Thursday, June 29, 2023

Catering to punitive urges

Today an infamous handwringer from the seedy halls of academia opines that we should not cater to our base urges.  Base urges like "lock 'em up forever".

Catering to punitive urges like:

The trouble is, even when an inmate serves their time, the fallout from that sentence is often lifelong. At best, a former inmate takes a short time to settle into a job, a home, and a community. At worst, they suffer lingering PTSD, societal discrimination, and more.

Lifelong fallout for the crim you say?  

And what about the victim enduring a lifetime sentence of wondering what the next emboldened crim might do to him or her?

I personally do not give a toss re what any perp may experience or not long-term.  It's a criminal who knowingly crossed societal boundaries and norms.

I say, cater to my base urges in favour of victims with enforced maximum term punishments.

Monday, June 26, 2023

Bootlicker arrives to sample Asian delights

The boy wonder from the Hutt has arrived in Asia to sample local delights courtesy of the ruling dictator.  Such as bootlicking and grovelling. 

Media from the place is particularly effusive, intimately knowing how their social credit systems works.

Hipkins had "diverged from Western hype" that Chinese leader Xi Jinping was a "dictator". 

"He showed a basic quality that a political leader should have - knowing how to respect other countries," the article said.

US President Joe Biden last week called Xi a "dictator", leading to swift condemnation from Beijing. A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said Biden's comment was "extremely absurd and irresponsible".

When asked for his view, Hipkins said he didn't agree with Biden that Xi was a dictator and that "the form of government that China has is a matter for the Chinese people". 

A lesson in selling out New Zealand whilst on your knees for all to see.

All this after a dingo paper across the ditch let the well hidden proverbial cat out of the bag for all to see a few days ago, at least we now know why months ago her indoors departed 'all out of gas' as fast as she could get of Dodge.  

That would be about the same time the previous Foreign Minister took an 'epic haranguing' as she suggested to the same dictator how to run his shop.  Similarly like her previous boss she too has been in hiding from real Kiwis ever since.

Saturday, June 24, 2023

The latest "principles" with your "partnership"

Fresh online today:

people lunching on the lake edge were breaking tapu

I believe we start on a new path, that we start implementing the principles

In other words, if Hohepa Bloggs warrior is suspected to have met his demise in your locality, the descendants will ensure any property rights you think you currently enjoy will count for nothing. 

Mark my words, those "principles" are coming from the unelected to your freehold property soon via the "partnership".

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Can we make it a hat trick by Friday?

Only Wednesday, it is a long week so far in Labour:

Foon got fooned on Monday.  Took him a couple of weeks to realise the game was up.  Got there in the end but has doubled down since by stating he is in the market for another tenured sinecure.  Any trough will do.

Woods is on the bonfire today.  Resigned as a Minister, but still drawing a MP's salary.  How does that even work?  Terrible optics.  Meanwhile Mayor Brown again should be looking closely at the Juliet half of this duet.  Noting that her hand was too recently forced to make a declaration re the conflict of interest using the same share portfolio well hidden from prying public purview.

Can we please make it a hat trick by close of play on Friday?  

IMHO, there are any number of remaining Ministers in this corrupt government that would round the week out nicely.

After all the golden handshakes on offer must be substantial to assuage any guilt of those involved.

Saturday, June 17, 2023

Labour lies: Fail on the cover-up

Russell got a report back two weeks ago and had a meeting with Foon where he explained himself.

She'd been sitting on it, but says her preliminary view was his actions were serious enough to warrant removal. He beat her to it jumping before he was pushed.

But somewhat puzzlingly is that at the same time that the Prime Minister's Office was confirming he had resigned, Foon himself text Newshub saying he hadn't.

Newshub has now received a more fulsome statement from Foon saying he informed the Prime Minister he'd be resigning this Sunday. 

He told Newshub he strongly refutes that he didn't declare his conflict of interest. He said he told the Ministry of Justice and the Human Rights Commission before he took up his role.

The Human Rights Commission has given him a glowing review on the way out, with Chief Human Rights Commissioner Paul Hunt as a "man of the people"  who made an "unfortunate mistake". 

As was noticed early on when first released last night, the numpties at Labour HQ cannot even get their lies straight to spin to the masses.  Kiri Allan who remains at the centre of this and is apparently yet to be fully exposed had the audacity to do a Sgt Schultz in early commentary.

"an unfortunate mistake"?  More lies, more likely really annoyed that he got caught.  Others in this government, especially the lying core who really run the show behind the scenes should actually be in jail. 

It's always the cover up that ultimately leads to the downfall.

Friday, June 16, 2023

Friday 1700 is supposedly a not time for good news.

Well I never, another in the headlights.

Late on a Friday at the close of the working week another conflicted Labour stooge resigns.

No wonder he has been unusally noticeable by his absence of late in stirring the pot on pertinent matters.

The Labour puddle shrinks further as his recently announced 5 year reappointment is forthwith cancelled.

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Cuddles Coster: Watching but doing zilch

 ”We’ll be monitoring and watching for any unlawful behaviour, and we’ll be prepared to take action"

I say bollocks to you taking any action as Joe and Jane Public cower in fear in their homes.

The evidence says otherwise on any action, the news is plastered with pictures of criminals on motorbikes doing burnouts whilst occupying the wrong side of public roads.

Were I to drive on the wrong side of the road with a sustained loss of traction, I'd expect to be promptly arrested.

But not the protected criminal classes.  Every single one of these ferals with a logo on their back has earnt that patch through violent criminal actions.

Yes, Cuddles Coster, you are at the core of these problems along with the soft on crime Labour government.

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Hipkins chasing votes - too late

"Unacceptable" says Chippie

Agreed 100%.  

Your party being soft on crime for these past six years is the only reason such criminals have flourished.  

No wonder the general populace does not feel safe in their schools, towns and homes when you keep catching and releasing criminals such as gang members onto the streets.

To appear concerned 16 weeks from the election is vote-chasing hyprocrisy of the highest order.  

In other words a timely distraction.  When is Mr Wood going to resign?

Sunday, June 11, 2023

What passes as news is truly vomit inducing

Selections of "news" from today: 

Apparently Britney is off the leash and is now doing meth.  That's a one way road kiddies.  Only a matter of time before she is real news.

Sainsbury has been losing weight.  Long overdue, but another has-been trying hard to be the news on a slow news day.

Young people are doing "bed rotting".  In other words, having a day off in the scratcher.

And a final news snippet guaranteed to make the bile rise, the recently hitched player of the pink oboe (apologies to Peter Cook) is home with his newly acquired husband from their overseas soujorn and is ready to breathlessly tell us about their honeymoon experience.  No doubt there are endless accompanying pictures.

Yes, what passes as news these days is truly vomit inducing.

Wednesday, June 07, 2023

Reverting to type

Some didn't get their way in Shelley Bay so this morning they torched the place.

In other news.

now eyeing up the land where category 2A is as a solution.
"This is my message to everyone out there - that 2A - we want it."


Others are declaring intent after being red-zoned from their oft-flooded properties.

You heard it here first.  

Bastion Point Mk II or South Jafaland Stonefields Mk 2.0 is coming to your place.

Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Mr Plod salivating over DNA collection

It is reported that Mr Plod is looking for a male of a certain age via DNA sampling now being acquired door-to-door in the Far North.

That will be fun.  A number of questions.  It would be fair to suggest that the alleged perp has no doubt already legged it to far off places, so how many remaining males of the designated age group will be willing to submit a sample?

I do wonder when some vociferous hand-wringing libertarian legal type will argue that such collection of data is illegal, it'll be in their 'rights'.  The $64K question is, like recently deemed illegal to retain photographs taken of up and coming criminal classes, can Mr Plod retain such samples long-term?

Maybe a fantastic opportunity to solve some older non-related crimes?

Mr Plod will be positively salivating at the thought of being able collect such data.  They will not be able to help themselves having acquired fresh data in the niche age group of older criminal classes from doing a trawl through current databases.

Monday, June 05, 2023

Gongs for Backscratchers Anon

One for the whore of Windsor.  Gods knows why, the snivelling grovellers.

One for the most divisive 'leader' of our country who couldn't even face the country to finish her term she is so much hated.  Obviously nominated to shut her up and move her on.  The full extent of the irreparable damage she has done to New Zealand is yet to be fully ascertained.  Even the Prime Fisherman / House Mover couldn't bring himself to formalise any association wth her.

As always expected, one for a long-term Labour luvvie in Christchurch.  Not bad for those in a not so distant government of whom she was one, cancelled such awards.  Hypocrite.

Gongs for all in the protected and special classes in a last ditch effort before a right-wing government is installed post-October election for the upcoming 'nine year long winter of neglect'.  Hopefully an even much longer period to prune the bureaucracy and correct some of the damage this government has done.

Of note the only gongs awarded to those in the military are to a few upper-echelon back scratchers.  Obviously actual NZDF workers at the coal face were not deserving of such awards being still too busy attending diversity and pride indoctrinations rather than real jobs of fighting wars.

Yes, it is Gongs for Backscratchers Anon.

Saturday, June 03, 2023

Solving crime: It was those pesky Russians!

Someone did a five-fingered heist (albeit using a HIAB) during the graveyard shift on a cannon along Jafaland's waterfront.  By all counts an ancient relic re-distributed long ago from a place called Sebastapol during the so-called "Russian scare".

Look over there!  A squirrel!  A pile of metal catches fires in East Auckland.  Initially reported as being East Jafaland as prevailing winds blew the smoke over the yuppie eastern suburbs.  And the PIJF funded media is ever desparate to portray South Auckland as being free of the criminal classes.  Unfortunately, no amount of geographic contortions will hide the fact this bone-yard is located in central South Jafaland in Favona.

Then the third "coincidence" in the news.  Some eagle-eyed reader spotted Vlad is looking to establish an outpost in the Chatham Islands when he gets evicted from his current home by the Ukranians.  So his Wagner deputies are obviously collecting suitable weaponry for when they invade the place.  I did wonder how the current genocidal colonisers of those isles will take to their terrority being overtaken by modern invaders to build their new dachas?

See, solving crime is easy!  It was those pesky Russkies all along.