Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Rules for some ...

Good to see the New Zealand Building Code does not apply in the Far North District.  

That pergola appears well affixed and supported awaiting the approaching cyclone season.  Not to mention the self-contained cabin and the long-drop out the back.  No doubt all inspected and passed with flying colours by the FNDC.

Laws are only for others in New Zealand, it's obvious the 'we never ceded sovereignty' can do whatever in A-oh-tea-a-rower.  Nothing less is expected in the nephew's territory of Kaikohe.

Friday, October 16, 2020


pic from zazzle


"THE question of 2020"

The PI and Maori community need not look at Judith Collins and National anymore other than to say thank you. 

They need to look at Jacinda Ardern from 2017 and now and the future and ask a simple question - what have you actually given for our support?

from Cactus at her usual best


Saturday, October 03, 2020

This Judge won't be in a job much longer

 I thought I'd never see this from a Judge in New Zealand.

"Any protest to the Court's jurisdiction on the basis of an assertion of Māori sovereignty is without merit," Justice Cull said.

"Similar challenges to jurisdiction and sovereignty have been made previously and the higher courts have repeatedly rejected them.

"I therefore find there has been no miscarriage of justice."

That Judge will be off to the gulag for re-education!

It's a pity that the same line of thinking is not stringently applied to the perpetual victims flogging 'we never ceded sovereignty'.