Monday, March 31, 2014

The Cunliffe Effect

Everything he touches is good for Labour.

pic stolen from Danyl and modified

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Throwing stones into sticky mud

First up, a sensitive petal remains upset over name calling:

 Mr Craig is taking Mr Norman to court over comments he made in a speech at the Big Gay Out festival, in which he said the Conservatives leader believes "a woman's place is in the kitchen and a gay man's place is in the closet''

Can't argue with that statement, but whether Mr Craig holds that view may well be defamatory.

Guess there's a lot of sticks and stones yet to be tossed over that statement.

Meanwhile in other news, some mud slinging:

in the typical “end justified the means” thinking so prevalent from that side of the debate, they are willing to embrace Kim Dotcom – swastika ‘n all

Unfortunately, 'Dotcom the Nazi sympathiser' mud will stick.  Not something the new Internet Party might want to be associated with.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Another quango too big for its boots

The Problem Gambling Foundation is seeking legal advice over a possible High Court challenge to a controversial Government decision to axe funding for most of its services for gambling addicts.

Chief executive Graeme Ramsey, whose own job is likely to be among about 52 jobs to go on June 30, said he had already had "preliminary advice" on the body's legal options.

Eh?   You've gotta be bloody joking.  A gummint funded quango,  long overdue for the chop to save the taxpayer from its political rantings now wants to sue the gummint.

The sooner self serving quangos and the overpaid indulgent that infest them are excised from my wallet, the better.


R. I. P.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

MH370: Some perspective[updated]

The current story of intrigue - Large aircraft possibly travelling at 900KM/h do not suddenly disappear from nearly 11KM up in normal cruising mode.  Below is pure conjecture on my part, but trying to get my head around some ideas.  A long read, helped to sort some ideas.

Experts speculate that the plane might have suddenly disintegrated in the air or dived vertically in high speed

Sudden disintegration:  Firstly, from that height, you'd think that there would be a million bits of debris raining down over a wide area and some might have floated on the sea or fallen into a coastal area where it might be noticed by a local.  The coastal area is generally highly populated.  

Secondly, an aircraft would not fully disintegrate even if the fuel tanks all explode instantaneously explode.  Similarly a bomb exploding in a hold or elsewhere would still have wingtips and other extremities like tail/nose sections basically intact. 

Thirdly, a disintegrating aircraft with large bits still intact might have bits that stop moving forward at 900Km/h and fall out of the sky in their own paths.  This might explain why there have been reports of the plane doing a possible U-Turn on military radars.  

Whilst on that subject, with the long heightened tensions over sovereignty in the South China Sea area, you cannot tell me that every thing that moves in the area is not tracked to the nth degree.

Search area:  Supposedly last heard of over sea between northeast Malaysia and southwest Vietnam.  Reported position looks about right, for a flight path from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, and flight time.  Position reported not checked against exact normal routing for flight path.

Lets say plane wasn't exactly on course for whatever reason.  Highly unlikely, with modern flight path planning and GPS autopilots, but possible.  Travelling at about 900Km/h, it is easy to widen the search area to say 400-500Km square.  Only takes minutes off course to rapidly widen the search area.  If the plane exploded, the intact larger bits still have considerable forward momentum but can be predicted to fall in a set pattern.  Similarly larger bits could 'glide' downward over large area area for many minutes.

Think about if you will.  For NZ readers, that is Auckland to south of Palmerston North, Cape Egmont to East Cape and more.   And you're possibly looking for small bits of a plane.

Vertical dive:  In my view, as we approach day four without finding anything of interest, the most likely.  The search area although potentially large, is very shallow being less than 50m deep in most parts, probably with a very muddy bottom.  Yes, you too can check this on Google earth.  There are several large rivers discharging into the Gulf of Thailand and beyond.

Let's say the plane went vertically in.  Why, I do not know, doesn't bear thinking about, especially for the 239 souls that rode that beast downward for more than a few minutes.  

Viewed from behind, the profile is about 70m wide on the wings, 20m high at the tail, 75m long 6.2m diameter fuselage.  At water impact, possibly travelling at more than 900Km/h, aerodynamically intact and well shaped to pierce water and mud below.  

Yes, well buried in the mud 50m or more below is where I think Flight MH370 and 239 souls are currently located.  There is zero debris, zero fuel leaking as it is well into the mud at that speed.    It will be well buried, pancaked, flight recorder boxes rendered useless to track a post-crash pinger.  Remember the large plane that went vertically into I think the Everglades mud a few years ago?  Not much surface marking at all.

The RNZAF and RAAF Orions being used to search will find the metal of the plane, but it will take a long time to conduct a grid search.  Ships may get real lucky with side scanning sonar, but at 50m depth or less, very unlikely.

For the relatives, I hope they do find your loved ones sooner rather than later.  As to why, we would all like to know that.


plane specs changed

Monday, March 10, 2014

Hope: 190 days till Labour is wiped off the NZ electoral card

The election will be held on September 20, Prime Minister John Key has announced this afternoon

Good, 190 days or so till the left is wiped from New Zealand's electoral card.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Silent T following footsteps of Goof and Captain Mumble

Labour Leader David Cunliffe is defending his leadership 

dogged by accusations he is "tricky'' 

Explaining is losing.  Who's next in the gaggle of gays?

Labour bagman continues to argue for non-transparent donations via trusts

Cunliffe undoubtedly feels bruised by revelations around his leadership campaign fundraising

the use of a trust should have been no man's land

It just never stops.  Even after rewriting and then continuing to rort electoral financing rules, he's still arguing the indefensible, an ex-Labour party bagman wants to continue donations via trusts.

When will parties note that the electorate requires total transparency?  There cannot be any hint of  electoral corruption like that continually washing around arrogant Labour acolytes like Lying Len or Silent T. 

New Zealand has not instituted state funding of political parties beyond the broadcasting grant that pays for (and limits) television and radio advertising during an election campaign

Mr Bagman, me paying for your party via the state is definitely not the answer.  If any party cannot raise funds for its lost causes directly from its members, why should I pay to support socialist progressive ideologies, mostly with which I vehemently disagree.

Further,  on a different slant about being a bagman;

Shortly after the 2005 general election, I travelled to Sydney on a personal matter and went to visit Sir Owen

A personal matter?  More likely raising more money for Labour from your monied mate in Double Bay, of which she denied but the She Beast would have been well aware.

Glenn’s loan, negotiated by Mike Williams, was made to Labour at a 0% interest rate, which effectively meant that Glenn was forgoing an interest payment of at least $7,500. Both the Electoral Act 1993 and the Electoral Finance Act clearly stated that such foregone interest qualifies as a donation. (Of course, only donations over $10,000 are required to be declared to the Electoral Commission).

Rodney sticks the knife into Cunnliffe

What part of your political brain thought it a good idea to run donations through a secret trust?

Secret trusts? Anonymous donations? Big business? US bagman? That's how we attack Tories. Now they are attacking us.

You look sleazy. You look tricky. You look like a hypocrite.

The esteemed Mr Hide shows he still has the nous of a pugnacious political terrier.  He has yet more advice for Silent T.

You were right to 'fess up. But you should have spilled the lot. You let them drag it out of you bit by bit. That kept the story alive.

It doesn't matter that you are giving their money back. You took it last year when you didn't think you would be caught. Handing it back now makes it look too dodgy.

Noting it is only six days to the Ides, Rodders knifes the arrogant pompous new kid on the block from the expensive mansion in the leafy suburbs of Herne Bay.

Friday, March 07, 2014

Community notice: Cybertech scammers calling from sub-continent

Just had a very well spoken curry munching wench with strong accent, right on dinner time, no number shown, calling from the sub-continent slums of Bombay looking to work her scam.

My computer reportedly 'was at severe risk', currently online and needing lifesaving Cybertech intervention.  Had real trouble stopping laughing as I had not long gone offline and shut my computer down.

Wanted me to bring up run dialog via Win-R keys.  Unfortunately the scamming tart hung up when I asked for her address and phone number.

For the uninitiated, have a squiz at the Dept of Internal Affairs site on the many various scams.

Another sensitive wee petal spouting from his ivory tower wants Internet censorship [UPDATE]

Auckland University of Technology PhD scholar Steven Elers found derogatory terms associated with Maori

Seems Kiwis often ask Google why local natives are 'stupid, lazy, scum, violent' ** and the like so many times that a professional student in his ivory tower has gone all sensitive and wants to censor the Internet.

What are we actually inputting in there and what kind of mentality or section of society of New Zealand is there that would do such a thing?

the results for Maori were based largely on what New Zealanders put in Google searches, it raised the issue of how Kiwis viewed Maori

Poor wee petal.  My heart bleeds.  If that's how Kiwis view the locals in the victim hood mentality of entitlement whilst on the cultural gravy train, so be it.

In this modern age of free speech, Google's search engine has the correct result and does not require censorship.

** autopredict results from Google search on 'Maori are ' this morning


Google has pandered to offended the native by lunchtime and censored the Internet by making any query for 'Maori are' only return 'nice' autopredict results.  I prefer my search engines to return autopredict results warts and all.

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Nightmare Brown: Wants a poll tax to pay for his unaffordable trainset

Making all Aucklanders pay a council income tax may help elderly people in affluent areas who can't afford their rates, mayor Len Brown says

an income-related tax for local council services that everyone pays is an option

The thieving bastard trying to get his toy train set legacy which ever way possible. 

Only property owners pay rates but the council is spending money on infrastructure and services for everyone

Typical lying leftie looking for more money.  Those who rent, bludge off the taxpayer, hire motel and hotel rooms already pay the landlord's rates.  The only ones that currently do not pay rates are the brown mafia and the government facilities like schools.

Always looking for an endless stream of money from the productive, never reducing the unwanted socialist spending or the unelected brown mafia extorting their cut of rates with cultural blackmail. 

Must be running out of other people's money, as the nightmare tries another distraction from his failings.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

And this pr*ck wants votes?

Cunliffe has also said that using the trust for the campaign was a lapse in judgement

It had meant he did not have to disclose donations in the Register of Pecuniary Interests

What he really means is that his new BFF has been hanging out of his arse, stamping his newly acquired authority on the party before the first 24 hours are up, forcing him to declare his donors. 

his former electorate chair, Greg Presland, was the main trustee of the trust. 

His wife, Karen, had also assisted in the campaign

A new broom sweeps clean. Nothing like the new CoS going for the jugular, after all the Labour party rot starts at the top.

we learned a thing or two about the rules that we need to iron out

Hopefully they will learn that total transparency is the only way to go.  The electorate will not stand for any devious representations or legal interpretations, commonly referred to as dancing on the head of pin, over financing of campaign bids. All parties should take note.

Unfortunately we know they cannot help themselves and people will continue to waste votes on duplicitous lying Labour.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Labour offers electoral bribe to Canterbury voters

Labour party has launched a bid to lure "sick and tired" Canterbury voters, offering $2 million

would work with Crown Law, local electorate offices, the Christchurch City Council and the community

Time for a Tui.  Crown Law, CCC and 'the community' will never see any of the $2M bribe.  It's just another way of funding Labour's re-election chances.  After all, they're broke by all counts.  Tell the electorate office to "put everything for the election on tick, then once we're in we'll write the credit off" is what he's really saying.

Labour electorate offices and party coffers will be the only benefactor of this bribe.

Wonder if Winston will be happy selling this to the Chinese?

Australia's Transpacific Industries said it had entered into an agreement to sell its New Zealand business - once the NZX-listed Waste Management - to a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing Capital Group for $950 million.

I guess Winnie will be screaming and frothing later today.

Joining the dots with a wet bus ticket slap from the beak

The man subjected to a horrifying bleach attack on a Northland roadside is appealing to anyone who can help identify his assailants to come forward.

Early on June 10 last year Mike Nager was driving to Whangarei from his home near Kerikeri when he pulled over for a car flashing its lights behind him. Thinking something was wrong with his ute, he pulled over onto a layby - and the next thing he knew his eyes were burning with bleach and his face had been slashed from cheekbone to chin with a knife.

Mr Nager's attacker then felled him with a punch to the chest, rifled through his car, and took his cellphone and wallet. The 45-year-old was left blinded and helpless, fearing he would be killed.

The only words his attacker said were: "You stay the f*** away."

Almost 10 months later no one has been arrested for the attack.

At the time, the Northland Regional Council employee had been driving to Whangarei to act as the key witness in an Environment Court hearing against two Far North men accused of illegally draining a wetland for swamp kauri.

The council wanted the pair jailed for repeatedly ignoring court orders.

Mr Nager said it was the most terrifying experience of his life.

"To be honest I thought I was going to die. With the knife and everything, I thought, 'this is it'."

Thick fog blanketed State Highway 10 that morning so it took as long as half an hour before a passerby noticed him in the layby beside Oromahoe Rd. The woman called 111 and found Mr Nager's first aid kit, doing her best to wash his eyes.

A callous way to put the heavy on a council employee doing his job.  Smacks of gang tactics to put the frighteners on.

Then we have a local beak giving the two wetland wreckers a slap with wet bus ticket.  And a community service holiday. 

Two companies have been fined $50,000 each and their directors given non-custodial sentences for draining a protected wetland on the Aupouri Peninsula to extract swamp kauri

Bastards should have been locked up for a long time.   Whilst the actual bleach thrower may not have been them, they obviously stood to gain the most from the swamp kauri money trail. 

Bloody weak judiciary strikes again.

Labour gives politicians a bad name

Labour leader David Cunliffe used an "agent arrangement" to take donations to his leadership campaign last November and is refusing to say whether he has disclosed individual donors in the MPs' register of financial interests or whether they were disclosed as being from a trust

Really?  Twisting the intent of disclosure laws confirms and reinforces the perception that politicians are nothing but scum when it comes to matters financial.

Especially those from Labour who are doing their best to remain at the bottom of the heap in the gutter.  A little dose of truth would go a long way.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Like moths to a flame

Former television star Tamati Coffey wants to be Rotorua's next MP, and has been nominated for selection as a candidate for the Labour Party

Ex-TVNZ star weather boy, a celebrity in his lunchtime looking ever for the spotlight, puts his backside on the block for the Labour Party.

I see the force is still strong, as the Man Ban is still rampant and in effect.  Another bloody queer looking for fame on the left side of the fence.