Monday, February 28, 2011

Wash my mouth out and whip me

What I’m talking about is making Christchurch an Enterprise Zone instead of a ward of the state.

  • Christchurch must attract resources. Grant Christchurch a complete 3-year tax-free status, to be extended at discretion. Do this and the problem of attracting resources will disappear. The object is to change our view away from a coercive patch job to a freewheeling environment of entrepreneurial opportunity.
  • Christchurch must have thousands of new and rebuilt homes. Our government should make immediate steps to remove the bureaucratic hurdles that have stifled growth and rebuilding, and made building affordable houses completely unaffordable. This includes the existing regulatory system of permits and inspections.
    Let those who own their own property determine between them and their insurance company what they wish their building standards to be. Such a system can be set up very quickly as it already exists in reports.
    Building is productive. Letting things lie idle while waiting for permission from people who have no genuine interest is not.
  • Cantabrians don’t needs the grey ones breathing down their backs. Make Christchurch an ETS and RMA free zone.
  • Cantabrians don’t need to be told where and how they will rebuild their city—they don’t need another centrally-planed “worker’s paradise.” Bus town planners out of Christchurch permanently and allow the city to reinvent itself spontaneously. This would be a wonder to see.
  • Cantabrians don’t need barriers to employment. Remove the minimum wage. In a situation like Christchurch’s it is better to be earning something than nothing at all. And it is better to be achieving something with the diminished resources available than achieving nothing at all.
    We must trust that consenting adults can come to their own voluntary financial agreements.

We have two polar directions in which to take things from here: either central planning, or the unleashing of “spontaneous order.” I fear however that vested interests will instead prevail and take us down a road to third world status. For all concerned this would be a grievous mistake for which all New Zealanders will pay dearly now, as will generations that follow.

Not PC says what needs saying. And I agree. More here.

Almost enough to make one vote Libz. Wash my mouth out with soap and whip me for such unclean thoughts.


questions have been raised as to whether the building was weakened by the demolition work the day before the earthquake struck

Very interesting things at the collapsed CTV building.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Awaiting the cavalry - is it just me?

I watched some bits of Te News, only to see the people in some suburbs still awaiting the cavalry.

I'm sure the neighbours and family checked each other immediately on Tuesday and have been in touch over the past days. And welcomed the out of town good SAR guys doing their door knocking exercise today, 6 days in, to make official contact.

The very obvious bit was that the cavalry was still expected soon. And was well overdue. What part of "the cavalry is busy elsewhere and won't be coming any time soon" pursuing more immediate outcomes don't these residents understand? The power and water may be off for some, but their phones obviously work, because all the rellies now live in the garage.

But what really struck me was the lack of co-ordination in each street. The SAR guys were going door-to-door asking the same questions, doing the same checks. Surely one local nominated resident could have co-ordinated that six days ago, with regular daily updates and presented the outcome to the officials making their job easy. The SAR guys could either move on quickly to the next block/street or look closely at identified issues.

As well as pulling the street/block community together with co-ordination, the cavalry doesn't need to be wasting their time checking up on issues that may loom large locally, but are minor in the scale of things.

Is it just me? Why can't some sort of telephone calling network be implemented?

Absolutely sickening

How many others have been invited inside the cordons on "a private citizen' tour and photo op?

Other than to identify their tragically taken loved ones?

And burning carbon, no doubt all expenses paid, all the way from Pakistan.

Makes me want to vomit. Disaster tourism of the worst kind.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fun police in your pool

Pen-pushers have slapped the ban on the swimming aids amid "fears" a pair could "snap" onto a child's face too hard, injuring them.
The council fun police at their worst.
health and safety regulations which "have become a music hall joke."

Come on parents, take a stand and put these officious bastards in place. Better still, the pool bottom without goggles would be far too good for them.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Public Service Notice: Drupal migrating to Git - NOW!

We're migrating to Git!

Drupal.org is currently migrating from CVS to Git. To ensure a successful migration Drupal.org will be offline for 12 hours beginning Thursday February 24th, 23:00 UTC (3pm PST, 6pm EST, 12am CET).

Gobbledygook or it's all geek to you?

Heaps of websites and blogs use Drupal as the underlying content management system. And it's free. Opensource, PHP.

Git is where the code and changes /patches are stored. It was all on CVS, GIT is the new black.

Looting scumbags and other greenies

Greens co-leader Russel Norman is calling for a nationwide earthquake levy

As predicted earlier in the week. Absolutely despicable, but then you'd expect nothing less from a feral scumbag made in the mould of his lying flame-haired mentor across the ditch. A would be looter that requires summary punishment.

There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead

Yes, that one. The now proven communist liar.

It is game on again. And BTW, the generator looting scumbags are on remand for a month.

Some good news

Discovery is airborne on its final mission a few minutes ago.

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

More pix here.

Life goes on... [update Census cancelled]

we have to live

Plying their legal trade.

will be rebuilt

We need to find some symbols like that

Life does not stop in the face of adversity.


Well, maybe not.

The Census due on Mar 8 has been cancelled.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Eviction for arrears... would be against her human rights

The EU Stasi have legislated the ultimate tool to force your local council to provide rental accommodation. For free.

The wolf is truly in the henhouse in Eurabia.

Scumbag looters

TelstraClear says thieves have stolen three back-up generators that it had been using to power roadside cabinets in Christchurch

Should be shot. No 'sunrise or sunset?', just shot.

The taxpayer will stump up. Unfortunately yet again.

So the Prime Merchant has found an excuse to raise taxes?

We are already in for north of $5bn from the possibly fixable damage from the September quake. Now the better part of $20bn for this tragic event. A lot unfixable, worthy of a bulldozer and a new start.

Insurers will raise premiums for all in NZ. And the local councils / central government will happily steal from the tax/rate payers 'for the greater good'. At what point do you say 'Stuff that, you rebuild at your own risk'?

Similarly, what is going to be done with the thousands now suddenly unemployed and unhoused as winter approaches? The CBD is dead, infrastructure like water and sewerage wrecked, not likely to arise phoenix like in short order this time around. Canterbury winters are not exactly conducive to tent cities in the strong winds and snow drifts. But no doubt the RWC farce will go on whilst behind the facade real NZer's are in agony.

Questions must be asked and decisions made. Now, whilst the true extent of this tragedy is still unfolding.

So, will Smile and Wave step up to the plate? I fear not, two days in, he is not looking good.

National vs Local Emergency?

My gut feeling is, like I/S at NRT and Rob Guyton stated, is why have we gone to declaring a national emergency level when this tragedy appears to me be a regional / highly localised level?

Rob got slammed by Inv2 of Keeping Stock and quickly, but wrongly I believe, pulled his post. (Some say it is still available via his RSS feed). NRT, as always hard hitting, but you just cannot comment anyway.

Andrew Geddis, via Kiwiblog, some legal beagle or the like, says otherwise, the national declaration being a means of activating an upper layer of bureaucrats to direct traffic and have the ability to release resources from other areas.

I still wonder why this upper level capability is not written into the local level emergency legislation. A national emergency it is not. Something like the well overdue 8m slippage of Alpine Fault, a tsunami hitting the full East Coast, or the Central Plateau erupting via another Taupo would be events worthy of such declaration. Not a highly localised earthquake in my birthplace, the Village of the Damned.

I have not read the fine print and am not a lawyer, but I still support I/S and Bob for having raised the issue.

And to those with their minds on tragic matters, it would pay to remember that everything a politician does is for votes.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A sigh of relief over two faced MP's resignation

No doubt a sigh of relief will be felt in many camps that John Hatfield is now an ex Maori MP and now will be sitting with the other loser in Parliament's dunce's corner.

Two faced? Yes still pushing the racist separatist lines of '... our people...' and has the galling effrontery to utter the following;
we focus on the issues rather than the personalities, and that we not speak disparagingly of one another

Hone would do well to take onboard what he has said in that sentence. Seeing that he still stands by his earlier comment about most New Zealanders being "white mother****ers".

NZ's Darkest Day

On the day of a decades overdue earthquake, with tragic results, Smile and Wave was given the tool to hobble the bludgers sucking the life out of the New Zealand economy via the Welfare State, but remains reticent implement any real part of it.
I feel a bit queasy about that

Another decades overdue report about to be binned. Like the anti-smacking referendum and all the other ignored reports on savings, tax, welfare reform, the future NZ in 2025, this one is doomed to be ignored by our do-nothing merchant banker Prime Minister.
Mr Key would not rule out some changes before the election, he said most initiatives would be implemented "in further years"

Pollie speak for 'not now, not ever, it might cost us votes'.

Yesterday was indeed, New Zealand's darkest day.

Christchurch: Google People Finder

Too hot to sleep, so seeing what is happening in CHCH.

Google has launched a people finder service.

HT Telegraph UK

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tragedy in Christchurch

Our thoughts are with you.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Liarbour stooge writing for Granny

I believe that he is misguided in blaming Len and he should instead aim his sights on Minister of Local Government Rodney Hide.

I am a member of the Waitakere Ranges Local Board and a lawyer. I was also previously a councillor on the Waitakere City Council.

These comments are my personal beliefs, do not represent the Auckland Council's formal position and are uninformed by the advice that the council itself has received.

Only half the truth being fed to Granny's readers. Try adding a long time director of traffic at that scurrilous Liarbour organ, the Standard. But then I'd expect nothing less, eh Micky Savage?

"poofters welcome here"

branded "a village of bigots"

ROFL. Maybe there should be a pink star added to any quality ratings?

More taxes and regulation required

Mass communication must be regulated. And trained to 'certain' standards. And you will pay.

It's all here should you vote for them.

  • Quality journalism cannot be manufactured in a production line with cheap materials
  • Requires a regulatory framework
  • Should be nurtured and valued in any society
  • Governments don’t always like it, but they need it, and citizens cannot and should not be without it.
  • Time for change? This is an opportunity.
  • And the thing is, it doesn’t have to cost government a lot to make it happen

Pollie speak for we want to tax, regulate and train all media outlets. Including blogs and the Internet.

From where you ask? The upcoming (if you vote for it) Minister of Spin. What else did you expect?

Oz media slams rude greens

Antipodean Greens have established themselves as the rudest on the planet, with the New Zealanders easily winning the local derby

If Norman invited you to dinner he would feed you on the porch in case some time in the future a mass murderer asked to come in for a meal
Nice, but then I'd expect nothing less of a greenie dingo import.

Gillard and most Australians won’t be bothered by Norman’s isolationist bad manners, but other New Zealanders might start to think about the display of narrow-mindedness

Self made privileges withdrawn, making New Zealand look petty.

And whilst on the subject of conferring privilege on outsiders, something for the embattled nightmare endorsing his racist unelected statutory board in Orklund...

There is an old saying along the lines of:

If you want to speak in Parliament, get elected.

This means you have to receive the authority that only voters can grant to address the legislature.

Just thinking...

How much quieter our world has been this week without Hone this or Hone that.

Daresay it will not last.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

If only...

HT Theo

Orders from Party HQ

Missive from Party HQ to the party shills. All blog now on the same topic. Here, here and here.

"Don't vote for him, you'll get Liarbour"

So funny, makes you almost want to test the theory out...

Urgent:: National about to give away foreshore and seabed to separatists

You can read all about it here.

Or here, flogged in full from CR below

‘…There is every sign that National is planning to ram the Bill through
Parliament under urgency. That means it will be passed into law by the end
of the week. You can read my newsletter explaining what is going on HERE
To help us STOP the Bill, we are calling on you to do two things:

1. Read the flier and email all National MPs and Peter Dunne
2. Send the flier on to everyone in your address book – let’s send it viral!The flier explains why the Bill will be bad for New Zealand and should be
stopped. It enables readers to email all National MPs to tell them directly
that they will not vote for them, donate any campaign funds, nor help in the
election – if they go ahead and pass this Bill.

In a democracy, your opinion counts, so please email National MPs urgently.

And don’t forget Peter Dunne – his vote is crucial. If he were to vote
against the Bill right now, the Bill would fail. In 2003 he was opposed to
race-based laws: “If we create rights for some New Zealanders and not
others, then we start down a very sure and slippery slope to anarchy.”
Shouldn’t he be opposing the Marine and Coastal Area Bill for the same

If you believe New Zealand’s foreshore and seabed should stay in Crown
ownership, then please help us circulate this flier as far and wide as

There is no time to lose.

If you need more information, please visit our www.CoastalCoalition.co.nz

Thank you for your help and support.

Kindest regards,

Dr Muriel Newman

Get over there and tell Key and his spineless lot where to stick this travesty. And to not repeal the 2004 law.

The door is ajar. And you will pay. [update II]

The Maori Statutory Board is going to the High Court today to challenge a decision by the Auckland Council last night to slash its budget

NACTional has really screwed ratepayers on this. Thanks. The door has been prised open, the racist separatist hordes are in the doorway. And you will pay.

Even more scary is this piece of non-speak from one of Len's socialist mates.

Mike Lee, who tried to throw the matter back to the Government for clarification of the law before the budget was finalised, said what happened would influence the constitutional development of the country.

"This issue is that important."

Unbelievable, but any democratic debate on constitution matters you thought of having won't be coming anywhere near you. It will be decided by the activist judiciary and some ratepayer funded trough for natives.

Ta, Rodders.


Not PC puts it rather more eloquently...

Roarprawn takes a different view...

Monday, February 14, 2011

FFS, You just couldn't make this up if you tried

Reversing cameras should be installed in every car and truck in the country following the death of yet another toddler run over in a driveway

Well into our second century with Henry Ford's 'transport for the masses', we get this lot pining for ever more regulation.
  • says the editor of a car buying guide
  • small children are often all but invisible behind most modern cars," The Dog and Lemon Guide editor Clive Matthew-Wilson said
  • Now the Government has to act to ensure that this vital technology is fitted to every vehicle
  • you can't let children play on driveways or be able to access driveways. We need that separate play area
  • it's impossible to sort of understand it really
  • The driver was usually a close family member

FFS, where will the lack of personal responsibility end? Tragedies do happen, but we've been driving vehicles for a long time, so why is this such a problem these days? Older vehicles had a lot more blind spots.

I feel we have just become so complacent about our responsibilities when operating a vehicle. Responsibilities that start when we approach the vehicle.
also suggested the cost of fitting the cameras should be subsidised for beneficiaries

And as always, there is extra help available for those on the dole. At my effing expense.

You just couldn't write this sort of crap if you tried. Oh yes, I forgot we live in Little Britain!

Signs of affection

Body language never seen with previous incumbent...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Smile and Wave comes out. Along with a few others...

Phil Goff was the first leader to take to the stage and address the crowd, supported by a delegation of about half a dozen Labour MPs, all of whom received a warm welcome from the crowd.

Labour had long been the champion of gay rights.

Key ... asked the crowd to consider voting for National this election.

One day, there again will be politicians that will take a stand in favour of hetero families and not court the morally bankrupt for votes.
There is still discrimination

Call it what you like. I feel this abhorrence will tarnish our society for a long time.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Finally: Why NACTional is useless

If the cat brings in a mouse, I have to take care of it

Afraid to take action on all those lefty dead rats you've been swallowing John Boy?

Yep, smile and wave!

Farewell Friday: Out of the frying pan...

Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian president, has resigned from his post, handing over power to the armed forces.

It is all over in Egypt as Al Jazeera reports the main man has gone peacefully.
The country has been liberated after decades of repression

I'll believe that when we see what replaces the army. One wonders in which part of the fire Egypt will land. And just maybe a few other dictators in the region will wonder at the outcome.


Friday, February 11, 2011

We didn't start the fire...

The 20th Century in 4 minutes.

Courtesy of Billy Joel and the Internet.

"I am not young enough to know everything" - Oscar Wilde

One and the same?

Monkey Boy and Whowuddathort have disappeared from the blogosphere late yesterday.

Yesterday I read some comments on the last post Whowuddathort threatening to out him nearer to the election. Went back later in evening for a recheck - both blogs MIA. Never got to read MB's last post.

Is MB and WWT one and the same? Certainly will miss both.

Government: NO to 3rd party insurance

Minister Gerry Brownlee said the Government had no plans to help uninsured...

"In the end, the responsibility is on property owners to make a decision about how much cover they want and if they want to be covered at all," he said.

"We are not about to step in with any programme that would in any way diminish that responsibility for the rest of the country."

At last, a government seeing sense? You see, it is all about personal responsibility.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Pride cometh...

felt "very confident"

One can only hope when it comes the fall will be great and the racist separatists are removed forever from our democracy.

Next, those seats in Parliament and the rorts in local government provided to those of a certain lineage.

#1 Communist to leave Parliament: Spooks cut numbers

The Government Communications Security Bureau spy station, near Ohakea Air Force base, yesterday confirmed it would cut 10 to 12 jobs by June this year.

Subsequent fallout from the #1 Communist will leave Parliament announcement earlier this year?

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

How's that re-election looking, John Boy?

All Black captain Richie McCaw has a foot injury and will miss up to...

Need I say more.

Example #1

Why take us out of our house to put us on a waiting list

Our house??? The sense of entitlement reigns supreme. The taxpayer shall provide for those wont to bludge. I sense there will be many more such examples shoved under our noses in coming months.

Exactly why the policy needs to be actively enforced, irrespective of circumstance.

Game on!

"They will be a coalition of losers."

The closing line of the Prime Minister's Statement for 2011 after their 3 month summer hols sums up the opposition.

The bearpit is open for business in 2011.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Not quite by lunchtime...

Hone gone!

"unlikely to be detrimental to public safety"

Palmerston North coroner Tim Scott should be applauded for the bold moves he made this week to lift the veil of secrecy and shame surrounding suicide

About bloody time.

The law effectively assumes that publishing the circumstances of a suicide compromises public safety, but allows coroners to override that assumption. They rarely do.

Like any other tragedy we clamour to read about, suicide should be reported with all details.

And the record goes click...

One for Adolf...
The number of people I hear saying they are not happy with National’s mismanagement of the economy but haven’t yet forgiven for whatever sins they were perceived to have committed and are therefore going to protest vote NZ First is truly astonishing.

The dynamic behind the current seeming rise of support for NZF is not really that Winston delivered to his base – that is what keeps him in the game – but it is that NZF is not Labour or National.

And there is not much the cult of personality around John Key can do about that.

You see, I'm not the only one thinking of a protest vote. Rather than throw the contest to Liarbour by defaulting without voting at all.

Maybe the bastards on both sides will wake up and see that NZ wants to be governed correctly and properly. By managing the economy without artifices such as partial sales of SOEs, by borrowing to fund our wanton lifestyles or by redistribution via means such as Working For Welfare. And also by putting the racist separatist elements with the treaty in the history dustbin.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Question: Direct deposited dividend payments

Is there any law in NZ that says share dividends have to be paid via direct deposit to a bank account rather than via other options, say with a cheque?

What about Oz dividends being paid to a NZ resident? If the NZ resident desires to be paid via cheque, but the Oz company refuses to pay by any other means than direct deposit to a bank account?

Saturday, February 05, 2011

"Is New Zealand a better country for that relationship?" [updated]

Key muses that his continued dalliances with the racist would-be separatists has indeed been good for us. Whilst listening to one of John Hatfield's nephews making poisonous utterances in a small sideshow via a megaphone.

Tomorrow is already building to be the typical New Zealand day of shame. S
upposedly a day of celebration for a few, but always one of embarassing cultural cringe as the government of the day sells their soul for votes whilst being held to ransom.

No doubt real New Zealanders will tell him what they think of that relationship come November at the ballot box.


Simon T comment over at Not PC nails it
Unfortunately logical arguments don't really have much impact on angry beneficiaries who believe Maori settled here 3000 years ago.

Instead of being intimidated by the prospect of an unwashed army of protesters, politicians need the guts to scrap the treaty and respond to the fallout with as much tear gas and rubber bullets as necessary.

ps very good explanation by Not PC also

Friday, February 04, 2011

Natives: Dark customs trump law of land

Maori could not "opt out" of tribal burial customs

Tikanga should trump an executor's wishes

The corpse stealers are in court at last. And showing that any bollocks excuse for the primitives to remain in the stone age will be used as defence.
The collective will of the Tuhoe cannot be imposed upon his executor and over his body

At least the beak is attempting to uphold the law of the land. Presently, but no doubt he will be worded in soon.

Now, as an example, I've probably got more than a fair share of Viking or similar Norse warrior in me. Their long practised custom was rape and pillage by all counts.

Maybe the local primitives would look favourably upon me if I came and 'borrowed' some of their stuff permanently. Or took up my deep dark customary right with their
some of their womenfolk of shagging anything with a pulse in it.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Yasi update: Landfall

Landfall now - South of Innisfail in Kurrimine Beach / Silkwood area.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Bollocks of the Day: PM rules out any NZ First deal

No, what he actually said was "I don't see a place for a Winston Peters-led New Zealand First in a government that I lead".

So the premise that he will not work with NZ First makes Bollocks of the Day.

Goff tipped to win: Key gives up on being re-elected

Vote Winston! See if I care, says the vacuous Mr Key.

If Winston Peters holds the balance of power it will be a Phil Goff-led government

Now all we now need is to lose the national game of on-paddock thuggery later this year. Then whilst mourning losing the holy grail of football, we can wreak our vengeance on the ballot box.

I'd vote for Winnie to take the message to Key to stop smiling and waving, to stop drooling over the pinko fence and get on immediately with job of lowering the government spend.

This country is stuffed economically. Will be some cheap dirt in Oz after this weekend.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

"Ongoing, slow decline, continuing deterioration..."

at dire risk of a Greek or Irish style financial crisis

A bunch of would be do-gooders releases their report of impending doom. Their recommendations for action? Look for more ways to tap into my wallet!
calling for "structural change" in the economy

If New Zealand fails to act credibly and effectively it increases the risk that many of the required adjustments will be imposed by market forces, probably in an abrupt and damaging way

Oh, the worry of it all. Structural change?
one of the key aspects of the group's work was around tax

a further increase in the GST to 17.5 per cent

Oh, now I get it. More tax. Yet more tax. And yet more tax. Along with compulsory saving. Tax by another name.
New Zealand is standing on the edge of a cliff that is fragile and is crumbling

We need to step back from the edge

Never, ever any mention of reducing the overall government spend. Or local government spend. Why not do what any sane real person controlling their budget would do? Slash costs. Now!

Just like Phil Gaffe's Liarbour, it is all take, take and take with these bastards.

OHMS or By Royal Appointment?

We set our craftsmen to create these heirloom quality love sheaths. In years to come they'll be a memento of a magical day

Lie back and think of England