Thursday, February 24, 2011

The taxpayer will stump up. Unfortunately yet again.

So the Prime Merchant has found an excuse to raise taxes?

We are already in for north of $5bn from the possibly fixable damage from the September quake. Now the better part of $20bn for this tragic event. A lot unfixable, worthy of a bulldozer and a new start.

Insurers will raise premiums for all in NZ. And the local councils / central government will happily steal from the tax/rate payers 'for the greater good'. At what point do you say 'Stuff that, you rebuild at your own risk'?

Similarly, what is going to be done with the thousands now suddenly unemployed and unhoused as winter approaches? The CBD is dead, infrastructure like water and sewerage wrecked, not likely to arise phoenix like in short order this time around. Canterbury winters are not exactly conducive to tent cities in the strong winds and snow drifts. But no doubt the RWC farce will go on whilst behind the facade real NZer's are in agony.

Questions must be asked and decisions made. Now, whilst the true extent of this tragedy is still unfolding.

So, will Smile and Wave step up to the plate? I fear not, two days in, he is not looking good.


Anonymous said...

You will be interested to know Key-hater that he is talking to his, as you would term "rich prick" friends, (40 ceo's) to ask them to help towards costs and recovery and rebuilding.

Good to see him using intiative.

PM of NZ said...

Vultures gathering to pick at the carcass.

Anonymous said...

PM - you are so astute.

PM of NZ said...

Anon 2. Always a pleasure to be of service.