Monday, February 07, 2011

And the record goes click...

One for Adolf...
The number of people I hear saying they are not happy with National’s mismanagement of the economy but haven’t yet forgiven for whatever sins they were perceived to have committed and are therefore going to protest vote NZ First is truly astonishing.

The dynamic behind the current seeming rise of support for NZF is not really that Winston delivered to his base – that is what keeps him in the game – but it is that NZF is not Labour or National.

And there is not much the cult of personality around John Key can do about that.

You see, I'm not the only one thinking of a protest vote. Rather than throw the contest to Liarbour by defaulting without voting at all.

Maybe the bastards on both sides will wake up and see that NZ wants to be governed correctly and properly. By managing the economy without artifices such as partial sales of SOEs, by borrowing to fund our wanton lifestyles or by redistribution via means such as Working For Welfare. And also by putting the racist separatist elements with the treaty in the history dustbin.


CB said...

That comment is probably from a lefty in disguise - they pollute the internet in election year.

If you want to inflict another Labour government on us go for it!!

I'm with Adolf, you Hammeroids are your own worst enemies!!

PM of NZ said...


And the difference with NACTional is?

KG said...

"I'm with Adolf, you Hammeroids are your own worst enemies!!"

No, our worst enemies are those who tolerate Labour Pink and their alliance with separatists, yet keep insisting that National are somehow different.
They're not.
A blue-rinse lefty is still a leftoid and no amount of lipstick on that pig changes the truth that Key is merely Klark sans balls.
(and many Nats supporters also lack the balls to admit they backed a spavined horse)

PM of NZ said...

Yes, I did have to look it up. And knew it was not going to be less than derogatory.

Definition of SPAVINED
: affected with spavin
: old and decrepit : over-the-hill

Kg, you do have a way with words..

MacDoctor said...

Unfortunately, Goff is like Clark sans cojones also. Only without the nice smile of Key nor his occasional ruthlessness. Both you and I know he would make a useless PM.

As for using Winston as a protest vote, I will charitably assume you have a short memory. This is the man who voted for Labour's ETS and made not a murmur when section 59 was repealed. This is the man who stole $158,000 from the taxpayer and has yet to repay it. This is the man who lied to Helen Clarke about the Owen Glenn donation.

Frankly, I'd rather vote Greens or Bomber's fantasy left party. In the long run they do less damage.

PM of NZ said...

MD, Short term memory, no probs. Just the holes in the swiss cheese getting ever bigger.

As for Winnie First - a rogue of the first order. Like the theif at the UN, case(s) all unproven in a court of law. But amongst the denizens of Wellytown, in hallowed company, I'd say. Something about stones and glasshouses.

As for supporting tree hugging communists? Never, ever! IMHO they would wreck New Zealand. I did note that the Ozzie import was marching at the native outing on the weekend. Supporting the separatists. Or trawling for votes when Hone's lot change allegiances?

mawm said...

Pity ACT fucked it up! Maybe the phoenix will rise out of its ashes......Muriel, John?

Anonymous said...

MacDr. - In the unfortunate event of Goff being elected PM I doubt he will last much longer than if he loses the election. Cunliffe, Jones, Street and every other demented Labour opportunist will be looking to replace him and take the glory aided and abetted by Winston First.

Now if ever there was a scary thought that scenario would be it.