Wednesday, April 30, 2014

NZ is a pit of misery

Come on you unemployed miserable bastards, do your bit for NZ Inc. 

Stop voting left, dreaming of a dope filled existence and get a job!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Look Mr Key, a real Prime Minister

Australia will make one of its biggest ever military purchases with a $12 billion order for 58 Joint Strike Fighters in a move that will lift the nation's air combat power to among the world's most advanced.

Pity we do not have some of those planes to make serving in the Armed Forces real for our Defence personnel.  Instead of the current RNZAF air farce taxi service.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott will announce the planned purchase today in Canberra

These are the actions of a real Prime Minister, Mr Key.  One who is willing to protect his countries borders.  BTW, how's your prep work for the first boat load of the refugee seeking hordes?


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Stepping personal responsibility in the right direction, but not in an election year

An era ended yesterday. The idea that a state house was awarded to tenants for life has been consigned to history. Legislation that put an end to this idea passed through Parliament late last year, remarkably with little comment. The law came into effect yesterday just as quietly. From now on, tenants will face a review every three years to see whether their income or circumstances have improved.

Long overdue steps in the right direction of personal responsibility, but as they say, there's always more.

that no disabled or elderly will be asked to give up a state house "in the coming year" unless they wish to

Not till after we get re-elected, Paula says.

Sooner or later an elderly person is going to be evicted from a house she loves in a neighbourhood where she has lived most of her life, so that a family may be given the three-bedroom home she has occupied alone, and she will be on television

Public opinion changed long ago on cheap housing for bludgers on the taxpayer dime, but it will make good copy when someone's dear old mum is turfed out to the kerb.   It will be fun watching leftie bleeding hearts  crying a river for votes.  Bring heaps of popcorn, it will be as entertaining as watching the power being switched off for non-payment of bills on families too lazy to take responsibility for their loved ones in past years.

Hopefully the bleeding heart bleatings will be ignored when it happens.  The next big thing that will oust the Nats is its continued racist panderings to the native vote with a distinct lack of action on the headlong rush to apartheid in New Zealand.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Another DotCom darling is heading south

Suspected a while ago that the bubble of Internet accounting would become clouded. 

I think it is still haemorrhaging money, like it has from day one of its profitless existence, so maybe it will burst soon.  The tanking continues apace.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

"Foul treason: Is there no way to rid the realm of 'this pernicious blot'?"

I see the queen of NZ politics H1 has resurfaced from her dungeon in New york as the self styled 'number one dyke in the world'.

Helen Clark reflects on life as a leader

this job needs a leader, and I am that leader

Effin' unbelievable, the humility!

My perspective is firstly, there is an incumbent with three years to run and he has my total support

Apologies to Shakespeare, won't someone rid NZ politics of 'this pernicious blot'?

Friday, April 04, 2014

Some plus 72Kg lardos for our Rach

Some overtanned overdone oversized lardos for your perusal, along with a few heifers who've had at least one too many at the races.

Ms Smalley, eat your heart out, some big lasses for you.

NZ Inc opens up more area for business

A vast area of seabed off Northland's west coast has again been opened up to oil exploration.

Energy and Resources Minister Simon Bridges announced this week that 405,000sq km of land and sea - including a barely explored 75,000sq km in the Reinga-Northland Basin - had been put up for tender to oil and gas companies.

Reinga Basin was ''virtually unexplored''

Good stuff.  Drill it, mine it, sell it!

Green MP David Clendon, however, said New Zealand should be putting it efforts into moving towards a low-carbon economy

Forest and Bird lamented what it called Mr Bridges' ''garage sale''

The negativity starts as the doomsayers and luddites climb onboard.

block offer had followed consultation with iwi, hapu

Must remember that when the taniwha puts its talons out for a future bribe.

Labour and unions: Turning out the workplace criminal class vote

Ministry of Business, Employment and Innovation has been forced to backtrack on a policy which offered staff the opportunity to dob in colleagues

Public Service Association (PSA) ... were concerned that whistleblowers were contacting a company associated with the police

Labour Party State Services spokeswoman Maryan Street said it was an "extraordinary" use of a hotline

There you have it Dear Readers, Labour along with the Unions condone crime.  They do not want you to dob in their likely voters, the criminal class in your workplace.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Watercare thieves want stream of OPM for themselves

New Zealand's first environmentally sustainable public "third pipe" scheme, planned to serve thousands of homes with recycled storm water

Rain falling on Stonefields - a redevelopment of a former East Auckland quarry - was to be fed to a storm water retention pond and treated to feed a plumbing network to toilets and garden taps

Sounds a good idea, so the third pipe was built on the new development.  But then the local council thieves at Watercare saw a missed opportunity for an income stream from Other People's Money.

despite the network being built at a cost of more than $7.5 million, municipal water supplier Watercare has rejected it on grounds of potential water quality

to protect public health
would not meet New Zealand's drinking water standards
Watercare's A Grade for water supply could be jeopardised

Yes, the spectre of playing jeopardy with public health.  I'd also guarantee that the law protects the steady stream of OPM to Watercare.  After all, a privately run venture with water sourced elsewhere does not fit charging models.

High time these thieving council jobsworths were dragged from their comfy seats to a short rope on a street lamp.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Cunliffe get his horoscope read...

"F... you, man, there's no future," he said to Cunliffe

One of his constituents, most likely unemployed, reads Cunner's his horoscope for all and sundry to hear. 

angry citizen drove up beside him ... gave Cunliffe the fingers

The man who wants to be the next PM from the opulent do-up in leafy burbs of Herne Bay, Cunners was forced to cancel his yodelling to the party faithful in New Lynn.

Assembled masses hanging on his every word?  Probably just Greg Presland aka Mickey Savage and a few reporters.

Anyway the unemployed ranter had Silent T's measure.  Very accurate rants, maybe the title should read 'horror scope'.

On 'yer bike

Men's 26" bike, $88 at the Red Shed in this week's brochure.

And there's a girly version in pink for the same price.  Nothing flash, no need for carbon fibre this and that.  Would do the job and give us motorists more targets.

I suppose the financially challenged that infest the would be bludging blouses over here could get WINZ to stump up for one on my dime.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014