Saturday, April 12, 2014

"Foul treason: Is there no way to rid the realm of 'this pernicious blot'?"

I see the queen of NZ politics H1 has resurfaced from her dungeon in New york as the self styled 'number one dyke in the world'.

Helen Clark reflects on life as a leader

this job needs a leader, and I am that leader

Effin' unbelievable, the humility!

My perspective is firstly, there is an incumbent with three years to run and he has my total support

Apologies to Shakespeare, won't someone rid NZ politics of 'this pernicious blot'?


Anonymous said...

but it was her right to choose not to have children.
Also, she is married, so can not be a dyke.
Are you jealous of her or what?
as if John Key is any better.
The new brand is worse.


The Gantt Guy said...

Oh, Rupert, you sad, ignorant little bear.

The marriage was a sham. The bride cried all through the ceremony, mourning the sacrifice she was making in the pursuit of power. She knew that from that moment on her real life would be lived in the shadows, and she would be forced to pretend some semblance of normalcy. The husband is no longer welcome in the US following a distasteful little incident in an airport bathroom which required delicacy, diplomacy and no small amount of negotiation to extricate him and cover up. This is why H2 (the real spousal partner) accompanied Der Fuhrer to New York, and not the husband.

John Key is no better, and likely quite a lot worse for his craven, Quisling pandering to radical IWI. On matters social(ist) and economic, he could easily have been the Klarkenfuhrer's hand-picked successor.

And who's to say he wasn't. After all, like all dictators, she ruthlessly crushed any from her own party with the potential to challenge her reign of terror, which meant that once she left there was a complete power vacuum in her own party. So, what better way to continue her socialist experiment than to hand over to an ideological bed-fellow, even if he happens to wear a blue tie rather than a red one? Quite simple really. Steal the 2005 election and get Don Brash dumped, knowing he would hand over to a weak and snivelling little leftist.

The party doesn't matter, only the programme.

PM of NZ said...

Exactly GG.

"a weak and snivelling little leftist"

The book by Brash has shown exactly the calibre of his replacement. One willing to pander to the native vote for continued power at all costs.

His actions will long haunt this country in the future as truckloads of taxpayer wedge is frittered away in never ending 'full and final' settlements to supposedly assuage colonial guilt.

An opportunity to fully sort this country for the better was forsaken with the loss of Don Brash. He had the right ideas, slashing welfare, treaty payouts and big government.

This country's day of reckoning will come when the governments of both stripes run out of taxpayer money.

Judge Holden said...

Man, the seething irrational hatred's still there isn't it fellas? A little knot in your wee tummies, which makes you angry and paranoid. She's rich, powerful and influential, won three straight elections, and left NZ in good shape. Obama has the same effect on you losers. You just can't stand success.

The Gantt Guy said...

Looking forward to reading The Don's new book. I suspect there'll be a few back-handers in there about his successor.

I know I'm making a huge mistake feeding this troll, but...

"left NZ in good shape"

Yep, great shape. NZ led the world into the Global Financial Crisis, formally entering a technical recession a full 8 months before the Lehmann Bros collapse.

And let's not talk about Cullen's train set, eh?

Great shape indeed.

Judge Holden said...

Our resilience to the GFC and Chch earthquakes was a direct consequence of the sound fiscal management of the previous government, and other factors like the FTA they secured with China. Any arguments to the contrary simply deny reality. Now run along and look for Obama's birth certificate, Guntt, you slavering moron.

The Gantt Guy said...

We were resilient to neither the GFC nor the Chch earthquake.

The facts speak for themselves; NZ entered recession a long time before any other nation, we were in it for longer and are only now looking to show the first timid signs of recovery.

As for the Chch quake, it's been a conga-line of corruption and suck-holes from day one. The fact we're calling the re-build one of the reasons for the current healthy state of the NZ economy belies reality.

Holden, I know maths is hard for semi-literate fucktards like you, so you really should just stick to watching the Saturday morning cartoons in your Mum's basement and leave the thinking to us grown-ups.

Judge Holden said...

"The facts speak for themselves; NZ entered recession a long time before any other nation, we were in it for longer and are only now looking to show the first timid signs of recovery."

Except those aren't facts, they're made up by your tiny yet febrile mind. We were only in recession a very short time, it was mild, and we've been out of it for years and are growing strongly (you wouldn't know any of this because you're currently disengaged from the economy). True we were in recession too long because the current crowd are confused tory fuckwits, but the reason they've been able to fund the rebuild is because the accounts were left in such good shape.

"you really should just stick to watching the Saturday morning cartoons"

At lease I know what day it is, retard.

The Gantt Guy said...

You're arguing good management of the economy led the nation into recession. It's a fundamentally fuckwitted position. Good management of the economy would have saved sufficient back for that rainy day, instead of (like spiteful children you leftards are) knowing the political writing was on the wall and blowing the fucking lot.

And well done, you picked up on the fact you're so slow you're watching yesterday morning's cartoons today. Idiot.

Judge Holden said...

Recessions are cyclical, except in the case of the GFC, which was a result of the application of conservative principles to economics by Bush. Obama rescued the US economy, much to your annoyance.

Poor Gunnt, so far out of his depth.

"Good management of the economy would have saved sufficient back for that rainy day"

This was what Clark and Cullen did. They balanced the books and paid down debt (when you and your ilk were shrieking for tax cuts). When it came time to borrow the government could, and at low rates. Why do you find such simple concepts so difficult to grasp? Oh I know, it's because you're so dumb you don't know what day it is (long-term unemployment does that to you I hear).

The Gantt Guy said...

The stupid in you is far too powerful for me to waste any more time arguing with you.

You're wrong on literally everything, and the combination or ignorant, arrogant and moronic make it not worth my time to try and educate you.

Judge Holden said...

Guntt admits defeat and leaves stage frothing incoherently with his pants round his ankles.

The Gantt Guy said...

Having proved once again the truth of the axiom that debating with progs is like trying to play chess with a pigeon, The Gantt Guy shakes his head and leaves the table.

Keep strutting, moron.

Judge Holden said...

ROFL, Guntt's so retarded he doesn't even know what an axiom is. Or the difference between a debate and a schooling.