Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Thieving New Zealand government raises taxes yet again

 Some may split hairs and call it an ACC levy which is added to vehicle registrations.  In my view it is a compulsory impost on me which is extracted to government coffers, therefore it is a tax.

Anyway, went to do the usual extraction of my hard earnt dollars online to pay said rego for said bit of paper.  Paper reminder came out a week or more ago via snail mail at $195.08 online, due 1 July.  When the better half got to paying it online today we see that the rego will now cost an extra $10.35.  

After joining the queue of the damned on hold at NZTA, listening to a vile noise purporting to be music, we've found out Cindy has raised ACC taxes and you will pay.

NZTA says nothing to with them, it's ACC's problem and ring them.  NZTA will not honour their original paper bill.

Thieving bastards!