Saturday, July 31, 2010

National disappears in brown fug

18 months is all it has taken.
In terms of Maori business, I think we're on exactly the right track

18 months for Key and Liarbour-Lite to hand this country over to the separatists. Literally given New Zealand away. Did you as a National voter really vote for that?

Confirmed today as he suggests in a decade if you are not of the right ethnicity, you will be definitely less than a second class citizen in the country of your birth.

God help them at the next election.

Who would have thought that National of all parties would have disappeared in this brown fug?

Friday, July 30, 2010

There is only one game in town

There is only one game in town when it comes to local government ... and they are being held over a barrel and told to take it or leave it."

She said the conditions being offered, such as only five days' sick leave and no long-service leave, "were bordering on the inhumane"

Bordering on inhumane? You have got to be joking. Commentary like that from a deputy mayor really shows why the knife is long overdue in local government.

If any get jobs in the Super City it definitely will not be on their terms.
There is only one game in town and that is excising the bureaucracy. Take it or leave it.

Well, I never

A day I'd thought I'd never see. A blogger, and a right wing one at that, offering an olive branch to a leftie politician going down the gurgler.

As for Chris Carter, I extend to him a free post, unedited, on whatever her would like to say, in order to get his story across without spin. Take this offer as part of my mea culpa for my previous error over the phone bills affair.

Don't think it is a good move to give the particular MP any more air time, he has done a pretty good hatchet job on himself. A long time coming in my view.

Cameron, whilst you couldn't give a toss about any comment I might make, I do think your offer is pretty big hearted and for that, you rise in my estimation.

Keep up the good work.


Confirmed from inside the Labour party. Put in nicer terms though.
Mr Mallard said Mr Carter had always been eccentric
but had now become "just a bit unbalanced"

Something those outside of the beltway have always known.

How else but 'certifiable' could you describe the communist, queer and unionised decadents that seem to infest such a party?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bugger two ticks ACT

Sick of pinko Liarbour-Lite yet? Pandering to rent-a-mobs and ethnic activists as they get on their soapboxes. Want another three years of Daddy State with more taxes and refugees from hell? Won't want to waste your vote next year by not voting, but like me need to teach those NACTional politicians a lesson in who they are working for?

Well there is hope for you.
All you need to know is that the platform for this party has been seriously laid out with some real hard graft work around the country over the last few months and it shows

The new A Team has arrived. Peters and Laws. Talk about a pairing from hell guaranteed to liven up and cut to the chase in the fetid bear pit. We might actually see government being asked some hard questions.

I say, bugger two ticks ACT. ACT will be dead at the next election. All is forgiven, hope and change is coming.


In other news, I see the Super City Mayor to-be has backed down on the bus lane revenue Nazis. Funny that, must be a 3-way debate coming up where the others will use the topic as a stance to curry favour.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"offer is entirely realistic in the current economic climate"

walking away from the bargaining table after what it calls 13 fruitless sessions

the ministry appeared to have no will to address teachers' concerns and continued to undervalue teachers

Bastard teacher unions trying it on as usual. 13 fruitless sessions? Take it or leave it like the rest of New Zealand workers doing their bit in this recession.
The PPTA says it will return to the bargaining table when it sees a genuine willingness to problem-solve from the ministry

Problem solve? If it was up to me, I'd resolve the issue. Quickly. Fire the unionised. End of problem.

"a slur on workers"

a "slur" on workers and painted them as "lazy, untrustworthy skivers that are out of control and need to be disciplined"

The unionised to a 'T' I would have thought..

A union hack gets her knickers in a twist and writes a 'Dear John'.

Monday, July 26, 2010

TV gets worse by the day

Watching Generation Kill for Monday entertainment on One. Ever hopeful of seeing a decent body count, but program keeps getting all touchy-feely off track.

Then the bloody ads come on. Not only half of the digital Freeview is infested with taxpayer funded native channels, now TV One is broadcasting ads in some foreign lingo. Another channel gone to the dogs.

Must be time to get a satellite feed so I can see programs in English all the time.

Liarbour MP spouting spin put in her place

Labour says local firms will miss out in the lucrative government-wide deals

Labour communications spokeswoman Clare Curran says the Government is awarding the contracts to "a cosy club of multinational suppliers" when it should be maximising opportunities for local businesses

Spinning absolute crap for all she is worth in true Liarbour fashion.

Mr Brownlee says he is confident the Government's tendering processes gave New Zealand firms a "fair go".

"But if [Ms Curran] can show me that she uses New Zealand-manufactured computers, laptops, multifunctional printing devices, photocopiers [and] printers... which, I understand, have not been produced in New Zealand for some years now, then I would be interested to know."

Nice one Gerry.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Saturday, July 24, 2010

a “retaliatory sacred war”

The army and people of the DPRK will legitimately counter with their powerful nuclear deterrence...

Nice. A nuclear tipped jihad by Dear Leader as the US goes on exercise with South Korea.

That should up the ante somewhat, eh, old chap?

Friday, July 23, 2010

For the Brylcreem Boys

Now that's what New Zealand's Air Force should look like.

Nothing else required

No protracted expensive taxpayer funded advertising campaign required.

No spin required.

A simple tick, nothing else required.

There is only one winner in any contest. Also-rans are always losers.

End of story.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

And why not?

sacked from a coaching job at a Christchurch Christian school because he is gay

And why not? I fully agree with the school's actions. Oh, what a hornet's nest this will raise.

the school's Board of Trustees has decided his homosexuality was a problem and he could not continue in the position

the decision was made based on Christian beliefs that homosexuality is a sin

Hard to refute that, any employer should have the right to employ those who fit their morals and ethics. Great that someone in the school system has put a stake in the ground.

Maybe the school could use 'for the greater good' defence.

At least homosexuality isn't compulsory. Yet, thank God.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

National confirms New Zealand Government failure this morning

Greenpeace is calling the Government's backdown on mining conservation land a "historic victory"

Case proven this morning, as New Zealand no longer has a government as it kowtows to few rowdy shit-stirrers.

Anarchy is now set to reign as National confirms it does not have the balls to stand up for the country. We might as be still ruled by the beast in New York.

Monday, July 19, 2010


The unions had a couple of days notice to wind up ferals like Minto and Bradford due to a leak. Wonder who did that? Gave Key a bit stick supposedly. Only one problem, wrong venue.

The coven are now gathering later in the week to hatch further action. No doubt consolidating their cause around the cauldron. That should take the evil employment 'class war issues' centre stage.

Meanwhile, Key plays the the master stroke. Another topic dear to their hearts. A delayed announcement on strip mining of the Barrier, Coromandel and other national parks. Bound to split the feral forces. Nice one, John Boy.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Community notice: Toxic food colourings

AUTHORITIES are reviewing alarming new scientific evidence that artificial colours found in thousands of common foods may pose a risk of cancer and hyperactivity or allergic reactions in children

Research in the States calls for the food colours to be banned.
These synthetic chemicals do absolutely nothing to improve the nutritional quality or safety of foods, but trigger behavior problems in children and, possibly, cancer in anybody
The colours include the widely used yellow 5, also known as tartrazine (E102); yellow 6, or sunset yellow (E110); blue 1, (133), red 40 or allura red (E129) and red 3 (E127).

Food Standards Australia New Zealand, along with its American counterpart the Food and Drug Administration, is closely looking at the latest findings

Wonder how long before we see an official reaction and notification here in New Zealand?

Friday, July 16, 2010

"abject failure to understand and properly discharge their duties"

The title sums up the leaky home saga as North Shore City Council split hairs and continues to dig holes limiting liability.
This is a purely legal attempt at ring-fencing their liability in these matters and turning their backs on their failures. It certainly is not justice. We say there should be no distinction made between 'Ma & Pa' investors and 'Ma & Pa' owner/occupiers. They all have a huge reliance on councils' diligence and competence.

The millions paid to councils New Zealand wide by owners for inspection services signing off the now leaky homes might as well have been flushed down the sewer. Oh, that's right, it was. The inspections were not worth the paper they were written on. Still to this day, they are useless.

And the clown leading this council wants to be Super City Mayor?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cashing in before the corpse cools

The cook just answered a call from a (World Wildlife?) tele-marketer looking for financial support for Maui and Hector's dolphins. Obviously leveraging off the death of Moko before the corpse cools. And at 2000 at night? Bugger off.

She gave them the short shrift such thieves require.

I would have asked where I might catch some and are they easy to catch in a set net.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Blood suckers on the loose

They feed on blood every five days or so, but if they can't find any, they are astonishingly hardy and able to survive for up to a year without feeding. When they are able to eat, they tend to do so in the hour before dawn – and get their fix of blood by piercing the skin of their victim with two tubes, pumping their own numbing saliva in with one and blood out with the other

Just what you need to hear. Especially with all the vampirical movies out there at the moment.

Just remember do not put your suitcase on the bed, you may gain an unwanted hitchhiker.

And if you get bitten, the value of the property you reside in will deflate. Suddenly.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Moving the country forward...

Is the ginga about to call the electorate's bluff?

It is all over

Phew! Got through that unscathed.

I have managed to totally avoid catching (or watching) any of the fevered madness.

Now for some normal news and business like responses from those in business...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Expectations and a picture of incompetence

Whilst John boy Key is swanning around the world and telling the media how it will be at Party Central, the wheels are falling off closer to home.
The cup will be the biggest sporting event ever staged here, and will attract considerable interest around the globe, so it's important we take the opportunity to put on a memorable event

Oh yes, it will be memorable all right. A few photo-ops for politicians near the holy grail of NZ sport. Most memorable for the ratepayers like me who will be picking up the tab long after the Drunks on Tour (TM) have left this town.

You see, when Trevor of Liarbour signed us up to the rugger love-in to be held next year all so long ago and offered ratepayers wallets to the IRB, he didn't count on one, not being at the helm at the appointed time and two, the intransigence of those who will have to pay. So their side is going for the throat, political points scoring.
bungling was turning the Rugby World Cup into a farce

schemozzle over broadcasting rights

the mess over Queen's Wharf

failure to be decisive

a picture of incompetence

A picture of incompetence indeed as Key now tells the media in an interview on the other side of the world (never ever the ratepayers) that he looks to Vic Park as the new Party Central venue. One so far removed from downtown that to get the touring drunks and politicians looking for photo-ops to the windblown paddock will now no doubt need a ratepayer funded fleet of buses.

As much as it disgusts me giving them kudos, I say good on the ARC for telling Key, McCully and the IRB to stick their bloated expensive ideas. If you want it, take it out of the central government general fund. Otherwise, bugger off with your expectations.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Man falls on sharp sword

Couldn't stand the heat in the PC kitchen.
I have always believed in saying what I think and I will always
be true to myself in that regard.

Excellent, now we might hear him unplugged. As for the rest of you PC tossers...

Comment of the day

...this is what these potential trollops need to hear.

As for out politicians, heaven help us if they find this offensive.

It is the same blunt advise fathers have been giving their daughters for aeons.

comment by Charmaine (1.14pm).

Over at Monkey Boy's who has an erudite summary of Haden's actions.

I couldn't agree more. One wonders what Key tells his own daughter about the upcoming big wide world?

Friday, July 09, 2010

Casting stones at train wrecks

As Auckland rushes headlong toward a date with destiny as a Super City, the powers that be have spoken and told Key to bugger off with his Party Central.

Something that should have been done long ago with the IRB. If they want a World Cup, let them totally fund it via their corporate means, not from ratepayer wallets.

As far as I am concerned, this whole saga is overhyped and just a means for rapacious bureaucrats in local government to massively screw over ratepayers for all manner of unwanted trivia and white elephants. Like electric rail, Eden Park and many others.

All so a few drunks can watch a game of outright thuggery.

The only train wreck I see is the current government which should be stoned out of existence. Bugger off Mr Key.

It was all lies

Tuesday a previously forecast event took place...

Tuesday was the day which Marty McFly went forward to in Back to the Future 2.

Just where are those self-tightening Nikes and hoverboards??? Lies, damned lies I tell you!

... fresh off the wire

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Global Warming Solved!

it is effective at smoothing skin and reducing fat

At last a use for all that CO2 mankind has been pumping into the atmosphere.

A product that should be hoovered up by the fairer sex, solving gorebull.

I'd expect nothing less

incompetence on a grand scale

Hear! Hear! Local Government bureaucracy at its best. And this upstart wants to be our next Mayor? Wouldn't even make a mare's arse!

You couldn't write this if you tried...

Meawhile our finest Member for Eketahuna North has a similar post, with pix.

Fun at the OK Corrall

The Obama Administration has sued Arizona to throw out the state's strict new immigration law and keep other states from copying it

This will be fun to watch as Team Soetoro tries to usurp the law makers in one of their states.

At least Team Az is confronting the issue head on at the gate, so to speak. Pity they could not stop a certain illegal Kenyan at the gates a couple of years ago.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Ostrich: What problem?

it would be unwise for the Government to become involved in an intensely political debate that was going on in Australia

An ostrich with its head firmly lodged in places unknown fails to admit problem. Says we don't have an issue.

Bollocks. Like Arizona, I say NZ needs to be ready to detain and export would be illegals directly back to their source hellholes without hesitation. Definitely not purified for citizenship like the last lot Goff imported in cahoots with Oz via some Pacific shithole.

Baying for blood

"There are situations that may not necessarily fit a criminal definition, but women are still left with the same feelings of guilt and shame, of being abused or being uncomfortable.

"Whether something becomes a criminal case or not ... there's a moral or social issue there."

As ever, the hand-wringers are out for blood. Or their pound of flesh. Male + sex = abuse.

Never mind that the criminal matter has been settled.

As an aside, is this bloke related to any others of the same surname that move in NZ political circles?

Friday, July 02, 2010

Are we there yet?

Ele over at HP has a post on time with wings as we start the second half of a year.

Got me thinking. After his taxing spree yesterday, has John Boy Key also passed the halfway mark to his use-by-date? His flash-in-the-pan oppo Kevvie across the ditch found out pissing about with such taxes can drastically accelerate the use-by-date forward much to his disgust.

In New Zealand, on top of all the new rorts and impositions, we have another element continually taxing the populace, that of the Treaty grievance industry, a scab which is lifted often to help the non-native on his colonial oppressor guilt trip. Such guilt is presently being soothed with massive amounts of taxpayer monies along with large areas of, if not all, the foreshore and seabed. Actions which are
fast forwarding John Boy's use-by-date.

Daily more are suggesting that they will never vote for National or Labour ever again, so I suspect Rodney and Winston will do very well thank you next election. An event only about 15 months away. Just after we lose yet another World Cup. And we will be in a fine mood, ready to take it out on the politicians.

Unfortunately there are no other alternatives, both are poor choices and we are almost there.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

We will miss you, Howard. Honest!

Put your hand in a bucket of water, put it in all the way to your wrist. Take it out and the hole that you leave will be how much you'll be missed.

A fine farewell, I'd say.

Another 'orchestrated litany of lies'?

Air New Zealand would encourage Mr Learmount to wait until the final judicial and BEA reports are completed before commenting on what may have caused the accident

Because that is what it seems to me at the moment with traffic being severely curtailed.