Friday, October 31, 2008

King announces new toll free motorway

Major roading announcement within days - King

In a move that is not an election bribe, the Minister of Common Sense has announced that a new toll free 20 lane wide motorway from Cape Reinga to Bluff will be started on Nov 9th. A revolutionary new surfacing compound is to be utilised - taxpayer gold. The new motorway will be known as KiwiExpressway.

If only. Is it a full moon on this scary night?

Head Gardener at Sunset

An Angle Box at my door

Today the Targa Rally went past our place. As usual, very very very fast...

Fantastic turnout this year. Seemed a lot more than previous years. I always look to see older cars like the 'Angle Box'.

I should sell tickets.

Real workers cf politicians

From the Inbox

Five surgeons are discussing who makes the best patients to operate on.
The first surgeon says, "I like to see accountants on my operating
table because when you open them up, everything inside is numbered."

The second responds, "Yeah, but you should try electricians!
Everything inside them is colour coded."

The third surgeon says, "No, I really think librarians are the best;
everything inside them is in alphabetical order."

The fourth surgeon chimes in: "You know, I like construction workers.

Those guys always understand when you have a few parts left over at
the end, and when the job takes longer than you said it would."

But the fifth surgeon shut them all up when he observed: "You're all
wrong. Politicians are the easiest to operate on.

There's no guts, no heart, no balls, no brains and no spine, and the
head and the ass are interchangeable.
for those that don't know - cf = compare

"no such thing as compassionate conservatism"

Straight from the horses' mouth on Te News.

Obviously not the same compassion that sent Liarbour Prez Mikhail Williams on a
compassionate socialism mission to Oz recently?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Why is our Prime Minister lying?

In a Mike Williams initiated (insert Tui ad here) mere diversion from the real topic of a corrupt government, fundamental questions remain over the involvement of Liarbour and Winston First in the Consulgate corruption.

As time passes stories from either side, as is usually the case with lies, have become more divergent. One could argue an extreme desire to retain control.

In an election based on trust, "Why is our Prime Minister lying?". Why indeed is she being economical with the truth? What does Winston have over her other than a potential cohort in the next corrupt coalition of the unwilling?

"feckless, stupid and promiscuous"

Vicky Pollard - a fat, chain-smoking, single mother...

Viewers saw Vicky, with her "stereotypical body", as having the features of all working-class single mums, "feckless, stupid and promiscuous".
Not so apparently.
Little Britain does far more to promote racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism and classism than it does to satirise them - though it does do that from time to time.

Well, I never. I stand corrected - I had always thought that was what they were like.

Lighten up, its a comedy. And a damned good laugh.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Covering all bases and dodgy donkey trading

Cruising around the traps I came across this grumpy old bugger.

Pique Oil has all his bases covered in the legal stuff and also has been trading in dodgy donkeys.

Love it.

Axis of Evil still has dry powder?

The constant references by various people of late to an upcoming 'neutron bomb' next week that will do away with National period is cause for some concern. Tumeke lives in hope. Even Winston voiced it more than once on the minnows debate earlier this week.
This is tired and is nothing compared to what is about to be released regarding National. If I were John Key, I’d be a lot more worried about what is about to drop than papers showing Winston pushed to see if Owen was acceptable for Monaco, my guess is that no one will be talking about Winston and Owen next week

One wonders what 'scandal' will be dredged from their sewer of dirty tricks. I suspect that voters will put anything dished at this late stage as 'losers vitriol' of a desperate dying cabal, confirming their negative campaign waged on trust has seriously backfired.

Helen can try to manipulate the puppets to inflict a fatal blow, but I believe whilst some may read changed votes into such a bomb, the ploy will backfire with the electorate seriously hardening against Helen's Axis of Evil.

Consulgate Timeline

Poor Owen Glenn has been stitched up here.

The scenario goes like this:

OG wants the Monaco job, gives $500k to Labour.

Labour gets back into power in 2005 and they say - well matey we’ve just had to give Winston the MOFA role, so it’s going to cost you another $100k to get the consul position.

H1 tells MW to organise it, seeing as how he is the money machine.

MW puts OG in touch with WP and BH.

OG pays over $100k to Winston and thinks the consulship is in the bag.

Winnie lobbies the officials who say there’s no reason to appoint him (under instructions from H1).

The MOFA advise that their advice is not to appoint a consul.

WP rings OG and says - sorry matey, it’s not a goer.

OG realises he’s been stitched up and starts releasing documents to the media.

H1 calls him aside at the opening of the OG building and OG tells her she ain’t seen nothing yet.

Documents start being leaked to the msm who fumble the ball because H1 tells them there’s no story, nothing to see here.

MSM realise (six months later) that H1 has been conning them, begin to spill.

The whole affair becomes big news - about a year after it should, but right before the election.

Nov 9th - OG rings H1 to tell her that she shouldn’t have fucked with the big boys.

2009 - National reveals an anonymous donation of $1m from a newly formed trust.

from NeilR comment over at KB

Consulgate worries for PM

The Prime Minister was so concerned about Winston Peters' lobbying for Owen Glenn to become honorary consul to Monaco

Like I believe that. She (and Winston First) still expects us to believe that after receiving $500K ($100K) in 2005, this was not the final instalment of the 'you scratch my back'. The only thing Miss Teflon Clark was and is worried about is retaining tight control to get re-elected.

I firmly believe this is a cash for consulship scandal and nothing will sway me. As for the lying Winston I can only hope this crook is Parliamentary history. I could never expect the current government to actually have some integrity, not only to ditch him, but to fully prosecute him as they are donkey-deep in this scandal.

But then, this election is all about trust, not integrity.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Liarbour caves into Maori Party demands

On Sunrise today her indoors has given in to Maori Party demands for entrenchment of the race based seats which screw the MMP scrum. Something which she had avoided answering like the plague up to yesterday.
she said she could see no problem with Labour supporting the entrenchment of the Maori seats

Nothing like protecting your patch and vote buying. Cannot trust a politician, much less a Liarbour politician.

That's that problem solved, the Maori Party has just had the message loud and clear from Liarbour - vote for us and you will not need to sell your soul horse trading with the Devil on the right.

Not that I don't expect to see on tonight's 1800 news that John Boy will have been cornered and flip-flopped, guaranteeing 100% overhangs for perpetuity.

Yes, this election is all about trust. You cannot trust Liarbour.

PM puts off election

The Prime Minster has decided to put off calling a general election for the time being in order to deal with the global financial crisis and the country's economic woes, a news agency has reported.
Relax, its only democracy going out the door in the the land of the rising sun. We would never entertain such a move here, right?

Stark choices

So the choices on 8 November are rather stark.

On the one hand we can have a more economically literate government than the present one, a ministry containing both experienced people and new faces, which can get to grips with the country’s slow growth, rising inflation and galloping indebtedness.

On the other hand we can have a five-party monster made up mostly of extremists with so many weird agendas that you can kiss goodbye to New Zealand’s reputation as a reliable place for investment.

Should this emergency present itself after 8 November it’s a fair guess that there will be an immediate flight of capital off shore, and that the New Zealand dollar would drop even faster than it has done of late.

Political correctness will become the order of the day as a collection of mini-Stalinists set about imposing their oppressive agendas, inside your bedrooms, bathrooms and garages.

Walking and cycling will become a new religion. Helen Clark was right when she kept the Greens at bay in 2002 and 2005. This time she’d have no option but to become their doormat.

from Dr Michael Bassett

5/8ths of...

I half-pie watched the minnows last night fighting over breadcrumbs. What a waste of time. Rodders was surprising in changing his stance on race based Maori seats. I think that flip-flop will cost him votes.

Tariana seemed to get her message of evasive rhetoric across, if only for 'our people'. Must be hard when she is so aligned to a racially based division which ultimately wants separatism paid for by non-native New Zealanders and will do anything to get there. All options are possible, including sleeping with enemy. Either side is the enemy.

A sticking point with them is entrenching of their race based seats. Also lurking is the foreshore and seabed issue which they want to keep ordinary Kiwis out of. These two should be non-negotiable points for the major parties. As has been said before, better to have them inside the tent, to stop their rabid fringe elements going feral in terrorist activism.

The tree huggers were as is the norm off the planet on bicycle path to nowhere, although Jeanette was very clear what she wanted. Not for me, far too left is the rabid greenie communist party.

Also not surprised by 75% (12,500) of Kiwis saying they had enough of the tail wagging the dog. MMP is toast, but Winston was prepared to take funding to fight for MMP.

Speaking of Winnie, was sober and very subdued. Is he ill?

Jimbo was as ever the Labour stooge with his 380,000 shifted from the UB.

Flip-flopper Dunne looked after himself and Sainsbury did a better job this time.

All in all a quiet affair, no real commital to anything, arguing over 5/8ths.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Election business decisions

Letter from a small business owner

Dear Fellow Business Owners,

As a business owner who employs 30 people, I have resigned myself to the fact that Liarbour may again lead our next government with Helen's Hydra and that my taxes and fees will go up in a BIG way.

To compensate for these increases, I figure that customers will have to see an increase in my fees to them of about 8 to 10%. So I will have to lay off six of my employees. This really bothers me as I believe we are family here and didn't know how to choose who will have to go. So, this is what I did.

I strolled through the parking lot and found eight union bumper stickers on my employees' cars. I have decided these folks will be the first to be laid off.

I can't think of another fair way to approach this problem. If you have a better idea, let me know.

I am sending this letter to all business owners that I know.


[Name and company redacted]

I don't think there are any anti-discrimination laws that would apply here.

flogged from Fortress Australia and modified

Robots afoot in the dead of night

Following the actions of the government we currently enjoy, another overfunded agency of the state has seen fit to possibly break the law. A $24M digital archive paid for by the NZ taxpayer. Haven't they heard of Google cache?
The National Library contracted a United States company to capture a "snapshot" of the Internet in New Zealand.

It did not notify website owners of the harvest because "it could not see a good way to do so without effectively becoming spammers"

Weren't there laws on spam passed recently for some very good reasons? Like agencies accessing and interfering with computers?

the library's decision to ignore the robots.txt protocol increased the amount of international traffic websites would have to pay for

Not good enough that a taxpayer sponsored government agency can bypass net etiquette, costing ISPs dearly for their own needs. But then, no different from the corrupt Liarbour-led government which too thinks itself above the law and can retrospectively right things.

"Nasty, twisted and bitter"

In a coup for bloggers this weekend, the media has taken notice of the fact that Winston Firsts' 'transparent' trust 'for victiims of crime' in Susan Couch's name is a venal sham.
has staunchly defended the trust and labelled questions about its transparency "nasty, twisted and bitter"

The only thing transparent is Winnie. We can see right through your motives. Of course we expect nothing less from a feral Winnie when cornered. Now not glowing in the limelight.
Ms Couch is not listed as a beneficiary or a patron, and the only mention of her is in the title of the trust. The three trustees have full control over where the money goes.

As bloggers have highlighted and most expect nothing less of Winston, these trustee mates will be the only recipients of the proceeds of crime.
There's no conflict of interest at all, when somebody who's taken the matter all the way to the highest court in the land and has won...

Won? No conflict of Interest? Spare me the rhetoric Winston. There is one higher court, that of public opinion, which will bring down its verdict late on the 8th November. Closely followed by a life sentence.

Well done Roarprawn, Homepaddock and others. And SMTC, while I do enjoy the extra traffic generated from your commentary, you really do need to get your own blog so you can fully unleash your verbal best for all to see. Stop hiding your light.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Media material dated

Two incidents in past days have highlighted exactly how far behind the ball the media are with their piss poor investigations.

Luigi figures large in both. Firstly they run the story that he has been cleared by the EC when the truth is nothing like that. Secondly Te News is is running the story that Susan Couch is a beneficiary when the hard truth is that she is not such and may actually just be a pawn in their ugly venal politics.

High time the media actually stayed on the ball, amending their stories as situations develop, rather than relying on dated material hours old and patently wrong.

Come on guys, keep up with the play.

God don't like ugly

Nor do Kiwi voters.

Yesterday we witnessed the most venal political play ever in this country.

Winston announcing that he donated taxpayers monies to a trust for a victim of crime. The victim, Mrs Susan Couch apparently has not received the money. The trust holding the money has a blood brother of Winston's as a trustee.

It is being suggested that this money will never reach Susan, it will be used to pay Winstons lawyer mates running the trust. As others do, I wonder if Susan was even aware of the money. This whole saga is nothing but a corrupt play to line Winstons pockets of that of his mates.

Not only Winston is content to usurp legal processes over the $158K stolen from the taxpayer for maximum publicity, he horre
ndously further abuses an already seriously damaged victim.

A victim which most in this country feel extreme sympathy for without having a political scumbag of his ilk milking that sympathy for all that it is worth.
God don't like ugly and Winston, this has to be the ugliest side of NZ politics I never want to see again.

Winston, or any politician that would support his party, be warned. This round is for keeps.


The trust used for the above is
only linked to Susan Couch in name only.
Nowhere does it mention that she might benefit. The objects of the trust are clear enough that victims of crime might be supported. After expenses maybe.

And also that the board (read trustees) can be be variously paid. What a bloody rort. Trust Winston to utilise Susan's good name so they can milk the $158K to keep their mates in business whilst never assisting one crime victim.

This election is all about trust.

Choices and decisions

In the really long time it takes to read this post, spare a thought for the AOS member who will have had the first of many sleepless nights whilst the witchhunt builds around him.
Ask Sergeant Don Wilkinson for an opinion about taking on an assailant armed with 'Only an airgun'

Oswald outlines for the feral and rabid talkback listener some choices so necessary to make that short split-second decision.

Note to gun weilding nutters - take a close look at Oswalds' list of choices. All decisions based on your choices lead to the one outcome. Lead poisioning.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Winston First names charity

Just when he will be bouyed by a small lift in the polls, Winston seems to think he is free of electoral charges. TVNZ seems to think so too.

And in a nice gesture, Winston has donated $78K to a charity - Mrs Susan Couch the survivor of the RSA murders. An incestuous move by Winston's mate who doesn't charge for services rendered, for he is one of the trustees of the fighting fund for Susan.

So Winston, where is the $158K you owe the taxpayer?

Blue or Red/Black&White/Green-Red/Red&Black?

Reasonable Ray over at Barnsley Bill looks at the base options for those dithering over colours. A great summary of colour choices.

Blue is the only choice if you want change.

DWTS not as we know it

Winston First continues his merry dance on a pinhead, this time with the Party Secretary. Certainly not Dancing With The Stars as we know it, but Dancing With The Secretary on a very small pinhead. Sheer entertainment.
In an ironic twist the Electoral Commission has found New Zealand First's party secretary did not break the law over incorrect returns last year

Today he says that the Sec did indeed know about the $80K donation as she went to the EC and questioned them about it. Old news, she was told to get legal advice on whether to declare. That advice was that a declaration was not required. So the EC has cleared her specifically in respect of the 2007 return. (Press release from EC here)

The EC has not cleared Winston or the Winston First Party. Some media spin says they are cleared. Bollocks, it is a very specific ruling whilst the ongoing investigations continue.

Continue your merry dance Winston, but beware, this is a knockout round.

And where is the $158K?

Pacific Queens at each others throats

There was nothing worse for Fiji than her. "I might be able to help by pleading to the Indo-Fijians in New Zealand not to vote for her and Phil Goff."

One Pacific Queen interfering in the re-election of another Pacific Queen.

I wonder how that other Pacific Queen, Georgina, is getting on Oztralia?

Another fail in education

He doesn't pay tax, doesn't have a mortgage. He has high principles and supports paying for things [the country] can't afford.

Just what is being taught to kids these days? Already off the rails, not even old enough to to vote, but feels the need to vote for Liarbour.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

"...but a political nuisance"

Garth George sums up why we need a change.

This election is not about trust, because the public does not trust politicians, except, perhaps, those of the Maori Party.

It is not about the economy, because that is in a state of flux pretty much beyond our control and at this stage is best left to Reserve Bank and Treasury experts.

It is not about tax cuts because we've had one already and if there aren't any more for a year or two, that will be seen as fiscal prudence.

It's not about Working for Families or KiwiSaver because those who can't participate in them don't give a damn and those who do care little where the money comes from as long as it comes.

It isn't about whether John Key is fit to be Prime Minister, because as long as he is not Helen Clark he can't lose.

It isn't about energy or the environment, as the Labour lapdog Greens would have us believe, because few people are interested in what might happen next year or next decade. They're too busy coping with what's happening today.

It isn't about privatisation because few people care who owns the banks or the railways as long as their money is safe and/or the service is up to their expectations.

This election is all about freedom - the freedom of the individual to live his or her life with as little interference as possible from the state, its politicians and minions.

It's all about being loosed from the tyranny of dogmatic "do-it-my-way-or-else" socialism, which contends that the state knows best how to spend our money, how we use our property and how we run our families.

It's all about freedom from fear - from the anxiety generated by the doom and gloom merchants, the Greens in particular, who demand that we circumscribe our lives in certain ways because if we don't the world will melt and come to an end.

It's all about freedom from guilt. We want to be able to fill up our cars, turn on our heaters, light our homes, run our taps (and showers), eat our food, smoke a cigarette, have a few drinks, sell land or buy or develop property without being made to feel guilty.

And it's all about freedom from presidential-style politics. We want - nay, need - to be rid of a dictatorial leader so that consensus politics again has a chance to flourish.

Also he notes that Winston is nothing but a nuisance and the tree huggers need to be reduced to a mere presence. Votes for either are wasted. Garth think the separatist party has some reasonable MP's. I say not, they are only looking for where they can peddle their racially based separatism.
So Labour has to go. NZ First, led by a petty and untrustworthy despot, has to go. And the Greens must be reduced to no more than a presence in Parliament.

I think the above list would sum up the thinking of most.

Just where is your bottom line, Mr Key?

The avalanche of people leaving New Zealand to go to Australia over the past year will be seen as a trickle if we don't put our house in order

Just watch these numbers go through the roof post Nov 8th when Liarbour gets to horse trade with the separatists. You ain't seen nothing yet.

Someday Mr Key, you might actually state a bottom line. I would prefer to ditch New Zealand for a country that actually has some real taxpayers and is without politicians that are pandering to racist minorities.

Monday, October 20, 2008

China: Free-wheeling, robber-baron capitalism

No one I spoke to could name any New Zealand politicians but I think the ruling elite in this nominally communist nation would prefer Rodney Hide because his ideological platform is more closely aligned with the free-wheeling, robber-baron capitalism that reigns in China today.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

A challenge for the MSM

A challenge by another full of self import after helping to spend $8bn in a couple of weeks.
as I understand it the pledges so far are will be borrowed for and the infrastructure is already budgeted. That’s beside the point however, as it won’t be Labour that will be asked those questions.

And why shouldn't Liarbour be asked? Irish Bill at his arrogant best.

Trusting trainer wheels

That bloody desperate woman. Full of self import on Te News. It is she who will require trainer wheels in 20 days when John Key has the Treasury reins. Retraining Helen in a real job will be an over vertical learning curve.

After Nov 8th JK will get all the experience he requires fixing the economic cockups Liarbour has left us in the upcoming decade of deficits.

It is all a question of trust.

Economy tanks, but people are still buying porn

Sex does not die with the economy. Condom sales are up 42%. Similar results in Oz.
They say people have more sex during recessions and we'd definitely say that was true of what we are seeing

Dvice is doing very well, thanks. Sales up 20% as everthing retail tanks around them. Economy? Nothing wrong from where they see things.
Deprivation, such as that experienced during a downturn are, compensated for in non-work activities, such as 'investing' in alcohol, luxury goods or sex life

Deprive me.

Enough cash till Christmas, then what?

No, unfortunately I am still here. I did not win Lotto last night. And neither did you.

The topic that is gaining more traction today is that of NZ Inc fast running out ready wedge, just like Iceland with its frozen banking system.

Mikhail Kullen has been very quiet of late. Some say awaiting the right moment to valiantly ride in on his primed steed to 'save the day'. More likely to appear late in a flagging election campaign to reel in wavering voters, cynics like myself might suggest.

The recently politicised Liarbour agency, Mickey's Reserve has seen fit to issue a statement today that there is only enough spare dosh in the system till the good times at Christmas are over. Excuse me, isn't that the same time time a 'mini-budget' has already been said to be required?
The political calculation will be feral. At issue is whether Clark and Cullen _ two extremely skilful political strategists _ are manufacturing a mini-crisis which will cement them as leaders in the voters' eyes if they come to the party (again) before the election by issuing an inter-bank guarantee to keep "Kiwis in business".

But to have a mini-budget, first you must be controlling the Treasury benches. Aah, that's where the crisis engineering comes in.

Since the global lack of credit is knocking the stuffing out of economies, Helen and Michael have partially saved the day with urgently arranged banking guarantees. Only trouble is that they did it without talking to the four big Oz banks that own so much of NZ Inc. Now they are letting that filter through.

Shortly, as the election campaign global economy worsens, the valiant knight will appear, offer a solution and all wavering voters will join up. Just by the skin of their teeth, Mikhail will have saved the day. And we will again have a coalition of the unwilling.

Yes, that coalition will be a seven headed hydra that I am sure global agencies will be sure to notice as all credit taps are firmly screwed shut for NZ Inc. Thinking of Mr. Scrooge? More like 'You ain't seen nothing like it'.

The alternative is a government led by someone with monetary experience who is making all the right noises about belt-tightening and direction change in these tough times.

You only have to choose it. Enjoy your Christmas hols.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Helen Clark resigns and says 'Sorry NZ'

That got ya!

There's more chance of me winning $30M in Blotto tonight than ever seeing that headline.

But hey, dreams are free.

And I can spend the rest of today wondering what to do with all that wedge.

54 divided by 3 is 18. Maybe 3x 18 year olds could provide some short-time entertainment. Closely followed, no doubt, by a sudden massive reduction in net worth as the wife becomes the ex.

Come tomorrow, I can spend the day wondering which rubbish bin to throw my useless ticket into. Are you in for your cut tonight?

Pet projects and politicians

Brian Gaynor's column, always a must read for its balanced view, this week examines the disturbing issue of the NZ Super Fund being directed to invest 40% of its funds into NZ Inc.

I have considerable unease in that scenario. Apart from allowing politicians to subsequently direct spending into their pet projects (read massive bribes for re-election/coalition partners), should NZ Inc go belly up at some future date (just like what has happened around the world in recent days), what of our retirement fund?

While it looks good on the surface, underneath this decision is a not so subtle ploy for more votes. Too dangerous to even try.

One laaarge bucket of KFC, please

"Will that be with fries, Sir?"
Wait until the South Auckland vote comes in

As support for Liarbour in the 3M's tanks, Irish Bill will be looking for a proven short circuit to reel in the votes.

Winston First has solid support in seniors. TPF won't get anywhere, maybe a few votes. "What's OK in the islands is not OK here"

God bothering and family values parties have a big hold in the 3M's. Apparently the disenfranchised also would likely support unions. Good targets for Liarbour.

Law and order is the top issue in the 3M's. Who would have guessed?
He recalls knocking on the door of an old lady who offered him some flowers from her back garden. "She unlocked the back door to let herself out, locked the door behind her while she cut the flowers, then repeated the process to let herself back in. It's shameful.

And National is tapping into that insecurity. The good times are over.
These communities have benefited from nine years of economic buoyancy. People remain optimistic.

Unemployment has plunged; the youth gangs that used to hang around the malls and shopping strips by day were nowhere to be seen in my visits.

By night, as frightened dairy and liquor store owners will attest, it can be a different story.

But they are up against a solid Liarbour core.
They're up against history. Older Samoan voters, in particular, sound as one: "Labour has always looked after Pacific people."

Yes, times are ripe for change, but I wonder just how big will the KFC order be this time?

Friday, October 17, 2008

MMP perverts the will of the voters

As the coiffured one considers his political future, he suggests that Maori seats are distorting the will of voters.

Not quite right. MMP is the root cause of the distortion. When a minority can continue to hold the reins to suit their corrupt agendas, that is perversion of the worst kind.
It is now an issue about totally distorting MMP and potentially perverting the will of the voters

Funny how these minnows become very vocal only when their position at the trough is in the limelight. Some us have noticed long ago that MMP is a rort designed to favour corrupt minorities.

"Victim of an over-active imagination"

Would that be the same over-active imagination Mr Plod entertained considering terrorism charges but were short changed by cocked up Liarbour anti-terrorist laws?

And the same over-active imagination that leaves other 17 cohorts in this action, including your brother and sister, still facing a prima-facie case on firearms and other multiple charges that if convicted will hopefully see them locked up for a very long time?
Rongomai Bailey said he was relieved the firearms charges against him had been dropped. He said he would now head back to his farm to grow some vegetables and "chill out"

Maybe the 'veges' are the source of the over-active imagination.

Damned right, Winston!

For once something that Winston has uttered is true.
New Zealanders will not tolerate setting up a separate Maori state

National needs to get back on track - Orewa I was the stake in the ground and the racially based separatist seats should not be up for debate.
New Zealanders have the right to know exactly what has been agreed to between the parties before the election

So we are going to hear the straight runnings of deliberations from her indoors and Winston? (insert TUI about now)

Now Winston, about that $158K...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Vindictive screeching fishwife slags off John Boy

67 - 33 says it all.

From JK,

"New Zealanders will judge the result of the debate."

Last night asked about his inexperience Mr Key said he just did his best.

"But I gave it my best shot and they (the public) will have a good sense of where a National government would take New Zealand."

Rightly so - i just hope it is a landslide.

And nobody likes a sore loser, but she has to get the last word in.

Fonterra tests melamine free

Good news at last.

Fonterra says tests on its latest palm kernel shipment for RD1 are melamine free. Their product is to ISO and fully traceable to source.

Meanwhile Tatua lactoferrin is still under halt on exports due to a low level detection. Traceback from their finished product continues.

Others such as new exporter, Dairy Trust, has found nothing in its finished product. It says it will start testing liquid milk if it finds anything in its finished product.

Westland Milk is looking via test agency AssureQuality, nothing to report.

from article by Andrea Fox, NZ Farmers Weekly 13th Oct 2008, not online, P15

Rates reform too hard for Liarbour

A lot of this flogged from Hugh Stringleman's article P5 The NZ Farmer's Weekly Oct 13th 2008 (not online).

I think it was Rodders who was threatening all sorts if the rates inquiry didn't happen. Well it did happen, just nothing has happened since.

As expected back in July, Liarbour has totally ignored the extremely expensive rates reform inquiry findings. A lot of hope was raised when the inquiry was held, now it has been kicked into touch.

Local Govt Minister Nanaia Mahuta is unlikely to do anything this side of the election. I didn't expect any other result, the bureaucracy rolls on. Like the soon to be created Ministry of Short Showers, councils infiltrate our lives daily.

There were 96 recommendations, but the inquiry and officials teams have long disbanded. Further progress is awaiting a cabinet decision. I guess the recommendations will still be there for the next inquiry.

Remember the $10K club? Where Fed Farmers said there was more than a few cockies paying hideous rates to have the grader come down the road once year if they were lucky. They actually uncovered a sheep shagger that was paying $89K pa on his station, 20x to 30x the going rate in town near Gisborne. Apparently more than net farm income.

Just like Liarbour, if it doesn't move or complain, tax the hell out of it.

The inquiry process was a serious piece of work which hadn't been done for 20 years and it is a shame to see its findings languish.


The Minister would have no hope of saying what proportion of total local government rates nationally is paid by agriculture.

I await the next inquiry to placate the politicians. Meanwhile we keep paying.

More enthusiasm than expertise

Homepaddock has a fine piece reminiscing on her first as a weekly column writer.

A great read for Rural Women's Day. 'Woof'.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

That one might bite her!

From the horses mouth - 'How fantastic, Bill English took the party to under 21%'.

That one could bite really well come Nov 8th if the tables are turned on her as predicted.

Much more confident about John Key to front foot himself. Well done, she is rattled.

And what a useless audience - never made a sound except at the end. And get some decent questions / journalists.

She's rattled!

70 minutes in and her indoors is rattled.

She's talking about her opposition to School Cert for 6 year olds and says 'why doesn't the teaching profession oppose that in toto?'.

Subliminal message: Possibly because it is a good idea.

Somehow I think she meant to say something different.

Ecomony in ruins, but events of 27 years ago?

After seeing Soper questioning on the 'lying c**t' Agenda the other day, I thought he was a half decent journalist.

And then he brings up events from 27 years ago about the Bok tour.

She rabbits on about her values, he said he was a drop of skin and having a damned good time. Next he stumps her bringing the topic back to today, the economy going to rack and ruin.

Good on ya, JK.

More sustainability?

Her indoors defines it as 'not squandering resources'.

Would that be that be the same sustainability that took a $2Bn surplus and turned it into a $30Bn decade of deficits?

Shane Jones School of Affordable Design

Watching the box on One, Te Debate.

In the housing affordability stakes Shane 'shower flip flopper' Jones is now touted by her indoors to be the up and coming architect of the newly affordable whare.

That will fun to watch. Has he too got shares in Jeanette's insulation company?

John - you are doing well.

And Mark Sainsbury, you need jump on her when she butts in and starts screeching. The increasing high pitch screeching confirms her seat in the market-place.

Crazed lust for power

Dear Leader exposed

You never know who's swimming naked until the tide goes out'.

Labour managed to disguise their loose economic management in the good times,

but now that the tide is out they are awfully exposed.

- Warren Buffett

A scary (in more ways than one could imagine) comparision from John Key's opening speech a few days ago.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Clark's final 27 days

Just thinking positively for the start of another week of corrupt government in NZ, that's all.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Following the money

Fresh on the money trail from Liarbour's Duynhoven soon to be compulsory third party insurance, her indoors has offered more money to the insurance industry.

As she clutches at straws, ever looking for a way to remain in control, her indoors has offered the insurance industry more business without mandate. Banks are to have an opt-in scheme (read mandatory) which will cost heaps. And guess who will pay more in bank fees to cover this compulsory insurance rort?

Yes, this money trail is worth investigating further. Any takers?

And where will the government get the readies to pay out any amount in this very tight market? It has already been spent on election bribes, we know the kitty is bare. Oh right, a tax by any other name. The value of such a guarantee would be just like leaky home guarantees.

Want more political sideshows, bossy government and yesterday's fights?

Then vote Liarbour.

Want less of this?
  • Sick of struggling to keep up with the cost of living?
  • Sick of worrying about soaring interest rates?
  • Sick of higher taxes?
Then vote National.

There is only one choice - it is yours - get rid of Liarbour and Winston forever.

While her indoors is gearing up for a new bureaucracy to regulate the flowrate of your shower, the government in waiting outlines how to improve flow rates that really matter in this economy.

Friday, October 10, 2008

A380 Cattle Taxi flies into JafaLand

Now I know why the A380 Cattle Carrier was paraded around JafaLand skies today.

They must have had the inside track from Roy Morgan on the latest poll. And The Flying Roo can see a massive business opportunity from the other side of the ditch come Nov 9th.

Dust off your passport, get online and book before Helengrad shuts the gate.

In true Aussie strine;
We’ve bought you a beer
And we’ve had the camels shampooed
We’ve saved you a spot on the beach
And we’ve got the sharks out of the pool
We’ve got the roos off the green
And Bill’s on his way down to open the front gate
Your taxi’s waiting
And dinner’s about to be served
We turned on the lights
And we’ve been rehearsing for over 40,000 years

So where the bloody hell are you?

Qantas is ready and waiting.


Obviously the A380 does not come with the Oxford Concise Dictionary - Note to reporter: - look up wind 'sheer' sometime

God help us, the Comeback King has been cleared

Polls show him 'Every reason to be confident'.

As previously blogged, the worst political nightmare has just evolved. Winston First, now 'purer than the driven snow' has been cleared by the SFO.

There is no doubt we will hear forever and a day that there is none so righteous as the recently vindicated. Standby those involved for visits from disputations of lawyers.

I wonder what the next rogue poll will show.

Another 3 years of Liarbour in my face coming right up!

As we watch John Boy sleepwalking to an election loss, I guess it time to start looking at how to import myself into Oz and be checking my passport.

Crap numbers here.

Mr Blobby off to the moon

Britain should start to send astronauts into space, the new Science Minister said today, giving the strongest sign yet that the Government will soon drop its long-standing opposition to manned spaceflight.
In an attempt to engender more interest in the sciences a nutter minister has suggested that the UK put a man in space.
... a large pink humanoid, covered with yellow spots, sporting a permanent toothy grin and jiggling eyes...

The immediate thought is that Mr Broon would be the ideal first crew candidate many might like to launch into space.
Add to the nose cone Darling and several heads of banking starting with the Chairman and CEO of Royal Bank of Scotland.
Closely followed by those named above, as one wit suggests.

I wonder if the science minister has been out of the lab lately and talked to his economic mates about his Mr Blobby in the sky scheme? Perhaps they might have told him there is a Depression occuring somewhere round here.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Sooo wrong

After watching TV One last night to the first ad break a sick programme about what some car lovers do with their cars, this pic and article is sooo wrong.

Very dodgy indeed were the car lovers. Mechaphiles by another name.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Deluded bureaucrat a Liarbour stooge

What is the matter with bureaucrats this last week? Must be a full moon.

A bureaucrat at the EC emporium is defending their agency's decision to allow a Liarbour missive to the oldies about the many goodies created by a Liarbour led government for our seniors.
Labour is exploiting a loophole by sending out taxpayer-funded material adorned with its MPs' smiling faces that doesn't have to be declared as election spending

Rightly so, Nats are crying foul.

This is the same emporium that has not been able to make any decision against Liabour for the full duration of that so chilling legislation that is the EFA.
"It's not a loophole. MPs don't stop serving their constituents during the election period. All MPs provide their constituents with information, such as what they are entitled to, from the day they are elected through to the day of the next election. This has always been the case."

What absolute bollocks. That reasoning does not stack up. I feel sure that any sane voter knows the only reason a MP writes to you is to buy your vote.
it does not contain words or graphics that could be reasonably regarded as encouraging or persuading voters to vote, or not to vote, for a candidate"

Anything sent from an MP, at any part of the electoral cycle is electioneering material, period. Even worse is something with his mugshot on it. Blatant electioneering. To get re-elected is the only reason they get out bed each day.

I can only hope the Liarbour Electoral Commission is routed post election along with the deluded stooges at that agency.

Monday, October 06, 2008

A mere distraction

The imminent price rise by 'the most rapacious' power company is a mere distraction today.
A month before it announced the 10 per cent price rise, Contact posted a $237 million annual profit and said it was going to nearly double directors' fees to $200,000 each.

Cabinet has suddenly got interested for why? Slow to do anything about it a month ago, maybe some votes in it.
Helen Clark said it was a serious matter.

Now for something much more pressing.
Finance Minister Michael Cullen has previously warned the pre-election update will paint a bleak picture and show a significantly worse position than was forecast in his May budget.

The real feature, the parlous state of finances at the opening of the books. No votes to be had there.
"If we'd been blowing the bank as National advocates, chucking tons of money away in tax cuts year after year, we'd be in an extremely difficult position now."

Reminded yet again this is an election based on trust. And we cannot trust a rich prick merchant banker to look after the purse in the manner in which Liarbour voters are accustomed. Future ecomonics do indeed look bleak. For some.
"That brings the economy very much centre stage, because the issue is who has got the experience and judgment to lead this."

Very bleak, particularly after having been savaged by a most rapacious government. I know who I will trust and be voting for to lead the country through these tough times.

It will not be Liarbour.

"...every cent ended up in the right place"

So I guess the $158K has gone to "protect and save your New Zealand"?

To paraphrase:
"Mr Peters, my standards are not that low".

Defending the indefensible

While Mr Pizzini is probably correct, the outrage over Varinder Singh being arrested is symptomatic of a deeper issue.

Whilst I suspect Varinder's reaction may have been OTT, the general feeling is that it was well justified, earning the unspoken praise of communities country wide. Hence the outrage when he was arrested. He had the scrotes in his hand, they were dealt to there and then. In self defence? Unfortunately I suspect not and he will pay dearly for that.

Mr Pizzini, whilst saying what we know should occur is wearing the flak of all communities that have had enough. Enough of violent drug fuelled crime. Zero tolerance for crime is the only way to go. Enough of a government that has done nothing but politicise the force and still spins that crime is reduced.

People have stopped reporting crime. Nothing gets done. There is no reaction from Mr Plod, might as well call 0800 Taxi. Well communities have had a gutsful and Friday's efforts are the reaction. Until Mr Plod is fully staffed and funded to do the job, such reactions will continue.

Note to the next government: Do something immediate about the crime - ZERO tolerance. A good starting place for immediate effect would be fining the 200 thousand plus that think they can flout electoral laws. Followed by jailing the current corrupt government.

And why don't they refer to the policeman by his rank as a Det Sen Sgt? A Mr is a nobody, a Det Sen Sgt is someone that should garner some respect.

And I think, probably like most, Varinder should get a medal.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Dial 111?

You have to be joking.

At least the shop owner had some gumption.

Isn't that the number Irena Asher used for Dial a Taxi?

"They should be working too"

"They are paying all our tax on the beneficiaries. They should be working too," she says. She's switching to National.
An annoyed worker in South Auckland, that critical Liarbour demographic.

Now if only the demographic could see further than their next KFC freebie. That not only Liarbour is not doing anything about ending the free riding dole-bludgers, but the unions who 'support' Liarbour with their dues are also directly ripping workers off.
"They are bringing in that many immigrants, yet they've got plenty of people on the dole. They are being handed the dole, they are not doing anything to earn it. Get them out at 4am and go and milk cows - there's plenty of work out there."

The more that see the light, the better.
The intense heat of the 2003-05 period, during which 20,000 Maori marched on Parliament to protest at the nationalisation of the foreshore, has cooled

Gone are the days of stirring activists looking for an eternal handout, there is no pot of gold there. Workers are now seeing that to get anywhere, you need to work hard and long.
But I want a left government, not a right government. I think the Maori Party will keep Labour honest

Unfortunately there are some that cannot see past the next handout and will never change.

Stopping corrupt governments and unions fleecing your hard won dollars for more than a few is a good place to start.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Waitangi free for Kiwis

When I saw the headline, I thought there's something I would like to see.

A New Zealand free of the victimhood culture that is wrapped up in Waitangi with the associated gravy train.

But, alas the story behind the headline was nothing to do with such matters.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Fiscal Conservatives and Socialism

Fiscal Conservatives


from Government Dirt

Democrats should try looking in the mirror for the rattlesnake

Ross Perot's plain-speaking candor fits the times: "The deficit is like the guy that finds a rattlesnake in his pants. He knows he's got to shoot it, but he doesn't want to hit anything important."

No one's shooting, yet, but they sure know how to throw more of our money around! Money's the talk of the town in Washington, D.C., and all that money seems to be saying is "Good-bye!"


Free-market capitalism didn't create this crisis. The Democrats' "progressive" social policies helped stifle free-market checks and limit appropriate regulatory oversight. The same politicians who today decry the lack of intervention to stop past abuses were the ones who blocked the legislative efforts that might have stopped them.

While McCain is leading, Obama's watching. Obam's a great talker, but he's remained inactive when he should have been part of the solution.

Sounds just like another place I know. Guess where?

But I do know what needs shooting to put us out of our misery and provide a solution. It is not John Key.

from a piece at Ventura Country Star

The Scripture according to St Bruce

There are 5 types of investments according to St Bruce.

• Substantially cashed up. More than 70 per cent of investable funds in cash.

• Balanced investment strategy. Already invested between 50 per cent and- 70 per cent of investable resources into equities or property.

• Fully invested without debt.

• Fully invested with debt equal to 50 per cent or less, to gross invested assets.

• Heavily borrowed.

To see the real differences that you do not know, read here. It is great to be in balanced investments. This piece should be MANDATORY FOR ALL INVESTORS.

HT a sleepless Roarprawn