Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Notice served on union members

Union members and other Labour drones from Mayors downward, who think they are safely ensconced in their little fiefdoms, around the JafaLand isthmus would do well to pay attention.

Notice is served that your cushy number will be non-existent in three years time when a new super-city arrives. You will have to actually work for a living in a real workforce or join the soon to be terminated Labour MPs in the queues at WINZ.

The commission on governance opened for business yesterday and already the usual suspects are covering off on their 'indispensable' jobs. As an aside, I was once told that graveyards are full of 'indispensables'...

As expected, Mr eco-Taliban himself, Harvey wants more cities, not less, to futher the employ of more unionised Labour voting drones. By the way Bob, can I budget for my 12.5% rates rebate, you so eagerly bribed ratepayers with, in the upcoming rates cycle?

Mr Lee of the Auckland Robbery Company only will allow change if cost benefits can be proven. I feel current costs rising sharply, the shredder warming up and pencils being sharpened to hide any real figures.

New broom, Banks, continues sweeping through the region, suggesting that other incumbents would do well to consider their long term options elsewhere. He has the right persona to knock some heads together. Good move to the Town Hall.

New kid on the block, Mr Williams, north of the buckling bus lanes, is digging in for a fight - he is opposed to any merger that might cut North Shore grass, having only just got his patch.

Mr Ball, of the fringe in Franklin down south, is peeved at his pet funding sources possibly being forced in the future to pay for things northward.

Mr Brown of Manuakau, Mr Penrose of Papakura and Mrs Webster of Rodney are fence sitting, saying hello to the commissioners, but bugger all else.

One city, one office, one set of bylaws, properly funded from Central government. Take a big knife to the bureaucracy. Auckland is one city, just ask any person outside of the region or internationally.

Bring it on.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

100% Pure NZ of the near future?

The Swedes over here have tourism sussed, even monitoring their tourists for any untoward after effects.

Coming to NZ sooner rather than later, just what we need to forever keep the lights on the 100% Pure NZ brand.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Orewa III Taupo I

At last, a direct pollie who is upfront confronting issues around the haters and wreckers seen around in the last few weeks. Winnie at his best, taking over from where Don was kneecapped, looking for votes, striking the right chords.
accused Labour and National of not having the courage to confront separatism
We once marched against apartheid, now they are marching for it
We have been warning them for more than 20 years and yet they still can't accept the blight of separatism - because they do not want to cause offence
gangs were flourishing because National and Labour lacked the courage to confront separatism
New Zealand had groups calling for separate nations within a nation, and which were prepared to use guns and violence
Militant separatists were also taxpayer-sponsored, "rejecting all our values excepting collecting the dole each fortnight"

Summed up perfectly with

New Zealanders were sick of being called racists "by those who are clearly the most militant racists in the country".

Another gem right on target is
Migrants to New Zealand, he said, "must understand our values, not expect us to adopt theirs"

Winnie would never get my vote, although he is entertaining when he becomes desparate for votes. He is only a vote taker from National who currently does not have the cojones to stand up to the blatant separatism. The sooner NZ gets shot of seats based purely on race, the better for this country.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Everyone has their price

The separatist bastion of unflinching anti-colonialism, is finally finding it too has a price.

Seems they are willing to horse-trade on their founding issue.

Probably have also found they can read the writing on the wall. Who will play with us come this time next year, with our separatist policies?

NZ - The Ultimate Soft Touch

Our international reputation as a soft touch for all criminals and refugees riff-raff confirmed yet again.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Cars going past...

Must off and shut the gate - the Targa is going past our place for the next 4 hours...

The joys of living in the country - the road show is brought to your front door. Could you get such free entertainment in the 'burbs up there in JafaLand?

Hell no! Time to find the deckchair, if it did not blow away a few days ago
, too early for a Tui...

And here is a pix of an 'angle box' for you from a previous year. Stop drooling, tax slaves get back to work! That reminds me, the cows need some new grass too.

Clark harbours criminal

After shoving the $14M campaign for anti-biffo with our kids down our throat for the last month, telling us it is not OK, her indoors is now harbouring a recidivist criminal within her ranks.

Assault is a criminal matter, any other employee in this country would be immediately taken to task by the Police.

At the campaign opening the other day, she loudly proclaimed
That is not loyalty. It is harbouring criminality... people who lashed out should not be protected...

I await her taking positive remedial action on this matter today, not awaiting the public reaction or giving favourable spin. Turning in her own criminal, who has freely admitted the assault and has a history of offering violence, might address the current position and stop any mixed messages.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Another contagion blooms

Just like the plague, another so called Christian party has sprung into existence. I wonder if this one will get any more votes than the last. Anther Destiny re-incarnation by the looks of it.

Somehow God-botherers of a political nature touting for my vote do not do it for me. Politics and religion just do not gel properly. Public office and soul saving are mutually exclusive. Would be pollies have to sell their souls to get votes. Similarly, the Watchtower hawkers turning up on your doorstep of a weekend, all glowing and full of promise, when you least expect wanting you to buy your way in, do not get a look in.

Now, this person, should she ever form her own party of believers and if I was of a believing type, could bet on my vote. She has rock solid doggedness of sticking to her view of moral principles. Some regard her as a nutter, other quite make vicious comments, I admire her for sticking to her guns. She certainly would beat any so-called Christian party hands down.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

"I won't be having any bilaterals"

If her best mate, little wallaby Johnny hasn't turned up to talk to her and she won't be having bi-laterals, WTF is she doing there wasting my taxes?

She certainly will not be talking to the ring in, Downer, having burnt that bridge a while ago when her chief bauble holder failed to advise her of those troop flights.

She (and Alex, no doubt) won't be talking to the black sheep, who was so warmly welcomed by all counts today, so why the hell is she bothering. Must be very a lonely forum over there if you are not doing any talking. Still a tax-paid short holiday under the palms and on the white beaches must be good. By the look of the Te News item tonight, another parade rained on yet again.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Te Qaeda in play?

After watching Close-Up this evening, it would seem that there are some real weirdos out there involved in this mularkey. Some interviewees suggested that the actions today maybe a means of amping the support for the upcoming anti-terrorist bill to pass.

Seems that if a long term surveillance of the alleged operations had been so successful, there would have not been any need to charge under the Firearms Act, but progress straight to charges under the Terrorist Suppression Act (TSA). Maybe there are valid reasons to progress slowly and look carefully at elevating levels of criminality.

On first look, it does certainly does smack of a hidden political agenda, any MP only has to suggest possible threat and the TSA is in force. Specifics of the threat will never be revealed. Could be a wind up for political gain, bet Broad does not surrender his career over this matter whilst her indoors at the helm.

Is this where the EFB will be going next year? Make the slightest anti-guvmint comment and Mr Broads goon squad will visit you, quoting the TSA. Goodbye democracy? Kill the Bill!

HT: Kiwiblog comment by SeaMonkey Madness here for Te Qaeda

'Major police operation' in Whakatane

Off for a spot of digging?

Not this time it would seem, but some definitely suspicious activity, country wide, has emerged and been nipped in the bud.

Yet again the 'we have our own laws' brigade is out in force.

Rotorua lawyer Annette Sykes said this morning's raids were "overkill" and likened them to "the invasions last century".

"A lot of people had their homes entered this morning," she said.

Ms Sykes said she could not understand why police were using the Suppression of Terrorism Act to conduct the raids.

"They've screwed the people everywhere," she said.

Seems that the participants were various groups, each with their own agendas for change by force, but possibly acting with co-ordination to cause maximum disruption.

The Police Commissioner even got in with a live nation-wide statement after keeping H1 in touch with the state of play.
Mr Broad said that police were acting on information that over 2006/2007 a number of people had been conducting and participating in training camps in the eastern Bay of Plenty involving the use of firearms and other weapons.

"Based on the information and the activity known to have taken place, I decided it was prudent that action should be taken in the interests of public safety."

Maybe Ms Sykes, that is possibly why your clients are about to be screwed under the Terrorism Suppression Act. Could I suggest that this is a whole new game of sinister proportions?

Government threats over festering sore

The Minister responsible for Auckland has waded into the fight over Mt Eden being funded by ratepayers with threats. Obviously under direction from higher up, she has broken the ice and suggested Lancaster Park or whatever it is called these days is a viable option.

JB has called her bluff and said that for H1 to host the final in a stadium elsewhere than her own electorate is political suicide.
I'm telling you she won't do that. Auckland City is committed to the 2011 World Cup. We're committed to putting in a big chunk of money. We just want some fairness around this.
The minister further suggests there might be an out,
may also be counting on a change of heart by Auckland Regional Council about putting money toward the project, in the event that its chairmanship changes as a result of the weekend's local body elections.

Is she suggesting that the ARC should get a new chair that is more of a compliant pink hue? I thought the Auckland Robbery Company was elected on and of the same opinion, no money from ratepayers for the stadium. Covernment could only hope for this festering sore to be so easily fixed. Government, stay out of local body politics!

Bring the fight on! What with the bleating from a very lonely red dinosaur in the wilderness out west no longer going to be 'Lord Mare' and the government looking to get stuck in over matters local, the forthcoming days will be extremely entertaining.

Very surprised Judith is doing Trev's dirty work. Hello! Trev? Are you there?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Compulsory voting coming soon?

The Minister of Election Rigging is slightly miffed with the yet again apathetic turnout in these elections at 41%. Even worse, the left has not done well, even in its' flagship electorate of Mangere. He says,
voter apathy was not acceptable

However, your apathy will be fixed and he has the solution coming to your mailbox soon - compulsory voting for the masses. He also says,
ways needed to be found to encourage people to participate, because it seemed many people did not understand the issues

Seems the masses are in dire need of 'instruction' in issues and civic duties. I can see a whole new department of new unionists looming large, ever ready to promote the word according to Helen.

Why bother voting at all, what with her indoors form down south being so psychic on matters electoral and in tune with the great unwashed. Hell, she and her cohorts could tick all the boxes and vote for us, saving us licking the envelope and finding a postbox. They would get the results they long for and we would not have to waste time thinking about pollies.

Without being overly cynical, one could suspect that the red camp is very perturbed by the definite right shift. I suspect the masses know exactly what they are doing and the continuing rise in apathy reflects that voters are heartily sick of being dictated to by the state. Why bother with councils at all? The whole lot are a front for the current government, ever looking for new ways to strip-mine your wallet.

Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Newly elected mayor Wayne Brown in the Far North has some very radical thoughts for the incoming council along the lines of
First on his to-do list: "Fix the phones and tell the [council] staff they've got to bloody appreciate the ratepayer.

What a novel idea - a council that might be there to serve the ratepayer, not themselves. Furthermore he states
in the council I'm going to focus on the ratepayers, not the staff.

Pity the other 80 odd councils will not be following suit. Too busy, I suppose, looking after their unionised perks and their engorged pay packets to worry about why they actually have nuisances called customers otherwise known as ratepayers...

The fight is on

The Labour dinosaur over at Waitakere has been re-elected for a sixth term and was given a good run for a short campaign against him. There are obviously just too many with their snouts in the ratepayers trough to dislodge him yet. Of the better than 46,000 votes cast, 61% did not want him, yet he remains. The 39% mare.

As previously blogged, at least 18,000 ratepayers will look forward to their 12.5% discount when GST is removed, promoted as a bribe to his getting re-elected. Just hope he has the personal readies to idemnify all ratepayers when the IRD comes looking for its missing slice of the cake. As previously mentioned, a tax on a tax is just not cricket.

Seems the dinosaur also knows best and has already refused to work with the new incumbent over the Whau in Jafa Central. Seems he could not work with him last time round and he has already drawn swords, declared war, less than 24 hours after re-election. Red-Blue emnity to the fore, no doubt.

Harvey said he did not see a unified Auckland under Banks.

"Most of our plans, light rail, regional growth, were all thwarted by Banks. If Auckland wants to put Auckland back 20 years, they're doing a good job. Because for three years, believe me, we never worked with John, we worked around John. It shows the shallowness of Auckland, if they fail to understand what that man is capable of doing or not doing. But that doesn't mean you can't work with someone. I mean you could work with Maggie Thatcher for Christ's sake. But you wouldn't like her."

Wants to keep wasting ratepayers monies on monuments to bureaucracy, social engineering directed from the ninth floor down south and light rail that will never solve transport woes. (Seems retreaded JB in Jafa Central has already bought a fight with government over wasting ratepayers monies on professional sporting facilities just down the road from H1's place, but that is another story.)

Full of self import, he has also bought into a fight with the new man over the bridge, who was rightly elected on a no second airport ticket. Now, that gets right up his nose, the second airport has always been his pet project, at great expense to the ratepayer. Always attempts to wipe opponents off the face of the earth with his arrogant stance on these matters.

The sooner Dick's only saving grace
his legacy would be the inquiry into the governance of Auckland that could change it politically forever

comes to fruition and prises this spin doctor from ratepayer wallets, without him, in a single super city, the better for Auckland and NZ.

And what was wrong with Maggie?

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Shonky Science

In my opinion, the status of the Nobel Prize has just plummeted to reside along with quacks, charlatans, the NZFSA and politicians quoting science. Fancy awarding a prize for the mockumentary which was gored, point by point, in recent days in the UK.

I always thought the Nobel prize was given for the creme de la creme of the scientific world, obviously not.

Assisting promoters of shonky science is not where this prize should be. Did the judges get brought off a nice black tie dinner with Mr Gore earlier?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


That is $2000 this guvMint has stolen from every New Zealander, including children and dole bludgers.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Ship sinking after loss?

As mentioned here, here and discussed here at WhaleOil, the rats who have been propping up this corrupt government are looking for some straw to grasp.

Both the bauble keeper and the tree huggers have mentioned in the last 24 hours that they could work with National. What they really mean is if it came to the crunch, they would hold National to ransom over petty policies.

Some reckon the recent loss will not affect the government, the fickle sideline players know otherwise and are bailing while Dear Leader endures jet lag, keeping their options open. No negotiation is the answer.

Lack of Passion

Gooner sums up very well, how the royal we continue to moan and are not passionate enough yet to do anything about our losses here, by giving us a very deserved history lesson.

I also was very taken with the Chicane Cartoon de Jour. Simply, but passionately gets the message through.

Alas, even though we are very vocal at times, seems we do not have matching passion at the polls. Best wishes for your upcoming count Gooner, I look forward to seeing your passion in action as a future Councillor in organising the Estates.

Got off lightly

While I am not suggesting one way or the other my views on the case, if his employee had given a sentence befitting the crime, the Chief Beak would not have to defend the light sentence.

If an ex-upholder of the law is found guilty on any charges, they should get the full term and more if possible, without negotiation, mitigation or parole. Part of the territory.

Just another example of soft sentencing, hence the flak directed at the judiciary.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

That didn't work, did it?

The troll has buggered another event by attending.

A sad day for NZ sport, wait till Kiwis have the revenge in the polls.

Goodbye Labour!

Friday, October 05, 2007

At last TPF to face a jury

I go outside for 5 minutes to check the quadruped grass mowers and this gem comes in. Government on a Friday afternoon.
In a judgment released this afternoon, Chief High Court Judge Justice Tony Randerson said it was in the public interest to authorise a prosecution.

TPF is to finally face the music over alleged deals for immigration as an MP. Hopefully very strong sunlight will be shed on the subsequent involvement of senior Labour MPs post initial allegations in trying to spin their way out of trouble.

The beak also noted the allegations are
extremely serious in that they strike at the heart of the administration of government and the integrity of members of parliament

A certain piece of retrospective validation legislation fills me with the same conclusions. Pity that piece is not on the same platter about to be tested by a jury.

It will be entertaining to watch court dates be set and slip right to post election time next year to ensure nothing interferes with the next questionable action by this government - self preservation at the ballot box.

Let the jousting begin.

And the award goes to...

In Oz, Golden Arches has just won hands down the most manipulative ad award. Second place went to Kellogs for their Coco Pops ads as being the most misleading.

It seems that
The message is loud and clear. Parents are fed up having to contend with McDonald's enticing their children to want its food by using free toy giveaways

IMHO, it doesn't matter how many lettuce leaves and how much pasta is advertised as being on site in a Maccas, I do not think of Maccas as being a place to get a healthy meal. McD's in my mind, is junk food, irrespective that their ads suggest otherwise.

Lettuce and other greenery is for nuking with Roundup, not eating. Pasta is only flour and water, might as well have a nice sarnie with a decent meat filling. Meat and two vege is a healthy meal. Pasta, drowned in a sauce and greenery is not.

As for having the cheek to call establishments that serve such takeaways a restaurant, I find that an obscene technicality.

Whenever I deliberately consider having an unhealthy meal, Macca's instantly hits the top of the list (thank God, the nearest one is 80Km away), closely followed by KFC. Sometimes I go slightly healthy in takeaways with a salty dish with a dash of omega-3 and mercury with the shark de jour at the local fush and chups. An almost healthy takeaway wound be a Chinese - at least they have a bit of meat and vege along the lines of beef strips, orange coated buzzard and some well hidden greens.

Sorry McD's, I, like the 3000 Ozzie parents, will never find reason to dine on your offerings other than for an intake of junk food that will leave me looking for something else to fill the void in half an hour's time.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Voters give local government the bird

In the Manawatu Standard tonight is a piece about the current local body elections not engaging the community and postal returns currently being staggeringly low. (PNCC at 16%, Manawatu DC at 18%, Tararua, Horowhenua and Rangitikei all below or around 22%).

Of note is a certain Dr Cheyne of Massey, who says that the reasons for poor turnout are because candidates are mono-cultural and election campaigns are not reaching enough people, particularly young and Maori.

I expect nothing less from someone who is in an academia ivory tower, sucking my taxes from the Labour payroll. Get real! Last I heard, about 85% of this country are not of Maori descent, so the names and numbers look good to me. Is she suggesting a better balance would be that maybe 85% of candidates be of Maori descent?

Anyway, how does she manage to match my vote return to my ethnicity to make such statements? Is there some data sharing between guvmint agencies I do not know about?

I think this is a windup to soften us for more tax pesos to be sent forthwith to Massey to her and her ilk in employment. Especially when she says that "more education was needed to keep people engaged in local government". She also suggests that candidates could do more by using venues other than election meetings. Watch for future candidates to be sent to Massey for 'engaging' training as a pre-req to offering your name to electors.

Me thinks that Joe Voter has had more than enough education, knows the game well. When combined with candidates being full of empty promises, promising the world, the low turnout gives the bird to local government fleecing them further.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Card marking

In a statement that could not be clearer to you or I, the average Joe Bloggs, Mr Williams from the red corner has intimated that 8-10 of his peers cards have been well and truly marked and they will be gone (by lunch?) at the next election. Amazing how vocal flunkies from the red team become when Dear Leader has been away in the rain for a while. Bored? Never!

Some do not know what 'Next Please...' means. Evergreens like DBP, Barker, Robertson, Hawkins and Fairbrother are digging in, hopeful of another go at the trough. At least Dover went like a gentleman.

Mike seems to think,
Frankly, there is an embarrassment of riches out there.

Now, there's a statement that will come back to haunt him.

All the commentary I have seen in recent times suggests otherwise. Labour has nothing but tired old socialists desparately trying for another spin on our merry-go-round via the list option. Once the deadwood is excised, the remaining 'riches' down the list are decidely shaky and will be nothing but an embarrassment.

Still, there will be some upcoming fun and entertainment, for those of us outside of the beltway, to be watched when her indoors sees polls slipping yet again and the hopefuls then get shown the red card. Maybe we will even see Taito stick his hand up for another seat under the red flag.

Not much happening

Amazing how quickly a week can disappear around the blogosphere - nothing much has been happening with those inside the beltway on recess. New blog though here - just another bunch of journos bypassing the newspaper. Her indoors from the 9th floor has gone to the UK, where it was downright funny to see that the PM of Pomgolia dispatched our iron troll maiden, without cover, out into the rain. A fitting exit, on her world departure tour.

Now she is off to wreck the AB's chances in the quarter finals by merely being near the game. Most of the events she attends turn to custard in her presence. Should they win, we expect to see the overcooked photo op in next Women's Weekly with her trying to spin us that the reason they won was her attendance and hers alone.

Have been lurking at all the usual haunts, watching the election offers of this and that, all aimed at how they will give you the world. Sleight of hand, with none of their money, using your rates and taxes. Talking of wrecking chances, the would be councillor who peed in the gutter has done her chips. Never happened to my mate when he peed half-pissed under the goalposts on that hallowed ground at Cardiff all those years ago!

Now down to real business at last in the next post, Mr Williams has got bored while she is away and has started to spout forth...