Tuesday, March 04, 2014

And this pr*ck wants votes?

Cunliffe has also said that using the trust for the campaign was a lapse in judgement

It had meant he did not have to disclose donations in the Register of Pecuniary Interests

What he really means is that his new BFF has been hanging out of his arse, stamping his newly acquired authority on the party before the first 24 hours are up, forcing him to declare his donors. 

his former electorate chair, Greg Presland, was the main trustee of the trust. 

His wife, Karen, had also assisted in the campaign

A new broom sweeps clean. Nothing like the new CoS going for the jugular, after all the Labour party rot starts at the top.

we learned a thing or two about the rules that we need to iron out

Hopefully they will learn that total transparency is the only way to go.  The electorate will not stand for any devious representations or legal interpretations, commonly referred to as dancing on the head of pin, over financing of campaign bids. All parties should take note.

Unfortunately we know they cannot help themselves and people will continue to waste votes on duplicitous lying Labour.

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