Friday, February 24, 2023

Poor? Work harder!


An MP tells the poor like it is. A work ethic that would gain my vote.

Meanwhile in our antipodean world, the noble savages in our realm have been wasting their time playing dressup with warpaint for entertainment through dance in the hallowed grounds of Helen's backyard.  I'd guess most are on the hard-earnt taxpayer dollar in some form or other.

A truancy officer could have rich pickings here.  And in the same vein as the UK MP, some of the 'working' poor at the same event upon investigation might need to work longer hours.

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Labour-Lite drinking Kool-Aid by the gallon

National MP Maureen Pugh was "waiting for evidence" that humans caused climate change

That MP predictably has flip-flopped and is being re-educated as we read.

And the head-honcho, Chris from Marketing, as long suspected, has supped from the climate-change Kool-Aid pitcher.

More reasons to never ever vote for Labour-Lite.

Meanwhile in the real world,  New Zealanders get on with the clean up from some particularly nasty and tragic weather.  

Tropical cyclones dropping in are an overdue but expected annual weather event during December to April in New Zealand.  Not so in the fear-porn of climate-changed ravaged eh-oh-tea-rower.

Friday, February 17, 2023

How is the charge on your EV???

 Thank God for fossil fuels. 

I'd wager a few EV owners now rue the day they brought into that scam.  The smug must quickly disappear as their electric chariots fail to reliably climb for safety from the waterlogged deep night darkness of an unfolding catastrophe. 

It is nice to see that all my fossil fuelled engines are still functioning as required three days in without power.  And will continue whilst power is off, sometimes almost underwater.

So many caught out by a total lack of preparedness and layers of alternative for life without power.  No alternatives on hand like filled fuel containers, filled gas bottles, wood ready to go in the wood shed,  generators tested along with charged batteries for devices.

Many lessons might possibly be learnt, but will they be heeded?

Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Labour about to restart Dawn Raids?

New Zealand’s new Prime Minister has agreed to look at an overstayer petition that was launched by Pacific community leaders almost three years ago.

The petition calls for pathways to residency to be established for Pasifika overstayers under compassion grounds.

Doesn't the law say an overstayer? - deport them.  Similarly, aiding and abetting / harbouring an overstayer? - lock them up.

An easily decided binary decision if ever there was one.  Once again, as recently proven by that woman lieing  (or was it lying? - probably both) under the mat in the southern regions of Jafaland, I wouldn't hold my breath for this government to abide by the law as written for me but not thee.  

Bring on the Dawn Raids 2.0.