Tuesday, October 29, 2013

National's partner problems

The Prime Minister said some of Mr Craig's views ... were "definitely" not aligned with those of the National Party.

Therein lies the heart of the problem.  If National had stuck to and upheld long held core principles instead of pandering for votes from the progressive left of centre,  Mr Craig wouldn't be needing to have views.

He has some ... views which would probably be different to our take on things, but you've got to remember those ... issues are a conscience vote so even if he got into Parliament it doesn't mean that agenda's going to be progressed because it would take the majority will of the Parliament.

Mr Key will no doubt revisit that statement in a different light early December next year.  The alternative will be no 3rd term and donning rose coloured glasses.

Union loving thugs and bashers on the people's wharf revising history

Sir Bob, a former president of the Labour Party, said he agreed with Mr Lee that the figure might offend some people. 

Even though it was an honest account of the wharf's history, he had requested that it be removed today.

The artwork had been covered up this morning.

Typical Labour supporters.  Rewriting the record when unionists cannot stomach the truth of history

Pity unions were not removed in 1913 and finished off in '51.

Labour away with the fairies

Forget the man-ban.  Or maybe it is still in force, just real men not allowed.  Labour wants to befriend all minorities in exchange for their vote, particularly wanting more out there homosexuals in the ranks. 

Labour Party conference in Christchurch this weekend looks set to approve a remit that will require its list to "fairly represent" gays and lesbians among candidates

the list-ranking committee to pro-actively ensure that its list fairly represents "sexual orientations", as well as tangata whenua, gender, ethnic groups, people with disabilities, age and youth

That will go down like a cup of cold sick with the electorate who only want sound well founded economic direction.  And since when did selecting on the colour of your skin become legal? 

another remit, Labour's list-ranking committee decisions will also have to aim for a caucus of at least 45 per cent of women next year

Increasing envy taxes, pandering to queers and the like are not ways to win large quantities of votes from a generally conservative electorate.

After first polls since the coming of their Messiah David #2 showing absolutely zero traction, the Labia Party remains definitely away with the fairies as far as real world voters are concerned.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Coming ready or not, Mr Key

People-smugglers in Indonesia are promoting a passage to New Zealand in shipping containers for up to $17,000 a person and are describing it to would-be customers as "the cruise ship option"

New Zealand is very clear ... Everything is better than Australia ... New Zealand is a golden opportunity. You can take your mother, your brother, all of your family after proving they are in danger too.

The 'cruise ship' option for illegal immigration is about to loom in our waters.  Are our laws ready, Mr Key? 

He says a law passed in June for mass arrivals means New Zealand is prepared if any do

amendment to the Immigration Act allows immediate detention of mass arrivals - 30 people or more

the ability to seek further detention for 28 days at a time until the asylum seekers' bona fides are established

I fear not, the mealy-mouthed civil-liberty types will spike them just like they did to the laws we had in place for the Urewera terrorists.  They will turn up in boatloads of 29 or less, effectively bypassing your useless immigration laws.  The do-gooders that infest our Dominion will welcome them in with open arms just like they did with the illegal hordes that Labour's she-beast let in previously via Nauru.

And no, they are not asylum seekers, they are illegal immigrants that need to be re-exported back to source.  No detention, just send them back immediately.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Schools and teachers being measured, found wanting

That's very problematic for both teachers and parents because if you're a parent and you've been told that your child is reading at the standard last year and you rock on up to the teacher and discover your child is now performing at below standard then you're likely to say, 'what the hell have you been doing? He was at the standard last year'

Eh?  The head honcho at the Federation of Principals is effectively saying if your rugrat was up to speed last year, but is not meeting standards this year, don't blame our teachers.

What bollocks.  Measuring teachers failings is the only way to start improving the output quality of our education system.  Daily we see the swathe of illiterates produced by the current system in which education unions have stoutly resisted improvements for so long.

the profession continued to have no confidence in national standards

I say get on with the measurements, yours is not the right to argue. Unfortunately, the unionised are pushing their bogeyman of being paid for performance like everyone else that actually work for a living.  Real world performance that is evaluated by the hour.

Friday, October 25, 2013

In the real world far from Planet Brown

This young woman came looking for a job and you took advantage of your position

The judge locks up a villain that raped an employee. A half decent sentence.

has been jailed for seven years and nine months for raping a teenage girl who was doing work experience in his shop

Some work experience.  Day two and the boss has his wicked way.  Enough to put the lass off work for life.

Sounds just like the proceedings on Planet Brown, a place with not one iota of moral or ethical consequence. 

It's going to be a long weekend as Lenny hopes memories of his sordid adventures will fade by Tuesday and his spin merchants can continue refreshed on our taxpayer's dime.

Labour MP nearly chokes on complimenting Nats

Jacinda Ardern said ... the wing needed upgrading ... must show value for taxpayer money

It is good to see Ms Tolley acknowledging that improvements need to be made around staff safety and better mental health services for prisoners

We are absolutely capable of building an innovative state-of-the-art wing

A Labia MP complimenting the Nats?  That must stick in her craw somewhat.  It must be gagging for the poor dear!

But wait there's more...

It's up to Ms Tolley to demonstrate why we should want to be venturing down this disastrous privatisation path again

Thought it was too good to be true.  Labour ideology gets in the way of getting big government out of businesses that will do a whole lot better when served by private industry to measurable and enforceable contracted standards.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Russians cave into greenpeace pirates

the charges against activists who protested at an oil platform last month had been changed from piracy, which carries a maximum jail sentence of 12 years, to hooliganism which has a lesser punishment

Why?  These bastard green terrorists should be locked up forever.

I thought Putin had it in him, obviously doesn't have the cajones.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

At last, a politician willing to take a stand on the two minute Mayor

high-profile opponent of Len Brown cancelled a meeting with the mayor and said he should resign in the wake of the sex scandal

Mr Brewer passed on a message earlier in the week that indicated the mayor did not have his confidence

Someone with a sense of what is right, what the current Mayor needs to do and one I'd vote for.

Greenie part-time leader home from European junket, defaults to lying

It put the Australian government approach to refugees into very stark relief

Refugees?  That's really stretching the truth, even for a greenie.

They're not refugees or asylum seekers, but illegal immigrants that need returning to country of origin on the next available flight.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Whitewash in progress: Flock of flying pigs sighted

I did not abuse my position of power

Unbelievable!  Must be the quote of the century.

Lefties just do not know when their game is up and resign.  Irrespective of her ulterior motives, screwing any help in work hours, on ratepayer premises is an employment no-no.  For others, a sackable offence, no questions.  But the Left continue to defend their man suggesting he can be rehabilitated.

review is not specific to the elected members' code of conduct but will cover council policies and procedures and will provide background information should any code of conduct review be initiated

Meanwhile the whitewash is truly in progress.  Ernst and Young will be paid handsomely to deliver the required outcome, whilst they do not engage with the person at the root cause of this travesty.

review has the support of the mayoral office which will cooperate fully with it

From our illustrious leader downward there is not one politician worth his salt ready to stand up and state what he's done is morally and ethically repugnant.  To date all have condoned his actions (more like a case of  "There for the grace of God...") in one way or another.  The sooner this whole viper's nest of despicable centre-Left politicians is routed, the better New Zealand will be.

Journalist "trained and skilled"...

Disgraced high-ranking navy officer Commodore Kevin Keat has asked not to be dismissed from the service immediately so that he can leave with some dignity at the end of his present engagement in February

With dignity, why you may ask.   After what he's done to that sheila?    Where's the Tui?

But any real journalist would know that any MP, Judge, air line pilot, members of the Armed forces or Police or many civilians in public service would stand to lose their superannuation if awarded a DCM.

Those that were compulsory members of  GSF pre-1992 (when they closed their scheme to new members) and having been since time-serving polishing seats, are likely to now have a serious wad of super ready to retire on.  A stash which will not be forthcoming upon instant dismissal.  Them's the rules of the game, dismissal was something to be well avoided before you reached your term in the military.  I've seen it happen with a few months to go before someone's 20 years.

Trained and skilled journalist?  Not!  It's bad enough that the word Navy is not capitalised.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The iceberg is melting on the hot asphalt

refused to provide inducements and his company paid the price

"We just didn't play that game ... and we were left out in the cold as a result."

In light of the likely fallout from the this week's over-exposure, for want of a better term, of council leadership, is it any wonder?  They say a fish rots from its head.

Offices at several major roading contractors and subcontractors have been raided by fraud investigators.

SFO ... "We are looking at all the suppliers."

The downfall of Blacktop leaves a so-called "big five" companies to bid for road maintenance contracts in Auckland - Fulton Hogan, Higgins, Transfield, Downer and Heb.

I'm sure, although it will hotly denied, fraud and corruption is behind these contracts.  Perception is everything, so while the boss had his eyes on other now not so fresh game, the minions will have been garnishing their meagre 'Oh, for a living wage' six figure salaries.

The hot asphalt is about to expose more of the fast melting iceberg that is the left leaning JafaLand Council.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Is this who you want in the second most powerful political position in New Zealand?

has turned out to be way bigger than just a rooting mayor

…it now involves favours for floozies, graft, bribery, secret commissions, breaches of the Code of Conduct and likely to reveal additional affairs and murky dealings with a major player in Auckland that could only be construed as graft and corruption

Chef's Special: Braised Brown Rump

And Emmerson makes it 5 for WO down at Palino's.  A great cartoon.

He's got all the main players of the week, although I cannot read what is on the back of Bank's menu.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Roll up! Roll up! Last chance at this price!

Last day today!

The Meridian Share Offer is now open. It's your chance to invest in New Zealand's largest electricity generator and a company that generates energy from 100% renewable resources. Meridian also sells electricity through more than 270,000 connections in homes, farms and businesses under the Meridian and Powershop brands. The Meridian Share Offer is on!

Like Lotto, you've got to be in to win!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The truckload of whitewash has been delivered

Auckland Council chief executive Doug McKay is this afternoon expected to announce an inquiry into the Len Brown sex scandal.

whether Mr Brown's affair breached the council's code of conduct and conflict of interest policies.

About time.

We'll soon see how much whitewash was ordered. Won't the spin weasels have fun delivering their daily reports?

BREAKING: Len's Gone!

That got you! 

One can only hope he will be gone by lunchtime. 

Meanwhile something from the man of the moment hopefully about to get a top notch political scalp.

The guy is a rat bag, he has a proven history of rat bag behaviour and I am going to continue to hold him to account irrespective of his politics. 

If that was a National MP or a right wing councillor, or a right wing mayor anywhere else in the country, I will run them through just as hard

If he had any decency, he'd go. Now.

The lurid scandal continues to develop and as much as he likes to pretend, Len's position becomes more untenable by the hour.

Lance (2,132) Says:
So I am hearing the general tone here is that the facts are not in dispute, just that the slutty little tramp should have kept her mouth shut?
Fuck…. what century is this, the 19th?
Fucking hypocrites on the left, fight for womens rights and then call out the harlot. Now she is receiving threats!

I’ll say it again… I thought it was about a powerful elected figure who didn’t have the personal discipline to keep his dick in his pants…. AT WORK.

Once again the powerful elected figure is winning with a team of spin merchants at the ready.

davidp (2,988) Says:
These are the questions that I think Len Brown needs to address:
Brown says that Cheung didn’t work for the Council. Cheung says she was employed at the Art Gallery and that Brown visited her there. Who is telling the truth? If it is Cheung, then did Brown help her obtain the job?
We know that they socialised together in cafes. Did Brown expense this?
We know Brown phoned and txted Cheung. Did he use a work phone? If so, did he compensate the Council for the calls?
Were Brown’s gifts to Cheung expensed?
We know that Brown took Cheung to meet a Chinese airline executive at a restaurant. This is a valid business meeting for Brown, but must comprise hospitality for Cheung. Who paid? If it was the Council, then did Brown compensate the Council for Cheung? If it was the airline, then did Brown declare that hospitality as a gift?
We know that Cheung interviewed Brown on a Chinese current affairs show. Did Brown tell the current affairs program that there was an ethical issue regarding the objectivity of the interviewer? Shouldn’t the viewer have been told?
Who cleaned up the body fluids in council offices? Were council staff or cleaners exposed to Brown’s ejaculate?
There are two accounts of when Brown told his family of the affair… before and after the election. Which is true, and why do two accounts exist?
Has Brown notified all his sex partners that he has been exposed to venereal disease and that he may be spreading it? Has Brown been tested for or treated for venereal disease?
Was any pressure placed on the security guard to hush up what he had seen? What was said at the time… did Brown ask the security guard to stay silent, or did he threaten him? Was anything said to the security guard or his supervisor after the event?
Didn’t Brown think that having sex in a room of cultural significance to Maori was insulting to Maori?
Didn’t Brown think that using terms like “Geisha girl” to refer to a Chinese woman was insulting for both gender and racial reasons?
Was Brown conducting the affair while his wife was recovering from cancer?
Has Brown had sex with any other women on Council premises?
Has Brown masturbated on Council premises?
We know that Brown and Cheung had sex in a hotel room. Who paid? If it was the Council, then did Brown compensate the Council? If it was corporate hospitality, then did Brown declare the hospitality as a gift?
Who sent the txt threats to Cheung? It is hard to imagine a reason for anyone not associated with Brown to threaten Cheung? Who did Brown notify of the affair before the date and time the first threat was sent? Were any of the people notified Council staff? If yes, then why would they be notified if this is a private matter?
Did Brown order the threats? If not, does he recognise the sender’s phone number?
Have Council PR staff assisted Brown to handle media inquiries or Brown’s media response? If so, how does he reconcile this with assertions that this is a private matter? Will he compensate the Council for the staff time involved? Should Auckland ratepayers pay to sort out Brown’s personal scandal?
Was Cheung first invited to Brown’s office because of her duties on the ethnic advisory panel? If this wasn’t an attempt to groom Cheung, then why wasn’t the chairperson of the panel also invited? If Brown used ethnic matters as a pretext to groom Cheung, then did Brown promise to fund any ethic advisory panel activities or programs in the course of his grooming?
Does Brown often invite women that he wishes to groom to his office on spurious business pretexts?

Many questions indeed that require answers.  I'm sure there's more.

As for trotting out his daughter to stand by her Dad, nothing short of despicable.

If he had any real gumption, like Banks, he would resign.  Now.

It is time the LGA Minister stuck Len on gardening leave and conducted an inquiry.

On sister city junkets to world-class JafaLand

When private behaviour becomes public knowledge it cannot simply be washed from everyone's mind. 

The mayor will wear this embarrassment everywhere he appears and every time he speaks for the city. 

The record is never wiped clean. Auckland knows its mayor a little better now than it did a week ago.

I do wonder how Len will handle future sister city junkets to his "world-class" city.   I can just see delegations from numerous Asian Tiger cities being willing to shake his hand in the Ngati Whatua Room.  Much more like they will have taken notice of his actions, particularly how he fails to support one of their own.

All class, indeed.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cheap fares on GrabaSeat for those that need to exit JafaLand with haste...


Who woke Winnie?

The so-called informant, or the whistle-blower, if he thinks that he's got integrity on this issue, then he has to answer: Why didn't he let the information go when the people would have had that information before they made their electoral judgement?

As usual Winnie has all the facts.  Apart from the fact the whistleblower is a she.

Who disturbed Winnie from his afternoon nap?

Will it all end in tears?

share price has continued to skyrocket and has broke through $22 today

share price has climbed by $16.71 over the last year, a rise of 310 per cent

I'm no judge of these things, but often wonder about this startup and its short debt-ridden history.

That it is still hideously awash in debt, beholden to a single god-like leader obviously full of self-pride with a highly visible sh*t locker of good living, even with all these purported converts from many countries supposedly willingly paying the bills for their no doubt overpriced accounting add-ons**.

Do we have another upcoming Dot Com failure (no not the large German type) so prevalent a decade or so ago?  Or maybe this media darling is the real thing and I'm green with envy that I missed the boat on the IPO?

Will it all end in tears?

** Things you could do at zero cost with some double entry book-keeping to keep a feel for your business or an open source product like GNU Cash






A timely piece, maybe a slightly sarcastic piece in best iFISH manner.  Unfortunately, after yesterday's events of the afternoon, the wrong wanker.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Any use of council resources?

absolutely not!
she and Brown were having sex in the Ngati Whatua Room at the Auckland Town Hall when a security guard burst in through the door.
“It was horrific. I had no clothes on and Len had his pants down around his ankles. The security guy was clearly embarrassed and made some apologetic noises before closing the door and leaving.

That's right, straight from the horses mouth, apparently no dodgy credit card transactions, but I guess the lights were out, when allegedly caught by a security guard with butt naked partner and his daks round his ankles.

I'm sure there were no council resources used at all!

Great news!

One of the New Zealand Greenpeace activists being detained in Russia has been refused bail

... they can start the more formal legal proceedings

The sooner these greenie pirates are locked up, enjoying a Russian winter or three,  the world will be a better place.

Wouldn't be great to have a real government like Putin's Russia here in New Zealand ready to show Greenpeace the door and effectively control its border?

Friday, October 11, 2013

Len's Bylaws: For some, not others

An Auckland landlord has been fined $60,000 after illegally converting North Shore garages into flats

Auckland Council was sending landlords a message that non-compliant activity would not be tolerated

Good to see Len's building inspectorate Stasi do actually enforce their bylaws on the affluent.

But in Len's slum residential areas of South and West Auckland, garage living appears to be the norm. Bylaws are obviously not enforced with the same vigour when these are your prime constituents.  And their vote is desperately required tomorrow.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

NZ Beef outlook good

An unusually early and enormous snowstorm over the weekend caught South Dakota ranchers and farmers unprepared, killing tens of thousands of cattle and ravaging the state's $7 billion industry — an industry left without assistance because of the federal government shutdown.

As many as 75,000 cattle have perished since the storm slammed the western part of the state Thursday through Saturday with snowfall that set records for the entire month of October in just three days, state and industry officials said.

A vicious storm with 70 mph winds which will have disastrous long term effects for the domestic American meat market as tens of thousands of calves and breeding cattle perished.  Many cattle busted fences and wandered miles downwind looking for shelter before succumbing in drifts 6 feet deep.

Some are making political capital trying to blame Republicans or lack of Federal assistance, when the shutdown is all Obama's making.  No doubt the usual feral greenies will soon be blaming global warming or the like.

New Zealand beef will get a lift long term from being able to supply some of that market with their quality product.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Clint's getting a pay rise

Cunliffe pledges $18.40 an hour for 16 year old state sector office assistants

Hey Clint!  You're getting a pay rise.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Flagrant violation of building code

lavalavas are attached to the ceiling for insulation

You'd think with the super expensive rates paid to Len's mates at the council they might enforce building codes that do not allow residential developments in garages. 

Must be another one of Len's "we won't mow your berms" type enforcements. Two years you say?  Must be some of his core voters.

I'd bet if I tried to setup residence and rent out my garage some officious jackboot from a council inspectorate would doorstep me.

A real government willing to protect it's borders

Russia has charged Greenpeace activists with piracy over a demonstration last month against Arctic oil drilling, a charge that could bring long prison terms for a protest

Putin's Russia shows the world how greenie intruders should be dealt to by a real government willing to protect it's borders.  Time our government was prepared to do the same.

Concern for the environment must not be a cloak for illegal actions, no matter how high-minded the principles motivating participants

As for the ferals about to endure a few harsh Russkie winters, I say you deserve everything coming your way.  Long overdue.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Will Trev show? [update]

The summer hols are over at the rich man's yacht racing in the city of queers that is San Francisco.   And today is one of the few days each year when Parliament is actually open for business.

Time for the prodigal son to show his face in the bear pit and meet his newest Dear Leader.


Cocked that up, didn't check, assumed a normal Tuesday.  Trev will be a no show for another couple of weeks. 

Every other wage slave has already been at work for a full day this week.  Apparently these buggers have the school holidays off too.  Like teachers, your overpaid / under worked politicians are never on the job.