. F.) was, in 1838,
about to sign a deed releasing her dower (L. 434,
p. 295). I asked her name. Her husband said that
she used the initial A. ; but that her name was
Aldebarontiphoscofornia. This name, also taken
from a popular song, is probably the longest that a
parent ever inflicted on a child. Christmas Carrol
died at Lowell, Nov. 22, 1857, nineteen years old.
Dickens's " Christmas Carol " is destined to a much
longer life. Though length of years is so generally
an object of desire, I never met with the suggestive
name of Methuselah. Pleiades Orion Lumbkin
was a former student at West Point.

Our Puritan forefathers often used as names long
and pious sentences, and such expressions as Free
Grace, Search the Scriptures, Accepted, Elected,
Praise God, &c. Hate-evil Nutter is noticed in
our Colony Records, 1649 ; and Faint-not Wines
became a freeman, 1644. In November, 1857, Eest-
coME Case and Pardon W. (Pardon Wicked 1) Case
were parties to conveyances ; and have a fraternal
afiinity, at least in name. Mrs. Eestcome Tripp, of
Dartmouth, died Aug. 25, 1858. Miss Abovehope

Came across these gems whilst doing a bit of genealogical searching. There are plenty of others in this document. And no, none of these are rellies.

Silly First Name Syndrome was obviously alive hundreds of years ago.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Excellent news for Horizons ratepayers

The Capital Connection could be axed within months

Palmerston North to Wellington commuter train has been losing money

Great news! Another bit of expensive subsidised pie in the sky is to be axed as punters decide it was never worthy of patronage.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Brown hoovering up your rates reserves on useless social engineering

$225,000, mainly from funds from the region's eight former councils

Brown cannot help himself. A reserve pool fleeced from ratepayers that he's found must be spent on useless trivia doing someone else's job. The consummate social engineer says "I can do this better than the government programme". As always, with OPM.

Just how big was your proposed rates rise?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

This is how its done Mr Key

the “pre-eminence of the family” remains at the heart of the principles that underpin the nation

... the enduring institution of marriage. Marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman.

Mitt sticks his stake firmly in the ground. That should polarise the Stateside discussions. As is the norm, I await liberal progressives to scream loudly about the dire need for homosexual marraige.

That's how it is done Mr Key. No doubt Mr Craig will soon polarise the discussion here in New Zealand.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Nats: One coalition partner is easily bribed

reporter asked Key what was so tough about his job at the moment

"It's probably the Maori Party," quipped Turia.

"Oh no," said Key. "You are the easy one."

So Mr Key confirms what the electorate already knows - that the racist separatists are 'easy' meat. Able to be bribed for mere trinkets. We know that through the unholy coalition he has with them taking New Zealand headlong into apartheid. I say unholy, because it goes against what the Nats have stood for for decades. An argument I raised here earlier today.

it might be time to revise his decision to rule out working with New Zealand First

I note he is also ready to parley with Winston First. Jeez, you just cannot trust pollies not to backtrack on their word.

it's going to be a long two and a half years

Now there's a line he might not cross. A coalition with the "seriously extreme and nutty" godbotherers. Well knowing how pollies flip-flop anywhere the wind blows, at present maybe a step too far, but the urge to retain the levers of power will always win them over.

Value for your taxpayer dollar #376452

the Crown would not seek a retrial

The homegrown terrorists are to get away with 'firearm' charges as the Crown ditches its responsibilities, leaving the feral nutters to continue their mayhem as heroes.

Feel like you got value for your dollar? Also, has the law been fixed?

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Rain today? Tomorrow?

Rain required soon, please. Very soon! The only moisture we'll see out of that fast fading low so full of promise 2x days ago will be in a Tui can.

Well into second water tank round here, cows still slurping heaps daily. Thankfully autumn grass growth still appears OK.

Wait for it ... another welfare freebie

Women on benefits - including teenagers and the daughters of beneficiaries - will be offered free long-term contraception

The currently un-entitled but would be benefit bludgers will be queuing at WINZ doors for this freebie. Wait till the feminists get all antsy about state control of their reproductive organs.

Such is the law of unintended consequence. Somehow I do not think this has been thought through fully.

Monday, May 07, 2012

"Us NZ'ers" uncomfortable with democratic possibilities

Hell hath no fury...

The fun and games of the continuing fallout from the fat Germanic type looking to have his pound of flesh, apparently for a lack of support and favours not rendered to his tastes, from a democratically elected MP is having far reaching effects.

Whilst the good Mr Banks with all his years of political experience will no doubt hang on till actually pushed, some minorities are getting their knickers in a twist over the possibility of unintended consequence.

The thought that another might be able to purchase his place at the trough be democratically elected should Mr Banks fall by way is getting up the nose of some. You see, Mr Craig has apparently some rabid puritanical types lurking in the background. And the smears have already started.

The said minorities (and ACT is a minority) do not wish to cheer from the rooftops at the prospect of ridding themselves of Banks, but certainly are not about to start cheering for the possible replacement.

A replacement that I think might have more gumption than Mr Banks. And one this New Zealander has no issues with, being very comfortable with the democratic possibilities. Time for purging a few liberal minority types in exchange for some family friendly policies.

Welfare reform to cost $300M? Bollocks.

The Budget will include $287.5 million over four years for planned welfare reforms

Added to the current $7.6 billion annual cost of welfare, this extra investment provides support - such as childcare and staff - that is vital to the reforms

You've got to be bloody joking. Daily this government proves it no different to the would be thieves on the other side of the House looking to regain control of the Treasury Benches.

IMHO reform is not increasing the size of the cake employing yet ever more social engineers, but slashing them to the bone and massively reducing the outgoings to the benefit bludgers operating in entitlement mode.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Lunatics to start howling at super-moon

Known as a "perigee moon", it occurs when the moon reaches its closest point to Earth

NASA says the super moon has a reputation for trouble, causing high tides, making dogs howl and keeping people awake

for the 12,000 people of Tuvalu it is a foreboding practice for a future where rising seas make their homeland uninhabitable

Yes, no doubt the green swivel eyed lunatics will shortly start howling at the super moon issue a statement blaming your evil your carboniferous lifestyle as the cause of high tides on some bloody island that barely clears low tide. And yes, I've been there.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

As if they'd take any notice of the latest native threat

if the Ministry of Fisheries did not act, he would work on making overseas markets, including Japan, aware that they were buying an endangered species.

''Their customers will not be happy"

Yeah Right! Like that threat would work. Whale sushimi anyone?

Natives protecting their patch, attempting to close real New Zealanders out of a lucrative fishery. Next thing it will be a treaty right.