Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Corrected: The way it should be

It is hard to accept intolerable that a speeding driver flagrantly disregarding police authority should be left to race through city streets, but it is also intolerable hard to accept that a police response risks increasing the danger to the public.

There, I've corrected it for you.  

The way it should be.  A firm positive response to any feral that runs from them.  No hand wringing liberal type responses needed.  Good children do not scream FTP or run from Mr Plod.

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Drug pedlars welcome news from Police Minister

Police Minister Stuart Nash wants to see all New Zealand music festivals kitted out with drug testing kits

He is supposed to uphold the law but has chosen to legalise the production of illicit drugs in New Zealand

misuse of drugs act – "if you have a test, you're admitting there are drugs on the site."

Now Mr Plod will have to cease catching druggies and release them all.  Fits with the Justice Minister's 'Catch and Release' policies.

adopting the practice in New Zealand was a "no brainier" (sic)

Sounds like an apt description of the Labour Party - no brains.  No doubt the gutless opposition will also be onboard with this idiotic policy.