Monday, April 30, 2012

Coming right up: Another 'full and final'

the tribe's main mistake was taking a "pitiful settlement"

A native caught emptying the tribal cookie jar admits he lost the money and then blames the process. You know, that process where white colonial guilt is assuaged via copious amounts of taxpayer wedge.

Our waka has hit some bad weather and ended up on the rocks

repair the waka and set ourselves further horizons

Next step, another 'full and final settlement' coming right up!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Whole NZ Air Force airborne at once...

A convoy of 4x Iroquois choppers just went NE past my place about 300m up. Such a distinctive sound 'wakka-wakka', one that will be missed.

Must be the Army HQ brass on their way from their Wellytown desks to a hotel in Napier for the annual Napier-Waiouru exercise on at the moment.

Amazing to see four RNZAF aircraft airborne at once! Must be the whole NZ Air Force.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Four years wasted, NZ going down the gurgler, Govt finally takes action

Finance Minister Bill English has further tightened the screws on the Government's finances, signalling cuts to future new spending provisions to help bring the Budget back into surplus

National finally acts on the economy, four years too late.

New Zealand is one of the most indebted countries in the world

Should have taken this decisive action long ago to halt the highly visible death spiral.

the Government would maintain a balanced approach by "keeping up entitlements to welfare ... continuing with large programmes like Working for Families and interest-free student loans"
Unfortunately there are still a few elephants in the room that need to be shot.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Surprised at the depth of feeling"

RSA members say many many people have been commenting about the "Chinese" poppies

Surprised at the depth of feeling

This time a few have obviously overstepped the mark abusing the poppy collectors over the Chinese made ones. There was no call for verbal abuse. The collectors are volunteers often with strong familial ties to those who served and lost loved ones.

I for one, firmly believe they should be made/assembled in New Zealand and it has nothing to do with xenophobia. I took a stand last year, making a more dignified protest and have not renewed my RSA membership over this matter.

At least I can be thankful they are not being made by the Japs, who have never said sorry for their WWII atrocities.

Extreme photoshopping - definitely NSFW

I know you'll have a peek - don't say you weren't warned!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Unintended consequences of eco-loon knee-jerk

When the German government shut down half the country's nuclear reactors after the Fukushima disaster in Japan, followed two months later by a pledge to abandon nuclear power within a decade, environmentalists cheered

The rabid greens in Germany got half their nuke reactors shutdown.  Successful?  Well, so they thought.

the country has increased its reliance on brown coal, ... now supplies 25% of Germany's electricity, up from 23% a year ago. Previously a net exporter of electricity, Germany now imports as much electricity as it sells abroad.

They are now criticising the increased usage of dirty brown coal.  And paying through the nose for power.

And so now what are we doing? We're buying nuclear energy from France. Their plant is just over the border. And now we're buying that expensive electricity. It's crazy.

Then there's the extra juice coming from other countries.  From the Frog nuke station just over the border. 

Like the anti-mine it, anti-drill it brigade mouthing off in New Zealand, the German anti-nuke eco-loonery is pure knee-jerk madness.

"High concern"

"huge costs" of setting up flats at the start of the year, such as paying bond money and buying furniture

Students crying "woe is me" when Mummy's money runs out.  Being wound up by useless Student Associations looking to gain traction via weighted surveys.

If only they'd stop burning their furniture at street parties and learn how to budget for the next piss up.  

Welcome to the real world.  One day someone might employ you should you ever leave Nanny State's teat with a usable qualification.

A couple of questions on the latest Liarbour bribe

Liarbour is offering another bribe to the electorate - a so called living wage to be funded by the productive.  I have a couple of questions.
Given that a lot of households have two incomes and a living wage is 'to provide acceptable standard of living for a person and their family' can I assume that only half of such a wage might be required per person? 

Also could one fairly expect a family on such a wage to not be uplifting Working For Welfare handouts?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Non-entity proposes more taxes

Labour leader David Shearer is urging the introduction of a "living wage" movement in New Zealand to pay people what they need to live on, rather than just sticking to the minimum wage

The non-entity that is the purported Liarbour leader suggests a "living wage". Just because the Poms do it.

Uncosted pie in the sky, no doubt to be funded by more taxes on the productive on top of the billions of electoral bribes proposed.

Kiwis have been working harder "than almost anyone in the developed world" for years but were not reaping the rewards

I wonder why that is? Could it be that the hard working amongst us are saddled with funding the endless retinue of Liarbour voters in entitlement mode chasing ever more handouts for doing less?

Routing another union infestation

Great news!

KiwiRail is proposing to sell its Hillside railway engineering workshop in Dunedin

Another engineering institution gets the message from the market. Union infestations do not engender productivity.

Long may this new climate of union busting continue unabated.

We're paying for this crap?

Management professor Ian Yeoman, a futurist with an interest in tourism, and sexologist Michelle Mars have looked to how red light districts might operate in the year 2050

The future of sex tourism lies in robot prostitutes

- Victoria University researchers

One wonders how such studies might help close the gap with Oz.

IMHO, Mr Key, here's where an extremely sharp axe should be wielded.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Government happy to have it both ways with sin tax

The descent to a third world country continues apace as those in Oz now see the shaky isles as a source of cheap labour.
Imperial Tobacco has also said it will move cigarette manufacturing from Sydney to New Zealand

The government no doubt will reap a hefty whack of sin tax from welcoming that venture to our shores with open arms. Remind me how much taxpayer wedge has been wasted on indoctrination and social engineering attempting to make New Zealand smoke free over the past decade.

I now expect the rabid green loonies on the left to question government priorities and look to ban such a move.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Iwi conned again

biggest single investment was more than $12.5m with Australian-based computer software company My Virtual Home Ltd.

The company is in liquidation and with no assets.

Other major investments included $4.39m with Tu Ere Fishing Ltd which is now likely to offer only a very minimal return, and $1.19m with property investment company Open Group Ltd which now has no current estimated value

The loss means Taranaki's most northern iwi, Ngati Tama, has shed all of a $14.5m Treaty of Waitangi payout it received in 2003

But everything's OK folks. The trustees have been replaced and there's a couple of dollars left for the tribal elite. One suspected this might happen at some time.

What next? Maybe those duplicitous colonials will soon give them a treaty top up, or better still, they might be able to apply for yet another 'full and final' settlement.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mt Bruce: Tired, overpriced

Went to Mt Bruce yesterday. Have been before a few times, last time a year or so ago. Entertaining grandkids as we are the babysitters of choice for these skool hols.

Was surprised in visible deterioration of aviary exhibits in bush. One pen had collapsed perimeter fence requiring possibly a few hours maintenance, in others birds were very difficult to see. Saw a cheeky and very vocal kokako up close though.

The brown kiwi was no where to be seen in the kiwi house. A black hole in Enclosure 1, with Joe Public left stumbling in the dark looking for a brown kiwi whilst adjusting to the sudden lack of light and wondering if the squeaky entry door had caused the bugger to take flight. How about a sign saying "Nothing to see here, move along"? The tourist magnet white kiwi was relatively easy to see in the dimly but properly lit Enclosure 2.

The eel feeding was informative, well the bits we could hear over the noisy cockie gobbing off that he had bigger ones in his dairy shed drain. An amp and speakers are required for the softly spoken DOC lady so all might hear the patter.

I suspect DOC is using Mt Bruce as a cash cow to fund their other over staffed rorts projects on the go around the country. After all, the tourist buses seem to have an arrangement to stop.

IMHO, not good value at $50 for 2 adults and 2x rugrats - tired exhibits, the lack of maintenance is showing. Front of house shop prices are, as with anything touristy, hideous. As a local, I wouldn't recommend another visit to overpriced Mt Bruce.

Far better is the Middleton Model Railway / Cwmglyn cheese maker two minutes toward Alf Grumble's home at the Eketahuna Club. At $10 per family, tons of value with grandkids that were not happy to leave after 2 hours. Plenty of buttons to push for the many kid sized sets and fantastic main layouts for the big kids at heart. The hosts are convivial and the cheese tastes great.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

New choppers unfit for purpose

Auditor-General Lyn Provost said in a report published on the Defence Force website this week that the fleet of high technology NH-90s were riddled with problems

Another Labour cockup to fix. Surprise!

As members of the military always remember:
The weapon you are about to use to protect your life was supplied by the lowest tender

Another "good boy" that needs a swift kick

"He's a good kid. He's not the prolific burglar he's been made out to be. He's been made out to be like Bailey Junior Kurariki," the father said

The rellies provide comic relief for the day suggesting the recently nabbed 11 year old Artful Dodger is nothing but a "good boy". And butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.

ran away from his grandmother earlier this year and was caught burgling in Napier before being returned to Gisborne

He and his 12-year-old brother ran away again and hitch-hiked back to Hawke's Bay this month.

Both boys were arrested Tuesday afternoon with a 15-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy after being caught breaking into a Napier house

Mr Plod suggests the results suggest otherwise.

try and turn his behaviour around ... has not been successful. His behaviour has now escalated to a point where a secure residential facility is the best option
Just another future gang member and/or Bailey Junior treading the well worn path. Secure facility to mend his ways? Nothing that a good swift kick in the arse wouldn't fix.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Key finally moving in the Right direction?

National says it walked away from plans to expand the working agreement with the Greens because it couldn't find the funding for the party's projects

One can only hope that Key is starting to move in the Right direction having stopped any further bargaining with the raving loons that infest the far left of the political spectrum.

Next stop, cease pandering to the racist separatists and tell Lying Len to stop wasting ratepayer money on his toy train set.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Updated: Key to reward the "bad people"? dodges bullet

"not welcome here"

Prime Minister John Key says accepting a boat load of ... asylum seekers would open the flood gates to "millions of others'' and reward the "bad people''

One wonders if the good Mr Key will welcome the boatload of Falun Gong that will arrive mid-May? As slippery Julia passes the buck.

Key's worst nightmare is unfolding in Darwin as
New Zealand becomes the port of choice for the hordes with our lax "no boats will ever get here" immigration.

Key dodges bullet as the Darwin 10 opt for an Oz handout courtesy of "we will take all comers, legal or otherwise" Julia. Soon there will be a boat, possibly rating slightly less than Cat 1, available cheaply for sale in Darwin.

A bird in the hand...

You can exceed 100Km/H today...

Mr Plod will be taking a day off after the long weekend of revenue gathering with a 4Km/H tolerance. You can exceed 100Km/H today, but keep an eye out for the grumpy revenue gatherer that has drawn the short straw for today's duty. He still has a quota to meet.

And also a special mention goes to the prick towing a boat at 85Km/H that held up 20 odd cars from Napier to Taupo around 1030-1215 Saturday. I was near the rear of the line behind you. You would not pull to the shoulder and let any cars pass. Even managed to stop my car, change drivers and still we caught up with the rear of your line. Nearly got your car number in Taupo, but got caught in lakefront traffic by the solid stream lemmings heading north from Wellytown.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Women: Listen and obey

a bit of a sissy or you were soft if you talked about your emotions

feminine behaviours" at the bottom of the manly scale - "love, care, empathy, seeking help to deal with issues, even seeking help for healthcare

for sure then you were a little bit lacking in the man department

I say to such men, feminised metro-man will never do well in this dog-eat-dog world.

all agree on what should go at the top: men controlling women, men should be tough, men should be physically strong, they should be providers, financially successful, protectors of women, men are superior, men should always be independent and always know what they're talking about, really in control

And women should listen and obey. Harden up and get on with it.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Spouting forth from ivory towers: KiwiSlaver to become compulsory?

Michael Littlewood, director of the Retirement Policy and Research Centre at Auckland University, said he questioned the need to renew the agreements with the default providers.

"By then, most New Zealand employees will be KiwiSaver members and auto-enrolment will be unnecessary."

One usually never fails to be amused by such plonkers from academia when they spout forth. For example, the estimable Mr Spoonley with his race-baiting rants from the towers provides top class regular entertainment. At least this one does admit a pecuniary interest being a director of a non-default provider.

However I do take issue with his "...
New Zealand employees will be KiwiSaver members and auto-enrolment will be unnecessary ...". I would hazard a guess that many employees, like myself, will never join KiwiSlaver no matter what bribes are offered. It's like turning up at the WINZ office for a fortnightly handout. Something I wish never stoop to.

But I do wonder if the nice Mr Key is about to change the KiwiSlaver rules? So that all employees will be made compulsory members in 2014. The spewing forth from the ivory tower of one without skin in the game may have inadvertently given things away.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Unionised: As thick as two short planks

The Maritime Union says it is dismayed the Ports of Auckland has returned to the bargaining table with little change in its position on contracting out stevedoring work

The ports company has said it is determined to continue the contracting out process once the collective agreement is settled

As predicted, POAL has rightly not changed position. One day the unionised will understand.

but union president Garry Parsloe says no worker will agree to a collective which retains the right of the employer to contract out

Poor deluded souls. Maybe the unionised will never understand, but eventually the message will get through their thick skulls as their jobs disappear to other ports.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Locals give natives the message

A rotting deer head has been left outside a North Island iwi office after its successful protest against a car race up Mt Ruapehu
Natives getting a taste of of their own medicine. Long may the fight back continue against these practitioners of stone age dark arts.

In a separate story, the wheel clampers with portable EFTPOS up north deserve a similar dose of medicine.