Thursday, March 06, 2014

Nightmare Brown: Wants a poll tax to pay for his unaffordable trainset

Making all Aucklanders pay a council income tax may help elderly people in affluent areas who can't afford their rates, mayor Len Brown says

an income-related tax for local council services that everyone pays is an option

The thieving bastard trying to get his toy train set legacy which ever way possible. 

Only property owners pay rates but the council is spending money on infrastructure and services for everyone

Typical lying leftie looking for more money.  Those who rent, bludge off the taxpayer, hire motel and hotel rooms already pay the landlord's rates.  The only ones that currently do not pay rates are the brown mafia and the government facilities like schools.

Always looking for an endless stream of money from the productive, never reducing the unwanted socialist spending or the unelected brown mafia extorting their cut of rates with cultural blackmail. 

Must be running out of other people's money, as the nightmare tries another distraction from his failings.


Anonymous said...

Tenants do not pay the landlords rates. That is illegal, refer here

Most tenancies barely pay the interest and insurance and damgae bills.

Lens idea is in the right direction. All you non property owning bluggers just free ride on the property owner. You use the council amenities and facilities, not the landlord.
Scroungers all.

PM of NZ said...

Anon, Having just cashed up two long term residential rentals for other future projects, I can say that tenants do pay rates. Not directly, as it is illegal as per the legislation, but indirectly as part of what they pay in rent. Not once did I not have rental income to pay the rates on those properties.

If your tenants only cover insurance, damage bills, you obviously need a better class of tenant.

Can I also suggest your business model needs rework if it doesn't cover basic outgoings like rates plus the mortgage. Mine did, even without building depreciation tax fiddles, which have recently been removed. It's all about putting in equity at the start and not relying on dodgy accounting via mortgage interest to do your business model sums.

Also I am certainly not a 'non-property owning blugger' but in fact do pay rates on multiple properties.

In my view, tenants do pay handsomely for the privilege of occupying my expensive assets, the rent charged covers rates and thus are not bludgers of local amenities.

Lying Len is only looking for another parallel income stream to finance his social engineering, pet projects and Labour Party operatives.