Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Goff tipped to win: Key gives up on being re-elected

Vote Winston! See if I care, says the vacuous Mr Key.

If Winston Peters holds the balance of power it will be a Phil Goff-led government

Now all we now need is to lose the national game of on-paddock thuggery later this year. Then whilst mourning losing the holy grail of football, we can wreak our vengeance on the ballot box.

I'd vote for Winnie to take the message to Key to stop smiling and waving, to stop drooling over the pinko fence and get on immediately with job of lowering the government spend.

This country is stuffed economically. Will be some cheap dirt in Oz after this weekend.


macdoctor said...

Yes, I can see how you'd really prefer to see a Goff-lead coalition of Greens and Winston First instead of a National one.

PM of NZ said...

MacDoctor, the end result is the same. I wouldn't prefer such a coalition of the pigs in a poke, but the options are stark.

Liarbour-Lite appearing to do something whilst actually doing nothing or Liarbour who will screw NZ over.

At least Liarbour is up front about their intentions.

Oz looks like a very good option. Even if everything that moves over there is lethal and the place is full of dingoes.

NZ needs a government that will take the necessary action. Not offer an election bribe, but immediate action.

Anonymous said...

The only way to punish Maori/National without punishing yourself more is to support ACT. With 10 members they could make more of a difference.
National unable to govern without ACT would be the best one could hope for.

PM of NZ said...

Anon, ACT is a non-entity come this election. Rodney and ACT has lost their way as true right wing conservatives.

I always liked ACT policies, but they have done their chips. Had their chance this term, but been suckered by Key to be a lap-dog. And they need to ditch that old fossil Douglas. He may be their idol, but I would never vote for them whilst he is there.