Monday, February 14, 2011

FFS, You just couldn't make this up if you tried

Reversing cameras should be installed in every car and truck in the country following the death of yet another toddler run over in a driveway

Well into our second century with Henry Ford's 'transport for the masses', we get this lot pining for ever more regulation.
  • says the editor of a car buying guide
  • small children are often all but invisible behind most modern cars," The Dog and Lemon Guide editor Clive Matthew-Wilson said
  • Now the Government has to act to ensure that this vital technology is fitted to every vehicle
  • you can't let children play on driveways or be able to access driveways. We need that separate play area
  • it's impossible to sort of understand it really
  • The driver was usually a close family member

FFS, where will the lack of personal responsibility end? Tragedies do happen, but we've been driving vehicles for a long time, so why is this such a problem these days? Older vehicles had a lot more blind spots.

I feel we have just become so complacent about our responsibilities when operating a vehicle. Responsibilities that start when we approach the vehicle.
also suggested the cost of fitting the cameras should be subsidised for beneficiaries

And as always, there is extra help available for those on the dole. At my effing expense.

You just couldn't write this sort of crap if you tried. Oh yes, I forgot we live in Little Britain!

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