Sunday, January 28, 2024

Uncle Tom Luxon about to sell you down river

Still on the fence, having a bob each way whilst speaking with a forked tongue to differing audiences, the leader of Natz wets is freaking out.  The racists and their enablers are due for an outing up north this week are having conniptions about the supply of ToW gravy to their trough being savagely curtailed.

talking about race relations freaks out the timid senior MPs in the National Party so badly they want to kill it right now. But the thought of Act’s idea proving popular and them being caught on the wrong side of public opinion and risking the next election freaks them out even more

Yes Humpty Dumpty Luxon, you'd do well to pay attention to public opinion and put the uppity savages in their place.  Sure they'll throw a tanty, but New Zealand will thank you for it.

As for Cuddles and his band of wokesters, fire them forthwith.

via Granny