Saturday, August 31, 2013

Vomit material!

As one who has served when this sort of carry on was utterly revolting and was still illegal, not mandatory, it just sickens me to the core and makes me want to heave.

And you wonder why there's a morale problem in our military?

Friday, August 30, 2013

Politicians and other leftie thieves note well!

It’s not rates which are inadequate

It’s the way they are being spent and the lack of respect of residents’ money

That man gets my vote! 

There’s 150 years of local government history in Auckland funded on the back of rates and one Mayor in one term has labelled this revenue stream as completely inadequate

"What has happened in the last three years that has meant that rates are so inadequate to cover Council activity costs? The answer is Len Brown.

Politicians, councillors and other leftie thieves would do well to note how the populace feels about relentless taxation increases.


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Good news! Pissed off donors going to run "negative" election campaign

Negative third-party campaigning in the Hawke's Bay Regional Council elections looks set to begin, with candidates looking over their shoulder wondering who has hired political strategist Simon Lusk

He was working with "quite a large number of people to run a campaign for change", due to start next week. "There is a significant amount of money for this campaign and a significant number of people that are pissed off with the Regional Council that are supporting me

A negative third-party campaign is when somebody who is not standing for election runs a campaign to discredit candidates

Good to see.

'I thought it was quite sinister. I've never heard of it in little old Hawke's Bay. I don't know who they are targeting.

It took the council staff unawares too - it was pretty obvious they had never been asked that question before

Time serving jobsworths about to be taken to task and they don't like idea that the productive might oust them with fiscal conservative values.  Music to my ears.

As an idiot said previously "New Zealand politics needs to be more corrupt".  

From the policy paper:

This National Government has been a disappointment to fiscal conservatives. The
wet wing of the National Party control the senior ranks of the party, and cannot be
easily replaced without losing an election.

After National loses an election there will be a clean out. It is essential we have fiscal
conservatives who are willing to make serious changes to control the culture of the

This is part of a long term plan to move the political centre to the right. This means
reducing the size of government, weakening the power of those who believe in big
government, and investing for at least 20 years to ensure that these changes are

Certainly cannot disagree with that aim.  National needs to brought back to core principles and stop chasing votes.  It needs to happen throughout local government.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

And these pricks want you to vote for them?

There was an admission today from Maryan Street - she was ready to act, if David Shearer didn't

Something about who needs enemies when you've got such friends ever ready to knife the next leader.

Monday, August 26, 2013

MUNZ infested POAL is expensive

Tauranga could handle 100 per cent of the container growth Auckland is planning for, plus its own growth in the foreseeable future

Another reason to shut the union infested POAL shop and not reclaim more harbour.

Reclamation is a no-brainer from so many points of view, particularly when the options on offer from Port of Tauranga and Marsden Pt are analysed

Amazing that the non-unionised opposition is doing the same as your unionised job, obviously at effective costings, from 250Km away.

Our principles are open to the highest bidder

The Mt Wellington Warriors league club made a stand against pokie money

All those problems are associated with gambling and drinking. I didn't want to be a part of the problem

 Fine principles, well done that club.

The club faced a stark reality - take the trust money or go bust

Bar takings are way down, sponsorship is non-existent, and parents still won't fork out any money for playing fees

The way he sees it, the money is effectively coming from the parents anyway

Five years later, tainted money talks louder as the club sells out their principles to the highest bidder.  And parents in entitlement mode are still not willing to support their kids in sport, whilst finding money for booze and gambling.

And finally ...

periodic detention workers provide labour at the club. "I have to be there every Saturday and Sunday to manage them, but that is the only way the club gets painted and cleaned, people doing their community service."

A question:  Why are PD crims being used to support a private enterprise?  Surely there must be other civic duties more deserving.

Liberal progressive tries to sidestep issue

Detractors of Grant Robertson have started the talk about gay this and gay that…frankly it is demeaning.

Right let’s deal with this gay non-issue

Another liberal progressive continues pushing his barrow whilst many voters think otherwise.

Well done!

Team New Zealand has taken the Louis Vuitton Cup 2013.

And for Mr Key to note, not one 3-way congratulatory handshake on board.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Another category to add to the 'not to vote for' list

  • Females - Check,
  • Representative of a Separatist / Racist party - Check
  • Labour Party - Check
  • Homosexual - Check
  • Rabid feral greens - Check
  • Climate change nutters - Check
  • Raving anti-farming enviro types - Check
  • Other lefties missed - Check
  • Promoters of big government - Check
  • Pollies that want more taxes - Check
  • Promoters of public transport on my dime - Check
  • Feminists - Check

My personal list of those 'not to vote for' gets longer by the day, making the job of selecting candidates to vote for at the ballot box real easy,

Match Point!

A fantastic race, a new record speed, 47.2 knots (87Km/H).

Match point, don't stuff it up. Louis Vuitton Cup 2013 final postponed till tomorrow.

Go Kiwis!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Now, that would be interesting

No, I haven't pinched my nose and paid 30 pieces of silver like the esteemed Ms Cactus recently did in (some say re)joining the Labia Party.  Although I'd suspect her stated objective of getting Silent T to take the reins might not be the only motive.

But if one were a member, I'd want to see the actual result numbers involved in each block at the upcoming polls for those whom might accept the poisoned chalice verified by some independent body.

A stitch up by the blocs involved would never happen you say, no fiddling of the results could occur, after all we are dealing with honest Labour politicians.

Seeing the actual numbers involved could be very interesting, as it would confirm the dire state or not of total party membership.

Operator blaming tool

The frustrating thing is it's not mistakes we're making here that is costing us, it is mistakes that were made months and months ago

Italian helmsman showing bad form complaining about boat design as Team NZ yet again shows them a clean pair of heels and makes it 5-1. 

It would be nice to win a start, the reality is whether we start to leeward or start to windward, they still pass us on the reach

You know what they say about operators that blame their tools. 

Anyway, two to go and no doubt as is usual, a protest or two, then it's the real event.  Go Kiwis, no breakages or stuff ups please, put the Italians out of their misery.  And then deal to that traitor Coutts and his team of cheats.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Union stiffs costing the country

Air New Zealand will axe 180 engineering jobs when it closes a maintenance facility in Auckland, according to the Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union

the airline's inability to attract replacement work due to the high New Zealand dollar, the union said

Bollocks, the company cannot compete with cheaper global competitors using overpriced union labour that threatens to strike every year or two. The sooner union power is smashed and divorced from political processes to arm's length the better off New Zealand will be.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

So much for the 'wafer thin' margin

61:59  GCSB bill passed

Democracy at work, looking after our security.  In the immortal words of a previous thief at the New Zealand's helm, "We won, you lost, eat that!"

That wafer is looking quite thick and is all that is needed in our New Zealand for democracy.

Now that issue has been put to bed, the GCSB can get on with peacefully checking their lists and metadata for perverted deviants, would be terrorists and lunatics amongst us.  Seems they have problems, being likely to compromise national security.  For example;

Bradley Manning: Unsure of his gender identity, commits treason, releases massive data breach as Wikileaks into public realm, endangering troops and country.  Gets 35 years overnight. Too long in my view, should have swung for it.

Edward Snowden: Releases details of various top secret security programs, compomising several countries and runs for cover, threatening more treasonous releases, including "very sensitive, detailed blueprints of how the NSA does what they do".

I wonder how many more are lurking out there looking to compromise national security, like the 'lunatic left fringe' as Mr Finlayson yesterday rightly called them, in their mind's eye doing God's work and can only hope that the GCSB finds them in a timely manner.

Monday, August 19, 2013

New Zealand's Day of Shame

You can call the legitimising of  'marriage' between queers what you will. And argue otherwise, some might even suggest it is progressive.

As far as I am concerned I find the idea of men sodomising each other bad enough, but to suggest it is marriage, that is in my opinion extremely morally repugnant.  As did a lot of the world until this legislation was forced upon us.

In the short history of this country, this day will forever be a day of shame for New Zealand.  I suspect more than few others would feel the same way.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Herald sub editor running hard

but we never got close to pitch-polling [when the boat capsizes stern over bow]

Pitch-Polling?  Is that taking the electoral pulse in the dark?

Grannie Herald running hard downwind cocks it up. If only they had a subbie that had actually knew something about sailing and could spell as well!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Burning the taxpayer dime with cultural propaganda

Mauri Ora:  A unique home based programme for anyone wanting to understand Maori culture and learn more about Aotearoa New Zealand history.

Some sick bastard has deposited a piece of junk mail, blatantly cultural propaganda on a glossy in my mail box this 'arvo.  Must have read my blog, noted my strong views on such matters and decided I need re-education.

knowledge of Aotearoa New Zealand history including the Treaty of Waitangi , the Declaration of Independence and colonisation.

Declaration of independence and colonisation?  Really?  New Zealand history - no doubt heavily revised to suit the current indoctrination schedule emanating from academia and all levels of government these days.

Apart from being fee free (read white mofo taxpayers will pay), heaps of handouts and someone getting paid to re-educate me in my home (read someone gets a free car on my dime), I see the content appears to be a twisted view of New Zealand history.  And it accrues a Level 2 NCEA qualification.

I wonder how much value the Kiwi taxpayer gets from offering such wasteful courses as these via these polytechs?  Surely courses in physical things like building, engineering and the like that could be used to rebuild Canterbury are currently more useful than hobbyist courses in cultural claptrap.

Good earthquake felt in Dannevegas (update)

Solid shaking for 2 minutes plus - no damage.


revised 6.2 10KM SE of Seddon 8KM down.

Wellington Beltway about to slide into the Kaikoura Trench with a bit of luck!

Still moving 90 minutes later - lights swinging at 1555.

Inventory2's mate chasing another term.

Yes, he is in the running again.  No doubt to keep the natives and feral feminist types in the area on a short leash!

IV2 will be pleased with his soon to be new Mayor of Wanganui.

"All they hear is woe-is-me whining"

Campbell was jaded. He's worn the GCSB issue on his heart (and sleeve) for countless episodes in his eponymous show, and yet, in the one that mattered, he failed to cut through.

Banging on about Key failing to accept his invitation to appear on the show is of little consequence to most New Zealanders.

All they hear is woe-is-me whining.

Summarising the "event of the week" as real voters saw it.  The zealots and nutters on the left beg to differ, apparently conspiracies loom large.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

For the xenophobes...


For the xenophobes in our midst, the importance of trading with our near neighbours.  A few other maps and other tidbits of interest can be found here.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Kiwi designers doing what they do best

Fixing the problem at source, without expensive add-ons like roll bars which only mask the real issues and do not make the quad bike any safer.

A fantastic suspension, so different to current design.  Let's hope they do well here!

Labour continues with negative messages

  • more houses built for families
  • more jobs for builders and carpenters
  • will improve housing affordability
  • will require local councils to provide a minimum of 10 years of urban land supply to cope with projected population growth
  • allow subdivisions to be non-notified
  • would limit the time for processing simple consent applications such as adding a deck or verandah from 20 working days to 10 working days
  • making it easier to build, extend and renovate houses

  • bureaucrats checking passports at the doors of open homes
  • proposes to prevent house sales to non-residents
  • would paint National as anti-environment

Says it all really.  Voters like positive messages.

Baby steps in the right direction.  Unfortunately in my opinion National has a lot of work to do to lose the stigma of being LabourLite before I would consider wasting my vote on it.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Green Leader defaults to lies for votes

"we will lose control"

Eh?  How will New Zealand lose control with 51% retained in the future partial sale of Meridian?

Greenie Red Russel defaults to lying for votes on Te News tonight.  (not in print, but broadcast on video clip on the news).  Lying appears to be a default position for any leftie pollie.

At last, someone to vote for

The Conservative Party is entering the local body elections with a team of 22 candidates standing in Auckland

Finally, there is an alternative to the left in Jafaland.  Now we await the cries of liberals and NINOs screaming 'god botherers'.  5-4-3...

It's not where I want to vote, but it's a start. Anything but far enough removed from Lying Len, fellow travellers like City Vison/Future West and other leftie communist watermelons.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Breaking overpriced union labour in New Zealand

Sixty-four Dunedin manufacturing workers will have their working week reduced by a day, following KiwiRail's decision to award a manufacturing tender offshore

Another New Zealand firm is priced out of the local market.

"I am appalled . . . it is just not right."

The local union stiff is miffed as expected.  In the global world of free trading there are real alternatives to those manufacturers infested with overpriced unionised labour and archaic work practices.  Long may the rout of unions continue.

"Our people ... have taken a step towards the pure and perfect kingdom"

It starts...

We, Tariana Turia, Tribune of the People, duly and legally elected by a small proportion of a small proportion of those same people, do hereby pronounce and proclaim, we are appalled.
And with the power vested in us as Associate Minister of Health for the realm of Aotearoa New Zealand, a position attained through political expedience rather than by any perception of merit, we shall act.
Our subjects may recall that in the Year of our Lord 2011 we issued the "Wag That Finger and Say Tut-tut" edict, the purpose of which was to shame and vilify smokers, thereby propelling one in five of the adult population of the realm, more people indeed than voted for the Labour Party at the last election, out of the moral mainstream and on to the distant shoals of ostracism where they belong. And we are pleased to report that the campaign has proved popular with those who know what's good for others. Citizens, we commend you. 

...  and you can read the rest of Joe Bennett's version of The Proclamation yourself.

Monday, August 05, 2013

Jafaland: Who not to vote for...

strong presence of Labour Party members at the launch, including Mayor Len Brown and Labour leader David Shearer

working with Labour and the Greens and independents to advance polices such as better choice of public transport and retaining community-owned assets

As if enough hasn't been wasted to date on Len's futile train set, a 'better' choice of public transport?  Paid for by wasting more of my already exorbitant rates no doubt.  And working with extreme left watermelons to advance their own loony brand of communism?  Thankfully no, I could never bring myself to vote left.

Must remember City Vision is a pack of lefty would be thieves and troughers at voting time.

Just maybe the message is getting through

Taking part in patrolling gives each volunteer dad the opportunity to gain a personal connection to Kaitaia, but more importantly makes the Kaitaia CBD a safer place

really great to see though was dads in high-viz jackets walking the streets, one of the mums saying just seeing them made her feel safer

Who would have thought that dads stepping up to the plate might actually work?

A salutary lesson for all those towns with no-go areas and high truancy rates.  A bouquet for once.  Keep it up, you might be onto something.

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Greens taking the piss

Green Party co-leader Russel Norman said the fact parents were resorting to lay-bys for children's parties was a sign of growing financial hardship.

"It is an example of poverty in New Zealand when families can't even afford to pay for treats for their kids' birthdays"

Can't afford $60 bags of sugar filled lollies or prezzies for the rugrat? So they whack it on layby! Obviously the parents need to learn how to make a nutritious carrot cake or something similar.  Icing sugar is dirt cheap and the rugrats wouldn't know any different.

Red Russel would have you believe that having to put the items on tick is a gold standard measure of 'poverty'.   Really?

Bollocks!  I'd say it is parents who will not take the time to look after their kids and get their priorities right.  Probably do not stick the booze and fags on layby. 

No child in New Zealand should be shortchanged for the basics with the all manner of handouts available via benefits, accommodation supplements and tax break rorts like Working for Welfare.  It is only parents that are failing to make good choices when it comes to their rugrats.

Excellent news!

party had nearly 1,000 members and was applying for registration

now in the process of replicating that in other areas ... it will grow rapidly

policies include abolishing the Treaty of Waitangi, ending "co-governance agreements", and axing race-based seats and posts in central and local government

The best news in a long time.  At least someone with principles to vote for.   Their website (on sidebar at right) has been a factual litany of the expensive racial rorts employed under the guise of 'treaty partnership' putting this country on a path to apartheid.

Now, watch the race based troughers surface screaming racism.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

The ultimate IRD data matching tool?

X-Keyscore part of "NSA's lawful foreign signals intelligence collection system"

Might be currently only for the GCSB spooks to track known radicals like feral greenie MPs and certain subversive investigative reporters.

But wait there's more - the IRD will soon find some good reason to trawl your metadata looking to see if you're doing cashies under the table.  Or Mr Plod tracing your calls to the local tinnie house.

173 years on: The fightback from New Zealand state sanctioned apartheid begins

Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy has signalled he will dump a plan to exempt firms holding Maori fishing quota from a law change

A long time to get here, but a small step in the right direction as special legislative clauses and exemptions for the racially entitled are wound back.

At last National may have seen the light and hopefully is returning to core principles rather than continually pandering to racist separatists.